Black & White Battle Subway Records (now with gen. 4 records!)

Level 51

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CBManBearPig: I tried a variant of this a while ago with Tauros/Togekiss. The idea was that Tauros Role Plays Togekiss (which uses Follow Me), and then Rock Slide. That was pretty cool, except Tauros was a bit weak.

How about Tauros for this? Learns Role Play, fast, doesn't learn SD. Or, maybe Bisharp Role Play Machamp? No Guard Guillotine ^^
Hey, Im new to here, but I just earned a battle tower record in platinum amd I was told to post in this thread. Its a 145 win streak using:

Uxie @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Levitate
EV's: 196 HP/252 Def/62 SpDef
IV: 31/X/16/X/30/30
Nature: Calm
-Stealth Rock

Magnezone @ Leftovers
Ability: Sturdy
EV's: 6 HP/252 Def/252 SpDef
IV's: 31/X/31/X/31/X
Nature: Calm
-Light Screen
-Thunder Wave
-Flash Cannon

Salamence @ Lum Berry
Ability: Intimidate
EV's: 252 Atk/6 Def/ 252 Spd
IV's: X/31/X/X/X/31
Nature: Lonely
-Dragon Dance

Battle 100 Video#: 44-30009-52546
Battle 146(Battle where I lost) Video#: 62-87645-83705

Level 51

Plasbad, for short!
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Welcome to Smogon, sakuto3795!

I notice a lot of your Pokemon's IVs (which actually matter) are replaced with 'X's. Why not display their full IVs?

Also, Stealth Rock isn't too useful in the Subway; your streak may go higher if you do something like Thunder Wave/Flash.
theres something i dont understand about the trick scarf strategy, and that is why isnt everyone using shedninja with it? in theory wouldnt it be the best pokemon for such a team?

btw could anyone rate my team for battle tower platinum? also any reasons why trick scarf hasnt been working really well for me? i sort of find just yawn + multiple flashes + yawn + memento far safer and effective for me..

uxie @ choice scarf
neutral nature, ivs pretty poor, ranging from 5 to 15s.
evs are nearly evenly spread between hp, def, and special def.

gyarados@lum berry
adamant, hp and attack perfect, def and special def close to perfect, speed 0-1 iv.
evs: 4hp 252 attack 252 speed
ice fang
dragon dance

jolly , perfect attack, close to perfect def and special def and hp, around 15 speed ivs. ( i bred it from the above gyarados lol)
swords dance
dragon claw.

i choose to give uxie yawn, so that in the event that i trick the enemy into using a status, it will sleep first before switching to garchomp and setting up substitute to block the status moves. uxie has such poor nature/stats because i play using a fake catridge so i cant rng or anything. gyarados and garchomp are also both non-rng bred.

garchomp is my main pokemon, because substitute makes every battle much safer from random quick claw/sash/band/bright powder/lax incense pokemon. in conjunction with flash and memento each substitute usually can last for 2-3 turns.

then gyarados is my backup in case garchomp dies, as it can easily set up without assistance, only needs maybe 1-2 dragon dance to sweep.

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theres something i dont understand about the trick scarf strategy, and that is why isnt everyone using shedninja with it? in theory wouldnt it be the best pokemon for such a team?
The CPU will switch out as soon as you switch Shedinja in on an immuned attack that they are locked into, making this pointless. If Shedinja isn't immune, then it's pointless in the other direction.

Also, even at +6 Atk, Shedinja can still have plenty of trouble if the opponent does stuff like bring out a Tyranitar (or switch to one), Ferrothorn or something.

I've been getting back to playing Battle Frontier in 4th gen, since I want to max out the game clock on my SoulSilver. That will probably take a while to go through. I decided to go for the Double Factor record, since I thought I had the 30 win record. Apparantly I didn't, but I have the record now.

Had some tough time in the 4th round, where my leads were heavily Water weak, and I had to run Rhyperior4 without any Flying Pokemon. there where times where I had to go for a risk with CB Earthquakes dispite my issues. I finally got a Flying Pokemon for my 7th battle, and moped the floor with the opponent because Aerodactyl3 is a troll, and flinched 3/3 Rock Slides.

In the 5th round, had a Zapdos 1 in my starting set, which I pretty much used to dominate the entire round along with a fast sweeper that I cycled around, and a Flygon 4 in the back.
Battle Video: 93-86274-15012, one of the matches I had in the 5th round where the RNG decided to be fickle.

Starting the 6th round, I decided to go a bit more detailed, and write down my matches, and Pokemon selection:

6th Round,
Opening Selection:
Politoed 3
Raikou 1
Mr. Mime 4
Abomasnow 3
Gengar 3
Manectric 3

Battle 36:
No type specialty, Chose Raikou, Gengar, Abomasnow
Sceptile 1, Houndoom ?, Lanturn 3

Sceptile uses Crunch on Gengar for 80%, (Sceptile 1)
Double up on Houndoom to KO with Thunderbolt and Focus Blast

Opponent sends Lanturn

Crunch KOs Gengar
Raikou uses Shadow Ball on Lanturn
Lanturn hits with Thunder, paralyze but cured with Lum

Send out Abomasnow

Sceptile Screeches and misses
Shadow Ball on Lanturn
Lanturn Blizzards for about 25% to both
Blizzard KO Sceptile.

I finish off Lanturn

Battle 37:
No specialty, No change in team
Tauros ?, Ninetales 2, Absol 1

Thunderbolt on Ninetales (60%)
Ninetales uses Nasty Plot (Ninetales 2)
Focus Blast KOs Tauros

sent out Absol

Thunderbolt KO Ninetales
Focus Blast, activates Chople Berry (Absol 1)
Absol uses Double Team
finished off

Battle 38
No type specialty, swap Abomasnow for Tauros 2
Scizor2, Venusaur3, Staraptor?

Switch Gengar for Tauros for Intimidate
Thunderbolt on Scizor

Scizor Night Slash CH on Tauros
Venusaur uses Curse

Thunderbolt and Rock Slide to finish off Scizor
Venusaur finishes off Tauros

Sends out Staraptor

Thunderbolt KO Staraptor
Psychic on Venusaur

Finish off Venusaur

Battle 39:
Rock Types, no change
Bastiodon4, Tyranitar4, Regigigas2

Switch Gengar for Tauros
Thunder Wave on Tyranitar
Tyranitar uses Crunch (Tyranitar 4)
Bastiodon uses Curse (Bastiodon 4)

Switch Raikou for Gengar
Earthquake, 45% to Tyranitar, 60% to Bastiodon
Tyranitar is paralyzed
Bastiodon uses Avalanche on Gengar for 25%

EQ + Energy Ball KO both

Send out Regigigas
Finish off Regigigas

Battle 40:
No Type specialty, No change
Skuntank4, Latias4, Electivire2

Thunder Wave on Latias
Focus Blast on Skuntank
Latias was paralyzed
Skuntank Night Slash KO Gengar (Skuntank 4)

Raikou Light Screen
Tauros Rock Slides
Latias Draco Meteor on Tauros, CH (Latias 2)

Sends out Electivire
Shadow Ball to 3HKO Electivire as it misses with DynamicPunch 3 times and Latias (Elective 2)uses Thunderbolt to activate Motor Drive

Finish off Latias

Battle 41:
Psychic Types, Gengar -> Latias
Hypno4, Tentacruel1, Metagross1

Double Thunderbolt KO Tentacruel through Wacan (Tentacruel 1)
Hypno uses Shadow Ball on Latias for about 55% (Hypno 4)

Sends Metagross
Double target Hypno, survives with a sliver of health
Metagross Zen Headbutt Raikou for 70% (Meta 1/4)
Hypno Shadow Ball KOs Latias

Miss Thunderbolt on Metagross (Metagross 1)
Miss Earthquake on Metagross, KO Hypno, KO Raikou
Metagross Zen Headbutts, then Bullet Punches Tauros

The run ends with 40 wins, in a very Battle Frontieresque way of double BrightPowder miss. I'll get a picture for the record sometime later.

I'll probably pop into the topic again if I do anything noteworthy in the 290 hours I have to play to max the clock.

Out of curiosity, how much a difference is there between the Super Doubles and Super Multi Trains with regard to how you build your teams?
Assuming you mean playing Super Multi with two players, there is a slight diference in that each trainer has only 2 Pokemon and you cannot switch Pokemon between trainers.
While it does mean that you can gang up on one person and KO both of their Pokemon to turn things into a 2 vs 1 sooner, you only have a single Pokemon as your switch option which can be extremely restrictive.
The CPU will switch out as soon as you switch Shedinja in on an immuned attack that they are locked into, making this pointless. If Shedinja isn't immune, then it's pointless in the other direction.
you mean in 4th gen or 5th?
i know that 5thgen battle subway the ai is more intelligent, but in 4th gen battle tower wont shedninja work?

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you mean in 4th gen or 5th?
i know that 5thgen battle subway the ai is more intelligent, but in 4th gen battle tower wont shedninja work?
Both, last I remember. I'm pretty sure they'd switch out if they were stuck on an attack that your Pokemon was immune to. It's just that in 5th gen they'd also switch out if they were stuck on a non-damaging attack. Besides, if they start struggling, they'll kill Shedinja.


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@j0seph: I can only speak from experience, but I used to play the 4th gen factory a lot, in level 50 singles. I frequently used the Shedinja that appears there, and I found that if the opponent had a pokemon out that was completely blocked by Shedinja, and they also had an back-up that COULD kill Shedinja, they would always switch to that pokemon. I actually used this to my advantage. Not only was I able to predict a switch, I could even predict what the opponent was switching to (because Shedinja only appears during the first 2 sets of 7, where you are told about all (or 2/3) of the pokemon on the opponent's team). So if they had Wailmer out against my Shedinja and they had Ponyta as their only back-up that could even touch Shedinja, then I could predict a switch to Ponyta and act accordingly. If I ever came across a team where all 3 pokemon could kill Shedinja, I would just dump it for something else.

Point is, based on my own experiences, I'd have to agree with R Inanimate. Take that as you will. Just so you know, I've see other random instances of switching out, for example where a pokemon with only Fighting attacks is out against a Ghost type. However, if you're so sure that Shedinja can work... then go ahead and prove it by building a team and getting a streak with it. :)
I end up making my opponents struggle so much in my battles I would die in the first few battles with a shedinja. Ive never really battled with one, so I believe you since you have battled with a shedinja :P


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I always hated Heatran. Ever since it was first announced as this one-off Gen IV Legendary with middling speed and a glaring 4x weakness to the most reliable and popular physical move in the game, I didn't like it. That wasn't the worst part, though. I could never, ever get past the fact that it was this legendary fire pokemon born deep inside a volcano, and it didn't learn Eruption. How the fuck? How doesn't this thing learn Eruption? It never made sense to me at all, as it seemed that the move itself should be Heatran's signature, if anything. But that was the final nail in its coffin for me—I never used it online or ingame, and scoffed at its competitive prowess whenever I felt the need to knock it down a peg.

Then Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia changed things a bit. A special, "Oblivia" Heatran that was a forced Quiet nature indeed learned Eruption. This got my attention, as Heatran's inability (unwillingness?) to learn this move was its biggest strike in my eyes. It seemed rather fitting that this pokemon had a locked hindering Speed nature, one that did not mesh very well with a move whose efficacy hinged on maintaining high HP, which is of course best accomplished the faster you are. But Heatran still managed to catch my attention with this new toy, forgiving itself for half a generation of spite.

Of course, I would never use this competitively, and even in the Battle Tower it would be difficult to make it work out, on either a traditional goodstuffs team or a Trick Room team thanks to a rather "no man's land" 77 Base Speed. But there's one place where it occurred to me that this smoldering steely sexpot could really shine. That was the Doubles Battle Hall.

Think about it for a sec. Eruption is a 100% accuracy, 150 base power move that hits both opponents. That in itself was reason enough for me to give it a long, hard look. And thanks to Flash Fire, it didn't take long to find the second part of a laughably potent 1-2 punch in Lava Plume, itself also 100% accuracy and boasting a 30% burn chance while hitting all other pokemon. You can almost stop here—Eruptran deserves a shot in the Doubles Battle Hall. No question. And so born was The Eruptran Project.

