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Feb 28, 2013
Sep 20, 2005
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Never give up!

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Feb 28, 2013
    1. EeveeTrainer
    2. Arhops
      your so cool :(
    3. Snobalt
      I've given up... on you ever returning
    4. feriokun
      Hello! Got a subway record to add to the list. 83 wins. :)
    5. Level 51
    6. Dozz
      I know what you mean about your loss haunting you, exactly the same for me man! Hope your travel wasn't too bad.
    7. Pokérob
      So happy to hear you're coming!
    8. aqualta
      I believe that it wasn't intentional, don't worry. Smogonites are a good bunch in general =] I just hope you're there in the final rankings, as it sounds like you've had a pretty tough time with Dc's against you.
    9. dragonboy52
      It seems like you've been having a lot of bad luck with D/C's, that stinks. It really makes this tournament 50% less fun.
    10. Princess Emily
      Princess Emily
      lol I understand...PGL is still trolling us ^^
      They can't let us choose our preferred DW Area.

      Although I was a bit lucky on my DW visit using the account which I have 11000+ points.
      And during my first try of going to Spooky Manor...guess what, here are the results:

      Spooky Manor
      Spooky Manor
      Spooky Manor
      Spooky Manor
      Sparkling Sea
      Spooky Manor (although this time everything's empty)

      Maybe because the pokemon I tucked in was a Chandelure...or just some trollish luck ^^
    11. GXStrider
      see you there check you have my new friend code. My Profile (GXStrider) » About Me.
    12. Zacchaeus
      Can you tell me exactly what would prevent a Subway record from being listed? For example: using Sky Drop and Gravity on the same team
    13. Eppie
      Hi Peterko, you have me listed with a winstreak of 126 but my actual streak is 96.
    14. Spottednoble
      Hi! I hope you come back soon! I've got a 90-win Streak I reported on page seven of your Battle Subway Records thread.
    15. EeveeTrainer
      zarator u cut or uncut j/w
    16. Jumpman16
      he said in his dppthgss thread like a month ago that he was planning on making the thread towards the end of march, upon being asked by several people in the thread when he was going to make it. he wanted to wait until enough people had the game and were actually far enough in to be at the subway, which is something you would know if you'd read his thread.

      even if he hadn't, i honestly cannot imagine a more unspoken certainty on smogon. these threads were entirely his idea going back to 2006, and however hard you worked on yours can be multiplied by at least 200 when talking about his efforts. he has earned the right to make them, or at least a pm from people who think otherwise.

      i dont know which dt mod you asked but he could have exercised a little more discretion, would have saved you some "annoyance" (why don't you imagine how annoyed he may be at your own assessment of his activity when he's studying for the bar exam)
    17. zarator
      When I created that thread, Peterko wasn't even active or anything. The Battle Subway thread was there for a while, and while people like TRE posted, he didn't. I'm gonna drop this because I didn't do the thread to claim anything, but only because no one did it. I just find annoying that apparently the effort I put in that thread to provide the community with a place to post their records (after asking a DT mod, btw) doesn't count anything once the "undisputed king" wakes up.
    18. Jumpman16
      im not even going to open zarator's thread or peterko's to try to shut this down at once...peterko is the undisputed king of these threads. they were his idea going back six years ago, and i cannot imagine anyone more entitled to anything at smogon than peterko to battle tower/frontier/subway threads. zarator, you could have saved yourself a ton of effort by asking peterko beforehand. i can't imagine why you didn't consider peterko before deciding to make your own thread
    19. Mekkah
      Hey Peterko, can you work it out with zarator, please? He spent a lot of time on the Subway thread that was already there.
    20. zarator
      Sorry Peterko, but why did you post a BW Battle Subway Record thread when there was already one?
    21. DrDimentio
      I wonder if you're busy with a 4-digit streak in the Battle Subway...
    22. Holo386
      when will u post my streak i posted in the ranking hall?
    23. EonADS
      Not to be rude, but your usertitle has a grammatical error. It's known, not know. Just thought I'd let you know.
    24. Peterko
      yes I live in Slovakia and was born here :)
    25. jumpluff
      Hi, Peterko, would you happen to be Slovak? I'm just curious after your (good) post in the WC thread. :3
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