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Feb 15, 2013
Jun 20, 2009
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Nov 9, 1991 (Age: 25)
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Cambridgeshire UK


25, from Cambridgeshire UK

Pokérob was last seen:
Feb 15, 2013
    1. bharmalm
      he topped #2 a while ago, ive only managed #4 (some proof wayy back on akiras profile.)

      not liking team preivew though :/
    2. bharmalm
      Yeah, i know, you told me at london.

      ill be going to Paris as UK is 2 days before my finals, and i don't have the time to go.
      Anyway, hope you and akira and so on all do great. and i should be able to go to the next gamerbase whenever its gonna be.
    3. bharmalm
      Even to this day i 'LOL' at "I have been training 6 months for these battles!"
    4. IAmMarti
      I say we all meet up for a subway lunch :D /afternoon grub cause I'll be starving from travelling and im sure im not going to be the only one
    5. IAmMarti
      well I have already booked now >_< I dont know where the premier inn is. I stayed at Holiday Inn last year and it was nice and easy. Shuttle bus was usefull. My train should be getting into international about 1.30 but I'm not sure what time my friend Colette will be arriving.
    6. IAmMarti
      Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport. £52 a night and there is a shuttle bus (free) that will take us to the international in the morning whenever we want to go, they just phone up for it like a taxi. Would be nice to hang out on the friday :)
    7. soul_survivor
      well i dnt kno gmt much but i live in u.s eastern time. u can jus vm me whenever ur ready
    8. Mastadi
      Hey man, just letting you know that the DS arrived safe and sound - Thanks! Loving Pokemon White so far :D
    9. Fantom0
      oh ye, do u know when the videos are going up on youtube? i really wnt to see a few matches
    10. Fantom0
      its fantom0, loved the tournament, cant wait for the next one!
    11. Mastadi
      Hahaha, thanks, it's been great fun! And yeah, the trophy is pretty amazing, gotta make sure it's kept well polished and stuff ^^

      Sure, I'll let you know once it gets here, and once again, thanks for organising the whole event, it's been a lot of fun :D
    12. bharmalm
      tough luck in st7
    13. bharmalm
      oh, lol
    14. bharmalm
      cool, but what is PW?
      Awsome going on youtube btw, loved the Xmas special
    15. bharmalm
      pokerob, any sign when date for the reading tornament is up?
    16. bharmalm
      oh errr is the date confirmed and the 3 questions i posted on the thread as edits.
    17. bharmalm
      ohh your on, i wanted to ask you some stuff.
    18. CRASHiC
      These are words I learned in playing competitive fighting games, it dates back all the way to the glory days of Street Fighter II. This psychological trick works in all competitive events, but in competitive games like chess or video games it works even better, because there are no options available to them that aren't available to you. You know everything they can possibly do, there is nothing they can do that others can not.
    19. Atticus
      no, it's just for overall awesomeness
    20. Altair
      You probably don't
    21. Pokérob
      Seriously excited about Smogon #7. Been rejected from Smogon 6 so I am hoping I get to play in Smogon 7 considering this is my last week of University and then I get 7 weeks holiday to win it for the brits!
    22. Echosofchaoz
      Well right now were recruiting also if you become a member youll be able to enter our give aways and Gym were starting! Were also still looking for Staff such as Captains and Scientes etc I have Admins but theres still spots open! Its alot of fun and becoming very active! Good way to make friends!
    23. Echosofchaoz
      Hey! Team Plasma is recruiting people and you have been picked! Once Team Plasma gets more active will have give aways tournaments and all kinds of other contest! Im currently looking for Admins and executives etc. If your interested join up! ^_^

      Team Plasma Boss/TRC Admin Echosofchaos
    24. Rees
      You heard anything back from Gamerbase yet mate?
      I'll probably be booking my travel and such pretty soon-ish, so if you know what's going on it'd help out rather nicely (:
      Cheers boss
    25. Rees
      Cheers mate, that would be perfect, if I can get a spot I'd be dead chuffed!
      Where would I be able to find out whether or not there is free places, or would you just drop us a message to let us know?
      Thanks again man, appreciated ;D
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    VGC 2012 National Paris - 3rd Place
    Attended all VGC 2012 European Nationals

    2012 Worlds VGC Participant - Representing the UNITED KINGDOM!


    Nov 9, 1991 (Age: 25)
    Home page:
    Cambridgeshire UK
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    4512 3115 6137
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