Now, take a gander at this, if you will:

This is the list of all the pokemon you will find in the Hall. Obvious place to start when trying to devise two Heatran sets that can reliably walk up and down that Battle Hall without tripping itself up. Water types are the logic place to start, and there are 39 of them after battle 170 (17 types + 10 battles per round) to prepare for. Obviously I can't expect Heatran to just power through everything with some kind of Flash Fire–boosted Specs Eruption, even though, for some numbers:

Naive Salac Berry Feraligatr

vs. 252 Quiet Choice Scarf Heatran 2v2 Lava Plume : 25.5% - 29.9%
vs. 252 Quiet Choice Specs Heatran 2v2 Eruption : 71.1% - 83.7%

Heatran has a decent shot of "OHKO"ing a not-so-weak Water-type in Feraligatr with just that combo. Of course, of utmost concern is the fact that Quiet Specs Heatran cannot outpace Feraligatr, or much of anything at all: the fastest a Quiet Heatran can be without Choice Scarf is 227 speed. It was this number that I had to keep in mind, and its Scarfed compliment: 340.

Speed kills. I had to sit on this idea for quite some time, since the two Oblivia Heatran I was able to get my hands on had a 0 Speed IV for Trick Room purposes. Even though I was able to get to 180 with to such pokemon, I knew that I wouldn't be able to excel with a further speed hindrance. So I shelved the idea in the summer of 2010, and focused my attention on the upcoming Black and White I knew that I may have to use not one but two Choice Scarf Eruptran if I wanted to beat the Doubles Hall with it, but that was no big deal, especially given the ability to stagger sets for whichever purpose you needed them most. This list here conveniently lists the game speeds and other stats of all the Hall pokes:

Scanning to the top there, I noticed one pokemon in particular that made my heart drop:
Starmie 246 155 193 282 193 342
H388 | Starmie | Timid | BrightPowder | Hydro Pump | Psychic | Recover | Double Team | Spd/SpA

Two points? Why oh why does one of the five pokemon that Scarf Eruptran can't outspeed have to be a Water type that can OHKO? Given that there are 39 Water-types and 25 Psychic-types (only normal and flying have more with ~30 and ~29 respectively [probably 30 and 29 unless I miscounted who cares]), I was actually willing to kind of "ignore" Starmie given the very slim chance I'd ever see it, plus the fact that timid Hydro Pump doesn't always OHKO 0/0 Eruptran (87-103%). Given that I really didn't want to have to totally change everything for a poke I was not likely to see, here was my thought process:

as far as starmie's concerned you just need it to be stupid or not get max damage, boom kills. besides adding like 32 SpD EVs you can't really do anything...boom means you lose no matter what lol (unless they miss or use dt and you hit both). face it, you're not beating starmie very easily, it can double target either one and then lock you into sunny day or make you blow up your only live poke. maybe i can get it in a recover loop, basically first LP does 26-31% then FF specsplume does 60-70%, so if they split target maybe they're dumb enough to start using recover? lol wishful thinking indeed. best thing to do is probably drop "340" down to "332"

"332" would have been to still outpace Gengar, which could be a dick with Hypnosis/Nightmare. Anyway, I was considering a Scarf/Specs combo as alluded to above, but it became obvious though my REAL bane why this wouldn't work out:

H422 | Suicune | Bold | Sitrus Berry | Mirror Coat | Facade | Hydro Pump | Reflect | Def/SpD

This thing. This THING. This is basically the Weavile of the Hall as far as Heatran is concerned: I had to be able to beat this reliably or the Eruptran Project would be cancelled before it ever got going. But how? HP Grass/Electric isn't even a guaranteed OHKO, doing 39.8% and 59.6% minimum from two 252 SpA Quiet Heatran, respectively. This of course would not have been a true dealbreaker, for the same reason I could have "taken my chances" with Starmie: there are 39 Water types. If I actually lose because I roll absolute literal min damage with both Heatran on Suicune, then "lol pokemon". The *actual* issue was that, with Specs, Heatran2 could only be a maximum of 227 speed. That would definitely be a problem when trying to beat these pokemon:

H404 | Feraligatr | Naive | Salac Berry | Aqua Tail | Slash | Endure | Rain Dance | Atk/Spd, 264 speed
H416 | Kingdra | Modest | Scope Lens | Dragon Pulse | Hydro Pump | Yawn | Brine | Spd/SpA, 253 Speed

It wouldn't really matter how much SpA I have if I could only move first with one Heatran, and then have both foes able to do whatever they wanted. Here's some of my unedited and contiguous notes as I was theorymonning this (important reference stuff in [brackets] to save you time, and click the jump tags for easy reference):

starmie is whatever, pump does 87-102.5...more worried about its dumbass evading boom

[jump=Floatzel]floatzel's[/jump] a dickhead, lp does 34-41 then 51-61, at least WF doesnt ohko. sure glad that a 31 spe iv would have me at 340 and not 298 to floatzel's 311 [this was in 2010 when I still only had the 0 IV that only got to 298 with scarf]

so okay:
Tran298@Scarf: Eruption/Lava Plume/Earth Power/"HP Ice"
Tran297@Scarf: Eruption/Lava Plume/Earth Power/Explosion

okay, [jump=Poliwrath]poliwrath[/jump] is a problem. seemingly only scarf plume then specs eruption will kill it. which is pretty appetizing in itself...but can that beat all the other waters? you were already "hoping" on starmie and floatzel, specs actually helps your case with those. faster one MUST have explosion if you need to use the scarf/specs tandem, so you can boom on kingdra and feraligatr...but this doesn't help you with [jump=Sharpedo]sharpedo[/jump] [272 Speed]...or does it?

if you lead with scarf eruption/specs plume, you'll do 84-99% to both (which is almost perfect for a poke that's sashed anyway). now, it does 72-85% with WF. if it double targets scarf, then specs will win out (if scarf doesnt get CHed by the first WF). if it splits targets, scarf will be at 15% min, which would do 12.5-14.7% on turn 2...except specs used lava plume and gave FF to scarf, so turn two scarf eruption is actually 18.5-21.9% and "i win" (if specstran didn't get ched or flinched). if they double target specs then i dont care and will launch another scarf eruption and win.

not sure if i can worry about suicune. there are still 39 waters, and it may be an idiot and reflect on my scarfplume/specseruption

You get the gist. I knew that my faster one 100% needed to have Explosion in order to beat Kingdra and Feraligatr if I still wanted to use Scarf/Specs, but besides that, I still felt pretty good about my major kinks yet, I mean. Around here is where I actually put it in action and got to 180 as mentioned, but stopped because I really didn't want to lose because of 0 Speed IVs. I picked it up again this May during a solo eight-hour drive home from school (I was bored) and realized why I had actually stopped my Eruptran Project (I did 20 battles anyway).

Here's me readdressing the Suicune thing:

217 atk boom actually does 52.8-62.4% to it, but first it would be taking a scarf eruption from 340 [speed, my planned 252 Speed EV Heatran] for 23.6-28%. doesnt look too hot lol, especially since boom will make eruption "35-42%" worse on turn two.

i mean scarf sunny day would beat them with specs solarbeam on 339, does 102 min to a cune that basically needs to both double target 339 [planned 248 Speed EV Tran] and CH it with a high roll, sunny hydro pump does 31.6-37.8%. but dont you lose to "feraligatr" then? well, no cause beaten the same way, aqua tail does 34-41% in the sun and specs solarbeam obv OHKOs. you do need this though cause gatr takes only 89-105 from 0 Atk boom and with salac and torrent you'd be fucked

you DO need specs for suicune because you can't ohko one without it, opening yourself up for mirror coat/hydro pump bs on 339 that will guarantee a loss. even with double scarf.

So I finally decided on these two sets:

heatran@choice scarf: eruption/lava plume/sunny day/explosion, Lv100, 30HP/252SpA/228Spe (333 speed stat with scarf)
heatran@choice specs: eruption/lava plume/solarbeam/explosion, Lv100, 4Atk/252SpA/252Spe (227 speed stat)

Dropped down to 333 speed to better survive Starmie and Gyarados' attacks, since I would have to take them. Felt pretty good about these sets cause they seemed to address everything within reason.

game on.

181: Water, [jump=Kingdra]Kingdra[/jump]. boom, both dead (boom does exactly 100% min to kingdra with 4 Atk EVs)
182: Rock, [jump=Aerodactyl]Aerodactyl[/jump]. sandstorm/sandstorm|plume/plume, fourth hit burned. se, 40%/se, 20%|plume/plume, dead (SE only does 40-47% to heatran so i essentially always win despite my scarf being slower)
183: Dragon, [jump=Salamence]Salamence[/jump]. plume, one burn
184: Fighting, [jump=Hitmontop]Hitmontop[/jump]. one intim. eruption, 96%, salac, CH, dead/plume, dead
185: Flying, [jump=Honchkrow]Honchkrow[/jump]. QC, drill peck on sunnytran, 20%/QC, drill peck on maxtran, 20%|plume/plume, dead
186: Steel, [jump=Steelix]Steelix[/jump]. lol.
187: Fire, [jump=Magmortar]Magmortar[/jump]. protect/protect|plume/plume. protect, fail/protect, fail|plume/plume, both like 10%, rinse repeat
188: Water, [jump=Suicune]Suicune![/jump] sunny day/solar beam, one dead|pump, 35%. sunny day, fail/solarbeam, dead.
189: Psychic, [jump=Exeggutor]Exeggutor[/jump]. plume/plume, dead
190: Fighting, [jump=Toxicroak]Toxicroak[/jump]. rupt/rupt, dead

At this point I paused my efforts, and after talking with ET I realized that I didn't *have to* use Quiet for both Heatran. Obviously using Double Eruption whenever possible would be ideal because well lol, but pokes like Gyarados and Starmie would be better addressed with a different set. Here's what I came up with after quite a bit of thought:

Set 2:

heatran@choice scarf: lava plume/leer/hp grass/explosion, naive, 156Atk/252SpA/100Spe (feraligatr/everything/alakazam) [why i needed x number of EVs respectively]

heatran@choice scarf: eruption/lava plume/earth power/explosion, quiet, 232Atk/16Def/164SpA/96Spe (suicune/ally boom/leftovers lol/garchomp)

Set 2 Requirements:

Water (Suicune), tran 1 leer tran 2 boom

Psychic (Starmie) tran 1 boom game over

Flying (Gyarados) tran 1 leer tran 2 boom

Ground (Gliscor) tran 1 boom tran 2 plume

Dragon (Garchomp) tran 1 boom tran 2 plume

Rock (Omastar) tran 1 hp grass tran 2 earth power

"Set 2" here means that I could do any types besides the above six with two Eruptran, then reserve a Naive/Quiet Set for these six plus whatever other type that dies to basically any Tran I'd use. I'd realized that [jump=Omastar]Omastar[/jump] basically required HP Grass on one of my Tran, and I had to retrain a Tran to do that but whatever. I did that, and then I realized this:

you also lose if you ch yourself with boom, really hate suicune right about now lol. maybe gliscor and garchomp both use sandstorm first turn, aerodactyl sure does. that allows me to not have to scarf water i guess...but dont forget you dont have to kill everything with just two sets. you can use specs and sunny day for water and ice for suicune and walrein...though does that have hp elec for gyarados?

So I realized this relatively early in my theorymon but didn't "feel like" doing anything about it for a reason I haven't really gone into yet: Hall doesn't autolevel, so you have to train all your pokemon up to Lv100 yourself (unless you like giving the AI the huge advantage of tying you in level all the time and having better stats relative to your pokes). To add to that annoyance, Generation IV doesn't allow you to re-EV Lv100 pokes beyond vitamin usage. But I didn't re-EV, so obviously it cost me at Battle 201 against a Walrein that necessitated a Leer/Boom. So even though I realized this:

really seems like 88 def EVs is doable...except for the part where have fun dropping SpA!

...or not? lol how convenient, 100 Atk EVs on heatran does 100% min to gatr.

