Black & White Battle Subway Records (now with gen. 4 records!)


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Peterko][B]1. [color=blue]Jumpman16[/color] (371)[/B] - [size=-2] [url=" said:
Whimsicott, Dragonite, Mesprit[/url][/size]
Congratulations on defending the title from the last generation. I actually updated the list yesterday evening and your record wasn´t posted at that time, so I added it now. Oh I´m sure that noone will believe that, but I woke up today having a feeling that it should be about time you beat 337 with the slower team you posted last time about (with drapion) yeah, not really a suprise here

Boy now I´m #2 in both singles and doubles, yet again...just like in gen 4 lol go me!

That doesn´t bother me that much, actually I´m a bit down because of

@ Leftovers ** Saffron
Ability: Multiscale
EVs: 204HP/254Atk/20Def/28SpD/4Spe
Nature: Adamant
~ Dragon Claw
~ Dragon Dance
~ Substitute
~ Roost
...which is exactly the set I had in mind and was about to start using next I´m screwed, because, you know, creativity claim etc.

I posted about my exp. with lead CB draggy a few days ago and figured the above is the best way to use it...the only problem was forgetting that DD was an egg move and figuring that one out when I was about to heart scale the only multiscale draggy I´ve bred so far (the CB one)...I only breed on mondays, so yeah, I would have to get it next week, because this monday I was very busy with work and only managed to breed 2 other Pokémon late evening...but whatever

congrats again, also cool that it´s not 343 hahahahaha

EDIT: dude, Conn, please get rid of the large picture please, your team can´t be listed as a record (custap is illegal), also you posted it as gengar-garchomp-suicune but are listing movesets of machamp (timid?), scizor and dragonite ...
wow great streak jump, i was also suprised to see no lum berry, as CD said how do you cope with static etc when there not in the lead?

i no this isnt really worth saying and i havent got the experience of you lol but wouldnt grumpig be worth a shout as the trick scarfer?

with thick fat it would resist both your teams major weakness, has same team syn as your current team, although it would mean missing out on charm but for some reason i think a trick/t-wave/flash/ torment/either screen/confuse ray could be worth a shout?

i think i remember you talking about grumpig back in dp on one your first trick teams, but not 100% sure lol

anyway just a thought, anyway well done again :)
Battle Subway Single Record: 124

Whimsicott @ Focus Sash
Prankster, Bold
252 HP, 252 SpD
~Stun Spore
~Leech Seed

T.L.’s Whimsicott, its really good for crippling the opponents first Pokémon. Charm physical attackers then Stun Spore and Charm some more. Stun Spore Special attackers followed by Memento. In later attempts I replaced Leech Seed with Flash which worked better.

Shuckle @ Chesto Berry
Sturdy, Calm
252 HP, 252 Def
~Power Split

Power Split for making Shuckle untouchable, making his Att more than usable and for making critical hits bearable. Once he’s been set up he usually takes out the first Pokémon in 3 hits and OHKO’s the 2nd and 3rd Pokémon. Shuckle’s actually a beast on the 5th hit of Rollout basically everything but Steelix is OHKO’d.

Octillery @ Leftovers
Moody, Calm
252 HP, 168 Def, 90 SpD (something like that)

With Stun Spore making him faster than the opponent he can usually set up easily, after a few Protects and always having a Substitute up he can usually defeat the entire team.

This team is based off of T.L.’s so I was hoping to get a higher streak, it doesn’t really have any serious threats except Stun Spore missing and Psych Uppers.
I lost to a freaking Gothitelle... I took out the first Pokémon with Shuckle and then Gothitelle outsped and Psych Up’d Shuckle, then got a CH bringing Shuckle to 1 HP and I knew it was over. After that I retrained Shuckle to be able to outspeed Gothitelle after 6 Speed boosts, but I’ve never been able to get a better streak so I’m giving up for now.
Typical Jumpman, always stealing Peterko's glory... and making me feel worse about myself. This also makes me hate my complete lack of Dream World access, meaning I can't try out awesome stuff like Multiscale...

By the way, I don't understand that Pokecheck thing. I honestly have no idea what that's all about.

Also, @ Conn: We're aiming for the biggest streak, not the biggest photo of it!

