Black & White Battle Subway Records (now with gen. 4 records!)

I feel like it's time again. Time to quit? Maybe later, but for the now, it's time to TEAM UP! I had a partner for creating Drapion but ugh no more Drapion. I almost teamed up with Jumpman but he was probably just being nice because of ugh Drapion. And we all know that two heads* produces the strongest Outrage in the game so if anyone wants to conjure up some new and improved team or individual Poké ideas, hit me up.

(*alternate ending: is better than one)

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Or maybe AI "predicted" that the Cross Chop would crit. :P
Don't say ominous things like that.

Anyways, anyone want to try to explain the Regice in this battle?


Yeah, it was a close call because I screwed up and didn't notice the Salac Berry activating. But the Regice goes on to use Protect and Amnesia dispite my Gastrodon being in KO range of a +1 Ice Beam.

Oh, right I suppose it may be a preview of what might be coming up, which will have to wait until my run is dead.
Bah. I'm looking for help now for Singles. My best is only 31 wins.

Philosophy: My usual modus operandi is to pick a good Pokemon and two counters for its threats. Is this a good idea?

Skill: I'm learning from my mistakes. In most battles I could always trace it to that one move that I should have done. (Like how I should've Bullet Punched that Slaking rather than Superpower...)

Current team:

Scizor @ Lum (SD, Bullet, Superpower, Bug Bite)
Milotic @ Wide Lens (Hydro, Ice, Toxic, Recover)
Conk @ Lefties (Bulk, Mach, Drain, Payback)

I would lead with Scizor or Conk. Basically they would stay in and buff if the opponent can't do anything.

Other guys I have before:
CB Scizor
Life Orb Gengar (no subs)
Life Orb Starmie
SD Haxorus
Seismic Blissey
Specs Latios

Anyways, anyone want to try to explain the Regice in this battle?

Perhaps the AI calculated that the snail wouldn't die even with +1. The ice beam did particularly pathetic damage at the start of the battle...

EDIT: Though, yeah, I realized Amnesia is useless against Scizor... :D


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I´m biased from my extensive Subway experience and bad luck with Rock Slide and flinching in general, basically everything that has got Rock Slide abuses it against me and flinch all the time, one of the most annoying is TR Zong lol.

Anyway, so when I see a Rock Type, I initially think fuck Rock Slide flinch and that dims my vision (the same applies to Blizzard, Glaceon, Froslass etc.), which means I don´t always figure out the threats correctly.
Oh, the irony!

Pokémon Black Battle Subway Super Doubles streaks: 80
Scrafty, Latios, Zapdos, Metagross

1. Scrafty (M) „BRUGNON“
Item: Chople Berry
Ability: Moxie
Nature: Adamant
IVs: 31-31-31-25-31-31
EV spread: 132-252-4-0-4-116
Lv.50: 157-161-136-55-136-93
~ Fake Out
~ Drain Punch
~ Crunch
~ Protect

2. Latios (M) „DRAGON“
Item: Life Orb
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Timid
IVs: 31-31-31-31-31-31
EV spread: 6-0-0-252-0-252
Lv.50: 156-99-100-182-130-178
~ Psyshock
~ Dragon Pulse
~ Protect
~ Thunderbolt

3. Zapdos „STORM“
Item: Choice Specs*
Ability: Pressure
Nature: Timid
IVs: 26-31-26-31-27-31
EV spread: 0-0-0-252-6-252
Lv.50: 163-99-103-265*-109-167
~ Volt Switch
~ Heat Wave
~ Hidden Power Ice 70
~ Thunderbolt

4. Metagross „DOOMSDAY“
Item: Choice Band*
Ability: Clear Body
Nature: Adamant
IVs: 31-31-31-21-31-31
EV spread: 0-252-0-0-6-252
Lv.50: 155-307*-150-99-111-122
~ Iron Head
~ Earthquake
~ Ice Punch
~ Bullet Punch

#81 vs Worker Hayes: Tyranitar, Excadrill, Aerodactyl, Bastiodon

1. Latios Protect, Exca Psn Jab, Latios protected, Scraf Drain Punch, Ttar fainted, Moxie.
-> foe Aero
2. Exca Quake, Scraf 62/157, LO dmg, Aero Rock Gem Rock Slide, Scraf 32/157, Latios 71/155, Latios flinched, Scraf flinched.
3. Exca Quake, Scraf fainted, Aero Crunch, Latios fainted.
-> my Meta, Zap
4. Bullet Punch, Aero fainted, Exca Quake, Meta 7/155, Zap Heat Wave, Exca fainted.
-> foe Bastiodon
5. Meta Bullet Punch 30%, Heat Wave 25%, Sitrus, Bastio Rock Slide, Meta avoided, Zap 79/163, Sand dmg, Zap 69/163.
6. Meta Bullet Punch 30%, Heat Wave 25%, Bastio Rock Slide, Meta fainted, CH on Zap, Zap fainted.

My goodness, Rock Slide strikes again, lol. Thank you, game deciding double flinch on turn 2. Yeah playing two choice Pokémon in the back row isn´t the greatest idea, but the team worked really well. Scrafty is a monster and got KOd maybe only 6 times total, at least half of them were CHs. Scrafty needs more speed in the Subway, probably even max.

R Inanimate said:

Oh, right I suppose it may be a preview of what might be coming up, which will have to wait until my run is dead.
lol I hate you! I knew you were using Gastrodon when you were commenting on my GastroNine last week... and of course you Gastro streak is miles longer than mine :(

Wow that was some pretty heavy Protect spam in that battle. Info for the people who won´t watch that battle, R Ina uses Politoed-Ludicolo-Gastrodon-Scizor.

Here´s some videos I found:
Video no.: 44-30009-49696 Battle #203 - team: Garchomp, Suicune, Chansey
Video no.: 56-38280-94521 Battle #300 - team: Garchomp, Suicune, Chansey
Video no.: 15-61213-77388 Battle #300 - team: Garchomp, Suicune, Chansey
Video no.: 30-44234-73987 Battle #204 - team: Scizor, Chansey, Latios
Video no.: 24-20775-42234 Battle #324 - team: Whimsicott, Dragonite, Mesprit - JUMPXVI
Video no.: 21-91799-46079 Battle #232 - team: Politoed, Ludicolo, Gastrodon, Scizor - Kanade (R Inanimate)

searched Suicune, Garchomp in singles, Gastrodon and Ludicolo in doubles

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lol I hate you! I knew you were using Gastrodon when you were commenting on my GastroNine last week... and of course you Gastro streak is miles longer than mine :(
I tried it out a bit, back when commenting about your Gastrodon Arcanine team. I was using it as a lead at the time, which didn't really roll well when trying to keep it as a Rain team, due to Gastrodon's low speed. Works wonders on the back of the team though, due to being able to switch in on Electric attacks or during Trick Room and not care.
late to gen 4 fun

This is just a Gen 4 record (HeartGold Battle Tower), not nearly as impressive as the ones already on the first page, and is here just for my reference in case I want to go back to my (ongoing) streak someday.

HeartGold Wi-fi BT

Rank 5, Streak 28

Disclaimer: I'm not a great battler by any means, so some of the choices I made in this team might not be optimal for more experienced players.

Latias @ Choice Scarf
252 hp, 182 def, 76 spd
- trick
- thunder wave
- roost
- charm

I actually think the speed could be a bit lower, but haven't experimented. Also I opted for roost over flash, although I've rarely used roost or found myself needing flash.

Scizor @ Life Orb
180 hp, 252 att, 78 spd
- sd
- bullet punch
- roost
- sub

I think most people here opt for a fighting move over roost, but there were definitely battles that I would've lost had I not been able to roost off the substitute/life orb recoil damage.

Garchomp @ Lum Berry
252 att, 252 spd, 4 spdef
- sd
- outrage
- eq
- sub


My version of the famous trickscarf team, thank you Smogon!

I mainly got into BF to get ribbons for my two dragons, never got past Rank 2 using an offensive (albeit, not a great offensive) team, so I tried this team out.

It surprisingly worked really well, once I got the hang of how trickscarf team works, and what to do when you couldn't get scizor or chomp to +6.

Threats (anecdotally)

other trickscarf users - I've run into both trickscarf uxie and latios, and what I realized is that stalling them out (hoping you have more trick pp than they do) is dumb. Just switch in garchomp to get a nice scarfchomp.

choiced users - I dislike dealing with them, especially choiced togekiss. In fact I've lost (all the way down to rank 1) because of choiced togekiss before. I actually don't have any advice to offer here.

tyranitar leads - also difficult to deal with :/ charm and hope that your scizor won't get a defense drop from choiced crunch.

ice user leads - trick over the scarf, switch in scizor, and pray that scizor does not freeze. I've lost in the regular Battle Tower because the AI froze my poor scizor.

water/sashed pokemon - my scizor gets to set up more often than garchomp because he gets to roost, but if my opponent's second pokemon is a bulky water, like swampert, then they're guaranteed to survive +6 bullet punch, break scizor's sub, leaving the door open for the third pokemon to revenge scizor. thankfully that doesn't happen too much. maybe a fighting move would remedy this, but I didn't want to give up roost.

sashed poke is similar.

ohko users - scarfed ohko is terrifying.

Other thoughts

As much as I love Latias, a non-dragon tricker might be a better lead. It will be possible to lock electric types into electric moves, giving Garchomp free reign to set up SD.

Hope this post helps out fellow newbies who just want to do enough on BF to get ribbons, haha.

If more experienced players want to humor this newbie, your advice are also welcome!

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Seems that like my 100th post, my 200th will be another Subway run, though it's more coincidental this time. There was a bit of a preview of the team with that battle video ID I posted earlier, but here's the full details now that my run has ended:

Team Members

Politoed @ Choice Scarf ***Asclepius
Trait: Drizzle
IVs: 31/11/20/31/31/31
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 254 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Psychic
- Hypnosis

Slightly different from the previous Politoed I used, also changed up Focus Blast for Hypnosis. It's a move that was rarely used in the first place, so the difference is fairly negligable. The only Pokemon I really used Focus Blast for before was Empoleon, but I have Gastrodon to handle that. Aside from that, no changes. Hypnosis has made my life a bit easier on a few battles, as long as it didn't miss of course.

Ludicolo @ Absorb Bulb ***RideTheDUX
Trait: Swift Swim
IVs: 31/25/25/31/31/29
EVs: 36 HP / 4 Def / 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 212 Spd
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Fake Out
- Surf
- Grass Knot
- Ice Beam

No change. Still the murdurous Sea Pineapple that it's always been.

Scizor @ Life Orb ***LunaticRed
Trait: Technician
IVs: 31/31/24/17/31/24
EVs: 60 HP / 254 Atk / 4 SDef / 192 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Bullet Punch
- Bug Bite
- SuperPower
- Protect

I bumped Scizor's Speed up to 106. This allows it to outrun a sizable amount of Pokemon. Most notably Milotic, Suicune, and Cresselia. Being slower than Milotic has costed me a battle in the past. And I'm surprised being slower than Suicune hadn't screwed me.

The extra speed doesdn't change much for Scizor when it comes to Trick Room. The most common trainers to get one off would be Harlequins, Psychics, or trainers that use Set 4B (Doctors, Nurses, etc). All of the Harlequin's Pokemon are way slower than Scizor. The only Pokemon that a Psychic uses between 91 and 106 Speed is Claydol. And 4B only have a small handful of things that mostly don't matter.

The boost is speed ended up cutting Scizor's HP by 15. It is no longer able to take Ludicolo's +1 Surf in the rain. I rarely go for a Surf if it would hit Scizor in the first place, so this isn't too much of a problem. A Life Orb is now used instead of a Bug Gem. This change provides extra power to Bullet Punch and Superpower, which has been quite useful, allowing Scizor to net a OHKO on Pokemon like Empoleon, Lapras, and Excadrill.

Gastrodon @ Rindo Berry ***Kerykeion
Trait: Storm Drain
IVs: 31/20/31/28/31/00
EVs: 120 HP / 92 Def / 232 SAtk / 64 SDef
Quiet Nature (+SAtk, -Spd)
- Surf
- Earth Power
- Ice Beam
- Protect

Although I have said that I gave Gastrodon a try but felt it didn't work that well, I decided to give it a more serious attempt. Gastrodon in the back of the team, provides a good switch in for Electric attacks, and a way to completely demolish Trick Room users who think that reversing speed will give them a shot at me. I think my most common switch in for Gastrodon is either to take a Thunder Wave after one of my Pokemon have been hit by Thunder Wave, or a Thunder directed at Politoed.

I felt that Politoed+Ludicolo handled things pretty well on their own without needing Kingdra's help. And the record proves that Gastrodon was an effective replacement.

When the opponent has two Pokemon on field that can be wiped out by a Surf, I can switch out Politoed for Gastrodon. Although it's not fast, by the time it gets to attack again it will be at +2 Sp Atk from Ludicolo's Surfs, making it slaughter anything in its path. It's interesting to watch it overpower Blisseys with Special Attacks, as Ludicolo piles up Storm Drain boosts on Gastrodon. I'm not sure whether I should feel impressed or appalled by the fact that Blissey loses a bit over half it's health to +6 Earth Power.

Since Storm Drain is largely ignored by the AI, I use this to my advantage against Water Pokemon heavy teams, if I know that they have single target Water attacks. By making the opponent constantly waste time using something Hydro Pump in order to "KO" Scizor, I've managed to get myself out of situations which would be difficult to pull a win from.

Team Overview:

It's ultimately just a single Pokemon change from my previous team. Although that's not different from the times I changed up my Trick Room team in 4th gen.
Since Kingdra is not there anymore, keeping Politoed alive is more important. There are only 2 fast Pokemon on the team, they are both leads and neither run Protect. Losing both Ludicolo and Politoed can put the team in vulnerable situations. Fortunately, Gastrodon and Scizor make great switch options for either Politoed or Ludicolo, being able to take on Electric attacks and Grass attacks respectively. This makes it fairly easy to retreat from danger.

I'd say that the team is a bit more difficult to run against the average trainer compared to using Kingdra, but Gastrodon's presence bails me out against tougher trainers like Fishermen and Parasol Ladies.

The team still averages about 15 minutes to get through a set of 7 trainers. Which isn't too surprising as my leads are the ones that do most of the work.

A lot of the threats and problems haven't changed too much. I'll still be going in depth with the descriptions, but I'll put them under spoiler tags so the post isn't extremely long.

The dangerous trainers are still about the same as usual, although Trick Room teams are less threatening now.

Legend Trainers (Gentlemen, Socialites, Veterans)
Their high team versitility means that you still have to take these trainers seriously. They have a number of Pokemon that aren't too much of a problem on their own, but can cause problems when paired up with other problem Pokemon. eg. Articuno + Virizion lead.

Water Teams (Fishermen)
Water Pokemon don't do too well against each other. I have an advantage over them with Ludicolo, and Gastrodon. Pokemon like enemy Vaporeon, Ludicolo, and Kingdra can still cause all sorts of problems though.

Hail Teams (Ice Workers)
Still an issue. Scizor tears them apart, but it is risky to switch in due to the threat of freeze. But, as long as I can keep the hail away, they aren't too bad.

Rain Teams (Parasol Ladies)
Parasol Ladies are still probably the most dangerous Trainer type for me to face. With Gastrodon, the Electric types aren't as dangerous, but they still have a higher chance at bringing Vaporeon, Ludicolo, and Kingdra into the battle than other trainers.

Sand Teams (Workers)
They have a very high chance of running a Hippowdon or Tyranitar, making Politoed's rain often short lived. However, since most of their Pokemon are weak to water, they're managable. The trick is to switch out Politoed at the earliest opportunity against them.

Using the same list as my previous run, but updating the comments. Some of the Pokemon in the "others" section aren't really that threatening anymore but I left them in and said what has changed, while other Pokemon have more reason to be mentioned.

Weather Changers

Hippowdon: Hippowdon still isn't a problem to my team itself, but the loss of rain can give the opponent an opportunity to try something.

Tyranitar: Since some of the Tyranitars have Speed EVs, it's a bit more dangerous to face than Hippowdon. All my Pokemon have attacks that can hit it hard however. Gastrodon's survivability and rock resistance provides a fairly good switch option to get Politoed or Ludicolo out from Tyranitar's attacks.

Abomasnow: The most dangerous auto-weather. Hail is more of a problem than Sandstorm is, and the Pokemon that benefit from it are more difficult for me to handle. Although Gastrodon is worse than Kingdra at dealing with Abomasnow, Scizor holding a Life Orb allows Bullet Punch to OHKO, which is very handy.

Wide Guard

Regigigas 4: Bulky and stops me from slaughtering things with double Surfs. This can be pretty annoying if their ally is a Fire Type that knows Sunny Day, like Heatran 3.

Bastiodon 4: Fairly common Pokemon, but it usually isn't too troubling with Wide Guard.

Bastiodon 1, Machamp 1, Mr. Mime 2, Throh 1: Rarely show up so they don't matter too much, I just need to be aware that they run it

Mienshao 4: Will always use Hi Jump Kick instead

Swift Swim

Kingdra: Without Kingdra on my team, there is no easy way to handling Kingdra. It can hit pretty hard, attacks a bit unpredictably, and can survive a few hits. It's also pretty annoying that some of the sets run Protect. Every battle against them will require some thinking, especially against Trainers that run multiple different sets.

Ludicolo: Kind of a pain, since Gastrodon is awful against them and my leads don't do much damage to them either. The usual goal to take Ludicolo down is to get Scizor onto the field, and KO with Bug Bite. Ludicolo 4 is particularly annoying however, since the AI does not use Grass Knot properly. It attacks unpredictably, going so far as to use Hydro Pump against my Ludicolo.

Seismitoad: Seismitoad 3 and 4 can outspeed Ludicolo, and they run Poison attacks which hurt. But since they are 4x Grass weak, and Water neutral, they are easily taken out.

