Black And White Ubers Tournament (Final) [Won by HSA]

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Black And White Ubers Tournament


- Battles of this Tournament are to be played in the Smogon Server on the simulator Pokemon Online.
- This is a Best of 1 Single Elimination Tournament.
- Be active, the deadlines will be short and I will rarely give extensions unless theres a very good reason to do so. I will sub out (Round 1) or disqualify (Round 2 and so on) players that arent active.
- You cannot join if you have the "I could be banned" status.
- You do NOT have to send me logs or teams or anything.
- 128 is the number of participants allowed, the first 80 will be picked by First Come First Serve, and the 48 left will be randomized.
- IMPORTANT: We are playing STANDARD UBERS, therefore your team must be valid in the "Standard Ubers" Tier of Smogon University Server. This means no unreleased Dream World stuff or Soul Dew, as an example. If a Dream World ability or anything is released in the middle of a round, youll be able to use it on the NEXT round


- Sleep Clause
- Evasion Clause
- Species Clause
- Timed Battle
- Wi-Fi Clause

- If both players agree, they may allow spectators in their match. However, if a player wants spectators disallowed, then the clause "Disallow Spectators" must be used. Example, if I wanted spectators but my opponent says he wants them disallowed, then im screwed and have to use Disallow Spectators.
Note: Since Moderators can bypass the Disallow Spectators clause, if you see a Moderator in your match, feel free to ask him/her to leave the battle. Moderators have to comply to the request.
And since some people are being stupid about this, what this means is SCOUTING IS NOT ALLOWED.

There is no deadline but do not take too long

31. pi face vs. 60.HSA
yeah, there were two situations that really screwed me... (and then in the end i may have choked but it was still a coin toss as i didnt know how much my move would do and if there were another crit he would have won anyways). gg
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