I'd been loathe to want to train ANOTHER Heatran, especially since the Explosion TM (TM64) was one-off and I had only GTS clone glitched four additional ones in May (lol "only", I'd only needed two extra at the time). Plus the fact that even though I could afford the Rare Candies with all the BP I'd won in Pearl and Platinum, I couldn't very well Train a dozen Heatran up from Lv50 just like that without using up a ton of time that may have been in vain if I never saw the one or two threats that called for a slight EV-tweak.

So I did re-EV, again, to these set with this explanation:

heatran@choice scarf: lava plume/leer/hp grass/explosion, naive, 100Atk/56Def/252SpA/100Spe (feraligatr[exactly now lol]/ally ch boom/everything/alakazam)

heatran@choice scarf: eruption/lava plume/earth power/explosion, quiet, 16HP/232Atk/164SpA/96Spe (whatever/suicune/leftovers lol/garchomp)

you do 87-102% with ch boom now, can only sanely get to 262 def as a stat, not the 270 that ensures you can survives all CH booms. cutely, the 44 EVs required to make lv96 heatran have a 248 Defense stat at lv96 turn into 100 EVs when you subtract the 56 Atk EVs from 156 to 100 and add them to Defense for the 262 stat. better than 92-108.4 right (cant wait for this to fuck me anyway woo)

That didn't fuck me, but [jump=Gastrodon]Gastrodon[/jump] and its Lax Incense sure did at Battle 191! This was really frustrating to lose to because doing Ground type almsot every time made me face Gastrodon or Whiscash or Swampert which all have BP or Lax Incense, and let me tell you, there's no more deflating feeling than losing in the Hall because of missing a Pokemon due to these items. I almost wanted to quit after that when added to the fact that I knew that having HP Grass on my *second* Heatran would insure against Lax hax if my first one could kill both with boom and the second one, if needed, could kill with a properly EVed HP Grass. So this in essence would necessitate a retraining just to swap Earth Power and Hidden Grass, but after being annoyed about "having to" do this I did it, having to trade for a 31/31/30/30/31/31 Quiet Heatran (thanks Hozu) to do it.

So after yet another retain I'd come to the conclusion that these were the best two sets:

tran1 (naive): lava plume/earth power/leer/explosion, 100atk/88def/220spa/100spe. atk is locked (gastrodon), def is locked (ally boom), spa is whatever, spe is locked (alakazam).
tran2 (quiet): eruption/lava plume/hp grass/explosion, 232atk/180spa/96spe. atk is locked (suicune), spa is serendipitously locked (gastrodon), spe is locked (garchomp).

Suicune's ridiculous ass required a Leer/Boom that would prove foolproof against most anything with the requisite Def EVs, and everything else seemed to fall neatly into place, with 100atk resulting in 100% min damage on Gastrodon and Quietran's EVs being minimum perfect for everything it needed to hit. And so I went off on another saunter down the hall, hoping not to run into any trouble.

171: Water, [jump=Feraligatr]Feraligatr[/jump]. Leer/Boom
172: Psychic, [jump=Espeon]Espeon[/jump]. 2Plume: hit, burn, hit, burn; dt, dt; plume, hit, hit
173: Fighting, [jump=Hitmonlee]Hitmonlee[/jump]. Boomplume: ch on tran2, ~15%
174: Ground, [jump=Gastrodon]Gastrodon[/jump] (lol). Boom, hit, hit (tran 2 had used HP grass, fuck gastrodon so much)
175: Flying, [jump=Salamence]Salamence[/jump]. 2Plume: hit hit; hit/burn, hit; dc, dc. 2plume: hit/burn, sala1 dead, hit
176: Rock, [jump=Lunatone]Lunatone[/jump]. Boomplume: hit/ch, hit...kill? smogon damage calc says it's only supposed to do 78-93% wth...the ONLY reason i have 232 atk EVs on tran2 is because it says
177: Dragon, [jump=Dragonite]Dragonite[/jump]. Boomplume
178: Normal, [jump=Lickilicky]Lickilicky[/jump]. Leer/Boom, ch on tran1, ~15%
179: Electric, [jump=Luxray]Luxray[/jump] (one Intim). Plumerupt
180: Dark, [jump=Umbreon]Umbreon[/jump]. Plumerupt: burn; confuse ray on tran1

181: Fire, [jump=Camerupt]Camerupt[/jump]. Boom
182: Ice, [jump=Glalie]Glalie[/jump]. Plumerupt
183: Steel, [jump=Probopass]Probopass[/jump]. 2Plume: hit, hit/burn; hit/burn, hit; SANDSTORM SANDSTORM. 2Plume
184: Ghost, [jump=Banette]Banette[/jump]. Plumerupt
185: Grass, [jump=Exeggutor]Exeggutor[/jump]. Plumerupt
186: Poison, [jump=Venusaur]Venusaur[/jump]. Plumerupt: Protect, Protect whatever
187: Bug, [jump=Forretress]Forretress[/jump]. Plumerupt
Hallmark II
188: Water, [jump=Swampert]Swampert[/jump]. Boom/HP Grass: hit, hit.
189: Psychic, [jump=Espeon]Espeon[/jump]. 2Plume, no misses
190: Fighting, [jump=Gallade]Gallade[/jump]. Boom

191: Ground, [jump=Steelix]Steelix[/jump]. Plumerupt
192: Flying, [jump=Mantine]Mantine[/jump]. Boom
193: Dragon, [jump=Flygon]Flygon[/jump]. Boom
194: Normal, [jump=Snorlax]Snorlax[/jump]. Leer/Boom
195: Rock, [jump=Golem]Golem[/jump]. Earth Power/HP Grass
196: Fire, [jump=Rapidash]Rapidash[/jump]. Boom (QA)
197: Electric, [jump=Rotom]Rotom[/jump]. Plumerupt: 60% to both; TB/TB on Tran1, 30%; Eruption
198: Ice, [jump=Abomasnow]Abomasnow[/jump]. Plumerupt
199: Dark, [jump=Sharpedo]Sharpedo[/jump]. 2Plume (because I can)
200: Ghost, [jump=Banette]Banette[/jump]. Plumerupt

201: Steel, [jump=Steelix]Steelix[/jump]. Plumerupt
202: Poison, [jump=Roserade]Roserade[/jump]. Plumerupt
203: Bug, [jump=Venomoth]Venomoth[/jump]. Plumerupt
204: Grass, [jump=Bellossom]Bellossom[/jump]. Plumerupt
Hallmark III
205: Water, [jump=Slowbro]Slowbro[/jump]. Leer/Boom
206: Psychic, [jump=Hypno]Hypno[/jump]. Boom (ch)
207: Fighting, [jump=Toxicroak]Toxicroak[/jump] (one Anticipation). Plumerupt
208: Ground, [jump=Swampert]Swampert[/jump] (why not). Boom: hit, hit
209: Flying, [jump=Fearow]Fearow[/jump]. Plumerupt.
210: Normal, [jump=Kangaskhan]Kangaskhan[/jump]. Plumerupt

211: Dragon, [jump=Altaria]Altaria[/jump]. Boom
212: Rock, [jump=Lunatone]Lunatone[/jump]. Boomplume: 10%/20%, Plume
213: Fire, [jump=Flareon]Flareon[/jump]. Earth Power/HP Grass
214: Electric, [jump=Raikou]Raikou[/jump]. Boom (352 > 342)
215: Dark, [jump=Sharpedo]Sharpedo[/jump]. 2Plume: one burn
216: Ghost, [jump=Dusknoir]Dusknoir[/jump]. 2Plume: one burn; BB/BB split target. QC Rest, 2Plume, whatever
217: Ice, [jump=Weavile]Weavile[/jump]. Plumerupt: no burn; NS/NS on Tran1; Eruption
218: Steel, [jump=Probopass]Probopass[/jump]. 2Plume: one burn; SANDSTORM SANDSTORM. 2Plume
219: Poison, [jump=Swalot]Swalot[/jump]. Plumerupt
220: Bug, [jump=Yanmega]Yanmega[/jump]. Plumerupt

221: Grass, [jump=Bellossom]Bellossom[/jump]. Plumerupt
Hallmark IV
222: Water, [jump=Octillery]Octillery[/jump]. Boom
223: Psychic, [jump=Exeggutor]Exeggutor[/jump]. Plumerupt
224: Fighting, [jump=Primeape]Primeape[/jump]. Boom (CH on Tran 2)
225: Ground, [jump=Gliscor]Gliscor[/jump]. Plumerupt
226: Flying, [jump=Golbat]Golbat[/jump]. 2Plume
227: Dragon, [jump=Altaria]Altaria[/jump]. Boom
228: Normal, [jump=Porygon2]Porygon2[/jump]. (Probably a Trace here, wasn't looking). Boom
229: Rock, [jump=Rampardos]Rampardos[/jump]. Leer/Boom (101.3% min)
230: Fire, [jump=Entei]Entei[/jump]. Boom

231: Electric, [jump=Lanturn]Lanturn[/jump]. Boom
232: Dark, [jump=Shiftry]Shiftry[/jump]. Plumerupt
233: Ice, [jump=Abomasnow]Abomasnow[/jump]. Plumerupt
234: Steel, [jump=Steelix]Steelix[/jump]. Plumerupt
235: Ghost: [jump=Mismagius]Mismagius[/jump]. 2Plume: 47% on both; TB/TB on Tran1.
236: Poison, [jump=Drapion]Drapion[/jump]. Plumerupt
237: Bug, [jump=Forretress]Forretress[/jump]. Plumerupt
238: Grass, [jump=Cacturne]Cacturne[/jump]. Plumerupt.
Hallmark V
239: Water, [jump=Lumineon]Lumineon[/jump]. Earth Power/HP Grass (one was dumb and used ominous wind)
240: Psychic: [jump=Eggy]Eggy[/jump]. Plumerupt

241: Fighting, [jump=Infernape]Infernape[/jump] (lol). Boom, No FO
242: Ground, [jump=Gastrodon]Gastrodon[/jump] (lol). Boom, no BP
243: Flying, [jump=Honchkrow]Honchkrow[/jump]. Plumerupt
244: Dragon, [jump=Dragonite]Dragonite[/jump]. Boom
245: Normal, [jump=Stantler]Stantler[/jump]. Plumerupt
246: Rock, [jump=Tyranitar]Tyranitar[/jump]. 2plume (because I can), one burn; burned Tyra hits with SE, other misses (surprise). No burn or QC turn 2, focus on tran1: ch ap, tran1 at 2hp, tran1 at like 80%. No QC Turn 3, burn, whatever
247: Dark, [jump=Umbreon]Umbreon[/jump]. Plumerupt: one burn, both at 5% confuse ray/confuse ray, umby dies to burn. Hit self whatever other one didn't
248: Electric, [jump=Luxray]Luxray[/jump] (one Intimidate). Plumerupt
249: Fire, [jump=Magmortar]Magmortar[/jump]. Earth Power/Eruption: protect/protect, double protect works on one, whatever
250: Ghost, [jump=Banette]Banette[/jump]. Plumerupt

251: Ice, [jump=Dewgong]Dewgong[/jump]. Boomplume: CH Dewgong1, Dewgong2 dies (boom does 87.5-103% according to SDC)
252: Steel, [jump=Bronzong]Bronzong[/jump]. Protect shit etc
253: Poison, [jump=Skuntank]Skuntank[/jump]. Plumerupt.
254: Bug, [jump=Scyther]Scyther[/jump]. Plumerupt.
255: Grass, [jump=Roserade]Roserade[/jump]. Plumerupt
Hallmark VI
256: Water, [jump=Slowbro]Slowbro[/jump]. Leer/Boom
257: Psychic, [jump=Gardevoir]Gardevoir[/jump] (one Trace):
258: Fighting, [jump=Breloom]Breloom[/jump]. Plumerupt
259: Ground, [jump=Donphan]Donphan[/jump]. Plumerupt: One Protect
260: Flying, [jump=Tropius]Tropius[/jump]. Plumerupt

