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Black & White Battle Subway Records (now with gen. 4 records!)

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Peterko, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. BeastMode2010


    Aug 27, 2011
    As skitz said, froslass and glaceon (ice for that matter) are the biggest threats in the subway, who do you guys think is the best to handle these streak enders?

    Should never miss attacks be carried in a lot of 4th slot fillers for these guys?
  2. NoCheese

    NoCheese "Jack, you have debauched my sloth!"
    is a member of the Site Staffis a Forum Moderatoris a Contributor to Smogon

    Mar 28, 2011
    Steels can in general do a pretty good job, both resisting ice and hitting back hard with attacks that are super effective against pure ice types. However, some of the best steels (Ferrothorn) have secondary types that make them neutral instead of resistant, and many ice types have a secondary water typing that makes steel attacks neutral instead.

    Bulky waters are even better, but I highly recommend substitute to protect against hax. Sub/Calm Mind/Rest/Scald Suicune (the best poke I've ever used in the subway, by a long shot) eats ice teams (glaceon and froslass even more so) for lunch. Sub protects against Hax and 1HKOs, pressure rapidly stalls out their low pp, Calm Mind lets them set up to make subsequent pokes easy, and Scald finishes the job of killing things off. Remember that with Pressure, you can also easily stall things out, which is helpful against double teamers and the like.

    For Rest/Sleep Talkers, stall out their other moves, and set up, then don't attack until they've rested 10 times in a row (failing each time because of full health). Then you can freely attack while they try to Sleep Talk while still awake. Likewise, make sure you stall out any Froslass Destiny Bonds before you attack into them, as Sub does not stop Destiny Bond. Suicune can switch into most ice pokes with ease, but against Rest/Sleep Talk/Fissure/Sheer Cold Walrein, wait until something dies so you can bring Suicune in for free and get a Sub up before it attacks. Once you're in safely, it's a free set up for Suicune, but switching into a Fissure or Sheer Cold is bad bad bad.
  3. BeastMode2010


    Aug 27, 2011
    I wish I could get a Suicune, but I don't have access to older gen games. I'm actually going to try a Virizion in place. I know it won't be the same, but I'm going to try something like this:

    Virizion @ Leftovers
    -Giga Drain
    -Focus Blast

    I'm still kind of torn on Focus Blast, although it gives me a nice STAB the miss chance is just so terrible.
  4. NoCheese

    NoCheese "Jack, you have debauched my sloth!"
    is a member of the Site Staffis a Forum Moderatoris a Contributor to Smogon

    Mar 28, 2011
    Difficulty with Virizion is that it is ice weak, so switching into those ice pokes will hurt, and as you say, Focus Blast can and will miss at the worst possible times.

    In a similar vein though, physical Cobalion may be a great fit for you. You resist ice, your Steel and Fighting STABs both hit ice types super effectively (fighting alone leaves you unable to hit Froslass super effectively), and if you go with Sacred Sword as your fighting attack, you bypass your opponent's defense and evasion stat boosts, giving you some protection against Double Team.

    Jolly Sacred Sword/Iron Head/Swords Dance/Substitute could work pretty well.
  5. BeastMode2010


    Aug 27, 2011
    Dangit. My Cobalion is nuetral nature. But it should still work with that set with the right EVs. Like 252HP/252Att/4Spe.

    I'm using Scyther, Rotom-W and Hydregion right now. But With Cobalion I could switch out Hydregion.
  6. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    I used Timid Calm Mind / Sub / Flash Cannon / HP Fighting Cobalion before, and it wasn't able to set up a lot, and then I tried replacing HP Fighting with Rest, and it worked out noticeably better.

