Birmingham....Skirmish Story

I call it a skirmish rather than a war story simply because I only got to round 2 and luck went against me...

My story begins at 8:15 when I get to the location and see the massive queue for the juniors and seniors. Me and my bro then decide to walk back to the train station to meet my 2 other friends we decided to meet with. Get back to hall8 at around 9ish and the queue was gone, we walk in and have a quick scan round. Soon enough I hear that the first Senior competitor has made it through to round 2, Chris Foulds who I had the pleasure of practicing against for the tournament.....we even started of with the same plans ¬_¬.

Anyway fast forward through the queue's for the masters division and we get to round one. Bad news for me.....I draw my friend, well not a friend I came with but one we met up with later, Nathan Atkins. We both agree that nerves were kicking in right before the battle, something didn't feel right to me.

Round 1:
NA- Braviary / Mienshao / Reuniclus?(I think) / Terrakion
ME- Volcarona / Terrakion / Haxorus / Jellicent

T1-I start with a Volc/Terra and he starts with Brav/Mien; I go for a dbl protect and he goes for a fake out(as expected) and a brave bird.
T2-Now I go for a R-Powder and Rock Slide, almost killing Braviary and doing 1/5 damage to Mienshao. He follows up with a H-Jump Kick and a Brave Bird, thankfully the Kick misses and Mien is down to under half but the Brave Bird hits and I am down to 1 HP...but he gets burned on his remaining health and faints at the end.
T3-This is where my mind goes blank so I'll skip ahead
T??-All I remember about the end is I head 3 left and it was Terra vs Terra, he ran an Adamant one whereas I run a Jolly; Hit a close Combat for the win.

Now this is where my story turns bad for me....I felt real awful (though I can't use that as an excuse for my next round). Gave him a hand shake and he walked down the 'walk of shame', I can't describe how bad I felt but I had to queue to get to the R2 stage. I get in the queue and hurrah right after me is my other friend.....we do the math and we would have to play one another, now my friend knowing my team decides to let some people go in front of him :o...keeps saying he doesn't want to play me (fair do's), I get paired with someone else and we move to our station. Just to say I was kinda proud of my other friend who also go through to R2, using my Sigilyph and apparantly winning because of it.

Round 2 vs Liam Lane - [82-75163-23172]
My head all over the place and facing a 'tough' opponent...and in my first VGC, not a good combo.


Turn1- Galv and my Terra protect and Whim goes for tailwind, Volc goes for Heat Wave and Whim has a sash.
T2- Volc uses Rage powder and Whim uses encore on Volc. Galv then uses thunder on Volc and it's in yellow, my Terra goes for a rock slide and KO's them both.
T3- Krook and Ferro come in. I Rage Powder again and his Krook goes for a rock slide killing Volc. His Ferro uses Leech seed....and Terra flinches (great, I would've KO'd that Krook, avoiding what comes next).
T4- I bring in Hax and breaks the mold. I switch Terra for Exca, Ferro protects and his Krook goes for a earthquake with a gem :(. Hax dragon claws the Krook bringing it down to yellow.
T5- Tailwind gone ;) I bring in my Terra. Krook protects while my Hax uses swords while Terra goes for a Close combat...protected. Ferro takes out my Terrakion :o from 3/4 with a gyro ball.
T6- Left with a Red health Hax vs a 4/5 Ferrothorn and a yellow health Krook.....I use an earthquake which it survives but kills Krook. Ferro uses a gyro ball again for the game.

To be honest I wasn't on my game. With a clear head I would've protected my Terrakion rather than trade it for an Excadrill but that's what being under pressure does. To make it worse, my other 2 friends lose as well.

Now that's my Story of this VGC (from my battles).

Having great fun
Laughing at my friend for thinking Ferrothorn can use's a trap! XD
Laughing at Ruben when he thought he won, go on you tough chandelure!
Getting my best result in a VGC (My only 1)

Cold Subway :/
Eliminating my friend :'(
Getting knocked out round 2 when I know I should've done better
My brother going out R1
Having to walk the 'walk of shame'
Not meeting (personally) and fellow smogon players
A spanish player...not the winner ;) decided it was best to just stand in the queue and let players walk past him, waiting for an easier opponent to walk near. That is not gamesmanship!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed the day.
Ahhh, why didn't you call friend clause if you knew him? Or did you not know him well enough for friend clause? Oh well, round 2 is better than losing round 1 I guess lol. Hopefully you do better next year and nice warstory too ;)
Thanks, well it was either him or my closer friend...but it still didn't feel right either way, guess I'm too soft lol.

Well I eagerly await next year's but who knows I could win this 1-Up tournament for the UK, win the grand final and then go to the last chance qualifier and win that. Things work in mysterious ways.
sorry to hear about your second round loss =/ still congrats on making it past r1, a major achievement in itself, and gl to you in the future tournaments!