Meanwhile, I'll just go back to my quirky new team which probably won't get anywhere near Jumpman's record... although it has potential. I'm trying out a certain Pokemon nobody seems to have used in any of the record streaks. Although it's less bulky than all the Psychic-type Trick users I've previously used, its typing is what makes the difference.
@Peterko, you accidentally posted my new streak seperately from my old streak, also this has been asked before but I don't think it was answered: will a streak using the Sky Drop glitch be allowed?
I'm going to try out something original too, probably won't have much success, haha, but at least original... when I have time (hopefully soon before someone else tries it out).

Also @Peterko, just so you know, TRE has a Double Subway record higher than yours that he hasn't posted yet. :P I guess he'll probably post when he gets #1 or when he loses the streak.


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@ Pikiwyn: thanks, I didn´t check whether you had already a record, it happens sometimes...fixed

@ Chinese Dood: Hahaha, no problem with that, it was only a matter of time before TRE struck back...I´m sure he doesn´t like it that much that he is not #1 in doubles as he was in 4th gen :p

OK things are starting to get out of control, I I have to start playing 140+ battles per day again or what? I admit that at this point I´m having sort of a subway crisis, because I´ve been playing it non-stop for almost two months now...
@ Pikiwyn: thanks, I didn´t check whether you had already a record, it happens sometimes...fixed

@ Chinese Dood: Hahaha, no problem with that, it was only a matter of time before TRE struck back...I´m sure he doesn´t like it that much that he is not #1 in doubles as he was in 4th gen :p

OK things are starting to get out of control, I I have to start playing 140+ battles per day again or what? I admit that at this point I´m having sort of a subway crisis, because I´ve been playing it non-stop for almost two months now...
Just look at Jumpman. He didn't have too much free time but he kept his streak going over weeks and beat everyone after a long period of time. But if you want to feel better about your own time usage, here you go: (And keep in mind I have very limited time spent in Doubles)

Zach, Gym Badges: 8, Pokédex: 649, Time: 684:26
Singles: Rank 15, 132 streak
Doubles: Unranked


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Not as impressive as other streaks but I got a streak of 57 on my first serious battle subway run using this team

Scrafty /W wide lens moxie
evs 4hp 252atck 252spe
dragon dance
hi jump kick
ice punch

Azumarill W/choice band huge power
evs 232hp 252atck 12def 12spdef
Aqua jet
ice punch

Reuniclus W/life orb magic guard
evs 192hp 64def 252spatck
trick room
focus blast
shadow ball

there really wasn't a strategy to this team which is why i thought my streak was impressive (although azumarill in trick room saved my ass literally 10 times)

i would like advice on how to get higher streaks, this was my first serious run through the subway so please bear with me.
Using Trick Room for only one Poké is risky, especially if you still have Scrafty in the wings. But if you insist upon it, you should probably use Brave Azumarill with 0 Speed IVs to ensure that you outspeed as much as possible in Trick Room. Also, sure a Hi Jump Kick miss can be fatal, but I think most of the time you would benefit more by using a different item, such as Life Orb or Lum Berry
I would recommend using a Trick Room Scrafty instead. This was one I used before.

Scrafty @ Life Orb
Brave / Moxie
- Fake Out
- Drain Punch
- Crunch
- Detect/Protect/Ice Punch

I used Detect (cuz I was going to use it for VGC), but for Subway, probably Ice Punch is better.

Fake Out will allow Reuniclus to Trick Room much more easily. Azumarill should be brave too. Might want to test out Water Gem instead of Choice Band, but if Band is working for you, then go for it.

... Aren't you supposed to have 4 pokemon for Double Subway???

Good luck.

EDIT: OOOOhhhhh, nevermind, after posting, I realize you're probably using this in SINGLE subway... In that case, nevermind anything I said.
Idk if I should post a planned team, but I would like some advice beforehand to help me out.
Gyarados@Mystic Water (Life Orb?)-Done
Jolly, 4Hp/252Atk/252Spe
~Ice Fang
Lead, does really well, can set up on a bunch of things with intimidate help. If this thing gets to +2, it's pretty much gg.

