Programming Battling Tool (Excel file)

Hi :)

Have you ever had a memory lapse while fighting? One of those annoying moments when you suddenly realize that you've forgotten the last move of your opponent's Pokémon, or when you switch something in only to remember that it is, in fact, not resistant at all to your foe's STAB attacks?

Well, in any case, it has happened to me, and I'm sure that I will make every fellow noob quite pleased by announcing that I've been working on a tool made to avoid these situations.

I call it the "Battling Tool". It lists in one Excel spreadsheet everything you need to know when battling, and it is designed to require nothing more than one click or two, or even only a quick glance, to give you the information you seek.

I can't ask you to stop playing and input a list of parameters, so it can still work most of the time when you only enter the pokémons and the moves used. But! Don't lose hope yet. It can also be very accurate and covers almost every, if not every situation you can find yourself in. If you want to take your time, you can use this tool as a parfectly accurate damage calculator that instantly tells you the damage done by the four moves of each of your 6 Pokémons, on each of your opponent's 6 Pokémons.

I'm doing it using CardsOfTheHeart's Pokémon Resource. Every information and every formula was first written by him. I will update the Battling Tool whenever the Pokémon Resource is updated. Thanks, thanks CotH!

Below is a link to a project where you can download the file. If you have any comment, don't hesitate to PM me or post a reply, I'll try to take everything into account while working on the tool.

Link to the file (Excel 2007 - approx. 125kB)
If you can read .xlsb files (Excel 2007 can), then this version is better for you
- otherwise get the .xlsx

Mirrors: xlsb version - xlsx version

What's left to do:

Last update:
-implemented everything (stat and damage calculation, and good looks)
-beta version
Feel free to take the initiative on implementing the damage calculation. FYI, the main thing I'm revamping with my damage calculator is the interface; the formulas, for the most part, are correct. I believe the only errors relate to Me First, DeepSeaScale, and the Speed calculation for Gyro Ball. (and adding a few "Punches" to the list of moves boosted by Iron Fist, but 99.9% of people won't get into those situations anyway) Fix those up and you should be able to go ahead and implement a completely accurate damage calculation with no problems.

I'm interested in seeing how many people could make use of this (for obvious reasons :P).
I'm happy to announce that the Battling Tool is entering its beta phase. Everything is implemented, it should work almost perfectly. Now all that's left is testing and tweaking based on your feedback.

In fact there are still some moves that haven't been fixed, but I kinda lack the motivation to do it right now. It seems very few users are interested in this tool, so...

COTH, my suggestion to implement the Battling Tool into the Pokémon Resource still stands, even if I have deleted my previous post. As I said however, I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not, since your Resource is clearly more oriented at higher-level players and team building, while this tool is more for quick glances and beginners.