Floatzel: Will always be faster than my Pokemon, but they are the least dangerous Swift Swimmers, due to lack of secondary STAB. Gastrodon turns them into jokes, as they will constantly attack with Waterfall to no avail.


Manectric 4: Outruns Ludicolo and Politoed. But is walled bad by Gastrodon, who can safely switch in for Politoed against Manectric.

Lanturn: Grass Knot is a measley 40 Power against them, and they like throwing Thunder Waves around, Gastrodon doesn't particularly care about Lanturns aside from a Ice Beam freeze, but their ability to paralyze my Ludicolo is a real pain.

Vaporeon 4: Water Absorb + Signal Beam is a pain for Ludicolo. Even with Gastrodon on the team, it's kind of annoying to deal with. I tend to try to get Scizor out there to attack it with Bug Bite, but it does use Surf every now and then when it can KO Scizor with it.

Regice: Special Wall. Takes Surfs like champs and can get troublesome to handle at times. Especially when Regice is throwing around Thunder Waves or Icy Wind while I try to deal with opponent legendaries.

Blissey 4: Minimize Blissey is very annoying, if it shows up. But it does get OHKO'd by Life Orb Superpower after I get rid of its Chople Berry, so it's not too much of a problem. Also, since it's pretty harmless I can set up Gastrodon to the point where Earth Powers are doing well over half of Blissey's HP.

Ferrothorn: Ferrothorn has no Grass Attacks. Ferrothorn get's murdered by Gastrodon.

Trick Room users: Trying to use Trick Room is "slowly" dealt with by Gastrodon. As long as Gastrodon is standing, I can maintain control over the battle under Trick Room.

Metagross 3, Bronzong 3, Lickilicky 4: These three, and sometimes a few others, have a bad tendency to go for a Turn 1 Explosion. If I'm not careful, I can lose my high speed Pokemon, and be pitted into a 2 vs 2 of unknown opponents, which can be a pretty scary situation.

Muk 4: I'm really scared of Quick Claw Gunk Shot. And to make things worse, it can survive 2 Surfs.

Articuno 3: Bulky Tailwind user. Can easily take 2 Surfs making it pretty likely for it to pull off Tailwind.

Virizion. Due to its high Sp.Def, it can take attacks from my leads pretty easily. Scizor is a safe switch in, and it can't OHKO Gastrodon through a Rindo Berry, but it still is something that I should not leave on the field too long.

Walrein 4: I just hate this thing. Even if the chances of it screwing me over are low, I just hate fighting Walrein 4.

Donphan 4: Similar to Muk, its usage of Quick Claw + Sturdy can be annoying

How I lost

My opponent is a Painter, who leads off with a Metagross and a Bronzong. I'm really concerned about Turn 1 Explosions, and both of the Pokemon can potentially do it. Letting them explode turns the battle into a 2 vs 2, and I didn't want to take the risk. Even if Bronzong goes for a Trick Room, Gastrodon can usually handle it well enough. Had I known what was in store for me, I would have taken the Explosion risk.

I go for a Fake Out against Metagross and Surf. Both Pokemon remain above half health. Bronzong uses Trick Room.

From damage dealt, it's eaither Metagross 2 or 3. I switch out Politoed for Scizor, since Explosion is still a risk, wiping out both my leads, and I use Surf with Ludicolo. Although Scizor would get KO'd if Ludicolo attacks, it will KO both Bronzong and Metagross.

Bronzong critical hits Ludicolo for a KO. Metagross uses Magnet Rise. I'm facing Bronzong 4, and Metagross 2.

The use of Magnet Rise is pretty annoying, since it means that I can't finish off Metagross with Earth Power. I go for a Surf and Protect with Scizor. Both Pokemon survive in the red. Bronzong critical hits Gastrodon, and Metagross finishes it off with Psychic.

This puts me in a really bad situation as I have to bring out my Scarfed Politoed and there are still two turns left in Trick Room.

I can finish off Metagross with Bullet Punch, but that leaves Politoed to use a move that won't KO Bronzong, and Hypnosis which will be wasted on a Lum Berry. What I didn't realize at the time was that I probably could have KO'd Bronzong with Bullet Punch, and finished Metagross off with Politoed.

Metagross goes down to the Bullet Punch, and Bronzong Zen Headbutts for 60% of Politoed's HP. I hit it with an Ice Beam, which mocks me as it freezes it and activates the Lum Berry.

The opponent sends out Porygon-Z. I have no idea which Porygon-Z it is, but it will outrun Scizor after Trick Room, so I have to go for the Superpower against it to ensure a KO.

Superpower KOs, and Bronzong KOs Politoed. The last Pokemon is Forretress.

There are three possible Forretress I can face (since Metagross had an Occa, Forretress 1 cannot show up). One of them does not have any damamging attacks. But that isn't the one I face. I finish off Bronzong with Bug Bite, and Forretress uses Magnet Rise.

It's Forretress 2, but since Scizor is at -1 Atk/Def, my chances are pretty grim. In the end, I had to hope for a critical with Superpower, which didn't come through.

Battle Subway Super Double Battle
R Inanimate (919) - Politoed, Ludicolo, Gastrodon, Scizor

Once again, I fall short a few hours short of the 4-digit mark, which is rather frustrating. Aside from that, it was a good run. I had a couple entertaining battles and close calls around the 600-700 battle range. Having a battle with the following first turn never ceases to amuse me:

Ludicolo uses Fake Out on Bastiodon
Bastiodon flinches (was going to use Wide Guard)
Politoed uses Surf, Critical on Bastiodon, Critical on Carracosta
Bastiodon fainted, Carracosta activates Sturdy
Carracosta uses Rock Slide
Misses Politoed, Misses Ludicolo

I then proceed to get another critical hit in the battle, and freeze the opponent Cradily with Ice Beam. I would have saved a battle video of it, but I already had one that I wanted to upload at the time, but had some issues getting onto Wi-Fi.

Battle Videos:
21-91799-46079 - Example of Gastrodon helping in KOing Blissey with Special Attacks
26-39851-14323 - Close call, due to Regice spamming Protect, and me forgetting about Salac Berry
52-66456-89907 - Vaporeon 4 + Swift Swim Kingdra 4 leads, fun.
58-25016-70160 - Battle 920, loss

One of these days, I'll be able to join Jumpman and Peterko in having a 4-digit record. Alas, today is not the day. I'll probably try again another time, but I tend to have a habit of dropping other things and marathoning Battle Subway when going for a serious streak, so I don't think that will be for a while.
Jesus Christ and i thought your record of 800 would never be surpassed. I also enjoyed how you named your Politoed asclepius :3.

Can't wait to battle you at VGC.


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Very nice! I've been thinking of using Gastrodon for a while (I considered it for my Trick Room team) but I've been to lazy to breed it. Glad to know it works in rain though!

This is why I don't use rain though, because my team is just laughable in comparison!

Anyway, I'm done with Trick Room. My last straw broke when I tried to Fake Out a Bisharp, only realising half a second later that it has Inner Focus :/ It was fun while it lasted though. I'm currently constructing a hail team.
Nice set R Inanimate. Looks like the crits screwed you over or you might well break 1k.
I was wondering why you decided to Bullet Punch the Regice when Virizion was about to be KO'd in the middle of 26-39851-14323.

My record - Singles: 29 / Doubles: 59

Well I haven't been doing as well, but I'm pleasantly surprised with how far I've been able to take with minimal breeding and the recycled Pokemon I had in 4th gen. I ditched Gastrodon for now to make room for Zoroark, which I've always wanted to use.

Zoroark @ Life Orb
-spd +spe, Illusion (posing as Gengar)
Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, Grass Knot, Sucker Punch
4 def, 252 spa, 252 spe

Taking advantage of the AI. I have a total field day when they have a Psychic Attack which they ALWAYS aim at Zoroark. And they never use Fighting attacks on her unless they have broken the illusion. Sucker Punch is surprisingly easy to use against the computer, especially when injured.

Scizor @ Choice Band
Adamant, Technician
Bullet Punch, Pursuit, U-Turn, Superpower
Smogon-recommended EV Spread

The standard set. I'm thinking of swapping out Pursuit for something else and U-Turn with Bug Bite. I'll think about it first because I'll have to go breed in Platinum again...

Suicune @ Lefties
Modest, Pressure
Scald, Ice Beam, CM, Protect
252HP, some 100+ SpA and the rest in Speed

Switch-in for Scizor if there's anything related to fire upcoming.

Gengar @ Black Sludge
Timid, Levitate
Sub, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, Thunderbolt
252SpA, 252Spe, 4SpD

I need a replacement for this guy, the only reason he's here is Zoroark tanking the enemy attacks. I can't think of anything else good that will attract ghost and psychic attacks and discourage fighting ones. (Toxicroak is close, but it's neutral to fighting...)

Gengar usually only comes in for revenge kills. Because it's usually Zoroark that faints first, it's rare to see "two Gengars" fighting together.


That Typhlosion with Eruption. GAAAAH. Deals 70% to Zoroark and forces Scizor out.
Heatran or any Fire+Fighting types, since Zoroark is pathetic against them, while also forcing Scizor out. I can only hope the other enemy is a good target.
DD Gyarados. (Unless Gengar is already out to use Thunderbolt before the Dragon Dance.)
Water teams.
Legends teams, particularly the genies and ESPECIALLY Thundurus.

Sample battle:
vs Tornadus, Suicune, Thundurus, Cresselia

I would've recorded my loss too on the 60th set (another real close match, except I used Scald on Landorus... ARRRRRGH) but forgot to upload the sample battle before I went back into the trains.

R Inanimate

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Well hot damn R Inanimate. Is there any particular reason why you run a specific EV spread on Gastrodon rather than 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 Def?
The EV spread provides slightly better defensive survivability, while being about the same on special defense compared to just adding 252 HP, I think. This being due to Gastrodon's HP being much higher than its Def and SDef.

Overall, I'm not sure whether it makes that much of a difference, though I'm pretty sure Gastrodon has survived with single digit HP from an attack at least once or twice.
New Super Multi Record B/W (138 wins)

Battle Subway – 138 Win Streak
Super Multi with another human as partner

Draco and Muppet finally achieved their long time goal, setting a slick new B&W record!


Hydreigon @ Focus Sash
Nature: Modest
Ability: Levitate
EV’s: 4 Def, 252 SpA, 252 Spd
IV’s: 31, 14, 9, 31, 20, 31
BS stats: 167, 105, 100, 194, 105, 150
- Dark Pulse
- Dragon Pulse
- Surf
- Protect

Cobalion @ Lum Berry
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Justified
EV’s: 252 Atk, 4 Def, 252 Spd
IV’s: 28, 26, 31, 16, 16, 18
BS stats: 165, 139, 150, 92, 85, 168
- Sacred Sword
- Iron Head
- Protect
- Swords Dance


Infernape @ Focus Sash
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Blaze
EV’s: 4 HP, 252 Atk, 252 Spd
IV’s: 28, 31, 9, 19, 30, 31
BS stats: 150, 156, 80, 106, 91, 176
- Flare Blitz
- Close Combat
- Fake Out
- Protect

Gyarados @ Leftovers
Nature: Careful
Ability: Intimate
EV’s: 252 HP, 80 Def, 172 SpD
IV’s: 31, 31, 20, 28, 31, 24
BS stats: 202, 145, 104, 71, 156, 98
- Dragon Dance
- Waterfall
- Earthquake
- Protect

Even though our previous team (Garchomp – Gengar – Arcanine – Zapdos) was very good on paper, the Battle Subway wasted no time on absolutely humiliating us at level 79. It was a big disappointment to the both of us. At a certain point, just about every enemy team seemed to be running Blizzard. And not just your regular old Blizzard, but more like a 100% accurate, 50% freeze chance Blizzard. Not only that, but the Battle Subway kept sending out the bulkiest of pokemon, making it nigh impossible for us to defend ourselves properly. And Starmie was everywhere… Hatemon supreme.

So, we took our loss and learned from it. Our new team was not going to fall to these Battle Subway shenanigans. We decided on the following things:

- We needed at least two pokemon resistant to ice attacks;
- We needed a Fake Out user in the front line;
- We needed to be able to kill a front line enemy dragon in the first round;
- We needed two front line pokemon with VERY different weaknesses (Preferably, they covered each other’s weaknesses).

After some heated debating (one of the best things about pokemon!) we arrived at Infernape and Hydreigon as our front line couple. Infernape is weak against ground, water, flying and phychic type attacks. Hydreigon is immune to two of these types, resists another and is neutral to flying. During our run, this was a very useful trait of our team. Usually, only one of us would be in trouble, leaving the other free to dish out some serious damage. We accepted the fact that flying wasn’t going to be resisted. It’s not that dangerous a threat, really.

Infernape carried Fake Out, as was required. All of our team members would carry Protect, filling up another move slot. We were left with a choice of two moves. Our main criterion for moves in the Battle Subway is their being 100% accurate. So Overheat, Fire Blast and Heat Wave were out. Instead, we decided to go for Flare Blitz. Its power is huge, and it met with our accuracy requirements. Close Combat was obviously a given. EVs were easy from that point on; full speed and attack. Speed was even more of a priority than attack, as Infernape wasn’t going to be taking hits all day long, so we opted for a Jolly nature.

Hydreigon was given its two perfect accuracy Stab moves. It didn’t take us long to decide on Surf as our third move. The coverage of these three moves is extremely useful and we required at least one hit-all move. We went for a Modest nature, which turned out to be the right choice. This Hydreigon was an absolute beast when it came to dishing out damage. Its speed was also boosted by EVs allowing Hydreigon to outspeed most of the key threats. We started out with Leftovers for Hydra, but a Flareon sporting Superpower taught us how unwise this was. It one-hitted Hydra twice in a scenario where Ape was forced to Fake Out the other pokemon. So, to keep things safe, we swapped Focus Sash for Leftovers. Because of this, Hydreigon was able to survive various critical hits and quite a few Blizzards, making Focus Sash the better choice.

Next up was the discussion about switch-ins. Gyarados was our number one choice, easily. Intimidate is perfect for switching in and Gyarados covers a lot of Infernape’s weaknesses. Again, no flying resist, but we didn’t really care. (Neither was it a problem in our run, by the way.) Muppet likes to play bulky pokemon, and this Gyarados was the epitome of bulk. Full EV investment in HP and defences ensured its longevity. Boy, did it take hits like a boss. Dragon Dance would cover its weak speed and attack and turn it into our late game sweeper. We went with Return and Waterfall first, fearing opposing Gyarados. Later on in the run we went for Earthquake and Waterfall. A good choice for obvious reasons, but you can pretty much guess which pokemon did us in…

We knew that we required a Steel pokemon in the last slot. We also anticipated that opposing pokemon with Curse would be problematic. That’s where Cobalion came in. A nice dragon type resist enabled it to switch places with Hydreigon, should there be a dragon in the second line. It also carried Sacred Sword, which competently deals with Cursers. Cobalion’s not that strong off the bat, so Swords Dance was added. Iron Head completes the move set as the second Stab. As in the case of Infernape, speed was the main priority, so we went for a soft reset for a Jolly nature. EVs were invested in speed and attack. We added a Lum berry to make it possible for Cobalion to switch in on silly (girly-man) sleep/paralysis moves.

The tactics worked out better than we’d hoped. In most cases, the CPU opponents would see Infernape and go berserk. GET THAT MONKEYYYYYYYY #%$%*& - you get the idea. So, in round one Ape would Fake Out and take a hit, leaving it 1 hp. Hydra would either send the Faked Out pokemon home or seriously injure the other, in case we were sure to outspeed it the next round. Next round, Ape would use Protect and Hydreigon would continue to wreck the opposing team. In the third round, Infernape would probably suicide against the newly switched-in enemy. At 1 HP and Blaze triggered, Flare Blitz is quite threatening. Gyarados would come in and Intimidate would make the fight even more unbalanced. Hydreigon hardly ever died. For one, even a Modest Hydra is still quite bulky and has some nice resistances and immunities. But the computer often chose to ignore it. ‘It’s probably not that dangerous. Let’s. Kill. That. Damn. Monkey.’ It wouldn’t be surprising in the least if Hydra got over 50% of the total number of KOs.

Gyarados took many, many hits. With Leftovers and Protect, it took some more. Rock type moves weren’t at all threatening with Intimidate and Gyarados’ bulky build. Only Rhyperior would stir up a panic attack in Muppet. Luckily, Hydra could always deal with it. Cobalion often took the status moves and Lum Berried out of them, scoring a nice Swords Dance in the process. It did its job well, killing off Cursers right and left.

A lot of things went right. No dragon was left standing in the front line. Starmie and its retarded brothers (Slowbro/Slowking) went down as well. No Trick Room for you. Trick Room wasn’t that big of a problem at all, as Gyarados could just stall it out and get some Dragon Dances up in the meantime. The same was true for Cobalion, but obviously with Swords Dance. Hydreigon killed and killed and killed. We didn’t get to see many ice types, probably due to Infernape’s presence, and Fake Out on fighting type pokemon ensured that Hydra wouldn’t even become a target. Infernape was the living bulls eye.

There were threats, though. Muppet was especially afraid of Raikou, Raikou, Jolteon, Thunderus and, of course, Raikou. Draco feared the fighting types, especially Terrakion, Mienshao and Çünkeldürr. Weavile deserves a special mention, as its Fake Out is quicker than Infernape’s and it can seriously beat down Hydreigon. Because of a lack of Fake Out, we had to use Protect on turn one, which is always a risk in the Battle Subway. And then there is the awful Custap Berry. It can completely and utterly mess up your game plan. Good thing we were usually able to predict its trigger. Still, it’s an insanely game-breaking item that we needed to watch out for.