    The spread I had was basically enough speed to outspeed Jolly Garchomp (since I lose the speed to +Speed Infernape anyway due to having HP Fighting IVs), with maxed HP and the few leftover EVs into SpA. Basically it's a Steel Suicune with more speed but less defenses. ... ... And, Suicune still does a better job with the same set (with Scald or Surf over Flash Cannon obviously).
  7. BeastMode2010


    Aug 27, 2011
    Why would you use HP Fighting on Cob? And how did you get the IVs right for him? Or did you use Pokesav?
  8. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    I RNG to get the IVs, and I used HP Fighting because that's 100% accurate compared to Focus Blast (and of course it gets STAB and gets good neutral coverage together with Flash Cannon).
  9. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    You probably have a French version of the game, so the trainer names are different, but the trainer types should be the same. So while you play the Subway, write down the trainer names after battle 27.

    Now that you mention it, the download link of my Subway trainer list isn´t working...here´s the trainer list (note that you will meet these trainers after battle 27, some of them even earlier):

    [size=-2]Ace Trainer DFGM = set 4
    Ace Trainer Pa/Re = 18 PKMN - Clay/Mandi1, Gastro/Ferro/Sala2, Gran/Tomb/Krook/Licki/Blis3, Quag/Raptor/Weez/Tauros/Scraf/Gyara/Arca/Ice4
    Artist = all sets Normal/Steel/Ghost/Psychic
    Backpacker = set 1
    Baker = Sun (Grass/Fire) - Volca/Meg1, Rapi2, Leaf3, Doom 4, Arca13, Typhlo14, Plume/Vicy/Shift/Lilig/Eggy/Tang1234
    Battle Girl = set 4 Fire/Fighting/Steel
    Black Belt = set 4 Fire/Fighting/Steel
    Biker = all sets Star/Gyara/Drag/Blis/Tyra/Sala/Meta/Ape/Zong/Tomb/Chomp/Vile/Kiss/Yan/Arche/Esca/Haxo/Hydra1234
    Clerk (A/A/B/E) = set 3
    Clerk (Fau/Ulf) = set 4
    Cyclist = set 3
    Depot Agent = Electric/Steel - Lant3, Raichu124, Mane/Trode/Zebra/Klink/Durant/Jolt/Luca/Vire1234
    Doctor = set 4
    Fisherman Fird = set 3,4 Water
    Fisherman Humf = set 1,2 Water
    Gentleman = all sets Legends
    Harlequin = TR - Shift/King1/Ttar1, Zong 14, Wak/Quag/Musha/Reun/Seismi2, Conkel/Noir24, Forry/Harry3, Cofag/Golurk/Golem/Bro/Ramp/Giga/Lix/Eggy/Hippo/Rhy4
    Hiker Jorge = all sets Ground
    Hiker Kemuel = all sets Rock
    Janitor = Doubles - Brel/Harry/MushaMilky/Nidoq/Toed/Shuck/Eggy/Vap/Jolteon1, Aboma134, Meggy13, Trode/Glace/Kiss14, Zong 24, Arti/Lass/Cune34, Ludi/Shift/Carac//Lux/Yan/Garde/Gon/Draggy2, Zard/Typhlo/Empo/Lant/Whisc/Dew/Goth/Magius/Umby/Ent/Cress3, Empo/Jynx/Mime/Abso/Tenta/Luca/Bear/Dra,/Zap/Tres/Thund4
    Maid = all sets Starters
    Nurse = set 4
    Nursery Aide = all sets Eeveelutions
    Parasol Lady = Rain - Ludi/Float/Seismi/Kingdra/1234, Gastro13, Vap/Milo14, Lap123, Zeb2, Jolt23, Empo34, Lant/Whis/Weez/Carac/Tenta/Walr3, Dew/Bro/Star34, Mane/Trode/King/Amphy4
    Pilot = all sets Flying
    Psychic = set 4 Psychic/Ghost
    PKMN Breeder = set 4
    PKMN Ranger = set 3
    Policeman = Annoy - Venu/Mandi/Ferro14, Blis/Ludi134, Lilig234, Tomb/Dusk13, Milo24, Gastro/Crad34, Vespi/Dew/Throh/Aboma/Rose/Umby/Tang/Drag1,
    Clay2, Plume/Bro/Basti/WailVap3, Meg/Scep/Tort/Dug/Quag/Gran/Brel/Skarm/Unfe/Cofa/Weez//Taur/Scraf/Shuck/Giga/Chande4
    Roughneck = OHKO - Cryo/Basti/Rapi/Mamo/Rhy/Vani3, Whis/Pins/Phan/Wail/Glis/Walr4
    Scientist = set 4
    Socialite = all sets Legends
    Vet Col/Jeu/Ler/Ri = all sets Legends
    Vet Ging/Hec = set 4
    Vet Don/Pon = set 4
    Waiter = set 2
    Waitress = set 2
    Worker Hayes = Sand - Tort/Ferro/Chomp1, Shu14, Exca/Tyra/Hippo1234, Clay2, Giga23, Gastro/Crad3, Dug4, Basti34, Aero3, Regi1, Land1, Terra4
    Worker Quinn = Sand - Tort/Ferro/Chomp1, Shu14, Exca/Tyra/Hippo1234, Clay2, Giga23, Gastro/Crad3, Dug4
    Worker Rom/Valé = Hail - Dew1, Abo234, Jynx34, Cryo34, Fros/Glac/Bear/Walr/Mamo/Vani1234 [/size]

