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baby's first 5th gen team

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by TheWauFactor, Apr 19, 2011.

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  1. TheWauFactor


    Apr 19, 2011
    This is the first team I've made for online play since the fifth generation came out. it started out as the pokemon I used in the actual games, then I did a little twiddling with the pokemon adding some egg moves i didn't bother with and spicing up the lineup a bit. here goes.

    Haxorus@life orb
    mold breaker
    jolly 4hp/252atk/252spe
    dragon tail
    dragon dance

    taunt attacking lead, keeps slower leads like forretress from setting up entry hazards so i can switch safely. doubles as a dd-sweeper later. Im least sure about this one; it does its job alright but i keep wondering if I should use something else like infernape.

    impish 252hp/252def/4spe
    stealth rock

    this is what i would switch in to from the haxorus, taunt keeps me safe from being taunted so it can set up rocks and spikes and try to spread some damage around. roost extends life expectancy and increases chances of ull entry hazards.

    volt absorb
    calm 252hp/252spa/4s.def
    ice beam
    heal bell

    special wall/skarm counter counter. 454 hp and 207 sp def plus tons of useful resitances easy to switch in for skarm and take fire or elec attack the latter of which will boost hp later in the game. Im not sure why exactly its so useful but it is. heal bell for support.

    victini@expert belt
    timid nature 4hp/252spa/252spe
    focus blast
    searing shot

    special coverage sweeper/revenge killer. steels wall lanturn easily but not victini. STAB searing shot + expert belt=195 power behind base 100 spatk hard to survive. Weak to scarfed revenge killers especially krookodile.

    shed skin
    careful nature 252hp/4atk/252sdef
    bulk up
    drain punch

    scrafty is awesome. fit/dark stabs for near-perfect neutral coverage. rest+shed skin=30%chance of free recovery. needs a turn or two to set up but after that he's golden

    timid nature 4hp/252spa/252spe
    dragon pulse
    shadow ball
    calm mind

    bulky sweeper, coverage is rounded out nicely by victini support. my fave pokemon on this team.

    Overall one big weakness ive noticed is the lack of rapid spin support but i couldn't find something that quite fit. starmie was the closest i got to finding one that worked for me but I couldn't find a spot for it in the 6.
    thanks for reading
  2. Da Beast

    Da Beast

    Apr 19, 2011
    I'm pretty sure Dragon Tail is a negative priority move, so it doesn't mesh too well with Dragon Dance.
  3. wacky tabaky

    wacky tabaky

    Mar 1, 2011
    For scrafty if rest is your means of recovery have a stronger fighting type attack as drain punch is has only 60base power which isn't to good. I would also but more EVs in attack as well for scrafty.
  4. Bloo

    Bloo Banned deucer.

    Jan 20, 2009
    Your descriptions are lacking, which means you are violating the above quoted RMT rule. If you wish to remedy this problem, explain your reasoning behind each Pokemon and why they work on your team more thoroughly. Try to aim for 3-4 sentences with your descriptions. I recommend lurking through the RMT Archive in order to see examples of what we're looking for in an RMT! If you fix this problem, private message indicating that you have done so. Once you've done that, I will unlock your thread.
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