But, as hinted at before, an enemy Gyarados was one of the main causes of our downfall. Muppet’s Gyarados got itself Intimidated for once, while the other Gyarados didn’t. We also missed some sort of Bright Powder Cresselia THREE times, an absolutely insane number of times, which allowed it to enthusiastically poison our team. We almost took down the opponent’s Gyarados, but it was left with one HP and used Chesto-Rest to gain control of the match. At a certain point, Hydreigon went down after several Aqua Tails, and Cobalion was left with zero options. The enemy Gyarados had gotten in several Dragon Dances and used Earthquake like a pro. Infernape was completely dominated in this match, having missed its Fake Out to begin with. A harsh and somewhat undeserved loss. But that’s the Battle Subway, and it’s why we love it, hate it and love to hate it.

Final lols for a hilarious Tauros the CPU kept using against us. Its move set was Toxic, Double Team, Protect and Earthquake. It did absolutely nothing every single time, except annoy the hell out of us by using triple Protect like it’s no big deal. Only to get its head inevitably beaten in by a Close Combat later… Satisfying! And of course our proof pics can't be forgotten:

Good job, R Inanimate! I'm sure with your patience and dedication, you'll get your 4-digit streak soon enough!

I'm just testing different singles pokemon, as usual, and trying to be somewhat unique. So far 105 streak with this team:
EDIT: 119 streak now, still going.

1. Stoutland / Jolly / Intimidate @ Focus Sash
- Twave / Charm / Sand-Attack / Snarl

2. Dragonite / Adamant / Multiscale @ Leftovers
- DD / Sub / Roost / Dragon Claw

3. Volcarona / Modest / Flame Body @ Lum Berry
- Quiver Dance / Sub / Rest / Bug Buzz

I was trying out a few different cripplers during the earlier battles on this streak. Things I tried include Espeon (Magic Bounce - Yawn / Charm / Sand-Attack / Light Screen), Togekiss (Twave / Flash / Charm / Roost), Xatu (Magic Bounce - Twave / Featherdance / Flash / Haze), Mesprit (Twave / Flash / Charm / Stealth Rock)

Togekiss and Mesprit both worked very well. Mesprit worked well before for me, and continued to work well, but I've used it enough that I wanted to try something else, and gave Togekiss a chance. Togekiss in particular worked better than Stoutland in many situations (due to having recovery, which made further crippling easier), but then after a lucky win vs Taunt Aerodactyl lead, it was clear that I should either not use Togekiss or use a rock-resist (or at least neutral) as one of the set up sweepers. I tried CM Cobalion, but heh, I never really liked it enough to take it too seriously (even at +6/+6, there are some pokemon that still give Cobalion a tough time). Terrakion just doesn't work well enough. I actually thought of potentially trying out a Bulk Up Conkeldurr (BU / Mach Punch / Payback / Sub), but I haven't bred one yet. ... and too lazy to.

So I decided to try something that cannot be taunted. Espeon's ok, except Twave is too good a move to pass up, so I see I have a MB Xatu. Unfortunately, Roost was not one of its egg moves (Heh, Haze was). I could go with just Wish, but knowing how frail Xatu is, Wish really is out of the question. Also, one of the main benefits of Roost for Togekiss was the ability to outstall rock moves, but Wish doesn't do that obviously. I tried one set of Xatu lead around 57 to 63 streak. Even though it was smooth sailing, it didn't feel right, and then I settled on Stoutland (Intimidate means physical taunters are not as big a problem at least, and also, no rock weakness which Togekiss and Xatu have)

... Obviously what is known to work as demonstrated by Jumpman works. Yeah, this is not so unique, but there are only so many options, so I chose what I believed to be the best option that I'm not bored of using yet.

This was the first time I used Mono Volcarona. ... That I can recall anyway. I did think about breeding a new one with Morning Sun, but fairly quickly eliminated that idea, because of a few reasons:
1) Weather changers (not really the big reason)
2) Since Bug Buzz is walled by Soundproof Mr. Mime and Electrode and Exploud, my best bet at beating those 3 (hopefully Exploud is a special attacking one) is by rest stalling out pp, which so far has happened once for Mr. Mime, except, not really. It was the screens + Psychic + Signal Beam Mr. Mime. I didn't just PP-stall it to struggle. I just PP-stalled it out of Psychics (or nearly) and Dragonite easily set up and sweep. Mr. Mimes in general aren't harmful in the least anyway. Dragonite sets up on basically all of them.
3) Status (again minor, since freeze and burn aren't issues).

I do try to set up Dragonite instead of Volcarona if possible, unless I'm up against a static/flame body lead, in which case I'll try for Volcarona if possible. With a bit of crippling aid from Stoutland, Volcarona is a pretty nice set up sweeper.

Obviously Snarl was an egg move from event Zoroark (in case people wonder why Snarl's there). The alternative (to Snarl) was Yawn, but with yawn, my stoutland's moveset will be exactly the same as my crippler Jolteon's (except Flash = Sand-Attack with more PP). I'd rather try something newer, so Snarl it was. To be honest, I didn't have this in mind when I decided on Snarl, but Snarl Intimidate Stoutland kind of "solves" the taunt problem! Intimidate allows for untauntable crippling on physical attackers, while Snarl can be used on Special attacking taunters, so that was pretty awesome!

That said, of course it doesn't really "solve" the problem entirely. It merely makes the problem more manageable. I.e. Taunter can still taunt Dragonite/Volcarona from setting up fully, or Stoutland also might not be able to get more than one Snarl in, etc.

This puppy is bulky! Certainly beats Xatu or Jolteon easily any day in terms of crippler bulk. It's right up there with Mesprit and Togekiss - only a bit less bulky than them (if not factoring in Intimidate), but Intimidate ability > Levitate / Serene Grace any day for a crippler.

Some Clear Body Pokemon and Volt Switch / U-Turn / Explosion pokemon... Yeah, what's new. Any crippler without Gastro Acid / Worry Seed / etc. will face some potential problem with Clear Body, and Volt/Turn/Explosions ... yeah, it's been mentioned before several times.

Belly Drum pokemon... The few I faced in this run were all in early streaks, but basically I Twave and try to get as many Sand Attack/Flash as I can and then get Dragonite to set up. So far, Dragonite still managed to +6/+6 with sub on every single Belly Drummer, but that's just lucky.

EDIT: I just faced belly drum yawn Darmanitan in the 113-119 streak. Basic set up was Twave + 2 Flashes (more if possible, obviously). Dragonite tries to set up, and... fairly easily does so, as Darmanitan sometimes yawns on the sub instead of Fire Punch, and of course the occasional Full Paralysis or miss...


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I wish I had a Snarl Zoroark. Apparently I had no idea that an event was held for it so I don't have one :/

Oh look I got another short doubles streak: 71

Abomasnow @ Choice Scarf
ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
evs: 0/124/0/132/0/252
stats: 165/128/85/129/105/123
Snow Warning

Wood Hammer

Heatran @ Air Balloon
ivs: 31/x/31/31/31/31
evs: 6/0/0/252/0/252
stats: 167/89/126/182/126/141
Flash Fire

Heat Wave
Flash Cannon
Earth Power

Froslass @ Life Orb
ivs: 31/x/31/31/31/31
evs: 6/0/0/252/0/252
stats: 146/86/90/132/90/178
Snow Cloak

Shadow Ball

Azumarill @ Wave Incense
ivs: 31/31/31/x/31/31
evs: 244/252/4/0/4/4
stats: 206/112/101/51/101/71
Huge Power

Aqua Jet

This is a hail team that I put together rather quickly. Probably one of the trickiest teams I've tried out yet. There's lots of prediction and careful switching required with this team and I'll admit that some luck came into play that allowed me to get to 71. It actually incorporates ideas from other streaks posted in this thread.

Abomasnow is my only choice for setting hail, though it isn't THAT bad a pokemon. It just has lots of weaknesses that are very hard to cover with a team of 4. I went with Choice Scarf and the speed is handy. Sracf Abomasnow outspeeds base 115s by 1 point which is damn cool. Blizzard has decent power despite Abomasnow's mediocre stats (it's strong enough to 2HKO many things without resistance to ice). Wood Hammer also hits hard and deals with most Water-types (though sadly most aren't OHKOed). Earthquake is filler. I tried Brick Break for a while but Earthquake is better for things like Infernape and Blaziken. Protect on a Scarf mon seems odd but Abomasnow is forced out frequently and Protect allows me to stall the opponent while my partner does something. It is easy enough to predict when to use it so it works fine. EV wise the offensive stats are basically just split evenly. It should be said that 124 attack evs is coincidently the amount required to guarantee a OHKO on 0/0 Starmie so I didn't bother coming up with anything tricky.

Heatran makes a good partner for Abomasnow since they deal with each others weaknesses well. Ashez came up with it first. I was originally going to have Heatran as a back-up but it works way better as a lead because Air Balloon is easier to abuse. It is a great check to most fire types (fire/fighting types are annoying but they prefer to target Abomasnow with fire attacks so it usually works out). Meanwhile, Abomasnow deals with Waters, Rocks and Grounds. Blizzard + Heat Wave deals with many lead duos well and the coverage moves deal with other things. The main issue with Heatran is that it's a bit slow which has lead to some tense situations (another reason why Protect on Abomasnow is useful). The fighting weakness also makes Hi Jump Kick leads annoying since you don't know if they will go for Abomasnow or Heatran (again, Protect is awesome).

Froslass is my back-up Blizz-spammer. It isn't the most powerful pokemon around but the speed is great. Often I can send it in and revenge kill easily. The fighting immunity is also a big plus. Fighting teams would be nasty otherwise.

The 4th team slot was tricky. There were so many things I wanted to cover but I couldn't deal with everything with just 1 pokemon. I first tried Poliwrath. It's stats aren't amazing but the Fire and Rock resistances (and lack of Fighting weakness) are nice. It definitely pulled its weight when I tried it. Unfortunately, Aerodactyl was still proving a pain in the ass. He is death to hail teams. Poliwrath alone wasn't good enough stop it. So then I went to my PC to see what I had that could deal with Aerodactyl easily. The only things there were Scizor and Metagross. Obviously those weren't options because then Battle Girls and Black Belts would laugh at me.

It was then I went though the records list to see if there was anything there that could work. I came across Chinese Dood's Azumarill and it has been great. It resists fire and water, it's bulky enough to take neutral hits when required, and it kills Aerodactyl in a flash! Azumarill has also gotten me out of so many bad situations because its power, bulk and Aqua Jet allows it to win one on one against lots of stuff. Seriously, why aren't more people using Azumarill? It's wonderful. Double-Edge is used as a filler. It's lack of super effective coverage is disappointing but I don't like Superpower's side effect and Brick Break is weak.

So yeah this team is better than I thought it would be, but Legendary Teams are nightmares. I lost to one. Terrakion as a lead is bad when paired with Articuno, who uses my own hail against me. Artocuno U-turned out for Regirock who set up Rock Polish and happily outsped and killed my whole team. I had another close call earlier on where a Calm Mind + Rest Suicune was paired with a Tornadus. Normally, Suicune isn't a threat since Abomasnow laughs at it, but Tornadus OHKOed Abomasnow with Focus Blast. Basically, I only won because Heatran got a Crit Earth Power at the end. If it had not been a crit, Suicune would have rested again and I would not be here now writing this up!

Other than legendary teams, the only other notable thing that troubles me is Hi Jump Kick. Usually what I do is double Protect to guarantee recoil damage regardless of who it targets. Next turn, I double switch and hope that it tried to target whoever was replaced by Froslass for a free suicide kill. Even if they hit Azumarill, I can just kill them the next turn. It seemed to work everytime!

Hmmm so now I seem to have a large number of doubles streaks! I wonder what I'll do now. I am curious how Abomatran would work out in Multi. That would allow me to use Choice Scarfs on both of them.
Now that I've gotten past 49 in Doubles, I'm trying to make it in singles to upgrade that trainer card. Seeing teams like Chinese Dood's makes me wonder about how effective a team of 3 sweepers are vs having a crippler lead and setup Pokemon at the back. I didn't actually have a crippler in 4th gen so I have to make one from scratch... :D Next week I might be back with a crippler, but for now, my team of three sweepers have gone up to 40... and I'm going at it again.

The guys I'm using for my singles run include:
Garchomp @ Life Orb (SD, Outrage, EQ, Fire Fang)
Scizor @ Choice Band (Bullet, U-Turn, Superpower, Pursuit)
Gastrodon @ Leftovers (yay) (Scald, Ice Beam, Earth Power, Recover)

I tried a team led by DD Dos but losing twice in the first 7 fights can't be good right?



I've always wanted to use Heatran in a Doubles team too. I just didn't realize that Heat Wave wasn't hitting the teammate which is why I was running with magma storm. *facepalm*

Heh heh Aerodactyl :|

Nice to see Azumarill over there.

Good luck on your multi. That heat wave + blizzard combo sounds like a good idea.


EDIT: Ahh 48 wins :|


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post #1000

This is my post #1000.

Congrats to R Inanimate, 919 is a wonderful record.

Here´s my latest streak.

Pokémon Black Battle Subway Super Doubles streaks: 26, 97, 212, 107, 236

1. Weavile (F) „ISABELLA“
Item: Focus Sash
Ability: Pressure
Nature: Jolly
IVs: 31-31-31-21-31-31
EV spread: 6-252-0-0-0-252
Lv.50: 146-172-85-54-105-194
~ Beat Up
~ Fake Out
~ Ice Shard
~ Ice Punch

2. Terrakion „LACOSTE“
Item: Wide Lens
Ability: Justified
Nature: Jolly
IVs: 31-31-30-02-31-31
EV spread: 0-252-0-0-6-252
Lv.50: 167-181-110-70-111-176
~ Sacred Sword
~ Rock Slide
~ X-Scissor
~ Protect

3. Suicune „AURA“
Item: Chesto Berry
Ability: Pressure
Nature: Bold
IVs: 31-7-31-30-31-31 (HP Electric 70)
EV spread: 236-0-244-0-0-30
Lv.50: 205-74-182-110-135-109
~ Scald
~ Rest
~ Calm Mind
~ Ice Beam

4. Latios (M) „DRAGON“
Item: Life Orb
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Timid
IVs: 31-31-31-31-31-31-31
EV spread: 6–0-0-252-0-252
Lv.50: 156-99-100-182-130-178
~ Psyshock
~ Dragon Pulse
~ Protect
~ Thunderbolt

#27 vs Battle Girl Flush - Magnezone, Empoleon,

1. Beat Up, Sacred Sword, CH, Empoleon fainted, Zone Flash Cannon, Terra fainted.
- my Latios, foe Infernape
2. Ice Punch 18% to Zone, Psyshock, CH, Sash, Flare Blitz, Sash, burned, recoil, Ape fainted, Zone Flash Cannon, fainted
- my Cune, foe Flareon
3. Dragon Pulse 40%, Scald 35%, Zone 3% left, Flareon Bite, CH, Latios fainted, Zone Ele Gem Bolt, Cune fainted.

#98 vs Clerk Faust: Toxicroak, Druddigon, Bisharp, Samurott

1. Vile Beat Up, Terra Sacred Sword, CH, Croak fainted, Drud CB Outrage, Terra fainted.
- my Latios, foe Bisharp
2. Vile Ice Punch 75% to Drud, Latios Dragon Pulse, Drud fainted, Sharp Iron Head, Vile Sash.
- foe Samurott
3. Vile Ice Shard, 15% to Sharp, Sharp Sucker Punch, Latios fainted, Samurott Ice Beam, Vile fainted.
- my Suicune
4. Sucker Punch, failed, CM, Hydro Pump 175/205
5. Sucker Punch, CM, Hydro Pump 151/205
6. CM, Hydro Pump CH 69/205, Iron Head 43/205
7. ChestoRest, Rock Smash CH, 169/205, Grass Knot 125/205
8. Samu Protect, Cune Scald, Sharp 8% left, Rock Smash 107/205
9. Cune Scald, Sharp fainted, Samu Grass Knot 65/205
10. Samu Protect, CM
11. Protect, failed, Scald 40%
12. Cune Ice beam, 35%, Salac, Grass Knot, 31/205
13. Samu Protect, Cune Scald, Samu Protected
14. Samu Grass Knot, Cune fainted

Any possible comments wouldn´t pay tribute to how well this team works. The AI was frustrated that it couldn´t beat my near perfect team, so it had to kill me with Jolteon´s flinching Thunder ... ... ... and I could´ve easily avoided that. And again, I lost in the first set of 7 after a break (I was eating).

Yes I´m crazy and wrote down a log for every battle in this third streak with this team. If only the streak were longer, this post would´ve been much more impressive.