Hitmontop@Muscle Band- To be caught
Adamant, 252HP/252Atk/4Def
~Fake Out
~Mach Punch
~Bullet Punch
~Rock Slide
Made for priority abuse, picking things off or just killing them while taking a hit. This is probably a stupid moveset, but I thought it might work. I really wish this guy learned Smack Down.

Golurk@Leftovers?- Currently breeding
Adamant, 252HP/252Atk/4Def
Not so sure, was thinking of SubPunch, with Substitute to help with status, but I don't have much experience w/ the BS and don't know how well SubPunch sets work. This guy was mainly for the typing, it seemed to fit perfectly with what I needed.

Gyarados was tested with my in-game relaxed krookodile (lol) and naughty emboar. got to a 21 streak, lost when i forgot to calculate a leafeon's leaf blade piercing my intimidate with a crit. One major flaw I can see is that it is all physical attackers, but I just couldn't find a new mix to support Gyarados. Maybe NP Vacuum Wave Luke over Hitmontop? Any advice is helpful. I don't have RNG or dream world access, so please don't propose any of that.
For Gyarados, you have to decide between Moxie and Intimidate. Moxie will increase sweeping potential while Intimidate will help you set up to begin with, so I would suggest Intimidate for lead Gyarados. Consider also using Stone Edge over Ice Fang or Aqua Tail over Waterfall (although that option is usually not used). Hitmontop is a cool idea and all, but if you are forced to bring Hitmontop in against an enemy at good health, you won't be able to scratch it with that moveset. You would probably be better off using something with access to Extremespeed, (which now goes before any other priority attack besides Fake Out,) such as Lucario, Dragonite, or Arcanine. And if you want to use a Focus Punch Golurk, I would suggest Substitute, Focus Punch, Shadow Punch, and Earthquake with the ability Iron Fist.
well i posted that gyarados is already complete, and that i don't have dream world, so that rules out moxie. also with the whole priority thing, most priority users are physically based, and golurk seemed like a sure-fire counter to (choiced) electrics and normal/fighting users, specifically scarf pinsir if gyarados isn't set up. Also, its the BS, so i don't really trust stone edge/aqua tail, even though they get more coverage/power (and rock slide is pretty weak, but so is ice fang)
I'm in the midst of crafting a singles team, thought I'd go ahead and post it here to see what kind of response it gets.

Blaziken (M) @ Focus Sash
Trait: Speed Boost
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Swords Dance
- Blaze Kick
- Hi Jump Kick
- Stone Edge
Fairly standard to how I normally run the Tower/Subway, ie set up lead that kills until it dies and two in the back that support each other. Focus Sash will ensure that I get the SD and a turn of Speed Boost, barring TTar/Hippo/Snow leads that OHKO me. Blaze Kick is the Fire STAB of choice for the balance of power vs no recoil. HJK, while not perfect, is infinitely superior to Superpower for a setup poke. Stone Edge is coverage.

Scizor (M) @ Choice Band
Trait: Technician
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Double Hit
- Bullet Punch
- U-turn
- Superpower
Banded Scizor. Mainstay in the Tower since Platinum. Absolutely love it to death. BP/Superpower/U-Turn is fairly self explanatory, at least I hope so. Double Hit does several things. 1- Eats Substitutes for breakfast, thanks to Technician. 2-Punches Gyarados in the giant, gaping maw, which most Scizor sets can't readily do. Both things that will help against anything that took down Blaziken.

Chandelure (F) @ Choice Specs
Trait: Flash Fire
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Overheat
- Shadow Ball
- Energy Ball
- Hidden Power [Fighting]
And the thing that covers Scizor's ass. Flash Fire for the immunity on Scizor's 4x. Also, Flash Fire+Specs+STAB Overheat off of 145 base Special Attack is stupidly powerful. Shadow Ball is the obvious secondary STAB move. HP [Fighting] combines with Shadow Ball for flawless coverage, just in case Overheat doesn't do (I'm looking at you, Heatran.) Energy Ball is rather close to filler, but might come in handy since she'll outspeed the Water/Grounds.


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Looks like this thread is pretty active at the moment!

I've been trying something different recently (not sure about original though) and I thought it couldn't hurt to share even if it hasn't acheived an outstanding streak yet. I've only managed to get a streak of 21 wins with this team so far, which is pathetic really, but it has been fun to try out.

