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Torpedo fish attack!!! It seems Gamefreak has some sort of penchant for tiny laughable fish, starting with Magikarp, past our loveable Hoenn duo, Luvdisc and Feebas, until we reach our newcomer, Basurao (and Maggyo, but he’s just really ugly). This guy, however, seems to be able to hold its own fairly well in the lower tiers. If only James had kicked it out of his raft...

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  • Another Pokemon that is currently in the wrong tier, as its stats are more adequate for NU / UU play.
  • Adaptability, decent Attack and Speed and access to priority allow it to deal some respectable damage.
  • Terrible defenses.
  • Extremely shallow movepool.
  • Unable to boost any of its stats outside of Speed.
name: Physical Attacker
move 1: Aqua Jet
move 2: Aqua Tail / Waterfall
move 3: Double-Edge
move 4: Crunch
item: Life Orb / Choice Band
ability: Adaptability
nature: Jolly / Adamant
evs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

Set Comments:

  • Adaptability notably increases this set’s capability of dealing damage and rectifies a somewhat unimpressive Attack stat.
  • Extremely hard to switch in.
  • Bearing a priority move with a base power of 80 makes it a decent revenge killer.
Additional Comments:

  • Aqua Jet and Aqua Tail are STABs and its main ways of dealing damage.
  • Double-Edge provides some respectable coverage, and is preferred over Return because Adaptability only boosts its Water-type attacks, meaning it won’t be dealing impressive amounts of damage. Added to that, Basurao’s defenses are terrible, which means it won’t really mind the loss in HP.
  • Crunch hits Giratina and Burungeru (and Shedinja) mainly.
  • Waterfall can be ran over Aqua Tail if you want a more accurate option, but Basurao needs as much power as possible, and with Adaptability boosting its STABs you get even more extra base power when using the latter.
  • Choice Band can be used if you want to hit harder, but it also means Basurao is easier to force out. Added to that, it doesn’t really get many opportunities to switch in, thus severely limiting this set.
  • Adamant is only recommended if this set is employing Choice Band, as you’ll want to hit anything that switches in as hard as possible.
Teammates & Counters:

  • As with any other sweeper in the world, entry hazards support is very beneficial. Added to that, most of Basurao’s counters are grounded, which bolsters the usefulness of Spikes.
  • Having partners that can use U-turn / Volt Change means Basurao has more opportunities of coming in.
  • Pretty much any physically bulky pure Grass- and Water-types such as Suicune, Shaymin and Vaporeon has a pretty good chance of defeating this set, which means Zapdos is an awesome partner to Basurao.
  • Strong priority users that aren’t weak to Aqua Jet such as Roobushin tend to be enough to keep Basurao tame.
  • Nattorei, Dialga and Empoleon completely wall this set.
name: Anti-Lead
move 1: Aqua Jet
move 2: Waterfall
move 3: Taunt
move 4: Return
item: Focus Sash
ability: Adaptability
nature: Jolly
evs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

Set Comments:

  • Waterfall and Aqua Jet deals with frail Focus Sash leads, while Basurao’s own Sash shields it from being killed by faster leads.
  • Taunt stops slower leads from setting up Stealth Rock / Spikes.
  • Depending on the lead match-up, it can act as a sweeper later in the match.
  • Fares well against common leads like Azelf, Aerodactyl, Heatran and Gliscor.
Additional Comments:

  • Jolly allows it to outspeed positive base 90 and 95 Speed leads like Gliscor and Roserade.
  • Return hits Roserade for the 2HKO and gives Basurao some respectable coverage.
  • It has problems with bulky leads.
  • Much easier to wall than sets dedicated solely to sweeping.
Teammates & Counters:

  • Empoleon, Swampert, Metagross, Uxie, Forretress, Machamp, Dialga and Skarmory are some common leads that are bulky enough to take repeated hits and can 2HKO it back.
  • It’s recommended that you pair it to Pokemon that can deal with leads this set cannot handle. Skarmory is a good option.
  • Outside of the lead spot, it has the same counters as the Physical Attacker set.
[Team Options]

  • Entry hazards are extremely appreciated. Nattorei is a good choice as he can setup Spikes and switch into Water-types that threaten Basurao.
  • U-turn / Volt Change support gives it more opportunities of switching in. Zapdos has access to both of these moves and can take on many of Basurao’s common counters.
  • Having a good answer to common Grass- and Water-types is mandatory.
[Optional Changes]

  • A specially offensive set is a possibility, but Basurao’s Special Attack is quite underwhelming, and Pokemon like Starmie, Kyogre and Suicune severely outclass it.
  • Basurao has access to Agility, but doesn’t benefit a whole lot from having its Speed boosted.
  • Running Reckless Double-Edge is an awesome way of baiting and dealing high amounts of damage to some common counters like Suicune and Vaporeon, but will severely compromise Basurao’s HP after a single attack and should only be used to support teammates that share counters with it; not to sweep.
  • Life Gamble might sound interesting at first, but Basurao’s underwhelming base HP won’t allow it to OHKO much when using it. Being vulnerable to every kind of entry hazard doesn’t help it either, and will demand a spinner.
  • A Flail set can be used, but it’s absolutely murdered by any kind of priority and by the omnipresent sandstorm.

  • Dialga, Nattorei and Empoleon completely halt the physical set and are bulky enough to take on the special one.
  • Bulky pure Grass- and Water-types make great switch-ins, but should watch out for Reckless Double-Edge.
  • Giratina and Lugia are outrageously bulky and can take repeated hits, even super effective ones.
  • Anything faster that doesn’t take much damage from Aqua Jet, such as Salamence and Palkia, can be considered a check. Likewise, strong priority users like Roobushin and Scizor work fairly well.
  • The lead set is stopped cold by bulky leads such as Uxie and Metagross.
[Dream World]

  • Basurao gets Mold Breaker as its Dream World ability, but it really has no practical uses outside of hitting the likes of Burungeru, Vaporeon and other Pokemon with Water Absorb, all of which take more damage from one of its coverage moves anyways.
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