January 26th, 2012
#01 vs Pokéfan Filippe - Glaceon, Machamp, Krookodile, Yanmega
BU-SS, champ KO, mirror coat,
ice punch krook, freeze, helping hand, slide, double ko
ice punch yanmega 1%, slide, KO

#02 vs Backpacker Mabon - Accelgor, Poliwrath, Blaziken, Cradily
encore, beat up, sword, wrath fainted
shard CH, sash, giga drain, slide, double KO
punch, sword, KO

#03 vs Preschooler - Accelgor, Lilligant, Lanturn, Dewgong
encore, beat up, slide, gigant KO, accel sash
shard, accel KO, sword, lanturn KO
beat up, sword CH gong fainted

#04 vs Roughneck Triton - Medicham, Krookodile, Toxicroak, Hariyama
punch, scissor, cham 20% left, cham HJK, kion KO, krook bulldoze CH cham fainted, vile 92/146, speed drop, moxie - latios in, croak in
psyshock, croak fainted, punch, krook KO - foe hariyama
psyshock, hari KO

#05 vs Baker Chelsie - Bouffalant, Eelektross, Gengar, Gardevoir
beat up-slide, eel KO, bouff flinched - foe gar
beat up 3 hits gar KO, sword, bouff KO - foe garde, traced justified
beat up 4 hit, scissor, garde KO

#06 vs Pokéfan Biijal - Haxorus F rivalry, Dusknoir, Chandelure, Honchkrow
beat up-slide, haxo KO, noir 40% left, flinched - foe chande
beat up chande 4 hits 1 CH, chande KO, slide, CH, noir KO - foe honch
punch, honch KO

#07 Cyclist Minnow - Raichu, Vileplume, Rampardos, Slowbro
beat up-slide, CH on raichu, double KO - foe ramp and bro
beat up bro 4 hits last CH, 70% dmg, slide, double Ko
#08 Clerk Mohair - Exeggutor, Salamence, Ursaring, Klinklang
FO sala, scissor, CH eggy KO - foe ursa
beat up-slide double KO - foe klink
punch, sword, KO

#09 vs Roughneck Oberon - Umbreon, Sawk, Gallade, Umbreon
punch, sawk frozen, sword, sawk KO, umby curse - foe gallade
beat up-scissor, gallade KO, umby curse - foe mien
punch Ch mien KO, sword, umby KO

#10 vs Harlequin Brant - Tangrowth, Aerodactyl, Conkeldurr, Beartic
FO aero, aero flinched, slide, aero KO, tang flinched - foe conk
beat up-scissor, tang KO, conk force palm, sash - foe bear
shard conk, slide, bear KO, conk 50% left, conk palm, vile KO - my lati
psyshock, conk KO

#11 vs Artist Bogey - Drifblim, Metagross, Magnezone, Bronzong
beat up-sword, meta KO, blim hypno, vile avoided - foe zone
punch, sword, zone KO, hypno, kion fell asleep - foe zong
punch, CH, blim KO, aftermath, kion asleep, zong screen
beat up 3, asleep, rain
beat up 3, asleep, charge beam spA boost
beat up 3, sword, zong KO

#12 vs Baker Maris - Glaceon, Garchomp, Espeon, Mamoswine
punch, chomp KO, slide 85%, glace mirror coat - foe espy
beat up 3, espy Ko, sword, clage KO - foe mamo
punch, sword, mamo KO

#13 vs Fisherman Duncan - Lanturn, Vaporeon, Gastrodon, Feraligatr
vappy QC surf, kion 30 something left, beat up kion KO, lanturn t-wave vile - my latios
foe switch out lanturn, gastro in, vappy QC HH, latios psyshock 85% to gastro, vile punch, gastro KO - foe aligatr
vappy HH, vile shard ali, lati bolt ali, ali 15% left, ali block lati
lati pulse, ali KO, vappy surf, vile KO, lati 81/156 - my cune, foe lanturn
QC shadow ball, lati KO, cune CM1, lant t-wave
HH electro ball, cune 143/205, cune CM2
HH electro ball, cune 89/205, cune chesto rest
HH, CM3, t-wave
HH electro ball, cune 167/205, cune rest
asleep 1, agility, wish
HH electro ball, cune 173/205, asleep 2
QC wish, electro ball, cune 153/205, CM4
t-wave, fully para, wish
HH agility, scald, lanturn 30% left
QC HH agility, fully para
?? discharge 45% to vappy, cune 129/205, cune fully para
HH discharge, vappy 10% left, cune 103/205, scald, lanturn KO
shadow ball sD drop, cune 89/205, cune ice beam, vappy KO

#14 vs PKMN Breeder Sue - Porygon-Z dowload atk, Aggron, Vanilluxe, Umbreon
FO aggron, sword, aggron KO, pory psychic CH, kion KO - foe vanilla
punch 40% to Z, pulse, Z KO, vanilla blizzard, lati avoided - foe umby
punch, pulse, vanilla 1% left, vanilla blizzard, lati avoided, vile 59/146, umby faint attack lati 60/156, vanilla lefties
punch, vanilla KO, pulse, umby 60% left, umby faint attack, vile 41/146
punch, sitrus, pulse, umby 8% left, faint attack, lati KO - my Cune
punch, umby KO
#15 vs PKMN Nursery Aide Polka - Dragonite, Druddigon, Garchomp, Haxorus
beat up-slide double KO - foe chomp, haxo
punch, chomp KO, slide, haxo KO

#16 vs PKMN Breeder Kathy - Gliscor, Beartic, Leafeon, Klinklang
punch, gliscor KO, slide, bear 25% left, sitrus, brick break, vile sash - foe leafeon
punch, slide, leafeon 8% left, bear KO, leaf scissor, vile KO - my lati, foe klink
pulse, leaf KO, sword, klink KO

#17 vs PKMN Breeder Daniil - Pinsir, Hydreigon, Klinklang, Donphan
beat up-slide, double KO - foe klink and phan
punch, phan sitrus to 40%, sword, klink KO, phan quake, kion KO, vile 55/146
punch, phan 10% left, lati pulse, phan KO

#18 vs GentlemanDover - Glaceon, Shuckle, Garchomp, Eelektross
beat up-slide, glaceon sash, shuckle KO, glace hail - foe chomp
chomp outrage, kion KO, vile punch, chomp KO, glace blizzard CH, vile 13/146 - foe eel
punch (misclick), glace KO, cune scald, 30% to eel, burn, eel u-turn, vile KO - my lati
pulse, eel KO

#19 vs Nursery Aide March - Feraligatr, Blastoise, Venusaur, Emboar
beat up-slide, both survive with 1%, ali liechi superpower, vile sash, blasty focus blast, vile KO - my cune
slide, double KO, cune CM - foe venu & emboar
slide, emboar KO, venu red, scald, venu KO

#20 vs Doctor - Whiscash, Manectric baloon, Shiftry, Infernape
cash protect, beat up-sword, cash protected, mane overheat, vile sash
switch out vile, latios in, mane QA latios, kion sword, cash KO - foe shiftry
lati protect, kion slide, CH, double KO - foe ape
psyshock, ape KO

#21 vs Battle Girl Queenie - Klinklang, Magmortar, Hariyama, Charizard
beat up sword, klink KO, mortar overheat, vile sash, mortar white herb - foe hari
siwtch vile, cune in, har bullet, cune 198/205, kion slide, mortar Ko, hari 30% left, sitrus - foe zard
kion slide, zard KO, hari 15% left, cune scald, hari KO
#22 vs Nurse Tomatoe - Cofagrigus, Medicham, Slowking, Slowbro
beat up-scissor, cham KO, cofa TR - foe king
kion protect, wow, vile burned, king psychic, kion protected, vile beat up 4, king 60% left
kion switch, lati in, cofag wow, lati burned, king psychic, lati 109/156, vile beat up, king 27% left
lati protect, cofag shadow ball, lati protected, king psychic (specs), lati protected, vile beat up 3, king KO - foe bro
lati protect, cofag ball, lati protected, bro amnesia, vile beat up 3, 15% to bro, bro lefties, vile 74/146, lati 52/156, TR ended
vile punch, cofag frozen, lati pulse CH, cofag KO, bro amnesia, lefties
beat up 3, bolt, bro 43% left, psychic, lati KO - my kion
beat up 3, scissor, bro KO

#23 vs Black Belt Enpi - Skarmory, Toxicroak, Houndoom, Volcarona
beat up-sowrd, croak KO, skarm SR - foe doom
punch skarm, slide, double KO - foe volca
beat up, slide, volca KO

#24 vs Doctor Adenine: Emboar, Samurott, Breloom, Seismitoad
beat up-sword, samu KO, embo flare blitz, vile sash - foe breloom
shard bre, slide, double KO - foe toad
punch, sword, toad KO

#25 vs Clerk Ulfgang - Weezing, Armaldo, Slowking, Kangaskhan
beat up-slide, arm KO, zing 20% left, zing flinched - foe king
beat up 4 70% to king, slide, double KO
kanga FO vile, kion sword, kanga KO

#26 vs Nurse Kikuri: Seismitoad, Druddigon, Darmanitan, Bisharp
beat up-sword, drud KO, rough skin, toad rain - foe darm
toad earth power, kion KO, vile punch, 52% to toad, darm BB, vile sash - my cune
switch vile, lati in, toad muddy water, darm bb, lati 95/156, cune 174/205, cune scald, toad KO - foe sharp
lati protect, sharp sucker, failed, darm blitz, lati protected, cune scald, darm KO
switch lati, vile in, sharp sucker, failed, cune scald, sharp 35% left
vile FO, sharp low sweep, vile KO, cune scald, sharp KO

#27 vs Depot Agent Jackie - Alakazam, Miltank, Golem, Kangaskhan
beat up 3, kazam KO, kion sword, 80% to milky, milky fire punch, vile 36/145 - foe golem
ice punch, golem frozen, kion sword, golem KO, dizzy punch, vile KO - my lati, foe kanga
lati protect, kanga sucker, failed, slide, milky KO, kanga 65% left
pulse, kanga KO

#28 vs Veteran Colombo - Zapdos, Entei, Thundurus, Regigigas
beat up-slide, CH on entei, double KO - foe thun, gigas
punch, thun KO, sword, gigas KO
#29 vs Parasol Lady Vanna - Starmie, Milotic, Jolteon, Empoleon
kion protect, vile beat up 4, mie 1% left, mie signal beam, vile 60/146, milo mirror coat
kion switch, cune in, vile shard, mie KO, milo mirror coat - foe jolt
jolt thunder, vile avoided, vile punch 70% to jolt, cune scald, jolt KO, milo surf, vile 9/146, cune 185/205 - foe empo
beat up 4 milo 25%, cune CM, milo surf, vile KO, empo signal beam, cune 143/205 - my kion in
kion sword, empo KO, cune scald, milo recover
slide, CM, c-ray kion
switch kion, lati in, cune CM
bolt, enigma, scald, milo 5% left, c-ray lati
lati hurt itself, cune hurt itself, milo recover
lati bolt, milo KO

#30 vs Nursery Aide Evelyn - Vaporeon, Flareon, Leafeon, Jolteon
beat up-sword, vappy KO, flare flame charge, vile 2/146 - foe leaf
punch leaf, slide double KO - foe jolt
jolt QA, vile KO, sword, jolt KO

#31 vs Maid Fesan - Blaziken, Torterra, Serperior, Venusaur
punch, tort KO, slide, 40% to chicken, HJK, vile sash - foe serp
kion protect, vile punch, serp 1% left, leaf storm, kion protected, chicken thrower, vile KO - my lati
lati pulse, serp KO, kion sword, chicken 15% left, salac, HJK, kion KO - my cune, foe venu
psyshock, venu 1% left, cune scald, chicken KO, venu power whip, cune 7/205
psyshock, venu KO

#32 vs Depot Agent Isadore - Raichu, Jolteon, Lucario, Klinklang
FO jolt, CH, 55%, sword, CH, jolt KO, raichu t-wave vile - foe luca
shard luca, sword, luca KO, raichu encore shard - foe klink
shard 40% to raichu, sword, klank KO, rai t-wave kion
shard, discharge, fully para
shard rai KO

#33 vs Veteran Leron - Regirock, Cresselia, Moltres, Articuno
beat up-scissor, cresse KO, rock stone edge CH, vile sash - foe tres
punch rock, slide, tres KO, rock 40% left, rock quake, vile KO, kion 37/167 - my lati, foe arti
pulse, rock KO, slide, arti KO

#34 vs Baker Vespera - Victreebel, Shiftry, Vileplume, Tangrowth
kion protect, vile punch, shift & vicy solar beam turn 1
punch, vicy sash, vicy frozen, slide, double KO - foe plume, tang
punch, scissor, tang 30% left, plume stun stope vile para, tang giga kion 45/167
scissor, petal dance, kion KO, tang giga drain vile 83/146, vile fully para - my lati
psyshock, plume KO, tang giga vile 29/146, fully para
pulse, tang KO

#35 vs Nurse Saisune - Skuntank, Quagsire, Armaldo, Lilligant
beat up-sowrd, quag KO, tank fireblast, vile 66/146 - foe arm
punch tank, slide, double KO - foe lilli
punch, frozen, lum, sword lilli KO
January 27th, 2012
#36 vs Worker Valéry - Walrein, Abomasnow, Mamoswine, Dewgong
beat up-slide double KO - foe mamo & gong
punch mamo, slide, double KO

#37 vs Parasol Lady Hilary - Zebstrika, Ludicolo, Slowbro, Lanturn
FO ludi CH, zebra t-wave vile, kion scissor, ludi KO - foe bro
zebra thunder, vile 31/146, kion sword zebra 25% left, bro amnesia, vile beat up 4 1 CH, bro 50% left, lefties
shard, zebra KO, kion slide, bro recover - foe lanturn
kion scissor bro, lanturn t-wave kion, bro surf, vile KO - my lati
bolt, bro 15% left, lanturn t-wave latios, bro psychic, kion KO - my cune
CM, t-wave cune, slack off, pulse lanturn 30% left
ice beam, lati 42/156, bro psychic, cune 172/205, lati fully para, cune scald, lanturn burned, petaya, burn dmg, 1% left
lati protect, lanturn beam, lati protected, bro psychic, cune chesto rest, lanturn burn dmg, lanturn KO
cm, psychic cune 178/205, lati bolt bro
scald, slack off, fully para
scald, psychic cune 151/205, bolt
scald, burn, psychic, lati KO (was at 12 HP), burn dmg, bro 10%
scald, bro Ko

#38 vs Ace Trainer Reigel - Gyarados, Salamence, Claydol, Tauros
beat up-slide double KO - foe clay, tauros
clay protect, beat up-slide, tauros KO
beat up, scissor, clay KO

#39 vs Backpacker Cedric - Nidoking, Emboar, Meganium, Cradily
beat up-slide, embo KO, nido flinched - foe nium
beat up-slide, double KO - cradily
punch, sword, crad KO

#40 vs Veteran Hecate - Steelix, Bouffalant, Zoroark, Tangrowth
beat up-sword, bouff KO, lix curse - foe tang / oh it was zoro
punch, sword, lix KO, tang focus blast, vile sash - foe tang
punch, tang avoided, slide, zoro KO, tang flinched
punch, tang KO

#41 vs Cyclist Margit - Poliwrath, Meganium, Sceptile, Mismagius
poli tightening focus, beat up-sword, poli KO, meggy screen - foe scep
kion protect, vile punch, scep KO, meggy seed bomb, kion protected - foe magius
beat up-slide, double KO

#42 vs Waiter Gonyan - Porygon-Z dowload atk, Lapras, Metagross, Krookodile
beat up-slide, double KO - foe meta, krook intimidate
punch, CH, krook KO, slide, meta 60% left, MM, vile sash
beat up, sword, meta KO
#43 vs Scientist Spacey - Dusknoir, Archeops
shadow sneak kion, beat up kion, arche slide, vile avoided, kion slide, arche KO, noir 25% left - foe clay
punch clay 15% left, slide, double KO - foe phan
punch, sword, phan KO

#44 vs PKMN Ranger Paula - Throh, Blaziken, Granbull, Dewgong
beat up-slide, chicken KO, throh 70% left, storm throw, vile sash - foe bull
beat up-slide, bull KO, throh 15% left, storm throw, vile KO - my lati, foe gong
pulse, throh KO, slide, gong KO

#45 vs Worker Hayes - Claydol, Bastiodon, Tyranitar, Landorus
beat up-scissor, clay KO, bastio stone edge, vile avoided - foe ttar
beat up-slide, ttar KO, bastio 70% left, bastio iron defense - foe lando
punch, lando sash, kion sword, bastio KO, lando bulldoze, kion KO, vile 47/146 after sand - my lati
shard, lando KO

#46 vs Fisherman Fird - Starmie, Dewgong, Politoed, Vaporeon
FO mie, scissor, mie KO, gong stockpile - foe toed
beat up-slide, toed KO, gong 1% left, surf, vile 109/146, kion 50/167 - foe vap
shard, gong KO, sword, vappy KO

#47 vs Roughneck Proteus - Whiscash, Donphan, Rhyperior, Cryogonal
phan QC stone edge, vile avoided, beat up-sword, cash KO - foe rhy
punch, sword CH, phan KO, rhy avalanche, vile 124/146 - foe cryo
beat up 4, 1 CH, cryo KO, slide, rhy counter, kion 17/167
punch, sword, rhy KO

#48 vs Janitor Oscar - Jynx, Gothitelle, Hariyama, Dewgong
jynx FO, vile flinched, kion slide, jynx KO, goth 70% left, goth psychic, kion KO - my lati, foe harry
beat up, goth sitrus, 50% left, psyshock, harry KO, goth safeguard - foe gong
gong QC beam, lati 9/156, vile beat up 2, 1 CH, goth KO, lati pulse, gong 48% left - my cune
beat up, misclick scald vile 78/146, gong ice beam cune 176/205
beat up, scald, gong KO

#49 vs Subway Boss Emmet - Chandelure, Eelektross
beat up-slide, double KO - foeexca & haxo
punch, yache, sword, eca KO, haxo dragon tail, kion switched, lati dragged out
punch, haxo KO
#50 vs Pilot Artemas - Articuno, Togekiss, Honchkrow, Mandibuzz
beat up-slide, double KO - foe honch, mandi
snatch, punch, slide, double KO

#51 vs Scientist Therese - Gardevoir trace justified, Honchkrow, Scizor, Mandibuzz
beat up 4, garde KO, slide, honch KO - foe zor, mandi
beat up-slide, mandi KO, zor 15% left, zor flinched
bullet, vile sash, punch, zor KO

#52 vs Scientist Spacey - Ninetales, Haxorus, Bronzong, Vanilluxe
beat up-slide, double KO - foe zong, vanilla
beat up zong, slide, vanilla KO, zong 35% left, TR
zenbutt, kion KO, beat up, zong 8% left - my cune
slide, cune flinched, beat up, zong KO

#53 vs Clerk Ulfgang - Hariyama, Forretress, Torterra, Toxicroak
beat up-sword, harry KO, forry SR - foe tort
punch, tort KO, sword, sturdy, spikes - foe croak
shard, forry KO, sword, croak KO

#54 vs Depot Agent - Lucario, Zebstrika, Electivire, Klinklang
FO zebra, sword, luca sash, luca CC, vile sash, zebra flinched
switch out vile, slide, luca KO, zebra 40% left, ele gem volt switch, lati 132/156, foe baloon vire - foe klink
pulse, baloon popped, vire 25% left, sword, klink KO, vire focus blast, kion avoided - foe zebra
pulse, zebra KO, sword, vire KO