Linoone @ choice scarf

Simple Beam
Shadow Claw

Gorebyss @ white herb

Shell Smash
Hidden Power (electric)
Ice Beam

Toxicroak @ focus sash

Fake Out
Sucker Punch
Drain Punch

Latios @ life orb

Dragon Pulse
Grass Knot

The strategy is simple (pun intended). If it's safe to do so, I have Linoone use Simple Beam on Gorebyss to change its ability to Simple. Gorebyss uses Shell Smash. Because of Simple, Gorebyss acheives a ridiculously high special attack stat of over 500, and has enough speed to outrun everything. It then can happily steamroll through teams with Surf. I usually switch Linoone out for Toxicroak (if it's alive) who really helps Gorebyss out with Fake Out and Sucker Punch (and it's immune to water attacks to boot).

If it is unsafe to try the boost (strong electric and grass attacks, fake out and other priority, etc), I usually have Linoone use Switcheroo on the most threatening opponent and switch Gorebyss out for Latios (depends on the opponent really). Latios covers both of my leads weaknesses which is nice.

I like Simple Beam but I think I might change my team a bit. I don't think Shell Smash Gorebyss is the right choice for this team (not surprising really) as it can go wrong fairly easily (and when that happens I'm stuck with a near-useless Linoone and a mediocre Gorebyss). Does anyone have any ideas of what I could use instead?
Someone mentioned coverage for water/fighting types earlier.

While frail, I've had decent success using Rotom-A in-game:

Rotom-S@ Focus Sash
Timid - 4 HP/252 SpAt/252 Spe
Air Slash
Pain Split

Unless Sandstorm or Hail is on the field I can usually get any problem pokes out of the way or dented and statused; if luck goes your way you can get a clean KO with flinch hax.

It also provides a useful Ground immunity
You know, I hate Subway sometimes. I just built an entire team from scratch, based on the Simple Beam strategy that you seem to like. Then I remembered Genesect was banned. I'll post the team anyway, see if it gives you any ideas.

Genesect @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Download
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Simple Beam
- Ice Beam
- Thunderbolt
- Bug Buzz

Beheeyem (M) @ Leftovers
Trait: Telepathy
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SAtk / 4 SDef
Quiet Nature (+SAtk, -Spd)
- Calm Mind
- Simple Beam
- Thunderbolt
- Psychic

Chandelure (M) @ Choice Specs
Trait: Flash Fire
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Overheat
- Shadow Ball
- Energy Ball
- Hidden Power [Fighting]

Terrakion @ Choice Band
Trait: Justified
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Close Combat
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide
- X-Scissor

As an extra note, if you have access to a cheating device/GTSfake tech, run Beeyeehem with Analytic (his Dream World ability, just not released yet). That way, even if you can't get him Simple, he'll still hit like a tank, thanks to Quiet. Or, keep Telepathy and spam Terrakion's EQ without hitting him. Your call.


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Please stop posting illegal teams (Custap, Genosect). Thank you in advance.

And the answer to the "glitch" question people were asking is no, I won´t list records using the Sky Drop glitch. It wasn´t allowed in official VGC tournaments this year so I won´t list it. For those who try it anyway, good luck getting a streak with gravity and a 60 BP move...

I´m playing OmaTop in doubles again, lost due to a misclick in battle #64 yesterday (lati/+2 low HP scizor vs carracosta/ and accidentally didn´t double target, hit the wrong target with scizor). I´m back at 84 right now. Tried Quick Guard on Top instead of AA only to be promptly reminded by the friend next door Subway AI that it´s the same priority as FO so it sucks on something as slow as Top, back to AA. Also trying a Lum Berry on Scizor.
Yeah I'm glad Peterko cleared that up, and by the way guys, I already tried Sky Drop + Gravity in Super Doubles and it was terrible. Also, keep in mind that you can use things that are banned competitively outside of Sky Drop + Gravity such as Blaziken, Moody, and Minimize.

Also, if your team isn't achieving adequate streaks, (at least 49,) it's probably not worth posting because it genuinely isn't a good team. I'm not trying to be mean, it's just that if people like me or Jumpman posted about all of our teams even if they weren't very successful, we would be posting a new team every page.