    Oh wait I forgot that the Pokémon names are French as well and maybe you don´t know them...

    There should be French players who know English Pokémon names and those could translate the lists...I don´t know how else to solve your problem.

    Here are some examples of how you use the list:

    - Socialite is the old lady trainer, all of her Pokémon will be legendaries.
    - There are two types of Workers: 1 with a helm, they use Sandstorm teams, the other wear a coat and always use Ice types.

    From the list, Artist, Battle Girl, Blackbelt, Depot Agent, Maid, Gentleman and Socialite are the easiest to figure out.

    The other trainers "set 1", "set 2", "set 3", "set 4" trainers only use one moveset. For example, the "Psychic" only uses Alakazam 4, Gengar 4, , so if you download the Pokémon moveset list with this information:

    [size=-2]Alakazam 1 TwistedSpoon 130 63 65 187 105 189 Energy Ball Psychic Telekinesis Guard Split
    Alakazam 2 Focus Sash 130 63 65 187 105 189 Psych Up Encore Protect Psychic
    Alakazam 3 Wise Glasses 130 63 65 187 105 189 Psychic Focus Blast Signal Beam Grass Knot
    Alakazam 4 Choice Specs 130 63 65 280* 105 189 Psychic Focus Blast Disable Trick

    Gengar 1 Focus Sash 135 76 80 182 95 178 Shadow Ball Dream Eater Nightmare Hypnosis
    Gengar 2 Expert Belt 135 117 80 135 95 178 Sucker Punch Fire Punch Ice Punch Will-O-Wisp
    Gengar 3 Focus Sash 135 76 80 182 95 178 Shadow Ball Taunt Focus Blast Counter
    Gengar 4 Lum Berry 135 76 80 182 95 178 Sludge Bomb Thunderbolt Shadow Ball Destiny Bond[/size]

    You will know that if "Psychic trainer" uses Alakazam or Gengar against you, it will always be

    Alakazam 4 Choice Specs 130 63 65 280* 105 189 Psychic Focus Blast Disable Trick
    Gengar 4 Lum Berry 135 76 80 182 95 178 Sludge Bomb Thunderbolt Shadow Ball Destiny Bond

    I don´t know how to help you if you don´t understand English that well, maybe you have a friend and you could translate the list into French, I´m sure there are German players who translate into German...
  10. Pavi


    May 29, 2011
    Thanks for the post ! This list can maybe help me, the real problem was that i didn't know how to recognize the face of each trainer because the names are different in French, but i find one website (serebii) that list all trainer's sprites and their pokemon.
    For the names, i don't mind, i'm used to know all english names, so it's not a problem actually .. i Will try to get a new streak :D
  11. Peterko

    Peterko Never give up!
    is a Researcher Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 20, 2005
    Glad I could help at least a bit...

    I´ve updated the list.