#55 vs Fisherman Humfrey - Tentacruel, Vaporeon, Lapras, Samurott
vappy QC surf, kion 17/167, beat up, kion KO, tenta rapid spin, vile 56/146 - my lati
switch out vile, cune in, foe switch out tenta, lapras in, lati psyshock, lapras 60% left, vappy surf, lapras water absorb
pulse does 105-124 vs 205/115 lappy 1 = 51-60%
88-105 vs 205/136 lappy 2 = 43-51%
it is Lapras 2 Mystic Water 205-94-121-138-136-80 Surf Ice Beam Rest Sleep Talk
WTF it was Lapras 1 Damp Rock 205 105 132 150 115 72 Rain Dance Thunder Ice Shard Confuse Ray
I saw the pulse damage wrong (?) it was over 50%...
lati protect, vappy HH, cune CM1, lappy thunder1, cune 74/205
bolt, lappy 10% left, cune chesto rest, vappy surf, lappy absorb to 35%, lappy thunder2, cune avoided
lappy shard, lati 7/156, vappy QC shadow ball, lati KO, cune CM2 - my vile 56/146
vile FO vappy, cune CM3, vappy flinched, lappy thunder3, vile KO
cune CM4, vappy surf, lappy absorb, lappy thunder4, cune 139/205
lappy shard, cune rest, vappy surf
shard, asleep, surf
HH, asleep, thunder5, avoided
CM5, surf, c-ray
shard, CM6, surf
HH, rest, rain
HH, asleep, c-ray
QC HH shard, asleep
shard, ice beam, wish
shard, beam, wish
HH, beam CH, vappy KO, lappy c-ray - foe samuro
shard, scald, samu KO- foe tenta
shard, psn jab, hurt itself
psn jab, cune 86/205, scald, tenta 35% left, lappy rain
shard, waterfall, cune 48/205, snapped out of confusion, scald, tenta KO
shard, beam - struggle, cune WINS AT LIFE (note to self: use PP Ups on it :p)

#56 vs Backpacker Felton - Mandibuzz, Eelektross, Gyarados, Kingdra
beat up-slide, mandi KO, eel 1% left, t-wave vile - foe gyara
shard, eel KO, slide, gyara KO - foe dra
sword, dra KO
#57 vs Backpacker Simone - Lanturn, Floatzel, Slowbro, Ferrothorn
FO float, float flinched, slide, float 25% left, CH on lanturn, 40% left, lant flinched
float protect, beat up, float protected, sword, lant KO - foe bro
kion protect, vile beat up, float KO, bro psychic, kion protected - foe ferro
beat up-sword, ferro KO, bro CM
beat up, scissor, bro KO

#58 vs Gentleman Kavan - Moltres, Zapdos, Suicune, Tornadus
beat up, slide, double KO - foe cune & torn
punch, CH, torn KO, sword, cune KO

#59 vs Psychic Boldbat - Gardevoir, Metagross, Mr. Mime, Drifblim
beat up, garde KO, sword, meta 70% left, meta trick orb-lens - foe mime
beat up, scissor, mime KO, meta MM, vile sash - foe blim
beat-slide, blim KO, meta 40% left, meta quake, vile KO, kion 27/167, psn dmg, 7/167 - my lati
bolt, 5% left, sword, meta KO

#60 vs Socialite Aparna - Landorus, Regice, Cobalion, Articuno
scarf lando BB, vile shas, beat up-slide, ice KO, lando 3% left - foe coba
shard, lando KO, coba QA, vile KO, sword, coba KO - my lati, foe arti
bolt, sword, arti KO

#61 vs Fisherman Humfrey - Swampert, Tentacruel, Lanturn, Slowking
beat up-slide, tenta KO, pert jaboca, pert KO - foe lant
punch CH, pert KO, slide, lant avoided (1%), t-wave vile - foe king
slide, king KO, lant salac, lant t-wave, vile fully para
ele ball kion, beat up, lant KO

#62 vs Worker Quinn - Tyranitar, Hippowdon, Gigalith, Excadrill
punch, sword, chople, ttar KO, hippo yawn vile - foe giga
beat up-sword, hippo KO, giga stone edge, vile KO - my cune, foe exca
exca sand rush drill run, kion KO, cune scald exca, giga quake, exca KO, cune 173/205 - my latios
pulse, scald, giga 1% left, stone edge cune, cune 79/205 after sandstorm
custap explosion, double KO

#63 vs Roughneck Ganymed - Donphan, Rhyperior, Wailord, Bastiodon
misclick FO my own kion, kion flinched, phan stone edge, vile sash, rhy counter
beat up-sword, phan sturdy, phan fissure, vile avoided, rhy avalanche, vile KO - my lati
pulse rhy, slide, double KO - foe wailord, bastio
bolt, wail KO, sword, bastio sturdy, iron defense, lefties
bolt, bastio KO
#64 vs PKMN Ranger Mouse - Shiftry, Spiritomb, Armaldo, Zebstrika
sneak kion, beat-up-slide, tomb 20% left, shift sash, shift took in sunlight
shard, shift KO, scissor, tomb KO - foe arm & zebra
punch zebra, baloon popped, slide, double KO

#65 vs Scientist Charis - Gardevoir, Tentacruel. Starmie, Milotic
beat up-slide, garde KO, Ch on tenta, tenta KO - foe mie & milo
kion protect, beat up, mie 1% left, mie psychic, milo beam, kion protected
shard, mie KO, sword, milo KO

#66 vs Veteran Hecate - Archeops, Magmortar, Hippowdon, Krookodile
FO arch, slide, arche KO, mortar 15% left, overheat, vile sash, white herb - foe hippo
beat up-slide, mortar KO, hippo 70% left, crunch, vile KO - my lati, foe krook
pulse, hippo 30% left, sword, krook KO, hippo chesto rest
pulse, sword, hippo KO

#67 vs Aartist Hacikan - Claydol, Drifblim, Metagross, Bronzong
beat up, scissor, clay KO, blim CM - foe meta
punch blim, blim 35% left, sword, meta KO, blim stockpile - foe zong
punch, blim Ko, aftermath, sword, zong KO

#68 vs Cyclist Dante - Granbull, Weezing, Skarmory, Skuntank
beat up-slide, bull KO, zing 22% left, sludge bomb, vile 71/146 - foe skarm
shard skarm, scarf skarm steel wing, vile KO, slide, double KO - my lati, foe tank
pulse, tank 15% left, sword, tank KO

#69 vs Baker Vespera - Lilligant, Arcanine, Exeggutor, Victreebel
beat up-slide, arc KO, lilli avoided, lilli seed vile - foe eggy
beat up-slide, eggy avoided, lilli 1% left, eggy wood hammer, kion KO - my lati
punch, lilli KO, pulse, eggy sitrus to 40%, hammer, vile KO - my cune, foe vicy
psyshock, vicy sash, sludge bomb, lati 56/156, cune beam, eggy KO
pulse, vicy KO

#70 vs Clerk Bank - Exeggutor, Gardevoir, Claydol, Drapion
beat up, garde KO, scissor, eggy KO - foe clay & drapion
beat up-scissor, clay KO, drapion quake
punch, sword, pion KO
#71 vs Battle Girl Queenie - Charizard, Probopass, Gallade Toxicroak
punch, sword, probo KO, zard fire punch, vile 8/146 - foe gallade
beat up-slide, zard KO, CH on gallade, gallade KO - foe croak
punch, sword, croak KO

#72 vs Ace Trainer - Musharna, Alakazam, Medicham, Staraptor
beat up, kazam KO, scissor 45% to musha, musha CM - foe cham
beat up-slide, musha KO, cham 30% left, psycho cut, kion KO, LO dmg - my lati, foe raptor
punch, cham KO, bolt, raptor KO

#73 vs Biker Philipo - Escavalier, Salamence, Archeops, Spiritomb
beat up-slide, sala KO, esca 30% left, esca flinched - foe archeops
shard (mistake I´m faster), head smash, vile sash, slide, double KO - foe tomb
switch out vile, cune in, sneak, slide, tomb KO

#74 vs Janitor Oscar - Ludicolo, Nidoqueen, Electrode, Suicune
queen HH, ludi FO vile 109/146, kion slide
queen HH, beat up-slide, ludi KO, queen 60% left - foe trode
HH light screen, punch, queen KO, slide, trode avoided - foe cune
thunder, vile 21/146, para, vile punch, trode 33% left, kion sword, cune 23% left, foe cune CM
shard, trode KO, slide, cune KO

#75 vs Cyclist Dante - Mismagius, Toxicroak, Durant, Nidoking
beat up-slide, magius KO, croak 40% left, croak focus blast, kion KO - my lati, foe durant
punch, croak KO, bolt, durant KO - foe nidoking
punch, king 1% left, psn point, psyshock, king KO

#76 vs Veteran Ponta - Lapras, Heracross, Chandelure, Aerodactyl
beat up-slide double KO - foe chande & aero
aero stone edge, vile sash, punch, aero Ko, slide, chande KO

#77 vs Waitress Amber - Golem, Kangaskhan, Darmanitan, Jynx
punch, sowrd, golem KO, kanga slide, double avoid - foe darm
beat up-slide, double KO - foe jynx
beat up, jynx KO
#78 vs PKMN Ranger Smokey - Vespiquen, Meganium, Darmanitan, Serperior
beat up-slide, vespi KO, meggy 15% left, screen - foe darm
punch, meggy KO, sword, darm KO - foe serp
punch, sword KO

#79 vs Parasol Lady Vanna - Weezing, Ludicolo, Starmie, Jolteon
beat up-slide, ludi KO, zing 28%, fire blast, vile 16/146 - foe mie
beat up, mie 5% left, mie psychic, kion KO, zing fire blast, vile KO - my lati & cune
signal beam 80/156, psyshock, zing KO, LO, mie 65/156, scald, mie KO - foe jolt
lati protect, jolt shadow ball, lati protected, cune scald 33%
latios double protect, jolt shadow ball, latios protected, cune scald, jolt burned
shadow ball, lati KO, scald, jolt KO

#80 vs Fisherman Humfrey - Lapras, Feraligatr, Ludicolo, Seismitoad
ali aqua jet, beat up-slide, lapras KO, ali 28% left - foe colo
kion protect, aqua jet, protected, beat up, ali KO, colo surf, vile 92/146 - foe toad
beat up-slide, colo KO, toad flinched
punch toad 3% left, sword toad KO

#81 vs Backpacker Felton - Donphan, Wailord, Zoroark, Crobat
beat up-slide, CH on wailord, wail KO, phan 70% left, phan scary face vile speed halved - foe bat / actually zoro
shard phan, slide, phan 1% left, zoro sash, zor shadow claw kion, phan quake, kion KO, vile 50/146 - my lati, foe bat
shard, phan KO, bat cross psn, vile KO, psyshock, bat KO

#82 vs Veteran Leron - Heatran, Suicune, Registeel, Thundurus
beat up-slide, tran 28% left, cune 20% left, cune icy wind, speed drops, tran fire blast, vile avoided
foe cune protect, vile beat up, foe cune protected, kion slide, tran KO - foe steel
DMG CALC BEAT UP = min 25% to cune4
kion protect, foe cune surf, kion protected, vile 60/146, vile beat up, cune KO, steel curse - foe thund
thund sky drop vile, kion sword, steel KO
sky drop turn 2, vile KO, kion slide, thund KO

#83 vs PKMN Breeder Manford - Starmie, Glaceon, Drapion, Umbreon
FO mie, mie flinched, kion scissor, mie survived with 1% HP, glace signal beam, vile 24/146
shard, mie KO, kion slide, glace avoided (lol powder) - my cune, foe drapion
cune CM, kion slide, pion 70% left, glace 48% left, pion SD, cune CM, glace flinched (fu)
sword, glace KO, pion quake, kion 9/167, cune 159/205 - foe umby
sword, pion Ko, scald 22% to umby, umby payback, kion KO - my lati
pulse, scald, 20% left, curse
pulse, umby KO

#84 vs Veteran Colombo - Virizion, Articuno, Landorus, Moltres
FO viri, slide, CH on arti, arti KO, viri flinched - foe lando
kion protect, vile punch, viri KO, lando bulldoze vile 82/146, vile speed drop - foe tres
vile shard, lando 10% left, kion slide, double KO
#85 vs Worker Roman - Jynx, Beartic, Mamoswine, Froslass
jynx FO kion, vile beat up kion, kion flinched, bear BB, vile sash
beat up 3, jynx KO, sword, bear KO - foe mamo & lass
beat up, lass 1% left, lass bolt, vile KO, kion slide, lass KO, mamo 13% left, stone edge nve kion 99/167 - my cune
sword mamo KO

#86 vs Veteran Ponta - Metagross, Honchkrow, Gliscor, Mandibuzz
beat up-sword, meta KO, honch t-wave kion - foe scor
kion protect, vile punch, honch KO, scor quake, kion protected, vile 86/146 - foe mandi
vile punch, scor sash, scor quake, vile 26/146, CH on kion, kion KO, mandi flatter vile - my lati
vile hurt itself, vile KO, lati pulse, scor KO, mandi punishment, lati 81/156 - my cune
bolt, ice beam, mandi 20% left, punishment cune, cune 187/205
pulse, mandi KO

#87 vs Black Belt Harimao - Klinklang, Conkeldurr, Magmortar, Scrafty
switch out vile, latios in, conk mach punch lati 130/156, kion sword, klink KO - foe magmortar
psyshock, conk KO, slide, mortar KO - foe scrafty
scrafty protect, pulse, sword, protected
pulse, sword, scrafty KO

#88 vs Psychic Khaan - Musharna, Jynx, Bronzong, Slowbro
vile FO jynx, jynx flinched, kion slide, jynx KO, musha 75% left, musha CM - foe zong
beat up-sword, zong KO, musha shadow ball, kion 81/167 - foe bro
beat up musha 33% left, scissor, bro KO, musha shadow ball, vile 116/146
beat up, musha KO

#89 vs Nurse Saisune - Blastoise, Floatzel, Slowbro, Feraligatr
FO CH, floatzel 50% left, flinched, kion slide, float KO, blasty lost focus, 70% left - foe bro
beat up-slide, blasty KO, bro 48% left, bro TR - foe aligatr
kion protect, bro psychic, ali waterfall, kion protected, vile beat up, bro 12% after lefties
switch out kion, cune in, bro psychic, CH, cune 94/205, waterfall cune 68/205, beat up, bro KO
cune chesto rest, aligatr crunch, cune 175/205 defense drop, vile beat up, CH, ali 60% left
scald, crunch CH, cune 83/205, beat up, liechi, ali 8% left, TR ended
beat up, ali KO

#90 vs Veteran Hecate - Mienshao, Espeon, Snorlax, Porygon2
beat up, espy Ko, sword, mien 40% left, HJK, vile sash - foe lax
beat up (forgot about feint)-slide, mien KO, lax 35% left, lax sitrus, lax DE, vile KO - my lati, foe porygon2 traced levitate
pulse 55% to p2, slide, CH on lax, double KO

#91 vs Roughneck Proteus - Gliscor, Pinsir, Wailord, Donphan
pinsir scissor, vile sash, vile punch, scor sash, kion slide, scor KO, pin 30% left
switch vile out, cune in, pin scissor, cune 156/205, kion slide, pin KO, wailord flinched, wailord 70% left - foe phan
sword, scald, phan KO, wail pimp, kion KO - my Lati
bolt, wailord KO
#92 vs Gentleman Kavan - Regice, Cresselia, Latios, Registeel
beat up-scissor, cresse KO, ice icy wind, speed drops - foe latios
kion protect, foe latios outrage, kion protected (lucky there), vile punch, foe latios KO, ice icy wind - foe steel
double switch, steel iron head latios, ice icy wind, latios 40/156, cune 193/205
latios bolt, steel 60% left, steel iron head, latios KO, ice icy wind, cune 177/205, cune CM - my kion
kion sacred sword, steel KO, icy icy wind, kion 80/167, cune 169/205, cune scald
sword, ice KO

#93 vs Roughneck Ganymed - Whiscash, Gliscor, Donphan, Walrein
beat up-sword, cash KO, scor counter, failed - foe phan
punch, sword, phan KO, scor counter, failed - foe rein
punch, scor sash, slide, double KO

#94 vs Ace Trainer Farley - Glaceon, Starmie, Zoroark, Steelix
DMG CALC FO+scissor because mie survived it last time = (25-30) + (104-124) = 129-159 / 135 HP
glace detect, vile FO mie, kion scissor, mie KO - foe lix
beat up-sword, glace KO, lix focus blast (zoro), vile sash - foe lix
punch lix, sword lix, lix KO, zoro counter, failed
punch, sword, zoro KO

#95 vs Veteran Ginger - Chandelure, Salamence, Rapidash, Drapion
beat up-slide double KO - foe rapi, pion
punch, pion frozen, slide, rapi KO, pion 3% left, pion frozen solid
punch pion KO

#96 vs PKMN Ranger Paula - Nidoqueen, Dugtrio, Accelgor, Drifblim
kion protect, vile punch, duggy KO, queen thrower, vile 20/146 - foe accel
shard accel, focus blast, vile KO, slide, accel KO, queen 80% left, queen flinched - my lati, foe blim
psyshock, queen KO, slide, blim 20% left, icy wind double CH
blim shadow ball, lati KO, slide, blim KO

#97 vs Clerk Elwin - Bouffalant, Rhyperior, Mamoswine, Porygon2
beat up-sword, bouff KO, rhy counter - foe mamo
punch, rhy frozen solid, sword, rhy KO, mamo superpower, kion KO - my lati, foe porygon2 (specs) download atk
vile punch, mamo avoided (hax powder), lati pulse, mamo 30% left, mamo superpower, vile sash, p2 ice beam, latios KO - my cune
vile punch, mamo KO, cune cald, 25% to p2, p2 beam, vile KO
CM, beam
CM, beam CH, cune 103/205
chesto rest, beam cune, 187/205
scald, burn, beam, cune 168/205
CM, struggle, p2 KO