And the best piece of advice we could give to people who haven't reached the leaderboard is to use one team extensively and learn the ins and outs of it thoroughly


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Yeah sorry I'll stop posting everything I come up with (except the good ones). I was only doing it to try give other people ideas while also asking how I could improve it but I don't want to derail the thread with all the stuff I'm trying. I am going to stick with Simple Beam for now though as I think I can make it work (I'm not using Gorebyss anymore though).

R Inanimate

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Also Peterko, just so you know, TRE has a Double Subway record higher than yours that he hasn't posted yet. :P I guess he'll probably post when he gets #1 or when he loses the streak.
It looks like my record post gets a bit of advance warning this time, instead of the usual.

Team Members:

Politoed @ Choice Scarf ***OpRainFall
Trait: Drizzle
IVs: 21/20/26/31/31/31
EVs: 6 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Psychic
- Focus Blast

Timid Max Speed Scarf Politoed has 201 Speed, outrunning all Base 130s in the Subway. Over 90% of the time, you will be leading off by using Surf, with the other attacks seeing mostly situational usage. Psychic is good for taking on Dry Skin Toxicroaks, and sometimes Tentacruel. Ice Beam is used every now and then to take out Dragons. Focus Blast is a bit of a extra move, as its 70% accuracy isn't something I can rely on. I never use it as my opening move in a battle, but may bank on it if Politoed was swapped out and brought back in late in a battle against something like Empoleon or Lapras.

Politoed is often expendable to the team as long as the rain is up, but it's often best to keep it alive as long as possible against trainers like Workers who are likely to have weather changers. Don't be afraid of dealing damage to Politoed with friendly fire, for reference:

Ludicolo 75% Surf: 39-46 damage
+1 Ludicolo 75% Surf: 59-69 damage
Kingdra LO 75% Surf: 53-63 damage

Politoed is usually able to take two Surfs in the battle, and when its low on health, it draws in opponent attacks, so it's usually a good idea not to finish off Politoed with your own attacks.

Ludicolo @ Absorb Bulb ***RideTheDUX
Trait: Swift Swim
IVs: 31/25/25/31/31/29
EVs: 36 HP / 4 Def / 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 212 Spd
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Fake Out
- Surf
- Grass Knot
- Ice Beam

Ludicolo is the main workhorse of this team. 212 Speed EVs gives it 116 Speed, outrunning Scarfed Garchomp when in the Rain. The Absorb Bulb makes it a real destructive force but it can't be taken advantage of on the opening turn due to Politoed being slower that Ludicolo. A +1 Surf from Ludicolo along with a Surf from Politoed is often able to wash away the opposition, giving them no chance to fight back. I haven't done any real damage calculations for it, but it is powerful enough to take out a 252 HP Bronzong without much effort.

Although Fake Out is present on the moveset, Surf is more often used on the opening turn. After all, preventing a move by fake out isn't nearly as good as preventing a move by fainting the opponent. Fake Out however, is vital to get around some of the more dangerous Pokemon.

Examples of Fake Out usage:
-When the opponent also runs a Fake Out user (eg. Infernape 4, Dewgong 3)
-When one can be KO'd by Politoed's Surf while the other will survive a Double Surf (eg. Rapidash 4 + Escavalier 4 Pair)
-When one has Trick Room (eg. Slowking 4)
-to provide cover for Politoed to switch out (eg. Kingdra 4)

Grass Knot was chosen as my Grass Move of choice. +1 Grass Knots are able to 2HKO Vaporeon, and they can OHKO Pokemon like Walrein, Lapras, Suicune, and Milotic, Tyranitar, Hippowdon, and Wailord, which I find more appealing than the healing factor of Giga Drain. Giga Drain is a lot better for dealing with Lanturn, however.

Ice Beam is for Grass and Dragon coverage.

Kingdra @ Life Orb ***Ryuuseigun
Trait: Swift Swim
IVs: 31/23/29/31/31/31
EVs: 60 Atk / 252 SAtk / 196 Spd
Mild Nature (+SAtk, -Def)
- Surf
- Dragon Pulse
- Protect
- Waterfall

Kingdra is the backup Swift Swimmer. It was one of the four Kingdras that was used for the 613 Battle Hall Record. I changed the EVs a bit so it now has 196 Speed EVs which allows it to outrun Scarfed Manectric when in the Rain, and thus everything in the Battle Subway save for a few other Swift Swim users (Seismitoad 3,4 and Floatzel 1,2,3,4). Dragon Pulse chosen over Draco Meteor for reliability. Protect is given to Kingdra, mostly as a way to help handle Trick Room situations a bit better.