    As always, if there´s mistakes, post them here...

    EDIT: Also, here´s the Typlosion team I used but was too lazy to post...

    Pokémon Black Battle Subway Super Double Battle streaks: 112, 62, 13, 26, 76, 27

    The streaks were achieved in September, 2011

    1. Whimsicott (M) „USOPPN“
    Item: Focus Sash
    Ability: Prankster
    Nature: Timid
    IVs: 31-00-31-31-31-31
    EV spread: 0-0-0-252-6-252
    Lv.50: 135-64-105-129-96-184
    ~ Sunny Day
    ~ Charm (1) / Tailwind (2)
    ~ Fake Tears
    ~ Giga Drain

    2. Typhlosion (M) „AKAINU“ (1) / „ACE“ (2)
    Item: Choice Scarf
    Ability: Blaze
    Nature: Timid
    IVs (1): 31-10-30-31-30-30
    IVs (2): 31-02-30-31-30-30
    EV spread (1): 0--0-0-6-252
    EV spread (2):
    Lv.50 (1): 167-181-110-70-111-176
    ~ Heat Wave (1) / Focus Blast (2)
    ~ Eruption
    ~ Overheat (1) / SolarBeam (2)
    ~ Hidden Power Ground 70 (1) / Hidden Power Rock 70 (2)

    3. Medicham (M) „SANJI“
    Item: Muscle Band
    Ability: Pure Power*
    Nature: Jolly
    IVs: 31-31-31-00-31-31
    EV spread: 0-252-0-0-6-252
    Lv.50: 135-224-95-xx-96-145
    ~ Fake Out
    ~ Psycho Cut
    ~ Ice Punch
    ~ Low Kick

    4. Hydreigon (M) „TEACH“
    Item: Life Orb
    Ability: Levitate
    Nature: Modest
    IVs: 31-31-31-31-31-31
    EV spread: 0-0-0-252-6-252
    Lv.50: 167-112-110-194-111-150
    ~ Dark Pulse
    ~ Dragon Pulse
    ~ Flamethrower
    ~ Protect

    Streak 1

    #39 vs Pilot: Mandibuzz, Zapdos, Togekiss, Vespiquen.
    1. Fake Tears Zap, Eruption 75%, 30%, Zap Double Team, Swagger Typhlo.
    2. Fake Tears Mandi, hurt itself, Zap Roost, Swagger Whimsi.
    3. Whimsi hurt itself, Typhlo hurt itself, Zap DT, Mandi Roost.
    4. Fake Tears Zap, Typhlo snapped out, Eruption, Zap 5% left, Zap Roost, Mandi Sub.
    5. Whimi snapped out, Fake Tears, Zap avoided, Eruption, Zap avoided, sub broke, Roost, Roost.
    6. Fake Tears, Zap avoided, Eruption, Zap avoided, Heat Wave, Swagger, Typhlo avoided, Eruption PP depleted.
    7. Typhlo out, Hydra in, Fake Tears Mandi, Heat Wave, Whimsi fainted, Mandi Roost.
    - me Typhlo, 3-4
    8. Typhlo Heat Wave, Zap avoided, Mandi avoided, Dragon Pulse, Zap avoided, Zap DT, Swagger Hydra.
    9. Typhlo Heat Wave, Zap avoided, Hydra hurt itself, Zap DT, Mandi Punishment CH KO Typhlo.
    - me Medicham, 2-4
    10. Hydra Dragon Pulse, Zap avoided, Cham Ice Punch, Mandi fainted. Zap DT.
    - foe Togekiss, 2-3
    11. Hydra hurt itself, Cham Ice Punch 85% to Kiss, frozen solid, Zap DT.
    12. Hydra snapped out, Dragon Pulse, Zap avoided, Cham Ice Punch, Kiss fainted.
    - foe Vespiquen, 2-2
    13. Hydra Thrower, Cham Ice Punch, Vespi fainted, Zap Heat Wave, Cham avoided.
    14. Hydra Dragon Pulse, OHKO, Zap fainted.