261: Normal, [jump=Clefable]Clefable[/jump]. Plumerupt
262: Rock, [jump=Aerodactyl]Aerodactyl[/jump]. 2Plume (i can, etc) CH Burn first time. second time 44% with SE on tran 1, burn with tran2 second time on 10% Aero, dies to burn
263: Dragon, [jump=Altaria]Altaria[/jump]. Boom
264: Ghost, [jump=Banette]Banette[/jump]. Plumerupt
265: Dark, [jump=Shiftry]Shiftry[/jump]. Plumerupt
266: Fire, [jump=Camerupt]Camerupt[/jump]. Boom
267: Electric, [jump=Luxray]Luxray[/jump]. Plumerupt
268: Ice, [jump=Piloswine]Piloswine[/jump]. 2Plume, one BP
269: (60-47238-13140) Steel, [jump=Bastiodon]Bastiodon[/jump]. Plumerupt: QC Par Thunder on Tran2 (since I didn't 2Plume like normal), double burn, eruption from 70% Tran2 takes both to 14/10%...Metal Burst on Tran2 kills, one Bastiodon dies. No QC, Plume
270: Poison, [jump=Crobat]Crobat[/jump]. 2Plume: DT/DT, hit/hit, hit/hit

271 Bug, [jump=Forretress]Forretress[/jump]. Plumerupt
272 Grass, [jump=Cradily]Cradily[/jump]. Plumerupt
Hallmark VII
273: Water, [jump=Empoleon]Empoleon[/jump]. Plumerupt
274: Psychic, [jump=Espeon]Espeon[/jump]. 2Plume
275: Fighting, [jump=Toxicroak]Toxicroak[/jump] (one Anticipation). Plumerupt
276: Ground, [jump=Torterra]Torterra[/jump]. 2Plume: first two hit and burned, second two hit
277: Flying, [jump=Gyarados]Gyarados[/jump] (finally!). Leer/Boom. if gyara were adamant like its supposed to be, id need 252atk, which still only does 99.4% min. thanks for being dumb, game!
278: Normal: [jump=Lickilicky]Lickilicky[/jump]. Leer/Boom
279: Rock, [jump=Lunatone]Lunatone[/jump]. Boomplume: CH on Luna2,
280: Dragon, [jump=Dragonite]Dragonite[/jump]. Boomplume

281: Dark, [jump=Shiftry]Shiftry[/jump]. Plumerupt
282: Electric, [jump=Rotom]Rotom[/jump]. Plumerupt: 60% to both, TB/TB on Tran2, 30%; Eruption still kills both
283: Ghost [jump=Banette]Banette[/jump]. Plumerupt
284: Fire [jump=Flareon]Flareon[/jump]. Earth Power/HP Grass
285: Ice, [jump=Dewgong]Dewgong[/jump]. Boomplume 3% 6%
286: Steel, [jump=Bastiodon]Bastiodon[/jump]. QC thunder par, ch plume, eruption cleans up
287: Poison, [jump=Roserade]Roserade[/jump]. Plumerupt
288: Bug, [jump=Yanmega]Yanmega[/jump]. Plumerupt
289: Grass, [jump=Exeggutor]Exeggutor[/jump]. Plumerupt
Hallmark VIII
290: Water, [jump=Politoed]Politoed[/jump] fuck this

[jump=Politoed]Politoed[/jump] you bitch. The combination of Damp (always on one pokemon) and Lax Incense made the Earth Power/HP Grass combo I was forced to use on very, very poor: I even dropped Toed1's SpD with the first Earth Power and was able to kill it, and still lost to the other one's two-turn Surf. Back the the drawing board I had to go, but I was somehow less deterred this time than in previous forays. I still believe in Heatran, and was not about to scrap the Eruptran Project just yet.

I knew I hadn't yet devised a "sideboard" like TRE had using Gyarados and Kingdra[/quote], and that was perhaps the most encouraging thing. If I could just make two sets that could reliably beat the 39 Water types and still not lose to at least nine other sets, then I could reliably have that sideboard and use these original sets for everything but Water as I knew they could handle already. I tried to remain logical about my options:

say you need scarf. say you can keep your current one, or whatever, hp electric over earth power. maybe that's enough for this? if you miss politoed once out of four hits you lose, whereas with sunny day over earth power, for a lava plume/sunny day/explosion set that may not need leer, you can afford to miss against poli. it's still probably best to explode with tran1 and hp grass with tran2 because of gastro (your current 374 SpA only does 98.2 min to it, btw) because sunny day does not help you with them due to earth power.

you could do modest specs tran 2, 253 speed:

tran1: lp/boom/sd...something for omastar/kabutops. hp electric (needed for gyara and because you need hp grass on tran2 for water/ground insurance)

tran2: lp/solarbeam/hp grass, because you still need insurance against the water/ground crew

if you run hp elec/specs hp grass, you can take out gyarados pretty reliably. you always kill gyara1, then gyara2 has to target tran1 to even have a chance. specs hp grass does 42.8-50.5%, and if the lone live gyarados touches tran1 then LO recoil will beat it most of the time since you do 46.7% on average and "only need" 45%. also the lone live gyara can just not target tran1 and you win there too on turn 2, so i can definitely deal with that.

So "finally" I came up with this for my sideboard:

tran1@scarf: lp/boom/sunny day/hp electric, rash, 100Atk/226SpA/184Spe
tran2@specs: lp/solarbeam/hp grass/earth power, modest, 4HP/252Spa/252Spe

Best part about this was not needing that shitload of Atk EVs for Suicune anymore, which really freed Heatran up to play to its strengths. The last thing I needed to do what determine which types required which sets. I've nicknamed my original two sets "Big Bang" because of the considerable Attack investment my Quiet Scarf one still needed to beat things like Snorlax, and my sideboard was given a rather fitting "Sunsets" nickname:

ok so what sets 100% NEED to be done with Big Bang Sets? Ironically not Water now in spite of Suicune cause of Politoed but definitely Normal cause of Lax...and this is mainly a speed issue anyway

Big Bang

([jump=Snorlax]Snorlax[/jump]: Leer/Boom)
([jump=Gliscor]Gliscor[/jump]/[jump=Garchomp]Garchomp[/jump]: Leer/Boom)
(Garchomp: Leer/Boom)
(Gliscor: Leer/Boom)
and Fighting preferred for 100% [jump=Infernape]Infernape[/jump] beating
Prefer Electric to outspeed and always beat [jump=Manectric]Manectric[/jump] and [jump=Rotom]Rotom[/jump]
preferred cause of [jump=Sharpedo]Sharpedo's[/jump] 272 speed (you must Lava Plume this no matter the set)

Sunny Side

(only reason I rererererevised)
Mildly prefer Poison because of [jump=Tentacruel]Tentacruel[/jump] I guess

Before re-EVing (again) I realized this serendipitous statistic:

technically you dont need all that attack anymore and would be much better served by investing in speed for infernape, manectric and lumineon. do this etc. you literally never lose to infernape if you Boom/Boom (unless they fake out and you CH your tran with either boom especially tran2 on tran1, which well lol)

get a new quietran with 144atk/238SpA/128Spe (Gyarados/everything/Infernape)

lmao are you serious, the 144 attack that my big bang tran2 needs is the absolute maximum that it can have and not kill big bang tran1 with a CH. "maybe it's a sign"

Maybe. The Eruptran Project has been arduous but rewarding thus far. Right now, I'm sitting on 300, and things have been going swimmingly. Here's my latest logs, which I will format like my first few when I feel like it:

Hallmark I

171: Water, [jump=Dewgong]Dewgong[/jump]. boomplume
172: Psychic, Grumpig. Boomplume
173: Electric, Ampharos. 2plume
174: Rock, Aerodactyl. HP Elec/Plume: 90% to aero1, sandstorm/sandstorm, plume kills aero1, 35% to aero2, burn
175: Ghost, Drifblim. 2plume: 50% to both, one burn
176: Steel, Scizor. 2plume: sash/sash, no burn, no care
177: Poison, Roserade. 2plume (both double protect)
178: Bug, Forretress. 2plume
179: Grass, Venusaur. 2plume double protect, then 1/2
180: Dark, Shiftry. 2plume
Big Bang

181: Normal togekiss boom hit hit
182: Flying Gyarados leer boom
183: Ground, Claydol boom
184: Fighting, Toxicroak.
185: Dragon Dragonite
186: Fire Magmortar. Earth Power/HP Grass
187: Ice Piloswine
Hallmark II
188: Normal Zangoose Plumerupt
189: Flying Honchkrow Plumerupt
190: Steel Steelix

Big Bang (wrong set but only an issue in Water)

191: Water, Seaking. Plume/HP Grass: hit, hit/burn Seaking2, HP Grass hits and kills Seaking1|Waterfall from burned Seaking2 CHes Tran1. Plume/HP Grass: hit/miss|WF on Tran1, dead, Seaking at ~25% after burn damage. HP Grass: miss|Waterfall, 30%, Seaking at ~12.5% after burn damage. HP Grass: hit, dead. Anyway, Plume does 23.6-27.8%, while HP Grass does 75.4-88.7% for a total of 99.9% min. if I hadn't re-EVed i would have had no chance to even use this safest option even given that I used the wrong set (and ran into one of the like four pokemon i didnt want to see in Lumineon, Politoed, Seaking and ironically Suicune which i would not have been able to beat with just 252 Attack (stat) Leer/Boom. Glad I let Seaking waste this much of my time but happy it wasn't more, fuck Brightpowder so much in the Hall
192: Dragon, Dragonite. Boom (CH on Tran1)
193: Fire, Magmar. Boom
194: Electric, Rotom. Plumerupt
195: Dark, Umbreon. Plumerupt
196: Ice, Regice! Most satisfying Plumerupt ever
197: Fighting, Hitmontop. Plumerupt
198: Psychic, Bronzong. Plumerupt
199: Ghost Banette
200: Steel Forry

201: Poison Roserade 2Plume
202: Rock Lunatone Boomplume
203: Bug Yanmega 2Plume
204: Grass Tropius 2Plume
Hallmark III
205: Water Milotic Boom
206: Poison Swalot 2Plume
207: Psychic Eggy 2Plume
208: Ghost Drifblim 2Plume
209: Steel Steelix
210: Bug Scyther