Waterfall is used as the 4th move for the sake of having some physical offense aside from Scizor. With the Rain going, along with the Life Orb, Waterfall does pretty respectable damage to things like Blissey, who would just sit there and soak up Surfs without any problem otherwise.

Scizor @ Bug Gem ***LunaticRed
Trait: Technician
IVs: 31/31/24/17/31/24
EVs: 180 HP / 254 Atk / 4 SDef / 72 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Bullet Punch
- Bug Bite
- SuperPower
- Protect

When initially running this team, I had a Jolteon for the 4th spot. Then I remembered about 40 battles into my very first run with the team that it would make my team heavily Ferrothorn weak. I then switched it for a Bisharp.

I got to about 100 wins twice before losing with Bisharp, finding the 4x Fighting weak to be an extreme liability against Legendary trainers. I then swapped for the Scizor you see.

72 Speed EVs gives my Scizor 91 Speed which allows it to outrun Base 70s. In addition, my Scizor is just barely able to take a 75% Surf from +1 Ludicolo, taking at most 165 damage. I've found that Scizor fills in the holes in the team very nicely. It's a safe switch against Grass and Poison moves which can be trouble for my leads, it demolishes Ice Types, and keeps the team from collapsing under Trick Room. Bullet Punch doesn't need any explanation. Superpower is useful against Regice and Empoleon. Protect is a must, as Scizor is the only one that doesn't resist Water on the team. Bug Bite is powered by a Bug Gem. The extra strength on Bug Bite is very useful when dealing with enemy Water Types amongst other things. There could be something else I could use instead of a Bug Gem for Scizor, but I haven't really done much experimenting with it, and stuck with the Gem.

After getting to ~190 twice, then 320 wins prior to this record, I felt that I had a winner of a team with Scizor as my 4th.

Team Overview:

Drizzle + Swift Swim on the same team? I could be Banned.

When initially thinking about making a Drizzle team for Double Subway, I kept deciding that I'd have troubles with things like Ferrothorn, auto-weather and Trick Room and wrote it off as a team that wouldn't make it too far. Then kind of put it aside as the VGC season started.

With this year's VGC winding to a close, I decided that worrying about the team's flaws was getting nowhere and to just make the team and see how things go. I found most of the theorized issues weren't as difficult to handle as I thought, while opponent Swift Swim users floated up to being the biggest threat to the team.

Many of the opponent trainers stand no chance against this team. Trainers like Hikers, Black Belts, and Battle Girls are essentially free wins. Many other trainers are often down 2 or 3 Pokemon by the time Politoed or Ludicolo are taken down. As the team gets going right from the start, it is very important to pay attention to the opponent's trainer class, in order keep a step ahead of the opponent. Not paying attention can get you into pretty unpleasant situations.

It averages about 15 minutes to get through a set of 7 trainers. Which is an improvment over my Battle Frontier Trick Room team that averaged about 18.

Trouble Trainers:
Legend Trainers (Gentlemen, Socialites, Veterans)
As many would tell you, the Legendary Pokemon trainers in this gen are no joke. They have a much larger variety when it comes to offense sets, and support sets compared to what they had in 4th Gen. Protect, Icy Wind, a single Regigigas with Wide Guard, and a single Cresselia with Trick Room can go a long way in causing issues to the team.

Trick Room Teams (Harlequins)
Not quite as dangerous as I originally thought they would be, but they are still worth a mention. A lot of their non-Trick Room Pokemon are water weak, and a lot of their Trick Room users can be handled fairly easily with Fake Out. In cases when they bring two Trick Room users, I find it better not to use Fake Out, and just attack. Most of their TR users can't do much offensively, and sometimes they will both try to use Trick Room and cancel each other out.
The most dangerous lead they can have would be Cofagrigus + Guts Hariyama, but I've only ever ran into that once (and would have lost if I didn't get a bit of luck).