    You can guess at which points I was swearing and using hammer arm on the table I was playing at.

    #113 vs Pilot: Aerodactyl, Drifblim, Mandibuzz, Honchkrow
    1. Charm Aero, Eruption, Rock Slide, CH Shadow Ball, Whimsi fainted.
    - me Hydra
    2. Eruption, Slide, Typhlo fainted, Hydra Dark Pulse, Drifblim fainted.
    - me Cham, foe Mandi
    3. Fake Out Aero, Hydra Dragon Pulse, Aero fainted, Mandi Flying Gem Air Slash, Cham fainted.
    - foe Krow
    4. Krow Snatch, Hydra Dragon Pulse 80% to Honch, Mandi Nasty Plot.
    5. Dragon Pulse 60% to Mandi, Nasty Plot, Air Cutter, Hydra fainted.

    Streak 2

    #63 vs Veteran Hecate: Tyranitar, Politoed, Salamence
    1. Sun, Eruption, Blizzard, Slide, both mine fainted.
    - me HydraCham
    2. Fake Out Toed, Dragon Pulse, Ttar fainted.
    - foe Sala
    3. Hydra Protect, Sala Outrage, Cham fainted
    4. Sala Outrage, Hydra fainted.

    Streak 3

    #14 vs Ninetales, Archeops, Gengar – SashGar OHKOd HydraCham.

    Streak 4

    #27 vs Clerk Faust: Hariyama, Durant, Slowbro, Gothitelle
    1. Eruption, Sash, Giga Drain, Ant fainted, Brick Break, Typhlo 85/158.
    - foe Slowbro
    2. Eruption, Giga Drain, Bro 20% left, Harry Ice Punch Whimsi, Bro Trick Room.
    3. Charm, Bro Blizzard, Ice Punch, Typhlo 73/158, Eruption
    - me Medicham
    4. Bro Surf, Typhlo fainted, Harry Ice Punch CH KO Cham
    - me Hydra
    5. Hydra Protect
    6. Bro Blizzard, Hydra avoided, Harry Ice Punch, Hydra Dark Pulse, Bro fainted.
    - foe Gothitelle
    7. Hydra Dragon Pulse, Harry 10% left, Brick Break, Hydra 31/167, Goth Flatter.
    8. Hydra Dragon Pulse, Harry fainted, Gothitelle Sub.
    9. Hydra Dark Pulse, sub broke, LO damage, Hydra fainted.

    Streak 5

    #77 vs Gentleman Kavan: Suicune, Regirock, Latias, Terrakion
    1. Sunny Day, Eruption, Blizzard, Typhlo avoided, Whimsi 29/135, Regirock Stone Edge, Typhlo fainted.
    - me Cham
    2. Whimsi Giga Drain Cune to 15%, Cune Icy Wind, Whimsi 17/135, Cham Low Kick, Regirock fainted.
    - foe Latias
    3. Tailwind, Latias Draco Meteor, Cham fainted, White Herb, Cune Blizzard, Whimsi fainted.
    - me Hydra
    4. Hydra Dragon Pulse, Latias fainted, Cune Icy Wind, 93/167.
    - foe Terrakion
    5. Hydra Dragon Pulse, 85% dmg to Terra, Terra Sacred Sword, Hydra fainted.

    Streak 6

    #28 vs ???: Flareon, Hydreigon, Politoed, Blissey - Fake Tears Flareon, White Herb, HP Rock did only 35%, came down to Blissey stalling both Typhlo and Hydra, 0-1.
  12. BeastMode2010


    Aug 27, 2011
    After reading the Suicune dressed as a Cobalion...I came up with this team:

    Cobalion @ Lefties/Chesto Berry
    -Flash Cannon

    Staraptor @ Choice Scarf
    -Brave Bird
    -Close Combat

    Torterra @ Shell Bell/Lefties (if Cob is using Chesto)
    -Wood Hammer

    I think this team covers each others weaknesses pretty well. Even though 2/3 members can take a hit, all 3 can dish out some real punishment. If I do decide to use this team, I think it'll be more of an intrecate team than the normal HO ones I've been using in the train.
  13. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    If you are using Cobalion, it makes more sense to use a fire-resist for your other stat booster instead of something that is also weak to fire. Like maybe Curse Snorlax/Swampert/Quagsire or DD Dragonite/Salamence/Haxorus/Gyarados (if you don't mind using commonly used subway pokemon). Or you can use a bulky water toxi-staller like Milotic or Slowbro/Slowking.