Big Bang
211: Normal Tauros
212: Fire Camerupt Boom
213: Fighting Breloom
214: Ground Donphan
215: Flying Noctowl
216: Dragon Dragonite Boom
217: Electric Rotom Plumerupt
218: Dark Shiftry
219: Ice Weavile
220: Grass Sceptile Plumerupt
Big Bang (only Rock left before new Hallmark)
221 Rock Cradily
Hallmark IV
222 Normal Snorlax. Leer/Boom
223 Fire Camerupt
224 Electric Raichu Plumerupt
225 Ground, Golem. Earth Power/HP Grass: Double QC, Tran2 to 1%, Tran1 dies, HP Grass kills. No QC HP Grass kills
226 Flying Charizard
227 Dragon Altaria. Boom
228 Fightimg Hitmontop
229 Dark Shiftry
230 Ice Dewgong Boomplume
231: Water, Slowbro. Sunnybeam: Kills Slowbro1, Slowbro2 uses water pulse on tran2, 30% no confusion
232: Grass, Bellossom. 2Plume
233: Poison, Drapion. 2Plume
234: Psychic, Exeggutor. 2Plume
235: Rock, Lunatone. Boomplume
236: Ghost, Dusknoir. No QC
237: Steel, Aggron.
238: Bug, Ninjask.
Hallmark V
239: Bug, Scizor (misclick, oh well. all I *have to* do with Sunsets is water)
240: Water: Poliwrath. HP Electric/HP Grass on Poli1
Big Bang
241: Normal, Kecleon
242: Fire ninetales
243: Electric, electrode Boomplume (mistake), double target tran1 with tb
244: Fighting, toxicroak
245: Ground, torterra
246: Flying, ninjask
247: Dragon Altaria boom
248: Dark, absol
249: Ice, Walrein.
250 Rock Aero 2Plume, one burn, turn two ch etc
251: Psychic, Claydol
252: poison crobat
253: steel steelix
254: Ghost banette
255: Grass Venusaur
Hallmark VI
256: Water Slowbro
257: Poison weezing
258: Psychic mr mime
259: Ghost dusclops
260: Rock, Rhyperior. Lava Plume/HP Grass: 30%/30%, burn Rhyperior1; HP Grass kills Rhyperior1|EP on Tran2, CH, kill. QC EP on Tran1, 70%; Plume, 40%, Rhyperior2 at 30%. No QC, Plume, CH, dead.
Big Bang
261: Normal, Slaking
262: Fire, Ninetales
263: Electric, Rotom
264: fighting breloom
265: Ground flygon
266: Flying Salamence: 2Plume (two ches killed sala2)
267: Dragon Dragonite (ched owntran, who cares)
268: Dark Haaaaaaaaaaanch
269: Steel Bastiodon. EP/Plume: obv qc thunder but missed
270: Ice, Weavile
Big Bang
271: Grass, Cradily
272: Bug, Scizor
Hallmark VII
273: Normal Pidgeot: Plumerupt
274: Fire, Charizard: Plumerupt
275: Electric, Raichu. Plumerupt
276: Ground, Torterra. 2Plume: miss, hit, hit hit
277: Flying, Drifblim. Plumerupt
278: Fighting, Hariyama. Plumeboom: No Fake Out, Plume hit on Thick Fat, CH on non Thick Fat to like 25%, Boom kills both (tricky cause of Fake Out threat and that Tran1 does only 95% min with boom. Both Boomplume and Plumeboom are risky cause if they target the boomer with Fake Out then they can target the Plume user with a 63-75% Vital Throw and I lose next turn when the Boomer kills all pokes with Boom (or they can just CH with Vital Throw). Tran2 boom does 100.6% min though so I always win barring this unlikely situation, and I've found that fighters rarely use FO when they can hit for SE in the Hall (I used PZ a shitload a few years ago)
279: Dragon, Flygon. Boom
280: Ice (Left Dark for Sunsets as only remaining Hallmark type "preferred" by Big Bang sets that I had to leave for Sunsets), Walrein (don't I look smart, Walrein is a primary reason i prefer to do Ice with Big Bang). Leer/Boom
281: Water, Cloyster: 2Plume (scarf plume does 105% min to both rofl rash)
282: Grass, Ludicolo. 2Plume
283: Psychic, Bronzong. 2Plume
284: Dark, Shiftry. 2Plume
285: Rock, Probopass. 2Plume: burned one which died to burn after SANDSTORM SANDSTORM
286: Steel, Steelix. 2Plume
287: Ghost, Dusknoir. 2Plume: QC CH on Tran2, left at 35%; 2Plume sweeps
288: Poison, Weezing. 2Plume
289: Bug, Armaldo. 2Plume
Hallmark VIII
290: Water, Wailord. 2Plume: hit, hit, hit, hit/burn, both Wailord at ~25%|Body Slam, Par, Water Spout, 15% to both. Tran2 Plume, hit, hit
Big Bang
291: Normal, Snorlax. Leer/Boom
292: Fire, Typhlosion. Boom
293: Electric, Raikou. Boom
294: Ground, Rhydon. Plumerupt (Plume does 27% min and Flash Fire Eruption does 77% min so I win even if I CH Rhydon into Sitrus range)
295: Flying, Salamence. 2Plume
296: Dragon, Dragonite. Boom
297: Fighting, Hitmontop. Plumerupt
298: Rock, Aerodactyl. 2Plume
299: Ice, Weavile. Plumerupt
300: Dark, Honchkrow.

I'm only at 300 now, but I'm more confident than I've ever felt that I've finally solved this beautiful puzzle that is the Doubles Battle Hall with somewhat of a challenge pokemon (I devised two Garchomp sets that can do a rather impressive number on the entire hall but that is "boring"). This is more about validation to me than anything else at this point, validation of my efforts, and validation of a pokemon I once hated. Sure, I'll be shooting for the record (613), but I'm much more interested in determining if my logic and reasoning is finally spot on enough to beat 206 other pokemon consistently. And so the Eruptran Project continues...