#98 vs Nurse Panarat - Venusaur, Cofagrigus, Nidoking, Bisharp
beat up-slide, venu 20% left, cofag 38% left, venu seed vile, cofa flinched
venu protect, vile punch, venu protected, slide, cofa KO - foe nidoking
venu protect, failed, vile punch, king KO, slide, venu KO - foe sharp
punch, sword, sharp KO
#99 vs Socialite Aparna - Heatran, Registeel, Regice, Zapdos
beat up-sword, tran Ko, steel amnesia - foe ice
beat up-slide, ice KO, CH on steel, steel 27% left, steel iron defense, lefties- foe zap
vile punch, zap 35% left, sword, steel Ko, zap DT
punch, zap KO

#100 vs Worker Hayes - Tyranitar, Hippowdon, Garchomp, Excadrill
vile punch tar, sword, tar KO, hippo curse - foe chomp
shard, sword, chomp KO, hippo quake, kion 9/167, vile lives - foe exca
shard exca, exca sand rush dig, hippo crunch, vile KO, kion sword misses - my cune
kion protect, exca dig2, kion protected, cune scald exca 8% left, hippo crunch, kion protected
metal claw, kion KO, scaled, exca KO, hippo crunch, def drop, cune 147/205 - my lati
pulse 40%, scald 40%, burn, hippo curse
pulse, hippo KO

#101 vs PKMN Ranger Paula - Exploud, Empoleon, Darmanitan, Spiritomb
beat up-sword, empo KO, explo BB, vile sash - foe darm
beat up-slide, double KO - foe tomb
switch vile out, cuen in, sneak, slide, tomb KO

#102 vs Nurse Saisune - Meganium, Venusaur, Musharna, Skarmory
beat up-slide, both survived, both mine seeded
venu protect, vile punch, meggy KO, slide, venu protected - foe musha
punch, venu KO, scissor, musha KO - foe skarm
punch, sword, skarm KO

#103 vs Clerk Anora - Scizor, Magnezone, Mamoswine, Tyranitar
FO zone, sword, zone 15% left, zor u-turn, LO dmg, foe mamo in
beat up-slide (risky against powder and incense), mamo avoided, zone KO, mamo fissure, vile avoided - foe zor
vile shard mamo, zor bullet vile, vile KO, kion sword, CH, scizor KO, mamo fissure, kion avoided - my cune, foe ttar
sword, chople, CH, ttar KO, scalrd, mamo 22% left, mamo superpower, kion KO - my lati
pulse, mamo KO

#104 vs Backpacker Cedric - Lanturn, Altaria, Meganium, Lopunny
beat up-sword, lant KO, alta cotton guard - foe meggy
punch, alta 40% left, scissor, meggy Ko, alta cotton guard -foe lopunny
punny FO vile, kion slide, CH on punny, double KO

#105 vs Cyclist Dante - Sawk, Poliwrath, Staraptor, Empoleon
poli focused, beat up-sword, poli KO, sawk low sweep, vile sash - foe raptor
vile shard, kion sword, sawk KO, raptor CC, kion KO - my lati, foe empo
bolt, raptor KO, vile punch empo, empo icy wind, vile KO, lati 91/156 - my cune
lati protect, CM, ice beam, lati protected
lati bolt CH, empo KO
January 28th, 2012
#106 vs Gentleman Camus - Regirock, Entei, Moltres, Articuno
beat up-slide, ent KO, rock 60% left, rock drain punch, vile sash, rock lefties, 100% - foe tres
switch out vile, lati in, kion slide, tres KO, rock 60% left, rock rock slide, lati 111/156, kion 119/167 - foe arti
pulse, rock 20% left, kion slide, double KO

#107 vs Doctor Dwight - Whiscash, Electrode, Raichu, Ambipom
trode screen, beat up-sword, cash KO - foe raichu
shard trode, trode thunder, vile 55/146, kion slide, double KO - foe ambi
punch, taunt, sword, ambi KO

#108 vs Maid Anguile - Samurott, Empoleon, Torterra, Meganium
beat up-sword, empo KO, samu pump, kion KO - my lati, foe tort
samu protect, vile punch, tort KO, lati bolt, samu protected - foe meggy
punch, pulse, meggy KO, samu beam, lati 47/156
beat up, bolt, samu KO

#109 vs Ace Trainer Gwen - Leafeon, Braviary, Honchkrow, Walrein
beat up-scissor, leaf KO, braviary brave bird, vile sash - foe honch
switch oout vile, lati in, kion slide, double KO - foe walrein
bolt, para, sword, KO

#110 vs Ace Trainer Reigel - Krookodile, Arcanine intimidate, Salamence, Quagsire
beat up-slide, arc KO, krook 60% left, krook stone edge, vile sash - foe sala
beat up-slide, double KO - quag
punch, sword, quag KO

#111 vs Gentleman Kavan - Raikou, Regigigas, Thundurus, Cresselia
beat up, kou CM, kion slide, kou 18% left, gigas 25% left, gigas focus blast, vile sash
punch, kou KO, sword, gigas KO - foe thund, cresse
punch, thund KO, scissor, cresse KO

#112 vs PKMN Breeder Janet - Bouffalant, Houndoom, Vaporeon, Claydol
beat up-slide, doom KO, bouff 20% left, head charge, vile shash, recoil, LO, bouff KO - foe vappy & clay
beat up-slide, vappy KO, clay 28% left, clay slide, vile KO, kion 89/167 - my lati
kion protect, lati pulse, clay KO
#113 vs Janitor Eric - Empoleon, Jynx, Beartic, Moltres
vile FO empo, jynx FO vile, vile 131/146, kion slide, jynx KO, empo 75% left - foe bear
switch out vile, cune in, kion sword, empo KO, bear BB, cune 178/205 - foe tres
tres protect, kion slide, tres protected, bear 25% left, bear icy wind, cune CM
tres air slash, cune 130/205, kion slide, double KO

#114 vs Biker Philipo - Spiritomb, Gyarados, Yanmega, Tyranitar
beat up-slide, gyara KO, tomb 18% left, tomb taunt - foe mega
tomb QC wow, kion burned, beat up-slide, double KO - foe ttar
punch CH, sword, ttar KO

#115 vs Battle Girl Flush - Heracross, Klinklang, Chandelure, Aggron
vile FO hera, kion sword, klink KO - foe chande
beat up-slide, double KO - foe aggron
punch, sword, aggro KO

#116 vs Psychic Khaan - Mismagius, Slowking, Golurk, Slowbro
beat up-scissor, king KO, magius c-ray kion - foe golurk
magius protect, vile punch, golurk 22% left, kion slide through confusion, magius protected, golurk KO - foe bro
magius protect, vile beat up, bro 60% left, kion slide through confusion, magius protected, bro KO
beat up, slide, magius KO

#117 vs Nursery Aide Chachi - Umbreon, Leafeon, Flareon, Jolteon
beat up-scissor, leaf KO, umby curse - foe flareon
punch umby, slide, CH on umby, double KO - foe jolt
jolt bolt, kion 44/167, vile punch, sword, jolt KO

#118 vs Policeman Bobnori - Tauros intimidate, Lilligant, Roserade, Cofagrigus
beat up-sword, tau KO, lilli absorbed sunlight - foe rose
beat up-slide, double KO - foe cofa
beat up, slide, cofa KO

#119 vs Gentleman Camus - Virizion, Thundurus, Heatran, Raikou
vile punch, thund KO, kion sword, viri 35% left, viri sword, vile sash - foe tran
vile punch, viri KO, kion sword, tran 12% left, tran flash cannon, vile KO - my lati, foe baloon kou
kou thunder, kion avoided, psyshock, kou 20% left, kion slide, double KO
#120 vs Black Belt Harimao - Typhlosion, Ninetales, Darmanitan, Flareon
beat up-slide, double KO - foe darm & flareon
beat up flare, slide, double KO

#121 vs Artist Rikkyu - Bronzong, Klinklang, Drifblim, Starmie
vile FO zong, kion sword, klink 30% left, klink t-wave vile, zong flinched
sword, klink KO, beat up kion, zong screen - foe blim
slide, blim KO, zong 60% left, beat up, zong 30% left, zong grass knot, kion 5/167 - foe mie
kion protect, mie psychic, kion protected, vile beat up, zong KO
switch out kion, lati in, mie psychic, lati 121/156, vile beat up, mie 1% left
shard, mie KO

#122 vs Worker Quinn - Garchomp, Tyranitar, Gigalith, Cradily
chomp protect, vile punch, chomp protected, kion sword, ttar KO
chomp protect, failed, vile punch, chomp avoided, kion sword, giga 30% left, giga stone edge, vile KO - my lati
chomp protect, lati pulse, chomp protected, kion sword, giga KO - foe cradily
cradily protect, lati pulse, chomp KO, kion sword, cradily protected
psyshock, sword, cradily KO

#123 vs Artist Hacikan - Porygon-Z, Spiritomb, Metagross, Probopass
sneak kion, beat up-slide, pory KO, tomb 10% left, lefties - foe meta
vile punch, tomb KO, kion sword, meta KO - foe probo
punch, sword, probo KO

#124 vs PKMN Breeder Janet - Beartic, Espeon, Vanilluxe, Slaking
beat up, espy KO, slide, bear KO - foe vanilla & slaking
beat up-slide, vanilla KO, sla 33% left, gunk shot, vile sash, LO dmg
punch, sla KO

#125 vs PKMN Ranger Mouse - Alakazam, Cryogonal, Exploud, Empoleon
beat up, kazam KO, sword, cryo KO - foe explo & empo
beat up-sword, empo KO, explo BB, vile sash
punch, sword, explo KO

#126 vs PKMN Ranger Ivy - Dragonite, Gliscor, Ursaring, Umbreon
beat up-slide, draggy KO, scor 35% left, scor quake, vile 58/146, kion KO - my lati, foe ursa
shard, scor Ko, pulse, ursa 30% left, superpower, vile KO - foe umby
pulse, ursa KO, cune CM, umby faint attack, lati 64/156
pulse, scald, sitrus, umby 60% left, faint attack, lati 49/156
pulse, scald, umby KO
#127 vs Clerk Anora - Klinklang, Dusknoir, Gliscor, Mandibuzz
beat up-sword, klink KO, noir toxic kion - foe scor
noir protect, vile punch, scor KO, slide, noir proected - foe mandibuzz
beat up-slide, double KO

#128 vs Hiker Kemuel - Tyranitar, Golem, Rampardos, Aerodactyl
beat up-sword, chople, ttar KO, golem curse - foe ramp
vile punch, golem 70% left, kion sword, ramp KO, golem smack down, vile KO - my cune, foe aero
aero sky drop kion, cune scald, golem KO
sky drop turn 2, sword, aero KO

#129 vs Janitor Eric - Abomasnow, Glaceon, Ludicolo, Articuno
beat up-slide, double KO - foe colo & arti
punch colo, slide, double KO

#130 vs Socialite Saty - Regirock, Articuno, Moltres, Suicune
beat up-slide, arti KO, rock 45% left, sitrus, rock rock slide, vile 18/146, kion 112/167 - foe tres
beat up-slide, double KO - foe cune
beat up, sword, cune KO

#131 vs Roughneck Proteus - Vanilluxe, Rhyperior, Pinsir, Wailord
beat up-sword, vanilla KO, rhy counter, failed -foe pin
pin CC, kion KO, vile beat up, rhy counter, vile 128/146 - my lati
switch out vile, cune in, pin CC, cune 159/205, lati pulse, pinsir KO, rhy counter - foe lord
pulse, wail 28% left, cune scald, rhy KO, wail blizzard, lati 42/156, cune 138/205
pulse, wail KO

#132 vs PKMN Ranger Paula - Miltank, Vileplume, Jynx, Lanturn
bea tup-slide, plume 1% left, milky 22% left, milky ice punch, kion 94/167, plume flinched
shard, plume KO, sword CH, milky KO - foe jynx & lanturn
beat up, jynx KO, sword, lant KO

#133 vs Cyclist Dante - Skarmory (scarf), Marowak, Medicham, Bastiodon
skarm steel wing kion, beat up-sword, wak KO, kion 36/167 - foe cham
kion protect, cham bullet punch, kion protected, skarm steel wing, kion protected
switch out kion, cune in, cham bullet punch, cune 195/205, steel wing, cune avoided, vile punch, cham KO - foe bastio
steel wing, vile 12/146, punch skarm, scald skarm, skarm 21% left, bastio iron def
shard bastio, steel wing, vile KO, cune scald, skarm KO, bastio stone edge, cune 170/205, bastio lefties to 100% - my kion
sword CH, sturdy, scald, bastio KO
#134 vs Waitress Roe - Steelix, Flygon, Porygon-Z, Gigalith
punch, gon KO, sword, lix 60% left, enigma, curse - foe pory-z
beat up-sword, lix KO, Z hyper beam, vile avoided - foe giga
vile punch giga, kion slide, Z KO, giga 25% left, sandstorm
punch, sword, giga KO

#135 vs Psychic Khaan - Metagross, Claydol, Cofagrigus, Slowking
beat up-sword, meta 1% left, clay zenbutt, kion 23/167, meta trick toxic orb-wide lens
DMG CALC +4 sword = 184-217 vs 187 HP / 150 def Meta, it survives random 85,86 in the dmg formula (2/16)
vile shard, meta KO, kion scissor, clay KO - foe cofa & king
beat up king 1CH, kion slide, king KO, cofag 40% left, cofa hex, kion KO - my cune
beat up, scald, cofa KO

#136 vs Black Belt Unsu - Medicham, Volcarona, Flareon, Aggron
vile FO cham, kion slide, volca KO, cham 60% left - foe flare
beat up-slide, double KO - foe aggro
punch, sword, aggro KO

#137 vs Clerk Elwin - Heracross, Mandibuzz, Snorlax, Jolteon
beat up-slide, double KO - foe lax & jolt
jolt rain, beat up-slide, CH on jolt, jolt KO, lax 1% left, lax DE, vile sash, recoil, lax KO

#138 vs Backpacker Wald - Braviary, Snorlax, Tangrowth, Rapidash
beat up-sword, lax KO (has counter), braviary sky drop kion - foe tang
vile punch, tang 60% left, sky drop 2, kion 72/167, tang giga drain, kion Ko - my lati
vile punch, pulse, braviary KO, tang ingrain - foe rapi
beat up rapi, pulose, rapi KO, tang giga drain, vile 94/146
punch, pulse, tang KO

#139 vs Veteran Colombo - Suicune, Registeel, Thundurus, Latias
beat up-sword, cune KO, steel toxic, kion avoided - foe thund
vile punch, thund KO, kion sword, steel KO - foe latias
kion protect, vile punch, latias KO

#140 vs Waiter Hasan - Vespiquen, Reuniclus, Emboar, Druddigon
beat up-scissor, reu KO, vespi attack order, CH, vile sash - foe emboar
beat up-slide, double KO - foe drud
shard, sword, rough skin, drud KO
#141 vs Psychic - Mismagius, Dusknoir, Metagross, Drifblim
beat up-slide, magius 8% left, noir 28% left, magius perish song, noir flinched
beat up, noir KO, kion slide, magius avoided, magius mean look vile - foe meta
beat up meta, sword meta, meta KO, magius mean look kion - foe blim
beat up, magius KO, slide, blim KO

#142 vs Policeman Bobnori - Quagsire, Dewgong, Spiritomb, Mandibuzz
FO quag, sword, gong 10% left, gong icy wind
beat up-slide, gong KO, quag 45% left, quag curse - foe tomb
punch, slide, quag KO, tomb sitrus to 35%, tomb flinched - foe mandi
mandi flatter, kion confused, vile punch, kion slide, double KO

#143 vs Worker Quinn - Hippowdon, Shuckle, Excadrill, Torterra
beat up-sword, hippo KO, shuckle toxic kion - foe exca
punch, sword, exca KO, shuckle CH wrap kion - foe tort
shuckle protect, vile punch, tort KO, kion slide, shuckle protected
punch, shuckle frozen, slide, shuckle KO

#144 vs Biker Petro - Starmie, Yanmega, Gyarados, Infernape
FO mie, kion slide, mega KO, mie 40% left - foe gyara
beat up, mie KO, slide, gyara 33% left, flinched - foe ape
punch, gyara KO, slide, ape 70% left, flinched
punch, sword, ape KO

#145 vs Baker Vespera - Tangrowth, Houndoom, Arcanine, Vileplume
beat up-scissor, tang KO, doom overheat, vile sash, white herb - foe arc intimidate
beat up-slide, double KO - foe plume
punch, sword, plume KO

#146 vs Backpacker Felton - Honchkrow, Garchomp, Tangrowth, Aerodactyl
vile punch, chomp avoided (fuck incense), kion slide, chomp 88% left, honch sitrus to 45%, chomp quake, vile 65/146, honch psychic, kion KO - my cune
honch protect, vile punch, chomp KO, cune CM - foe tang
punch, beam, tang KO, honch dark pulse, cune 165/205 - foe aero
shard, honch KO, aero CB slide, vile KO, cune 119/205, cune scald, aero KO

#147 vs Veteran Colombo - Cresselia, Moltres, Tornadus, Regirock
beat up-slide, tres KO, cresse 50% left, cresse psychic, kioén 45/167, sD drop - foe torn
vile punch, torn KO, kion scissor, cresse KO - foe rock
punch, sword, rock KO
#148 vs Harlequin Athos - Bronzong, Marowak, Hariyama, Gigalith
beat up-sword, zong KO, wak BB, vile sash - foe hari
hari FO, vile KO, sword, hari KO, wak BB, kion 52/167 - foe giga
pulse 51% to giga, sword, wak KO, giga quake, kion KO, giga lefties - my cune
pulse, giga KO