    I tried Milotic recently (the typical Toxic / Scald / Ice Beam / Recover) and it was pretty good, but then crits sometimes make it hard for Milotic to last too long. So I was thinking maybe I should try out Slowbro or Slowking, since Regenerator switching can recover from that extra crit damage and come back to continue stalling. The much lower speed will mean I need to be more careful though of course.
  14. BeastMode2010


    Aug 27, 2011
    As I was sitting there thinking about what pokes to use on a team, i thought of using a water type to cover my fire weakness, but than I thought, well if I'm using a water type...y would I be using Cob? Because I like the cob idea for his Ice resist and his faux-suicune likeness.

    I don't mind using common subway pokes, its that since I'm deployed I have no real way of getting new pokes...so I has what I has. lol.

    Maybe switch Staraptor for Gyara:

    Gyarados @ Lum Berry
  15. NoCheese

    NoCheese "Jack, you have debauched my sloth!"
    is a member of the Site Staffis a Forum Moderatoris a Contributor to Smogon

    Mar 28, 2011
    I do very much like Gyarados. Maybe Substitute or Taunt in the last spot? Crimson put together a nice streak using Taunt Gyarados, and Substitute is just ridiculously helpful. Waterfall/Bounce already give you perfect coverage against everything but Empoleon, if I recall correctly, so if you use a third attacking move, Quake seems preferable to me over Double-Edge or Stone Edge (which also misses a bit much for my taste).
  16. atsync

    atsync Where the "intelligence" of TRAINERS is put to the test!
    is a Pokemon Researcheris a Contributor to Smogon

    Mar 28, 2011
    Water/flying also gets stopped by Lanturn who (unlike Empoleon) can actually harm Gyarados. So I agree that Earthquake seems like the better attacking option for the third slot.


    I got a streak of 68 with my Zoroark team, but now I'm trying out Whimsicott. It really is insanely good, but it has a serious case of 4-moveslot syndrome. It has so many options for hurting the opponent, but it can't cover everything without help. So I've been thinking: does a team that uses both Cottonee and Whimsicott sound too gimmicky? I figured if I can run both I'll be able to use all of their useful moves between the 2 of them and both have Prankster!
  17. soul_survivor


    Sep 12, 2010
    Well last time I posted my streak sadly ended at 69 in doubles. I decided to streak again. Today I went from 21-77 and still continuing. The odd thing is hax has been on my side. I've been get flinch haxes, thunderbolt paralysis and crits. Odd, when its usually the computer haxing u.
  18. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    i do believe every now and again hax does turn into your favor, but doesnt last for ever lol
  19. Hydeous


    Apr 5, 2011
    As an Ice-resisting mon that can make competitive use of a perfect accuracy (and STAB SE) move, Lucario comes to mind. Granted, it still has to rely on Bullet Punch/Crunch for Froslass.
  20. ashez


    Aug 13, 2009
    OMG...i think i might have come up with the ultimate gimick team, but it needs some the edges smoothed out so after some help. (only done few sets 7 with atm tho)

    The team consist of: Snorlax, Jumpluff and togekiss. (havent decided fourth member yet but its currently standard garchomp) doesnt look to gimicky does it? well here we gooo!


    Jumpluff@ Focus Sash
    1.Rage Powder
    4.Aerial Ace

    Snorlax@ leftovers
    1.Belly Drum
    4.Rock slide

    The idea is as basic as it can be, belly drum with lax while Jump rage powers and dies that turn (if doesnt die protect and meneto) resulting in a free switch in with a +6 lax. Then you bring in member number 3, togekiss.