H271 | [a]Raichu[/a]Raichu | Adamant | Muscle Band | ThunderPunch | Brick Break | Iron Tail | Quick Attack | Atk/Spd
H272 | [a]Sandslash[/a]Sandslash | Adamant | BrightPowder | Sandstorm | Slash | Night Slash | Dig | Atk/Spd
H273 | [a]Nidoqueen[/a]Nidoqueen | Modest | Wise Glasses | Earth Power | Sludge Bomb | Attract | Shadow Ball | Def/SpA
H274 | [a]Nidoking[/a]Nidoking | Adamant | Muscle Band | Dig | Poison Jab | Attract | Megahorn | Atk/Def
H275 | [a]Clefable[/a]Clefable | Adamant | Lum Berry | Return | Ice Punch | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | Atk/Def
H276 | [a]Golbat[/a]Golbat | Modest | Razor Fang | Sludge Bomb | Ominous Wind | Giga Drain | Air Slash | Spd/SpA
H277 | [a]Vileplume[/a]Vileplume | Modest | Heat Rock | Sludge Bomb | SolarBeam | Sunny Day | Synthesis | Spd/SpA
H278 | [a]Venomoth[/a]Venomoth | Modest | Choice Specs | Bug Buzz | Psychic | Sludge Bomb | Energy Ball | Spd/SpA
H279 | [a]Persian[/a]Persian | Modest | King's Rock | Power Gem | Water Pulse | Swift | Icy Wind | Spd/SpA
H280 | [a]Primeape[/a]Primeape | Adamant | Expert Belt | Cross Chop | Gunk Shot | Seed Bomb | Stone Edge | Atk/Spd
H281 | [a]Alakazam[/a]Alakazam | Timid | Expert Belt | Psychic | Focus Blast | Energy Ball | Signal Beam | Spd/SpA
H282 | [a]Victreebel[/a]Victreebel | Modest | White Herb | Leaf Storm | Grass Knot | Toxic | Worry Seed | HP/SpA
H283 | [a]Golem[/a]Golem | Brave | Quick Claw | Stone Edge | Earth Power | Hammer Arm | Sucker Punch | Atk/SpA
H284 | [a]Slowbro[/a]Slowbro | Modest | Sitrus Berry | Water Pulse | Psychic | Ice Beam | Flamethrower | HP/SpA
H285 | [a]Magneton[/a]Magneton | Modest | Scope Lens | Tri Attack | Flash Cannon | Thunderbolt | Signal Beam | Spd/SpA
H286 | [a]Dodrio[/a]Dodrio | Jolly | Liechi Berry | Drill Peck | Rest | Steel Wing | Tri Attack | Atk/Spd
H287 | [a]Dewgong[/a]Dewgong | Modest | Chesto Berry | Signal Beam | Ice Beam | Brine | Rest | Def/SpA
H288 | [a]Hypno[/a]Hypno | Quiet | Zoom Lens | Hypnosis | Focus Blast | Psychic | Nightmare | HP/SpA
H289 | [a]Kingler[/a]Kingler | Adamant | Focus Sash | Crabhammer | X-Scissor | Superpower | Dig | HP/Atk
H290 | [a]Electrode[/a]Electrode | Naive | King's Rock | Swift | Thunderbolt | Rollout | Signal Beam | Spd/SpA
H291 | [a]Hitmonlee[/a]Hitmonlee | Jolly | Salac Berry | Endure | Reversal | Hi Jump Kick | Bounce | Atk/Spd
H292 | [a]Hitmonchan[/a]Hitmonchan | Adamant | Choice Band | Sky Uppercut | ThunderPunch | Fire Punch | Ice Punch | Atk/Spd
H293 | [a]Weezing[/a]Weezing | Calm | Black Sludge | Toxic | Dark Pulse | Flamethrower | Thunderbolt | HP/SpD
H294 | [a]Rhydon[/a]Rhydon | Adamant | Sitrus Berry | Dig | Stone Edge | Rock Slide | Megahorn | HP/Atk
H295 | [a]Chansey[/a]Chansey | Quiet | Zoom Lens | Blizzard | Thunder | Fire Blast | Return | HP/SpA
H296 | [a]Kangaskhan[/a]Kangaskhan | Adamant | Persim Berry | Dizzy Punch | Outrage | Sucker Punch | Rest | HP/Atk
H297 | [a]Seadra[/a]Seadra | Modest | Scope Lens | Dragon Pulse | Hydro Pump | Flash Cannon | Ice Beam | Spd/SpA
H298 | [a]Seaking[/a]Seaking | Adamant | BrightPowder | Megahorn | Waterfall | Poison Jab | Bounce | Atk/Spd
H299 | [a]Mr. Mime[/a]Mr. Mime | Adamant | Sitrus Berry | Power Swap | Fire Punch | Ice Punch | ThunderPunch | Atk/Spd
H300 | [a]Jynx[/a]Jynx | Timid | BrightPowder | Lovely Kiss | Blizzard | Dream Eater | Energy Ball | Spd/SpA
H301 | [a]Electabuzz[/a]Electabuzz | Adamant | Sitrus Berry | ThunderPunch | Iron Tail | Brick Break | Thief | Atk/Spd
H302 | [a]Magmar[/a]Magmar | Adamant | Sitrus Berry | Fire Punch | Iron Tail | Brick Break | Thief | Atk/Spd
H303 | [a]Tauros[/a]Tauros | Adamant | Persim Berry | Frustration | Iron Tail | Outrage | Zen Headbutt | Atk/Def
H304 | [a]Omastar[/a]Omastar | Modest | Wise Glasses | AncientPower | Hydro Pump | Ice Beam | Earth Power | HP/SpA
H305 | [a]Kabutops[/a]Kabutops | Adamant | Muscle Band | Night Slash | Waterfall | Stone Edge | X-Scissor | HP/Atk
H306 | [a]Noctowl[/a]Noctowl | Modest | Leftovers | Extrasensory | Air Slash | Silver Wind | Ominous Wind | HP/SpA
H307 | [a]Lanturn[/a]Lanturn | Modest | Sitrus Berry | Discharge | Brine | Signal Beam | Ice Beam | HP/SpA
H308 | [a]Xatu[/a]Xatu | Modest | Leftovers | Psychic | Air Cutter | Ominous Wind | Silver Wind | Spd/SpA
H309 | [a]Bellossom[/a]Bellossom | Brave | Big Root | Leaf Blade | Drain Punch | Stun Spore | Leaf Storm | Atk/Def
H310 | [a]Jumpluff[/a]Jumpluff | Adamant | BrightPowder | Seed Bomb | Leech Seed | U-turn | Bounce | Atk/Spd
H311 | [a]Slowking[/a]Slowking | Modest | Leftovers | Psychic | Water Pulse | Power Gem | Shadow Ball | SpA/SpD
H312 | [a]Girafarig[/a]Girafarig | Adamant | Lum Berry | Crunch | Zen Headbutt | Return | Mirror Coat | Atk/Spd
H313 | [a]Forretress[/a]Forretress | Brave | Lum Berry | Gyro Ball | Payback | Bug Bite | Counter | HP/Atk
H314 | [a]Granbull[/a]Granbull | Adamant | Focus Band | Return | Crunch | Close Combat | Stone Edge | Atk/Def
H315 | [a]Piloswine[/a]Piloswine | Adamant | BrightPowder | Ice Fang | Dig | Body Slam | Hail | Atk/Def
H316 | [a]Octillery[/a]Octillery | Brave | Scope Lens | Octazooka | Gunk Shot | Rock Blast | Seed Bomb | Atk/SpA
H317 | [a]Mantine[/a]Mantine | Mild | Expert Belt | Signal Beam | Earthquake | Surf | Aerial Ace | Spd/SpA
H318 | [a]Skarmory[/a]Skarmory | Adamant | Razor Claw | Rock Slide | Night Slash | Steel Wing | Drill Peck | Atk/Spd
H319 | [a]Stantler[/a]Stantler | Rash | King's Rock | Extrasensory | Thunder | Facade | Shadow Ball | Spd/SpA
H320 | [a]Hitmontop[/a]Hitmontop | Adamant | Salac Berry | Triple Kick | Aerial Ace | Thief | Twister | Atk/Spd
H321 | [a]Miltank[/a]Miltank | Adamant | Leftovers | Body Slam | Zen Headbutt | Hammer Arm | Iron Tail | Atk/Def
H322 | [a]Ludicolo[/a]Ludicolo | Modest | Leftovers | Giga Drain | Water Pulse | Rain Dance | Ice Beam | Def/SpA
H323 | [a]Shiftry[/a]Shiftry | Modest | White Herb | Leaf Storm | Extrasensory | Dark Pulse | Focus Blast | Spd/SpA
H324 | [a]Breloom[/a]Breloom | Adamant | Expert Belt | Sky Uppercut | Seed Bomb | Stone Edge | ThunderPunch | Atk/Spd
H325 | [a]Vigoroth[/a]Vigoroth | Adamant | Razor Claw | Slash | Night Slash | Shadow Claw | ThunderPunch | Atk/Spd
H326 | [a]Ninjask[/a]Ninjask | Adamant | Liechi Berry | X-Scissor | Aerial Ace | Dig | Slash | Atk/Def
H327 | [a]Exploud[/a]Exploud | Modest | Metronome | Hyper Voice | Water Pulse | Flamethrower | Ice Beam | Def/SpA
H328 | [a]Hariyama[/a]Hariyama | Brave | Focus Band | Vital Throw | Payback | Fake Out | ThunderPunch | HP/Atk
H329 | [a]Manectric[/a]Manectric | Modest | Focus Sash | Thunder | Flamethrower | Swift | Signal Beam | Spd/SpA
H330 | [a]Swalot[/a]Swalot | Adamant | Expert Belt | Toxic | Ice Punch | Fire Punch | ThunderPunch | HP/Atk
H331 | [a]Sharpedo[/a]Sharpedo | Adamant | Focus Sash | Crunch | Waterfall | Ice Fang | Zen Headbutt | Atk/Spd
H332 | [a]Camerupt[/a]Camerupt | Modest | Power Herb | Eruption | Earth Power | AncientPower | SolarBeam | SpA/SpD
H333 | [a]Torkoal[/a]Torkoal | Quiet | White Herb | Overheat | Body Slam | Earth Power | Stone Edge | Atk/SpA
H334 | [a]Grumpig[/a]Grumpig | Modest | Wise Glasses | Psychic | Power Gem | Energy Ball | Focus Blast | SpA/SpD
H335 | [a]Cacturne[/a]Cacturne | Adamant | Metronome | Sucker Punch | Needle Arm | Drain Punch | ThunderPunch | Atk/SpD
H336 | [a]Altaria[/a]Altaria | Modest | Leftovers | Dragon Pulse | Air Cutter | Flamethrower | Ominous Wind | Spd/SpA
H337 | [a]Zangoose[/a]Zangoose | Adamant | Razor Claw | Crush Claw | Shadow Claw | Close Combat | Fire Punch | Atk/Spd
H338 | [a]Seviper[/a]Seviper | Adamant | Leftovers | Poison Fang | Night Slash | Aqua Tail | Iron Tail | Atk/Def
H339 | [a]Lunatone[/a]Lunatone | Modest | Wise Glasses | Psychic | AncientPower | Signal Beam | Earth Power | Spd/SpA
H340 | [a]Solrock[/a]Solrock | Adamant | Muscle Band | Stone Edge | Zen Headbutt | Earthquake | Iron Head | Atk/Spd
H341 | [a]Whiscash[/a]Whiscash | Quiet | Lax Incense | Earth Power | Water Pulse | Future Sight | Blizzard | SpA/SpD
H342 | [a]Crawdaunt[/a]Crawdaunt | Adamant | Quick Claw | Crunch | Crabhammer | Body Slam | Aerial Ace | Atk/Def
H343 | [a]Cradily[/a]Cradily | Modest | Big Root | AncientPower | Giga Drain | Sludge Bomb | Earth Power | Def/SpA
H344 | [a]Armaldo[/a]Armaldo | Adamant | Razor Claw | X-Scissor | Stone Edge | Aqua Tail | Aerial Ace | Atk/Def
H345 | [a]Kecleon[/a]Kecleon | Jolly | Expert Belt | Dizzy Punch | Drain Punch | Shadow Claw | Aerial Ace | Atk/Spd
H346 | [a]Banette[/a]Banette | Lonely | Wise Glasses | Shadow Claw | Sucker Punch | Thunderbolt | Icy Wind | Atk/SpA
H347 | [a]Dusclops[/a]Dusclops | Adamant | Quick Claw | Shadow Punch | Ice Punch | ThunderPunch | Fire Punch | HP/Atk
H348 | [a]Tropius[/a]Tropius | Modest | White Herb | Leaf Storm | Air Slash | Twister | Ominous Wind | HP/SpA
H349 | [a]Absol[/a]Absol | Jolly | Focus Sash | Psycho Cut | Night Slash | Shadow Claw | Slash | Atk/Spd
H350 | [a]Glalie[/a]Glalie | Modest | Lum Berry | Ice Beam | Dark Pulse | Water Pulse | Signal Beam | Spd/SpA
H351 | [a]Huntail[/a]Huntail | Adamant | Muscle Band | Aqua Tail | Crunch | Body Slam | Bounce | Atk/SpD
H352 | [a]Gorebyss[/a]Gorebyss | Modest | Wise Glasses | Psychic | Brine | Signal Beam | Shadow Ball | SpA/SpD
H353 | [a]Relicanth[/a]Relicanth | Brave | Shell Bell | Head Smash | Aqua Tail | Earth Power | Double-Edge | HP/Atk
H354 | [a]Staraptor[/a]Staraptor | Adamant | Liechi Berry | Brave Bird | Close Combat | Quick Attack | U-turn | Atk/Spd
H355 | [a]Rampardos[/a]Rampardos | Adamant | Shell Bell | Head Smash | Zen Headbutt | Avalanche | Fire Punch | HP/Atk
H356 | [a]Bastiodon[/a]Bastiodon | Quiet | Quick Claw | Metal Burst | Blizzard | Thunder | Fire Blast | HP/SpA
H357 | [a]Vespiquen[/a]Vespiquen | Brave | BrightPowder | Power Gem | Attack Order | Ominous Wind | Air Cutter | Atk/SpA
H358 | [a]Floatzel[/a]Floatzel | Adamant | Liechi Berry | Waterfall | Crunch | Ice Punch | Brick Break | Atk/Spd
H359 | [a]Cherrim[/a]Cherrim | Naive | Heat Rock | Sunny Day | SolarBeam | Synthesis | Return | Spd/SpA
H360 | [a]Gastrodon[/a]Gastrodon | Modest | Lax Incense | Muddy Water | Earth Power | Blizzard | Sludge Bomb | HP/SpA
H361 | [a]Ambipom[/a]Ambipom | Naughty | Expert Belt | Double Hit | Shock Wave | Aerial Ace | Water Pulse | Atk/SpA
H362 | [a]Drifblim[/a]Drifblim | Modest | Petaya Berry | Shadow Ball | Psychic | Thunderbolt | Air Cutter | Spd/SpA
H363 | [a]Lopunny[/a]Lopunny | Jolly | Sticky Barb | Switcheroo | Dizzy Punch | Bounce | Protect | Atk/Spd
H364 | [a]Mismagius[/a]Mismagius | Modest | Petaya Berry | Shadow Ball | Energy Ball | Thunderbolt | Psychic | Spd/SpA
H365 | [a]Purugly[/a]Purugly | Adamant | King's Rock | Body Slam | Shadow Claw | U-turn | Iron Tail | Atk/Def
H366 | [a]Skuntank[/a]Skuntank | Naughty | Expert Belt | Flamethrower | Poison Jab | Dark Pulse | Iron Tail | Atk/SpA
H367 | [a]Spiritomb[/a]Spiritomb | Modest | Petaya Berry | Dark Pulse | Ominous Wind | Silver Wind | Icy Wind | HP/SpA
H368 | [a]Toxicroak[/a]Toxicroak | Brave | Liechi Berry | Poison Jab | Revenge | Bullet Punch | X-Scissor | Atk/Def
H369 | [a]Carnivine[/a]Carnivine | Adamant | Leftovers | Power Whip | Crunch | Ingrain | Leech Seed | HP/Atk
H370 | [a]Lumineon[/a]Lumineon | Timid | BrightPowder | Silver Wind | Ominous Wind | Water Pulse | Air Cutter | Spd/SpA
H371 | [a]Abomasnow[/a]Abomasnow | Adamant | Sitrus Berry | Wood Hammer | Avalanche | Brick Break | Iron Tail | HP/Atk
H372 | [a]Froslass[/a]Froslass | Calm | BrightPowder | Hail | Blizzard | Ominous Wind | Psychic | Spd/SpA
