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Battle Sub SS ~ Stall 'n 'Splode

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by lisalynn, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. lisalynn


    Apr 9, 2012
    Hello hello, this is a WIP team, meaning I will be actively testing and editing and posting my results. I'm starting in Singles only because I haven't gone near the Subway yet and SS isn't unlocked, but hopefully I can make this concept work for some very long streaks. As I haven't battled at the Subway yet, I'd like help pointing out any glaringly obvious flaws that more experienced Subway battlers might see right away.

    The team is based around Steelix and Magnezone's steel types, stalling, and being ticking time bombs. Jellicent is their support.


    @ Leftovers
    Sassy - Rock Head
    252 HP - 250 SpD - 6 Att
    * Trick Room
    * Heavy Slam
    * Double Edge
    * Explosion

    Steelix sets up the Trick Room and can make a dent in the opposition's team. Rock Head cancels out the recoil from Double Edge. His Sassy nature further kills what insignificant speed he has and supports his already sky high defense. EVs make up for abysmal SpD and HP and bulks up his Att a little. Heavy Slam is what this set is about, with a base power 120 on all but the heaviest of pkmn + STAB. It can stall with Leftovers + hard hitting physical attacks until bailing with Explosion. Hopefully this will lure out a fire/fighting type so I can bring out...

    @ Spell Tag
    Quiet - Cursed Body
    252 HP / 200 SpA / 52 SpD
    * Toxic
    * Scald
    * Hex
    * Recover

    Jellicent can switch in on fighting, fire, and stand ground types to cover the last weaknesses for either of its steel teammates, which is what makes this team click. Fighting can't touch it. Scald hits fire types hard with STAB. But it shines with its stall game. With either Scald or Toxic inflicting a status condition, Hex has a base power of 100 + STAB + 20% Spell Tag boost, while Toxic/Burn is still draining HP. The maxed out HP + Recover instead of Rest to avoid sleeping and improved SpD should allow Jellicent to clean up whatever pkmn the explosions didn't take out without sacrificing itself, securing the win every time. By this time Trick Room should be worn off so I can take full advantage of low speed again with...
    @ Air Balloon
    Quiet - Analytic
    252 HP / 120 Def / 132 SpD
    * Lock-On
    * Thunder
    * Gyro Ball
    * Explosion

    The Battle Subway seems like an excellent place for taking full advantage of Magnezone's super powerful low PP special attacks. I distributed EVs with the specific intent of disregarding Att and Speed. I split to solidify his defenses. By further taking away Speed with its nature, and maxing out HP, I ensure Magnezone will survive going last, which boosts the power of all his moves by 30% due to his Ability, Analytic. Lock On + Thunder specially takes advantage of this, ensuring Thunder hits for STAB + 30% with already a base power of 120. Continuing this abysmal speed abuse we have Gyro Ball, which has a base power depending on the difference between the speeds of the user and target. Averaging a 45-55 base power just from the speed difference + STAB + 30% ability bonus = 160 points of damage at worst. Air Balloon protects from Ground moves so Mag can be safely switched out.

    Observed Weaknesses: Ground moves can still present a problem but Jellicent can usually handle it. May need to work out something to take care of Steel types, but do you run into them enough to warrant it?

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