Baton Pass team (first competitive online team)

This team is meant to boost either my physical or special sweeper to an easy sweep so here it goes.

Jolteon-Focus Sash
Ability: volt absorb
Nature: timid
EV's: 252spd/4SpecD/252SpecA

-baton pass

Jolteon is the lead of my team because he is fast and get up several agilities depending on the other persons lead. He is used so the rest of my party can easily out speed my opponent throughout the rest of the match.

Nature: calm
Ability: water absorb
EV's: 252HP/252def/4spd

-baton pass
-aqua ring
-ice beam

Vaporeon comes in to set up a quick sub so i can move onto my next pokemon to boost my attack without having to be worried about a OHKO. The ice beam is so i can defend against taunt and still have a useful move. Also i have EV's in def because it is a very low stat for vaporeon. Finally I have aqua ring because that is very useful to be passed around

Attack booster/lead into special Sweeper
Ambipom-focus band
Nature: Jolly
EV's: 252spd/252HP/4SpecD

-Baton Pass
-Nasty Plot
-Low Kick

This uses nasty plot to raise special attack a lot making my heatran a very strong force to be reckoned with. The only reason I have astonish is for the super effective against gengar and the occasional flinch
Atk booster/ lead into physical sweeper

Absol-scope lens
ability: super luck
Nature: adamant
EV's: 252

-baton pass
-sucker punch
-psycho cut
-swords dance

Absol boosts my atk for tyranitar. also it can easily hold its own in battle because after a few sword dances and incredibly high crit rate it can do severe damage to any team
Special Sweeper
-choice specs
Ability: flash fire
Nature: modest
EV's: 252specA/252spd/4hp

-earth power
-dragon pulse
-iron head

Heatran is meant to come out with a +4-6 spec atk and +4 spd making it nearly impossible to strike first minus first priority moves that most are ineffective. With all the boosts plus Specs Heatran has great sweeping capabilities and can be nigh on impossible to survive.

Physical sweeper
tyranitar-life orb
Nature: adamant
Ability:sand stream
EV's: 252atk/252specD/4HP

-giga impact
-stone edge

Tyranitar can take out many different types with his high atk and has versatile moves so he can hit many types. With stab stone edge with plus a couple stages in atk it makes it a very hard pokemon to survive

This is a pretty basic baton pass team with good potential. In my testing I haven't done to well though. If someone could help a little bit it would be much appreciated. Please rate and give suggestions. Thank You
This team is riddled with problems, not the least of which being that Work Up, Multiscale, and Hurricane don't exist in 4th Gen.

In addition, your descriptions are quite lacking, and forum rules also require that a team be played with and tested by its creator before posting (and since this team cannot exist as-is in 4th Gen, this is impossible).

Sorry, but this needs to be completely overhauled, or it's going to be locked.