H373 | [a]Rotom[/a]Rotom | Timid | Petaya Berry | Shadow Ball | Thunderbolt | Signal Beam | Swift | Spd/SpA
H374 | [a]Pidgeot[/a]Pidgeot | Modest | Wise Glasses | Ominous Wind | Heat Wave | Air Slash | Uproar | Spd/SpA
H375 | [a]Fearow[/a]Fearow | Jolly | Muscle Band | Drill Peck | U-turn | Steel Wing | Faint Attack | Atk/Spd
H376 | [a]Blastoise[/a]Blastoise | Quiet | Focus Sash | Yawn | Hydro Cannon | Return | Protect | SpA/SpD
H377 | [a]Ninetales[/a]Ninetales | Mild | White Herb | Will-O-Wisp | Confuse Ray | Quick Attack | Overheat | Spd/SpA
H378 | [a]Golduck[/a]Golduck | Mild | Petaya Berry | Brine | Aqua Jet | Hydro Pump | Return | Spd/SpA
H379 | [a]Arcanine[/a]Arcanine | Adamant | Razor Claw | ExtremeSpeed | Flare Blitz | Facade | Will-O-Wisp | Atk/Spd
H380 | [a]Poliwrath[/a]Poliwrath | Quiet | Zoom Lens | Focus Blast | Surf | Hypnosis | Vacuum Wave | Def/SpA
H381 | [a]Machamp[/a]Machamp | Brave | Focus Band | DynamicPunch | Vacuum Wave | Foresight | Revenge | Atk/Def
H382 | [a]Tentacruel[/a]Tentacruel | Adamant | BrightPowder | Waterfall | Poison Jab | Toxic | Dive | Atk/SpD
H383 | [a]Rapidash[/a]Rapidash | Lonely | Razor Fang | Flare Blitz | Quick Attack | Stomp | Overheat | Atk/SpA
H384 | [a]Muk[/a]Muk | Careful | Black Sludge | Gunk Shot | Frustration | Toxic | Acid Armor | Def/SpD
H385 | [a]Cloyster[/a]Cloyster | Rash | Scope Lens | Ice Beam | Iron Defense | Spike Cannon | Brine | Atk/SpA
H386 | [a]Gengar[/a]Gengar | Timid | Razor Fang | Shadow Ball | Sludge Bomb | Hypnosis | Nightmare | Spd/SpA
H387 | [a]Exeggutor[/a]Exeggutor | Adamant | Liechi Berry | Wood Hammer | Zen Headbutt | Rest | Sleep Talk | HP/Atk
H388 | [a]Starmie[/a]Starmie | Timid | BrightPowder | Hydro Pump | Psychic | Recover | Double Team | Spd/SpA
H389 | [a]Scyther[/a]Scyther | Jolly | Focus Sash | X-Scissor | Aerial Ace | Swords Dance | Quick Attack | Atk/Spd
H390 | [a]Pinsir[/a]Pinsir | Jolly | Salac Berry | X-Scissor | Giga Impact | Swords Dance | Quick Attack | Atk/Spd
H391 | [a]Gyarados[/a]Gyarados | Lonely | Life Orb | Bounce | Waterfall | Dragon Dance | Brine | Atk/Spd
H392 | [a]Lapras[/a]Lapras | Modest | Lum Berry | Blizzard | Surf | Rest | Sleep Talk | HP/SpA
H393 | [a]Vaporeon[/a]Vaporeon | Mild | Expert Belt | Surf | Quick Attack | Aqua Ring | Yawn | HP/SpA
H394 | [a]Jolteon[/a]Jolteon | Rash | Expert Belt | Discharge | Quick Attack | Double Team | Thunder Wave | Spd/SpA
H395 | [a]Flareon[/a]Flareon | Mild | Expert Belt | Lava Plume | Quick Attack | Protect | Will-O-Wisp | SpA
H396 | [a]Aerodactyl[/a]Aerodactyl | Adamant | Leftovers | Stone Edge | Aerial Ace | Sandstorm | Fly | Atk/Spd
H397 | [a]Snorlax[/a]Snorlax | Brave | Choice Band | Crunch | Giga Impact | Zen Headbutt | Brick Break | Atk/Def
H398 | [a]Articuno[/a]Articuno | Modest | Apicot Berry | Blizzard | Air Cutter | Reflect | Roost | Def/SpA
H399 | [a]Zapdos[/a]Zapdos | Modest | Ganlon Berry | Thunder | Air Cutter | Light Screen | Roost | SpA/SpD
H400 | [a]Moltres[/a]Moltres | Modest | Razor Claw | Fire Blast | Air Cutter | Sky Attack | Roost | Def/SpA
H401 | [a]Dragonite[/a]Dragonite | Adamant | Lum Berry | Roost | Outrage | Aerial Ace | Dragon Dance | Atk/Spd
H402 | [a]Meganium[/a]Meganium | Quiet | Focus Sash | Energy Ball | Magical Leaf | Body Slam | Counter | HP/SpA
H403 | [a]Typhlosion[/a]Typhlosion | Timid | White Herb | Eruption | Quick Attack | Overheat | Swift | Spd/SpA
H404 | [a]Feraligatr[/a]Feraligatr | Naive | Salac Berry | Aqua Tail | Slash | Endure | Rain Dance | Atk/Spd
H405 | [a]Crobat[/a]Crobat | Jolly | BrightPowder | Brave Bird | Cross Poison | Double Team | Toxic | Atk/Spd
H406 | [a]Ampharos[/a]Ampharos | Quiet | Light Clay | Light Screen | Rest | Thunder | Snore | Def/SpA
H407 | [a]Politoed[/a]Politoed | Modest | Lax Incense | Hyper Voice | Surf | Rest | Snore | Spd/SpA
H408 | [a]Espeon[/a]Espeon | Modest | BrightPowder | Psychic | Swift | Double Team | Morning Sun | Spd/SpA
H409 | [a]Umbreon[/a]Umbreon | Relaxed | Leftovers | Facade | Sucker Punch | Confuse Ray | Moonlight | Def/SpD
H410 | [a]Steelix[/a]Steelix | Brave | Iron Ball | Gyro Ball | Dig | Sandstorm | Curse | Atk/Def
H411 | [a]Scizor[/a]Scizor | Brave | Focus Sash | Swords Dance | X-Scissor | Counter | Bullet Punch | HP/Atk
H412 | [a]Shuckle[/a]Shuckle | Careful | Smooth Rock | Bug Bite | Rollout | Sandstorm | Protect | HP/SpD
H413 | [a]Heracross[/a]Heracross | Jolly | Salac Berry | Megahorn | Close Combat | Facade | Reversal | Atk/Spd
H414 | [a]Ursaring[/a]Ursaring | Adamant | Focus Band | Frustration | Rest | Sleep Talk | ThunderPunch | Atk/Def
H415 | [a]Houndoom[/a]Houndoom | Mild | Choice Scarf | Dark Pulse | Flamethrower | Crunch | Fire Fang | Atk/SpA
H416 | [a]Kingdra[/a]Kingdra | Modest | Scope Lens | Dragon Pulse | Hydro Pump | Yawn | Brine | Spd/SpA
H417 | [a]Donphan[/a]Donphan | Adamant | Leftovers | Earthquake | Giga Impact | Protect | Sandstorm | Atk/Def
H418 | [a]Porygon2[/a]Porygon2 | Rash | Quick Claw | Tri Attack | Return | Psychic | Zen Headbutt | Atk/SpA
H419 | [a]Blissey[/a]Blissey | Sassy | Lum Berry | Return | Softboiled | Fire Blast | Minimize | Def/SpD
H420 | [a]Raikou[/a]Raikou | Naive | Scope Lens | Thunder | Quick Attack | Reflect | Thunder Fang | Spd/SpA
H421 | [a]Entei[/a]Entei | Rash | Quick Claw | Eruption | Rock Climb | Flamethrower | Fire Fang | Spd/SpA
H422 | [a]Suicune[/a]Suicune | Bold | Sitrus Berry | Mirror Coat | Facade | Hydro Pump | Reflect | Def/SpD
H423 | [a]Tyranitar[/a]Tyranitar | Brave | Quick Claw | Stone Edge | Crunch | Dark Pulse | AncientPower | Atk/SpA
H424 | [a]Sceptile[/a]Sceptile | Naughty | Scope Lens | Leaf Blade | Quick Attack | Leaf Storm | Grass Knot | Atk/Spd
H425 | [a]Blaziken[/a]Blaziken | Lonely | Liechi Berry | Blaze Kick | Sky Uppercut | Focus Blast | Quick Attack | Atk/Spd
H426 | [a]Swampert[/a]Swampert | Quiet | BrightPowder | Muddy Water | Mud Bomb | Substitute | Rest | SpA/SpD
H427 | [a]Gardevoir[/a]Gardevoir | Timid | Sticky Barb | Psychic | Trick | Swift | Protect | Spd/SpA
H428 | [a]Slaking[/a]Slaking | Adamant | Leftovers | Encore | Counter | Frustration | Faint Attack | Atk/Def
H429 | [a]Aggron[/a]Aggron | Adamant | Zoom Lens | Stone Edge | Iron Tail | Metal Burst | Sandstorm | Atk/Def
H430 | [a]Wailord[/a]Wailord | Quiet | BrightPowder | Water Spout | Sleep Talk | Body Slam | Rest | HP/SpA
H431 | [a]Flygon[/a]Flygon | Modest | Wise Glasses | Earth Power | Dragon Pulse | Sandstorm | Roost | Spd/SpA
H432 | [a]Claydol[/a]Claydol | Rash | Choice Scarf | Earth Power | Psychic | Earthquake | Zen Headbutt | Atk/SpA
H433 | [a]Milotic[/a]Milotic | Quiet | Life Orb | Rest | Sleep Talk | Hydro Pump | Facade | Atk/SpA
H434 | [a]Walrein[/a]Walrein | Quiet | Icy Rock | Blizzard | Dive | Hail | Brine | HP/SpA
H435 | [a]Cresselia[/a]Cresselia | Lonely | Leftovers | Psychic | Psycho Cut | Slash | Psycho Shift | Atk/SpA
H436 | [a]Salamence[/a]Salamence | Adamant | Liechi Berry | Dragon Claw | Aerial Ace | Frustration | Roost | Atk/Spd
H437 | [a]Metagross[/a]Metagross | Adamant | Quick Claw | Meteor Mash | Zen Headbutt | Bullet Punch | Light Screen | Atk/Def
H438 | [a]Regirock[/a]Regirock | Brave | Sitrus Berry | Stone Edge | AncientPower | Giga Impact | Thunder Wave | Atk/SpA
H439 | [a]Regice[/a]Regice | Quiet | Sitrus Berry | Blizzard | Avalanche | Hyper Beam | Thunder Wave | Atk/SpA
H440 | [a]Registeel[/a]Registeel | Brave | Sitrus Berry | Iron Head | Flash Cannon | Giga Impact | Thunder Wave | Atk/SpA
H441 | [a]Latias[/a]Latias | Modest | Salac Berry | Mist Ball | Dragon Pulse | Recover | Captivate | SpA/SpD
H442 | [a]Latios[/a]Latios | Modest | Salac Berry | Luster Purge | Dragon Pulse | Recover | Captivate | SpA/SpD
H443 | [a]Torterra[/a]Torterra | Brave | Lax Incense | Wood Hammer | Mud-Slap | Rest | Sleep Talk | HP/Atk
H444 | [a]Infernape[/a]Infernape | Adamant | Life Orb | Close Combat | Flare Blitz | Mach Punch | Fake Out | Atk/Spd
H445 | [a]Empoleon[/a]Empoleon | Mild | Petaya Berry | Flash Cannon | Hydro Pump | Aqua Jet | Yawn | SpA/SpD
H446 | [a]Luxray[/a]Luxray | Naive | King's Rock | Spark | Thunderbolt | Quick Attack | Thunder Wave | Atk/Spd
H447 | [a]Roserade[/a]Roserade | Modest | White Herb | Weather Ball | Leaf Storm | Protect | Toxic | Spd/SpA
H448 | [a]Honchkrow[/a]Honchkrow | Lonely | Quick Claw | Dark Pulse | Night Slash | Drill Peck | Air Cutter | Atk/SpA
H449 | [a]Bronzong[/a]Bronzong | Quiet | Leftovers | Extrasensory | Flash Cannon | Trick Room | Protect | Def/SpA
H450 | [a]Garchomp[/a]Garchomp | Adamant | Persim Berry | Outrage | Sandstorm | Dig | Twister | Atk/Spd
H451 | [a]Lucario[/a]Lucario | Brave | Liechi Berry | Aura Sphere | Focus Punch | ExtremeSpeed | Substitute | Atk/SpA
H452 | [a]Hippowdon[/a]Hippowdon | Adamant | Liechi Berry | Double-Edge | Earthquake | Yawn | Slack Off | Atk/Def
H453 | [a]Drapion[/a]Drapion | Adamant | Razor Claw | Cross Poison | Night Slash | Slash | Acupressure | Atk/Def
H454 | [a]Weavile[/a]Weavile | Adamant | Focus Sash | Night Slash | Ice Punch | Ice Shard | Quick Attack | Atk/Spd
H455 | [a]Magnezone[/a]Magnezone | Bold | Ganlon Berry | Flash Cannon | Tri Attack | Thunder | Mirror Coat | Def/SpA
H456 | [a]Lickilicky[/a]Lickilicky | Adamant | Expert Belt | ThunderPunch | Ice Punch | Fire Punch | Body Slam | Atk/Def
H457 | [a]Rhyperior[/a]Rhyperior | Brave | Quick Claw | Rock Wrecker | Earth Power | Giga Impact | Reversal | Atk/Def
H458 | [a]Tangrowth[/a]Tangrowth | Lonely | Lax Incense | Wring Out | Grass Knot | Sunny Day | SolarBeam | HP/SpA
H459 | [a]Electivire[/a]Electivire | Naughty | Life Orb | ThunderPunch | Giga Impact | Discharge | Quick Attack | Atk/Spd
H460 | [a]Magmortar[/a]Magmortar | Mild | Lax Incense | Fire Blast | Hyper Beam | SmokeScreen | Protect | Spd/SpA
H461 | [a]Togekiss[/a]Togekiss | Modest | BrightPowder | Air Slash | Aura Sphere | Thunder Wave | Roost | SpA/SpD
H462 | [a]Yanmega[/a]Yanmega | Rash | Petaya Berry | Bug Buzz | Air Slash | Endure | Reversal | Def/SpA
H463 | [a]Leafeon[/a]Leafeon | Naughty | Scope Lens | Quick Attack | Leaf Blade | Grass Knot | Razor Leaf | Atk/Spd
H464 | [a]Glaceon[/a]Glaceon | Rash | Icy Rock | Hail | Blizzard | Ice Shard | Swift | Spd/SpA
H465 | [a]Gliscor[/a]Gliscor | Adamant | Liechi Berry | Earthquake | Sandstorm | Aerial Ace | Quick Attack | Atk/Spd
H466 | [a]Mamoswine[/a]Mamoswine | Modest | Leftovers | Blizzard | Hail | Earth Power | Amnesia | HP/SpA
H467 | [a]Porygon-z[/a]Porygon-z | Modest | Expert Belt | Tri Attack | Dark Pulse | Psychic | Signal Beam | Spd/SpA
H468 | [a]Gallade[/a]Gallade | Adamant | Salac Berry | Psycho Cut | Close Combat | Swords Dance | Vacuum Wave | Atk/Spd
H469 | [a]Probopass[/a]Probopass | Calm | Focus Band | Flash Cannon | Power Gem | Substitute | Sandstorm | SpA/SpD
H470 | [a]Dusknoir[/a]Dusknoir | Careful | Quick Claw | Rest | Curse | Shadow Punch | Brick Break | Def/SpD
H471 | [a]Uxie[/a]Uxie | Bold | Focus Band | Extrasensory | Yawn | Dream Eater | Swift | Def/SpD
H472 | [a]Mesprit[/a]Mesprit | Timid | Light Clay | Extrasensory | Light Screen | Reflect | Swift | Spd/SpA
H473 | [a]Azelf[/a]Azelf | Adamant | Flame Orb | Zen Headbutt | Return | Trick | Facade | Atk/Spd
H474 | [a]Heatran[/a]Heatran | Modest | Focus Band | Magma Storm | Flash Cannon | Lava Plume | Metal Sound | SpA/SpD
H475 | [a]Venusaur[/a]Venusaur | Quiet | Focus Sash | Toxic | Frenzy Plant | Sludge | Protect | Atk/SpA
H476 | [a]Charizard[/a]Charizard | Quiet | Focus Sash | Will-O-Wisp | Air Slash | Protect | Blast Burn | Atk/SpA
H477 | [a]Regigigas[/a]Regigigas | Impish | Lum Berry | Zen Headbutt | Confuse Ray | Drain Punch | Dizzy Punch | Atk/Def