    Togekiss@ Choice Scarf
    1.After you
    2.Auras Sphere
    3.Air slash

    And here comes the gimic, after you means that the targeted poke moves directly after the user, so having a scarfed kiss use it means lax moves after it! So i've kinda got a +6 snorlax at an incredable 217 speed! Its disapointing that its not quick enough to outspeed the whole tower and a couple the faster ones are a threat but come on thats impressive!

    Its a shame there isnt a faster user who is amune to earthquake but o well, the team just works well but havent got decent streak yet and duno when i'l have time so thought i'd post it after some views.

    I was orginaly going to use marowak in snorlaxs place but feared the double surf/blizzards, but the beauty about thick fat lax is he laughs at the pokes targeting jumpluff with heatwave/blizzard and hardly takes much from surf.

    the fourth member is where i'm stuck, i need one who can handle the few faster threats (without its own scarf) and work well with lax when fully set up. Garchomp isnt the answer but team is kinda a 3man team just need a clearner-up-a if you have any ideas?

    like i said its a pure gimick team but got feeling it could do decently well if set out right, and luck on your side lol. so any ideas or thoughts would be great, would love to get a gimic team on the leader board haa!

    cheers for reading, looking forward to your comments (if there is any :P)
  21. Agonist

    Agonist Root of all evil
    is a Forum Moderator

    May 22, 2010
    Bullet Punch still does a buttload to Froslass, if it doesn't outright ko it
  22. soul_survivor


    Sep 12, 2010
    Tell me about it -_-. I ended up losing after 84 straight wins to a double team zapdos. Ill be posting my streak and team probably tomorrow.
  23. skitz0phrenic


    Feb 23, 2011

    Amoongus can Rage Powder with the added benefit of Effect Spore, which can give you lots of helpful hax on the side. Spore is also pretty nice assuming you get that extra turn.
  24. Chinese Dood

    Chinese Dood

    Aug 15, 2008
    I had a similar strategy before, and from what I know, I think Jumpluff will actually work much better. Having Jumpluff with that nice speed, Memento, and ground immunity for Snorlax to Earthquake totally outweigh the advantages of 30% chance of effect spore and a slow Spore.

    EDIT: Oh, but definitely don't have a BOLD nature for Snorlax. It's probably just a typo. You might want more Def EVs too (in fact, move a lot of the HP EVs to Def), because Rockslides and Earthquakes WILL KO Snorlax after it Belly Drums faster than you'd like from my experience.

    For reference, this was my team that ran a similar strategy back in D/P Tower: http://www.smogon.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1804900&postcount=1644
    - Used Togekiss to Follow Me instead of Jumpluff Rage Powder since Rage Powder doesn't exist back then (I think Jumpluff > Togekiss for this type of strategy, though who knows)
    - Used Bronzong for Trick Room as opposed to Scarf After You. Both have their positives and negatives. Trick Room means Bronzong can then Psych Up and start attacking also, while Scarf After You is kind of cool because it requires 0 set up turns for Snorlax. I.e. with Trick Room, Snorlax will usually have to Protect as Bronzong Trick Rooms on that turn. That one turn of set up could end up bad if it fails somehow (Bronzong flinches or faints from a crit or double target). After You is good but it means Snorlax will be the only one attacking. Rockslide + EQ will not be OHKOing everything.
  25. BeastMode2010


    Aug 27, 2011
    This might be a crazy idea, but what about using Audino as your 4th? He has great moves to help your team and with its Healer ability it can save your lax if he gets hit by a status ability. He can also rock Heal Pulse/Healing Wish after a Belly Drum to heal him and become a very real threat. It can also use Simple Beam to mess with the opponents abilities, like Levitate so your lax can EQ like a beast. Maybe something like this:

    Audino @ Quick Claw
    -Heal Pulse
    -Thunder Wave
    -Simple Beam
    -Last Resort

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