#149 vs Ace Trainer Farley - Weavile, Lapras, Klinklang, Shuckle
foe vile FO my vile, my vile flinched, kion slide, foe vile sash, lapras 60% left, lappy block kion
beat up, foe vile punch kion, CH, kion 1 HP left !!!, kion slide, double KO -foe klink & shuckle
punch shuckle, sword, klink KO, shuckle wrap, kion KO - my cune
punch, scald, shuckle burned, sandstorm
punch, scald, shuckle KO

#150 vs Depot Agent Ramses - Jolteon, Zebstrika, Lucario, Durant
Fo jolt, jolt flicnhed, zebra volt switch, kion 130/167, luca in, kion sword, jolt KO - foe durant
punch, sword, luca KO, durant agility - foe zebra
iron defense, punch zebra, t-wave vile, sword, zebra KO
durant power herb dig, kion 57/167, vile beat up, kion 21/167, sword??? durant 60% left
dig, sword, avoided, punch, avoided
protect, protected, ice punch
dig, sword, punch, avoided
switch out kion, lati in, dig, lati unaffected, vile fully para
switch out vile, cune in, dig, bolt, avoided
dig, cune 183/205, bolt, durant KO

#151 vs Psychic Longo - Exeggutor, Reuniclus, Drifblim, Musharna
Fo reu, scissor, eggy KO, reu flinched - foe blim
beat up-scissor, reu KO, blim bolt, vile 105/146, vile para - foe musha
slide, blim KO, beat up, musha KO

#152 vs Worker Roman - Jynx, Glaceon, Beartic, Walrein
glace detect, vile FO glace, glace protected, kion slide, jynx KO, glace protected - foe bear
glace detect, failed, beat up-slide, double KO - foe walrein
beat up, sword, walrein KO

#153 vs Clerk Elwin - Rhyperior, Milotic, Electivire, Eelektross
beat up-sword, milo KO, rhy counter, failed - foe baloon vire
shard, sword, vire KO, rhy counter, failed - foe eel
punch, sword, eel KO, rhy avalanch, vile 122/146
punch, sword, rhy KO

#154 vs Backpacker Felton - Leafeon, Togekiss, Dragonite, Blissey
beat up-scissor, leaf KO, kiss t-wave kion - foe draggy
punch, draggy KO, kiss t-wave vile, kion fully para - foe blis
kiss reflect, blis aromatherapy, vile punch, kiss sitrus, kion slide, kiss KO, blis 50% left
aromatherapy, vile para, kion sword, blis Ko
#155 vs Nursery Aide Chachi - Espeon, Flareon, Leafeon, Jolteon
beat up, espy KO, slide, flare 25% left, flame charge, vile 14/146 - foe leaf
beat up-scissor, leaf KO, flare flame charge, vile KO - my lati, foe jolt
flare protect, jolt swagger, kion avoided, lati psyshock, jolt KO, kion slide, flare protected
pulse, flare KO

#156 vs Cyclist Dante - Absol, Poliwrath, Typhlosion, Jynx
beat up-sword, poli KO, absol superpower, vile sash - foe typhlo (scarf)
shard typhlo, eruption, vile KO, kion 88/167, slide, double KO - my lati, foe jynx
pulse, sword, jynx KO

#157 vs Ace Trainer Farley - Tyranitar, Tangrowth, Machamp, Shuckle
beat up-scissor, tang KO, ttar superpower, kion KO - my cune, foe champ
vile punch 40% to ttar, cune scald, ttar burned, champ CC, vile KO, ttar superpower, cune 174/205 after sandstorm - my lati
psyshock, champ KO, cune scald, ttar KO - foe shuckle
psyshock CH, scald, burn, toxic lati
shuckle protect, burn dmg, KO

#158 vs Pilot Artemas - Charizard, Crobat, Dragonite, Togekiss
MISCLICK fake out my own kion, scarf zard heat wave, vile sash, bat cross psn, vile KO - my cune
kion protect, zard heat wave CH, cune 144/205, bat cross psn, cune poisoned, cune 82/205
zard 165 sA 3/4 heat wave vs +1 (202 sD) cune = 17-21 dmg
bat 3 brave bird = 54-64 dmg
bat 134 cross psn = 33-39 dmg
heat wave, cune 64/205, kion 86/167, bat cross poison, cune 30/205, kion slide, zard KO, bat 30% left - foe draggy
bat cross psn, cune 172/205, kion slide, bat KO, cune beam, draggy KO - foe kiss
slide, sitrus, t-wave kion, beam, kiss 10% left
t-wave cune, beam, kiss KO

#159 vs Doctor Levant - Scrafty, Swampert, Samurott, Lilligant
beat up-sword, pert KO, scraf drain, vile sash - foe samu
switch out vile, cune in, sword, samu KO, scraf drain, cune 178/205 - foe lilli
sword, CH, scraf KO, lilli absorbed sunlight, cune CM
scissor, lilli KO

#160 vs Backpacker Felton - Archeops, Bouffalant, Volcarona, Magnezone
punch, arche KO, sword, bouff 10% left, head charge, vile sash, recoil, bouff KO - foe volca & zone
beat up-slide, voloca KO, CH on zone, zone 15% left, flash cannon, vile KO - my lati
pulse, zone Ko

#161 vs Artist Rikkyu - Spiritomb, Metagross, Porygon-Z, Spiritomb
beat up-sword, meta KO, tomb wow kion - foe Z
beat up-slide, Z sitrus to 40-45%, tomb 35%, Z bolt, kion 20/167, tomb sub, kion burn dmg, kion KO - my cune
DMG CALC punch = 82-97 dmg vs Z / 160 Hp = 51-60%, Z has 45%
tomb custap pain spli, cune 117/205, vile punch, Z KO, cune CM - foe blim
sucker punch, cune 86/205, vile punch, cune scald, blim 1% left, salac, blim CM
shard, blim Ko, cune chesto rest, tomb wow burned vile
punch, scald, sub broke, wow burned cune
sucker punch cune, vile ice punch, scald, tomb 20% left
sucker punch, ice punch, scald, tomb KO
#162 vs Psychic Longo - Jynx, Medicham, Exeggutor, Espeon
vile FO cham, jynx FO vile, vile 133/146, kion slide, jynx KO, cham 60% left (CH?) - foe eggy
vile punch, cham Ko, scissor, eggy KO - foe espy
vile beat up, espy KO

#163 vs Ace Trainer Mooi - Cofagrigus, Sawk, Blastoise, Golurk
punch, sword, sawk KO, cofa wow burned vile - foe blasty
blasty focused, beat up-sword, blasty KO, cofa CM - foe golurk
beat up-slide, cofa 18% left, cofa flinched, golurl 35% left, hammer arm, kion KO - my cune
punch, golurk Ko, scald, cofa burned, wow, cune burned, cofa 1% left after burn dmg
beat up, cofa KO

#164 vs Waiter Hasan - Victreebel, Zebstrika, Blaziken, Scrafty
beat up kion, zebra t-wave vile, slide, double KO - foe chicken & scraf
slide, chicken KO, scraf HJK, vile sash, punch, scraf 30% left
sword, scraf KO

#165 vs Cyclist Margit - Toxicroak, Meganium, Skarmory, Marowak
switch out kion, lati in, FO croak, meggy screen
punch, meggy 30% left, psyshock, croak KO, seed bomb, vile 8/146 - foe skarm
switch out vile, cune in, skarm steel wing, cune 187/205, psyshock, meggy KO - foe wak
bolt, wak lightningrod (owned), steel wing, lati 68/156, cune scald skarm, CH, burn, wak quake, cune 124/205, burn dmg, skarm KO
psyshock, scald, wak KO

#166 vs PKMN Ranger Terran - Exploud, Serperior, Bastiodon, Charizard
beat up-sword, serp KO, explo BB, CH, vile sash - foe bastio
vile switch out, cune in, kion sword, explo KO, bastio stone edge, cune 180/205 - foe zard
zard air slash, kion slide, zard KO, cune scald, bastio 40% left, DT
sword, bastio KO

#167 vs Scientist Shan - Glaceon, Tyranitar, Vaporeon, Porygon2
glace detect, vile punch, sword, ttar KO - foe vappy
beat up-slide, double KO - foe p2 download
punch, sword, p2 KO

#168 vs Worker Roman - Walrein, Abomasnow, Jynx, Froslass
beat up-slide, rein Ko, aboma sash, aboma focus blast, vile sash - foe jynx
switch out vile, cune in, aboma shard, cune 185/205 after hail dmg, kion slide, double KO - foe lass
lass blizzard, kion slide, lass KO
#169 vs Veteran Jeune - Regirock, Cresselia, Registeel, Thundurus
beat up-scissor, cresse KO, rock rock gem rock slide, vile sash, kion 97/167 - foe steel
switch out vile, cune in, sword, steel KO, rock rock slide - foe thund
thund protect, slide, scald, rock 3% left, rock flinched
thund toxic kion, slide, double KO

#170 vs Cyclist Birgit - Typhlosion, Quagsirem, Scrafty, Mr. Mime
scarf eruption, beat up-slide, typhlo KO, quag 49% left, quag flinched - foe scraf
switch out vile, cune in, scraf tightened its foruc, kion sword, scrafty KO, quag aqua tail, kion KO - my lati, foe mime
pulse, quag KO, mime psychic CH, cune 73/205, CM
pulse CH, mime KO

#171 vs Clerk Elwin - Gyarados, Tangrowth, Archeops, Dusknoir
beat up-slide, CH on gyara, gyara KO, tang 60% left, tang flinched - foe arche
punch, arche KO, scissor, tang KO - foe noir
beat up-slide, noir KO

#172 vs Cyclist Margit - Blastoise, Infernape, Typhlosion, Medicham
FO blasty, slide, ape overheat, vile sash, blasty sash
beat up-slide, double KO - foe typhlo & cham
shard typhlo, bullet punch, vile KO, eruption, kion 78/167, slide, typhlo KO, cham 33% left - my lati
pulse, cham KO

#173 vs Fisherman Fird - Swampert, Floatzel, Starmie, Slowbro
vile FO float, float flinched, kion sword, float KO, pert curse - foe mie
kion protect, beat up, mie 1% left, psychic, kion protected, pert quake, mie KO, vile 44/146 - foe bro
beat up-sword, pert KO, bro amnesia
beat up, scissor, bro KO

#174 vs Maid Anguile - Serperior, Sceptile, Emboar, Empoleon
kion protect, punch, scep 1% left, scep energy ball, vile 59/146, serp mirror coat, scep lefties
shard, scep KO, scissor, sitrus, serp 70% left, leaf tornado, kion 75/167 - foe embo
beat up-slide, embo avoided, serp KO, thrower, vile KO - my lati, foe empo
psyshock, embo KO, sword, empo KO

#175 vs Battle Girl Aces - Bastiodon, Steelix, Escavalier, Heracross
bastio wide guard, vile punch, kion sword lix, CH, lix KO - foe esca
beat up, sword, esca KO, bastio curse - foe hera
punch bastio, slide, hera Ko, bastio something
punch, sword, bastio KO
January 29th, 2012
#176 vs Harlequin Athos - Seismitoad, Bronzong, Rhyperior, Rampardos
beat up-sword, zong KO, toad quake, kion KO (does 116-140, beat up CH brought kion to 130), vile 61/146 - my cune, foe rhy
vile punch toad, cune scald toad, toad 25% left, rhy hammer arm, vile KO, toad slide, cune 178/205 - my lati
rhy protect, lati pulse, toad KO, cunes cald, rhy protected - foe ramp
rhy protect, failed, psyshock, CH, ramp KO, scald, rhy KO

#177 vs Backpacker Wald - Flygon, Scizor, Jolteon, Roserade
beat up-sword, zor KO, gon fire blast, vile 50/146, vile burned - foe jolt
shard, 55% to gon, jolt bolt, vile KO, slide, double KO - my lati, foe rose
psyshock, rose KO

#178 vs Worker Valéry - Dewgong, Beartic, Cryogonal, Glaceon
beat up-slide, double KO - foe cryo & glace
beat up cryo, slide, double KO

#179 vs Ace Trainer Reigel - Gyarados, Claydol, Salamence, Staraptor
beat up-slide, gyara KO, clay 70% left, clay CM - foe sala
beat up-slide, sala KO, clay 5% left, clay psychic, kion KO - my lati, foe raptor
shard, clay KO, bolt, raptor KO

#180 vs Psychic Solongo - Cofagrigus, Golurk, Claydol, Froslass
beat up-slide, cofag CM, golurk hammer arm, vile avoided
punch, golurk KO, slide, cofa avoided (1%), cofa hex, kion 86/167 - foe clay
beat up, cofa 1% left, scissor, clay KO, wow, kion burned - foe lass
beat up 3, lass 25% left, lass blizzard, kion KO, cofa hex, vile 84/146 - my cune
beat up, lass KO, cune scald, cofa 1% left, wow burned vile, lefties cofa
beat up, cofa KO

#181 vs Biker Philipo - Salamence, Archeops, Escavalier, Yanmega
vile FO sala, kion slide, arche 51% after sitrus, arche flinched, sala 55% left, flinched
vile punch, arche KO, slide, sala KO - foe esca & mega
beat up-sword, esca KO, mega buzz, vile sash, speed boost
shard, slide, mega KO

#182 vs Ace Trainer Mooi - Manectric, Kangaskhan, Medicham, Cofagrigus
vile FO mane, kanga FO vile, vile 103/146, kion slide, mane 28% left, kanga 65% left
shard, mane KO, sword, kanga KO - foe cham & cofa
beat up-scissor, cham KO, cofa CM
beat up, slide, cofa KO
#183 vs Scientist Stubs - Victreebel, Throh, Lilligant, Escavalier
beat up-slide, vicy KO, throh 60% left, storm throw, vile sash - foe lilli
punch throh, slide, throh KO, lilli 8% left, flinched - foe esca
beat up-slide, double KO

#184 vs PKMN Breeder Manford - Hippowdon, Wailord, Archeops, Honchkrow
beat up-sword, wail KO, hippo curse - foe arche
vile punch, arche KO, sword, hippo 1% left, quake, kion KO, vile 26/146 after sandstorm - my lati, foe honch
shard, hippo KO, sucker punch, lati KO, LO dmg - my cune
shard, scald, honch KO

#185 vs Nurse Saisune - Venusaur, Ferrothorn, Throh, Raichu
beat up-sword, ferro KO, venu seed kion - foe throh
venu protect, vile punch, venu protected, sword, CH, throh KO - foe raichu
punch venu, slide, double KO

#186 vs Hiker Kemuel - Shuckle, Armaldo, Golem, Tyranitar
beat up-slide, shuckle sturdy, sandstorm - foe golem
shuckle protect, punch golem, slide, golem KO - foe ttar
punch, slide, shuckle KO, ttar 10% left, ttar slide, vile 6/146, vile KO after sand - my lati
pulse, ttar KO

#187 vs Doctor Dwight - Emboar, Druddigon, Mr. Mime, Torterra
beat up-sword, drud KO, embo focus blast, kion KO - my lati, foe mime
beat up 3, mime 60% left, psyshock, embo KO, mime screen - foe torty
punch, torty KO, pulse, mime 15% left, signal beam, lati 64/156
punch, mime KO

#188 vs Scientist Therese - Starmie, Archeops, Mienshao, Flareon
FO mie, mie flinched, arche slide, vile sash, kion slide, arche sitrus to 35%
beat up, mie KO, slide, vile KO, kion flinched - my lati, foe mien
arche protect, kion protect, psyshock, mien KO - foe flare
psyshock, arche KO, slide, flare KO

#189 vs PKMN Ranger Smokey - Musharna, Emboar, Drifblim, Froslass
beat up-scissor, musha KO, embo blitz, vile sash - foe blim
switch out vile, cune in, slide, double KO - foe lass
hail, slide, lass KO
#190 vs Fisherman Humfrey - Floatzel, Slowking, Politoed, Dewgong
FO float, float flinched, slide, float 10% left, slowking 60% left, king zenbutt, kion 47/167
shard, float KO, scissor, king KO - foe toed & gong
beat up, slide, CH, gong KO, toed water gem pump, kion KO - my lati
beat up, pulse, toed KO

#191 vs PKMN Breeder Janet - baloon Luxray, Togekiss, Blissey, Politoed
beat up-slide, CH on lux, double KO - foe blis & toed
beat up-slide, double KO

#192 vs Black Belt Enpi - Aggron, Scrafty, Metagross, Empoleon
punch, sword, aggron KO, scraf drain, vile sash - foe meta
beat up-sword, meta KO, scraf drain, vile KO - my lati, foe empo
bolt, CH, empo KO, sword, CH, scraf KO

#193 vs Psychic Zaya - Jynx, Gallade, Alakazam, Gardevoir
FO jynx, jynx flinched, slide, jynx KO, gallade flinched, steadfast speed boost - foe kazam
gallade CC, vile sash, beat up, kazam KO, scissor, gallade 5% left - foe garde
shard, gallade KO, scissor, garde 5% left, garde CH bolt, vile KO - my lati
pulse, garde KO

#194 vs Worker Valéry - Froslass, Glaceon, Mamoswine, Beartic
beat up, lass KO, slide, glace 48% left, shadow ball, vile 120/146 - foe mamo
beat up-slide, glace KO, mamo 11% left, stone edge CH, vile KO, LO dmg, 1% left - my cune, foe bear
slide, double KO

#195 vs Clerk Faust - Skarmory, Blaziken, Swampert, Whiscash
beat up-slide, chicken KO, skarm 40% left, spikes - foe pert
punch, skarm 3% left, sword, pert KO, whirlwind vile out, cune in - foe cash
sword, cash KO, scald, skarm KO