Water Teams (Fishermen)
Water Pokemon don't do too well against each other. I have an advantage over them with Ludicolo, but it's really the only defense I have. If Ludicolo gets taken out it can get a bit tricky to handle them.

Hail Teams (Ice Workers)
A classic on Trainer Threat lists. Snow Cloak, Blizzards, and Sheer Colds are no fun. Abomasnows will cancel out my rain. But another way to look at it is that my Politoed gives me a way to cancel out their Hail. Between dousing out their Hail, and having Scizor going on a Bullet Punch rampage, these trainers become a lot more managable. It's always a big worry for me if Scizor gets taken out by Blizzard freezes though.

Rain Teams (Parasol Ladies)
Take the Fishermen's team, and remove a lot of the not so dangerous Pokemon, and adding in some Electric Types, and you get the Parasol Lady. The most threatening trainer to this team. They pack a lot of Pokemon with Water Absorb and Swift Swim, along with the usage of Thunder which closes the offensive strength gap compared to Fishermen against my team.

My team still wins out against them, but it doesn't take much for them to turn the tides.

Trouble Pokemon

Weather Changers:

Hippowdon: The Pokemon itself isn't a problem to my team, but the loss of rain can give the opponent an opportunity to try something.

Tyranitar: Since some of the Tyranitars have Speed EVs, it's a bit more dangerous to face than Hippowdon. All my Pokemon have attacks that can hit it hard however.

Abomasnow: The most dangerous auto-weather. Hail is more of a problem than Sandstorm is, and the Pokemon that benefit from it are more difficult for me to handle. Scizor is the only thing on my team really keeping Ice trainers in check.

Wide Guard:

Regigigas 4: The main problem with Regigigas is that they are only used by Legendary Trainers. So whenever one shows up as a lead I have to be aware of a potential threat of Wide Guard.

Bastiodon 4: Just be aware it has it. It's the most common Wide Guard user.

Bastiodon 1, Machamp 1, Mr. Mime 2, Throh 1: Rarely show up so they don't matter too much.

Mienshao 4: Will always use Hi Jump Kick instead (and get itself murdered by 2x Surf)

Swift Swim:

Kingdra: The easiest way to handle Lead Kingdra is to Fake Out, and switch to Kingdra on the first turn, then take them out. Watch out for Kingdra 2 who runs a Haban Berry, which will allow it to take a Dragon Pulse and OHKO back.

Ludicolo: They aren't really weak to anything, so you just have to hit them harder than they hit you. Fortunately, Ludicolo 1,2,3 don't really have much offensive strength. Scizor can easily defeat them with Bug Bite, but has to watch out for Ludicolo 4, which can outrun and OHKO with Hydro Pump, and Ludicolo 2 who has Surf.

Seismitoad: Seismitoad 3 and 4 can outspeed my Kingdra, and they run Poison attacks which hurt Ludicolo quite a bit. But since they are 4x Grass weak, and Water neutral, they are easily taken out.

Floatzel: Will always be faster than my Pokemon, but they are the least dangerous Swift Swimmers, due to lack of secondary STAB.


Manectric 4: Outruns Ludicolo and Politoed. Leads with Thunder for an OHKO. Which can get pretty annoying at times

Lanturn: Grass Knot is a measley 40 Power against them, and they like throwing Thunder Waves around. They are run in water teams so their ability to cripple Ludicolo makes them dangerous.

Vaporeon 4: Water Absorb + Signal Beam is a pain for Ludicolo.

Regice: Special Wall. Takes Surfs like a champ and can get troublesome to handle at times. Especially when Regice is throwing around Thunder Waves or Icy Wind while I try to deal with opponent legendaries.

Blissey 4: Minimize Blissey is very annoying. If it shows up, and Scizor is already KO'd, it has a good shot at beating me. Fortunately, that has yet to happen.

Ferrothorn: Walls everything except Scizor. Fortunately, they usually just sit there and do nothing since none of them have Power Whip, and the CPU AI in BW has forgotten how to use Gyro Ball properly. Since Ferrothorn 2 has rest, it usually requires me to bring in Scizor ASAP to take it out. Ferrothorn 1 runs Thunder Wave which is a pain, but you usually only ever see them from Workers, who are largely water/grass weak, so they don't matter much.