#196 vs PKMN Ranger Terran - Absol, Gastrodon, Darmanitan, Drifblim
beat up-sword, gastro KO, absol superpower, vile sash - foe darm
switch out vile, cune in, slide, double KO - foe blim
slide, blim KO
#197 vs Parasol Lady Vanna - Milotic, Starmie, Lapras, Ludicolo
beat up, mie 1% let, mie ice beam, vile 117/146, milo beam, kion protected
switch out kion, cune in, vile shard, mie KO, milo ice beam, cune 190/205
beat up lappy, milo surf, lappy water absorb, vile 71/146, lappy bolt, cune 116/205
switch out vile, lati in, cune CM, double surf
lati protect, cune chesto rest, milo surf, lappy beam, lati protected
lati bolt, cune beam, lappy avoided (powder), milo surf, lappy beam, lati KO - my kion
kion sword, lappy KO, cune CM, milo surf, kion 81/167 - foe colo
kion protect, cune beam, colo 50% left, milo surf, colo surf, kion protected
slide, colo KO, ice beam, milo surf, kion KO - my vile
FO, scald, milo flinched
punch, CH, milo KO

#198 vs Battle Girl Queenie - Probopass, Metagross, Houndoom, Bisharp
punch, sword, probo KO, meta trick orb-lens - foe houndy
beat up-sword, meta 5% left, houndy overheat, vile sash, white herb, metero mash, vile KO - my cune
sword, houndy KO, sclad, meta KO - foe sharp
sword, sash, scald, sharp KO

#199 vs PKMN Ranger Ivy - Krookodile intimidate, Garchomp scarf, Vanilluxe, Houndoom
outrage, kion 31/167, sword, krook 8% left, stone edge, vile avoided - foe vanilla
beat up (no KO thanks to intimidate)-slide, double KO - foe houndy
punch, sword, houndy KO

#200 vs Clerk Anora - Machamp scarf, Vaporeon, Dragonite, Aerodactyl
beat up-sword, vappy KO, champ dynamicpunch, vile sash, vile confused - foe draggy
switch out vile, cune in, sword, champ KO, draggy superpower, cune 128/205 - foe aero
kion protect, aero quake, cune 102/205, kion protected, cune scald aero, draggy superpower, kion protected
switch out kion, lati in, aero quake, cune 75/205, cune scald, aero KO, draggy superpower, lati 110/156
lati pulse, draggy KO

#201 vs Artist Hacikan - Klinklang, Drifblim, Forretress, Probopass
beat up-sword, klink KO, blim shadow ball, kion 82/167, sD drop - foe forry
beat up-slide, blim KO, forry 15% left, sitrus to 40% left, forry quake, kion KO, vile 86/146 - my lati, foe probo
punch probo, bolt forry, forry KO, probo LO flash cannon, vile KO - my cune
bolt, scald, probo KO

#202 vs PKMN Ranger Terran - Bastiodon, Electrode, Nidoqueen, Feraligatr
beat up-slide, trode KO (was mirror coating), bastio iron def - foe queen
punch, queen 30% left, sword, bastio KO, queen earth power, kion KO - my lati, foe ali
punch, queen KO, bolt, ali 15= left, ice punch, lati 41/156
beat up, ali KO

#203 vs Psychic Boldbat - Gardevoir, Gengar, Alakazam, Mr. Mime
kion protect, vile beat up, gar KO, garde psychic, kion protected - foe kazam
switch out kion, lati in, beat up, kazam KO, psychic gem psychic, lati 99/156 - foe mime
beat up, garde KO, pulse, mime 40% left, screen
beat up, mime KO
#204 vs Scientist Shan - Dragonite, Snorlax, Zoroark, Chandelure
punch, draggy KO, sword, lax 55% left after sitrus, lax quake, vile 99/146, kion 93/167 - foe zoro
beat up-slide, double KO - foe chande
beat up, slide, chande KO

#205 vs Veteran Hecate - Lucario, Vanilluxe, Heracross, Mamoswine
FO vanilla, CH, sword, luca KO, vanilla flinched - foe hera
beat up-slide, double KO - foe mamo
punch, sword, mamo KO

#206 vs Artist Hacikan - Drifblim, Klinklang (lol same as #201), Bronzong, Claydol
beat up-sword, klink KO, blim stockpile - foe zong
punch, blim 60% left, sword, zong KO, stockpile - foe clay
punch, clay 20% left, slide, double KO

#207 vs Worker Quinn - Shuckle, Hippowdon, Tyranitar, Cradily
beat up-sword, hippo 10% left, hippo yawn kion, shuckle gastro acid kion
switch out kion, cune in, vile shard, hippo KO, shuckle power split - foe ttar
punch ttar, CM, slide, vile KO, gastro acid, cune 145/205 after sand - my kion
sword, ttar KO, scald, shuckle 80% left, power split - foe cradily
sword, CH, scald, cradily KO, shuckle something
slide, scald, sand tomb cune
slide, shuckle KO

#208 vs Baker Vespera - Exeggutor, Vileplume, Shiftry, Leafeon
punch, plume 18% left, scissor, eggy KO, plume power herb solarbeam, kion KO - my lati, foe shiftry
lati protect, shift FO lati, lati protected, vile punch, shift 5% left, plume synth
shard, shift KO, psyshock, plume KO - foe leaf
punch, pulse, leaf KO

#209 vs PKMN Ranger Mouse - Ferrothorn, Floatzel, Breloom, Jynx
beat up kion, float focus blast, vile sash, kion sword, ferro KO - foe breloom
breloom tightened its focus, vile punch, breloom sash, breloom frozen, float beam, vile KO, kion slide, double KO - my lati, foe jynx
pulse, sword, jynx KO

#210 vs Veteran Leron - Moltres, Articuno, Regigigas, Entei
beat up-slide, double KO - foe gigas, entei
punch gigas, slide, CH on gigas, double KO
#211 vs Clerk Anora - Dragonite, Yanmega, Arcanne, Drapion
mega detect, beat up-slide, mega protected, draggy KO, speed boost - foe arc intimidate
mega giga drain, beat up-slide, double KO thanks to intimidate (kion 3/167) - foe drapion
punch, sword, pion KO

#212 vs PKMN Ranger Skyblue - Beartic, Exeggutor, Gyarados, Vaporeon
FO bear, scissor, eggy Ko, bear flinched - foe gyara
beat up-sldie, double KO - foe vappy
beat up, sword, vappy KO
4-0 [/size]

#213 vs Clerk Bank - Jolteon, Bouffalant, Porygon2

jolt thunder, kion 57/167, beat up kion, kion flinched (king´s rock), bouff head charge, vile sash
jolt shadow ball, kion KO, vile punch jolt, bouff head charge, vile KO - my lati & cune
jolt thunder, cune 41/205, cune paralyzed, lati pulse, jolt KO, cune CM, bouff head charge, lati KO - foe porygon2
porygon2 bolt, cune KO

Easily avoidable loss with fake out-sword or fake out-slide turn 1 and shard-sword turn two, this one hurts a lot because of the unimaginable effort it took to write down every log. Reason I lost was due to underestimating the threat that is Jolteon, even though I´m always vary if there´s Pokémon outspeeding my leads, which doesn´t happen a lot.

Weavile is slower than 29/780 Subway pokémon = 3,718%, ties with 4/780 Subway pokémon = 0,513% and faster than 747/780 Subway pokémon = 95,769%.
Terrakion is slower than 90/780 Subway pokémon = 11,539%, ties with 12/780 Subway pokémon = 1,538% and faster than 693/780 pokémon = 86,923%.

Although I have to admit, writing this up while playing improved my game significantly, making me analyze potentially difficult match-ups right there as this is often a problem if I´m too lazy to check in other streaks.

Oh yeah, there´s no greater feeling than KOing Froslass 4 with Beat Up. Beat Up base power with this team is 17-17-12-14 and it does 38-42-44-48 (probability 3-6-6-1/16) + 38-42-44-48 (probability 3-6-6-1/16) + 30-32-36 (probability 7-8-1) + 32-36-38 (probability 8-7-1/16) = 138-170 dmg / 145 HP. Yes it might still survive if I get unlucky with the first two hits, but that´s better than everything else I´ve used before. Also I´m flinching and freezing the AI, have two ice resists, which are also immune to freezes (vile-ice type, cune-scald), justified terrakion which is the #1 best ice team killer and vile just owns those fast psychic types that gave TeraCott trouble.

This team just makes me happy.

EDIT: Out of 212 wins,
125/212 were 4-0 = 58,96%
60/212 were 3-0 = 28,30%
21/212 were 2-0 = 9,91%
5/212 were 1-0 = 2,36%
1/212 was 0-0 = 0,47%.

That´s in average more than four 4-0s and two 3-0s per set of seven, pretty cool if you ask me.

4th streak

After my 213 loss yesterday, I began another streak without all the logs, significantly increasing the number of battle per hour. I did 56 yesterday evening, but lost battle #108 today against another fast electric, Raikou, which CHed Terrakion turn one with Volt Switch, here´s the battle:

#108 vs Gentleman Camus - Heatran, Raikou, Regirock, Zapdos

beat up, rai volt switch CH, kion KO, rai switched, rock in, tran flash cannon, vile sash - my cune
vile punch tran, rock superpower, vile KO, cune CM, tran flash cannon, cune 182/205
lati protected, heatran protect, rock rock polish, cune CM
rock slide, bolt tran, cune flinched, flash cannon, lati 28/156
lati protect, slide, cune scald, rock KO, tran flash cannon, lati protected - foe rai
shadow ball, lati KO, cune scald CH, rai KO, tran flash cannon, cune 122/205 - foe zap
bolt, 30/205, chesto rest, tran wow
bolt, 82/205, CM, overheat, white herb, 33/205 after burn
tran protect, zap bolt CH, cune KO

I wasn´t thinking clearly because I should have just fully set up Cune when I was facing -1 regirock and heatran which couldn´t do anything to Cune...that Rock Slide flinch on Cune was game deciding as I was CMing for the 3rd time that turn and a +3 Ice Beam OHKOs both Thunderbolt Zapdos sets...

I´m back at #70 now, not sure how many more battles I can take today lol.

5th streak

Monday, Jan. 30th, 2012 - battles #1-126 (plus the 52 battles from 57 to 108 in the previous streak)
Tuesday, Jan. 31st, 2012 - battles #127-237

Here´s a really close battle from earlier today that I played flawlessly after the not so good turn 1 (I lost to the same Volt Switch Raikou yesterday at #108, its partner was Heatran back then, as well lol ).

#149 vs - Heatran, Raikou, Registeel, Landorus:

beat up, rai volt switch, kion 72/167, foe steel, rock slide, tran 25% , tran fire blast, vile sash
vile out, cune in, slide, steel avoided, tran KO, steel iron head, kion KO - my lati, foe rai
rai bolt, cune 65/205, psyshock, rai 25% left, steel rock polish, cune chesto rest
tpunch 157/205, bolt, 11/205, pulse, rai KO, cune rest - foe lando
lati protect, tpunch 159/205, slide, lati protected, cune 136
steel quake, cune 116/205, bolt, steel 30% left, lando sandstorm
lando protect, steel tpunch, cune 62/205, lati bolt, steel KO, cune rest
pulse, lando 20% left, slide, lati 5% left after sand and LO
pulse, lando KO, LO dmg, lati KO

that was video no. 58-31729-49212

My NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! scream must have been heard in Canada...

I really hate this game...seriously.

#237 vs PKMN Ranger Ivy - Muk, Scizor, Lapras, Tentacruel:

1. Scizor Bullet Punch, Vile Sash, Beat Up-Sword, Scizor KO, Muk Curse - foe Tenta
2. Muk Shadow Sneak, Vile KO, Kion Slide, Tenta Sash, Muk 38% left, Tenta Hydro Pump, Kion KO - my Lati & Cune
3. Psyshock, Muk KO, Giga Drain, Cune 137/205, drained HP, Scald, Tenta lives - foe Lapras
4. Pulse, Tenta KO, Cune CM, Lapras Bolt, Cune 81/205, paralyzed Cune.
5. Lati Bolt, Lapras avoided, Lapras Ice Beam, Lati KO, Cune fully paralyzed.
6. Lapras Thunderbolt, Cune 15/205, Cune fully paralyzed.
7. Lapras Thunderbolt, Cune KO

Video No.: 26-72324-87238

I know that Muk knows Shadow Sneak, why didn´t I Ice Shard Tenta to make sure Slide kills or just switch out Vile like I almost always do when it has 1 HP? I don´t know, I suck and am too lazy to move my hand 10 cm and click on the screen where the moveset list is open... Now I know, it was the forelast battle before a break (I was going to eat) so I wasn´t focusing on the battle anymore damn, I really have no clue what I did with Vile, but it obviously wasn´t Ice Shard...

I know that Tenta has Giga Drain so it will recover HP and Scald won´t kill it, why didn´t I just Calm Mind? I remembered Giga Drain in the moment right after I clicked Scald (that´s too late idiot), fuck me for not checking the moveset list.

Lapras go die in a hole, a paralyzing Thunderbolt, then all of a sudden you target Latios (because first it needed my LO dmg as it does max 150 dmg with beam to Latios), which misses you because your Powder shines and the cherry on top was the two turns of fully para in a row...

I hate myself even more for losing this battle because it´s a sure 3-0 win if Vile Ice Shards Tenta turn 2...why the hell did I give the AI the chance to screw me like this? I just lost 9 hours of my life...
Played some Subway last night and some this morning before I lost my streak >.>

Super Doubles Train
Win Streak: 85

Team Nejiki v2.1

Politoed (F) @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Drizzle
Nature: Timid
IVs: 31 / 18 / 31 / 30 / 31 / 31
EVs: 12 HP / 240 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Lv 50 Stats: 167 / 80 / 95 / 140 / 121 / 134
Moves: Surf, Psychic, Protect, HP Grass 70

Toxicroak (M) @ Focus Sash
Ability: Dry Skin
Nature: Adamant
IVs: 31 / 31 / 31 / 19 / 31 / 31
EVs: 6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Lv 50 Stats: 159 / 173 / 85 / 90 / 85 / 137
Moves: Fake Out, Drain Punch, Sucker Punch, Protect

Ludicolo (M) @ Lum Berry
Ability: Swift Swim
Nature: Timid
IVs: 31 / 17 / 31 / 30 / 31 / 31
EVs: 6 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 244 Spe
Lv 50 Stats: 156 / 74 / 91 / 142 / 121 / 133
Moves: Surf, Fake Out, Giga Drain, Ice Beam

Gastrodon (F) @ Rindo Berry
Ability: Storm Drain
Nature: Quiet
IVs: 31 / 1 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 0
EVs: 252 HP / 6 Def / 252 SpA
Lv 50 Stats: 218 / 88 / 89 / 158 / 102 / 39
Moves: Muddy Water, Earth Power, Ice Beam, Protect

Look familiar? The team is Carl's (Thank you Pokecheck, haha) but with 2 changes I made myself. I swapped out Ice Beam on Politoed for Psychic for the inevitable Toxicroaks and Poliwraths that lol at Surf as well as coverage for Fighting-types. I elected to use Gastrodon as opposed to Kingdra/Latios since A) Gastro's a monster if it gets 2 Storm Drain boosts and B) It gives me a better shot at handling Trick Room.

The team

Politoed's gonna be Politoed, all she's good for is bringing rain to the field. I usually swap to Gastrodon if I predict a Thunder Wave (which is fairly common) or just keep it in I'm the opponent's down to 2 while I still have a full party.

I don't know why I've never used Croak before, he's really good from my experience in this run. Fake Out's there because it's amazing. Sash brings him down to 1 HP, but can easily get back to full HP in two turns assuming rain is still up. Sucker Punch has saved my ass on a few occasions, which is cool. The AI tends to target him more, so Protect is there.

Ludicolo has been a favorite since my days in Emerald, not much to say except double speed and isn't weak to Grass and Electric-type attacks.

Oh Gsatrodon, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Gastrodon is something I've been using in the past month for Random Matchup and I felt I might as well try this out in the Subway. Storm Drain boosts are no joke as I usually get off a Surf before it attacks ensuring a +1 SpA boost, and allows for easy walling against mono-water attackers and such. Grass-type moves are the bane on Gastrodon, and Rindo Berry usually allows her to take a normally lethal blow. It's slow enough to function well in Trick Room.

How I lost:

Battle Video # (Will edit in later, as I can't access Wi-fi atm)
Opponent's team: Virizion 2, Raikou 1, Zapdos 3, Moltres ? (Didn't get far enough to see its moveset)
The opponent led off with a Virizion and Raikou, two of the more annoying legendary leads.

Virizion used Calm Mind! Great, now I know it's Virizion 2.

The rest of the match went to hell afterwards.
Ugh, I hate Volcarona -_- admittedly I'm not the most experienced Battle Subway player, but after losing my Gengar/Ferrothorn/Suicune team to Volcarona 4 times out of 7, with 3 in a row, and no streak above 32, I think I need to change something.

Gengar and Suicune duo works great, but Ferrothorn is unfortunately a weak link - being weak to Fighting and not being immune/resisting Ground and Flying is annoying. I might do a straight swap for Bronzong w/ Gyro Ball/Curse/Sub/Rest later. Also, I have a feeling my mindset drifts off a lot trying to find which Pokemon either Suicune or Ferrothorn can set up on - it's a very slow playstyle.

For the time being I'm going to change to Cloyster and Garchomp instead of Gengar and Ferrothorn - it's much quicker to finish battles, plus it's similar to my only notable streak team with Garchomp instead of Darmanitan. If anybody else feels like testing out a team of Gengar/Ferrothorn/Suicune, let me know how you get on :P


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I just tried out Scarf Heatran + Scarf Abomasnow briefly in Multi, and it's working nicely so far. It's early days, but the extra speed on Heatran definitely helps me because I can take on more stuff without being forced out.

The problem? It takes ages! I did 14 battles and it took at least an hour and a half. I had to battle some stally pokemon like Umbreon, and all of those turns of hail damage really slows things down!