Trick Room: Addressed when talking about Harlequins. Outside of Trick Room teams, they will still try it at just about any opportunity, since my leads outrun almost everything. This can end up with Scizor being the fastest thing in Trick Room, allowing the team to maintain function.

How I lost:
vs Worker Hayes

He leads with Ferrothorn and a Gigalith

I already know that the Ferrothorn is Ferrothorn 1, which isn't too dangerous aside from its Thunder Wave spam.

I double Surf and take out Gigalith, and Ludicolo is hit with Thunder Wave.
A Hippowdon is sent out. Killing off my Rain.

I know that the Ferrothorn will Thunder Wave Politoed, and don't really want to get my reserve Pokemon paralyzed, so I go for another Double Surf.

Hippowdon is taken out, but not before hitting Ludicolo with Crunch, putting it at 61HP. Ferrothorn uses Thunder Wave as expected.

Excadrill is sent out, and I probably wished that I didn't finish off that Hippowdon there, although I didn't know at the time.

Both of my Pokemon are fairly damaged, and they are both Paralyzed. I decide to swap both of them out. Politoed could return and reset my Rain, while Ludicolo could try to put a Fake Out to good use.

Kingdra is sent in for Politoed and Scizor for Ludicolo. I was thinking that whatever Excadrill decided to use, I should be able to take it, then bring Politoed back on the turn after to wrap up the battle. The Excadrill goes for the Drill Run on Kingdra.

Drill Run is only 80, so Kingdra should take it easily. Then I watch as the health bar goes further than I thought it should have. All the way to zero along with words that I probably didn't want to be seeing here.

"Kingdra fainted!"

No critical necessary. Apparanty Sand Force + Soft Sand allows Excadrill 1 to guarantee OHKO my Kingdra.

I send back in Politoed to bring the rain back and reduce Excadrill's offense, and act as a Decoy as I throw a Superpower at Excadrill. It survives in the red, and Ferrothorn Thunder Waves my Scizor.

I bring out my Ludicolo. I have a bit of a bad feeling of being fully paralyzed, and went for a Fake Out and Bullet Punch on Excadrill.

The Fake Out goes off and Scizor is indeed fully paralyzed while Ferrothorn puts a Sandstorm back up.

Now it's do or die. Scizor needs to get off its Bullet Punch or else I'm probably done for.

"Scizor is paralyzed! It can't move!"

And it's over.

"Excadrill uses Rock Slide!"

Ludicolo avoided the attack!
Scizor avoided the attack!

Or not?

Ludicolo uses Ice Beam!
...On Ferrothorn.

An unexpected double miss by the CPU, but since I wasn't expecting something like that to happen, I didn't target the Excadrill on this turn with Ice Beam. Even so, Scizor still has a shot at this.

"Scizor is paralyzed! It can't move!"

Scizor proceeds to be fully paralyzed for the third in a row and the battle is over as a Drill Run and Iron Head finishes off my Scizor and Ludicolo. a 4-2 situation turned around just like that. I think the turning point to the match was that double switch I made. I might have gotten a little overconfident of the situation which led to me losing my Kingdra. I somehow convinced myself upon seeing the Excadrill that it would do something like Poison Jab or Dig, completely overlooking its 4th moveset that had neither of those moves.

The loss leaves me with a record of 828 wins. Overall, I had a bit of luck in that I didn't get haxed out sooner. Scizor only ever got frozen by Blizzard once in all the battles, and defrosted just in time to win that battle. I never really got any BrightPowder hax, and rarely got fully paralyzed aside from the one where I lost. There were a few battles that ended up with a narrow victory every 100~200 battles or so, but aside from that there wasn't much else. Thank god for the severe cut to hax items in the Battle Subway. Because I'm almost certain a team like this wouldn't get anywhere close to 800 without it.

Battle Subway Super Double Battle
R Inanimate (828) - Politoed, Ludicolo, Kingdra, Scizor


These are a couple various Battle Videos with this team. I think the Last two are for the record run. And the loss video is placed separately below.

Battle 829: 93-86274-17302

Oh, if you're wondering who this is, suddenly dropping an 800+ record in the topic, I'm TRE's brother. I used to share his account to post my records. Since I actually have an account on Smogon now, I'm posting this myself instead of through my brother's account.