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Congratulations on making Heatran work for you Jumpman. It was interesting to read through the formation of your team. I look forward to hearing more about it in the future.

Ok I don't normally post teams in planning before I actually try them, but considering I have very little time to RNG and train stuff, I thought I'd post it to see what people thought. Be nice lol:

Shuppet @ Focus Sash
Thunder Wave
Destiny Bond
filler (Flash? Grudge? Trick to remove harmful items? Skill Swap to remove harmful abilities?)


(insert crippler here)


Dragonite @ Leftovers
Dragon Claw
Dragon Dance

Basically I was trying to come up with a lead for a cripple team that would be able to kill instantly any lead that I didn't feel "comfortable" setting up against. If this is the case I'll go an a suicude mission with Destiny Bond. If not, I'll go ahead and cripple as much as possible with the moves I have until I die.

I chose Shuppet over Banette for its lower defences to encourage direct offense. Its Ghost typing gives it a Fake Out immunity and I would probably use Frisk to scout for the item (and by extention set). Not sure what crippler I'd use. I was originally thinking about Shuckle, with maybe Trick Room on Shuppet for support, but I think I'd rather have something with Taunt to stop set ups. Whimsicott is the obvious choice, though it can't have Focus Sash anymore (in that case, maybe I should pull out my Eviolite Cottonee again). Yes, I know Dragonite is boring but it is currently the best known set up sweeper for crippler teams and because this is the first time I'm trying something like this I think it would be better to use Dragonite to make things a bit easier for me.

Could this work? I know there is bound to be some threat I'm overlooking. I'm also undecided as to whether this is pointless or not, because Dragonite can set up on pretty much anything anyway so I could just use 2 regular cripplers and do it that way, so why bother using this beyond just being "different"?


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Well, as my last few posts suggest, the allure of Truant Durant has proven too strong for me, and after a little theorymoning, I've put together a pretty successful streak. It's still active at 406, but after finishing the first set over 400, I'm at a good place to pause, write things up, and discuss potential improvements.

My team:

Durant @Choice Scarf
Trait: Truant
Nature: Jolly (+Spd, - Spa)
-Iron Head

Stats: 165/129/132/61/69/177 (265 speed with Scarf)
IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
EVs: 252/0/0/0/4/252

Cloyster @Focus Sash
Trait: Skill Link
Nature: Adamant (+Att, -Spa)

-Shell Smash
-Icicle Spear
-Rock Blast

Stats: 126/161/200/81/65/122
IVs: 31/31/31/1/31/31
EVs: 4/252/0/0/0/252

Garchomp @Lum Berry
Trait: Rough Skin
Nature: Jolly (+Spd, -Spa)
-Swords Dance

Stats: 184/182/115/90/105/169
IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
EVs: 4/252/0/0/0/252

The basic idea is obvious. Entrainment on the first turn to reset the opponent's lead poke's ability to Truant. Switch to Cloyster while the opponent loafs around, alternate Protect and Shell Smash to get Cloyster to +6 in Attack and Speed, and then sweep. Obviously every match doesn't play out quite so simply, but this is the goal.

Durant leads things off, and Entrainment is obviously at the center of the strategy. At 265 speed with a Choice Scarf, Durant outspeeds the entire Subway (barring priority moves), and so can usually fire off a first turn Entrainment before other pokes have the chance to OHKO it with a powerful special or Fire move, flinch it, status it, or otherwise interfere. Once the opponent is successfully Entrained, Durant can switch out and let Cloyster (or occasionally Garchomp) set up.

Protect seems suboptimal on a poke that can only move every other turn, but it is there for when the opponent's lead either has the ability Trace or is already Truant (e.g. is a Slaking). Without Protect, I have to let the opponent get a free hit on Durant before switching out so that my sweeper comes in unscathed. With Protect, I Protect on the first turn, and then switch out on the second, letting my sweeper freely set up while keeping Durant unharmed. X-Scissor and Iron Head are only used rarely, but once in a while the opponent's last poke will manage to absorb a hit from my last sweeper and kill it, but will be at low health. The attacking STABs allow Durant to finish off such a weakened third poke.

Because of how easy it typically is to set up and sweep after an Entrainment, a natural question is how this team deals with lead pokes that can either prevent or neutralize Durant's Entrainment. As noted earlier, non-priority attacks or defensive moves like Substitute don't worry me, because Durant is fast enough to outrun them all. Priority moves, and moves that allow the opponent to switch pokemon after the Entrainment, on the other hand, are a concern, with the biggest suspects being Fake Out, Protect/Detect, U-turn, and Volt Switch.

With a Fake Out lead, I consider how hard the other moves hit. Given Durant's good physical defense and very strong typing combination, certain Fake Outers can't really hurt Durant. In such a situation, I just stay in, taking the Fake Out on turn 1, absorbing whatever weak attack follows, and Entraining successfully on turn 3. Where the opposing Fake Outer can beat Durant, such as an Infernape or Mienshao, I immediately switch to Garchomp, which takes the Fake Out and does a little damage back with Rough Skin. At that point, Garchomp can sometimes set up or at least KO the lead on its own, but it will often just get knocked out. This is fine, however, since I can then bring Durant back in, safely use Entrainment, and set up Cloyster.

Protect and Detect are more interesting, since the AI can use these moves multiple times, potentially shutting down multiple Entrainment attempts, but tends to use them rather randomly. If the opponent can't really hurt Durant too much, I'll often stay in, and usually get the chance to Entrain eventually, given the AI's loose wiring. Sometimes, for example the AI will protect on both the first and second turns, making a third turn protect extremely unlikely and likely to fail even if used. Note also that if the opponent thinks it can get a KO by attacking, it will almost always use the KO attack rather than Protect. Accordingly, if the opponent Protects on turn 1 and does between 50% and 100% to Durant on turn 2, I can almost always resolve Entrainment on turn 3. If I'm in doubt about how to handle a Protecter, I'll usually just switch to Garchomp, who is my most "disposable" poke, and can often set up a Swords Dance unaided and then KO the Protect user, leaving Durant around to Entrain later, and keeping Cloyster's Focus Sash intact.

U-turn looks like a big threat, but in fact is not typically an issue. The reason is that it's a physical move that Durant resists. The AI will almost never attack Durant with it on the first turn because there's usually almost always another move that hits harder, and once the foe is Entrained, later uses of U-turn won't matter, since Protect used by a sweeper while it sets up not only prevents the damage, it also stops the U-turn switch.

Volt Switch is much more threatening. It's a special move, and so hits Durant's much weaker Special Defense, and Durant does not resist Electric attacks, so the AI will often lead with it. A lead Volt Switch from a hard hitting special attacker can do a double whammy on me, both negating my Entrainment and OHKOing Durant, denying me the chance to Entrain another poke and set up later on. When facing a Volt Switcher, I immediately switch to Garchomp. Garchomp typically is very strong against Volt Switchers, switching in for free due to its immunity and then setting up or unleashing a devastating STAB Earthquake. Volt Switch is such a threat that if I ever replace Garchomp as my secondary sweeper, I can't see myself using a poke that doesn't likewise handle Volt Switchers. Volt Switch Magnet Pull Magnezone deserves special mention. Naturally, I can't switch out of it, and so am likely lose my Durant either to the Volt Switch or the alternative choice of Thunderbolt. However, I'm usually still fine, since Garchomp can still come in and dominate, and won't even have to worry about Sturdy messing with its OHKO. Still, a lead Volt Switching Magnezone is one of the larger threats to this team, and if the opponent has the wrong partners for it, I could be in trouble.

Cloyster is my primary sweeper, and I've been very pleased with its effectiveness. Since I can use Protect to set up unscathed against a Truant opponent, Focus Sash gives Cloyster an "extra life," making sweeping much easier. Icicle Spear hits ridiculously hard at +6, OHKOing even many things that resist it, and its multi-hit nature means that opposing Sturdy and Focused Sashed pokes are not a problem. Also nice is that nothing is immune to Ice attacks.

Rock Blast is used much less often due to the risk of missing with its 90% accuracy, but is essential against certain bulky Waters and especially Water/Ices. Icicle Spear is walled pretty badly by Thick Fat Dewgong, for example! This miss chance is a real pain, so it's important not to use Rock Blast when it can be avoided. For example, most opposing fire types (save Heatran and Bulky Quiver Dance Volcarona) are frail enough that not very effective Icicle Spear still OHKOs them, and so it is foolish to turn to super effective Rock Blast. Likewise, especially on the opponent's final poke, it is often better to go for a sure 2HKO from Icicle Spear than go for the OHKO from Rock Blast. Sure, the chance of missing two Rock Blasts in a row is only 1%, but part of building long streaks is minimizing the chance for even highly unlikely hax to wreck you, so it's important to play around it where you can. Also remember that where Icicle Spear fails to OHKO, it usually still comes pretty close. This means that on a final poke, even if Cloyster is KOed after using Icicle Spear, the opponent is typically low enough for Durant to finish off. Similarly with five hits, a critical hit on just one of them is often enough to turn a 2HKO back into a OHKO, meaning that in such a situation, Icicle Spear in fact has a 27.58% percent chance of OHKOing.

Shell Smash is obviously key for letting me boost both Speed and Attack. That it lowers defenses is unfortunate, but honestly since Cloyster OHKOs most things and carries a Focus Sash to allow it to tank one hit, the reduced defenses are not typically a big issue. Also note that being able to fully set up with just three uses of the move, rather than six for other Speed/Attack (or Special Attack) boosters like Dragon Dance and Quiver Dance, is in fact a pretty big deal. First is just the time issue. Setting up is a little boring and provides opportunities for misclicks, so being able to set up more quickly both makes matches go faster and helps limit the chance for misclicks. Second, however, is that this accelerated set-up allows me to get more boosts in when the opponent's Entrained lead is self destructive. If the opponent is holding Toxic Orb or Flame Orb, or has Hi Jump Kick or Explosion in its move list, I've only got a limited number of turns to set up before the Entrained poke dies from its own item or moves. Shell Smash lets me get more fully set up, making Cloyster much better able to sweep than it would be were it stuck with a slower boosting move.

A few other things should be noted about using Cloyster. First is that when setting up against a Truant opponent, you should get in the habit of Protecting the first turn after you get to +6/+6, rather than attacking immediately. No reason to risk some sort of unexpected miss or the like when you can safely wait to attack on the loafing around turn. There are a few exceptions, particularly when the opponent may use Stealth Rock or the like, but attacking the opponent's lead only on the loafing around turn is a safe default and should be your choice most of the time. Second is that Cloyster's Ice typing is very handy for making it immune to Hail. Since any residual damage neutralizes my Focus Sash, immunity to Hail is extremely helpful. Third is that you shouldn't forget about Protect when facing your opponent's second and third pokes. Though Protect's main purpose is of course to allow free set up while your opponent's lead can only attack every other turn, Protect can also be used to protect your Focus Sash against a second or third poke with Fake out, or survive a Custap Berry turn in the rare situation where the opponent survives your first attack and would be able to go first on the second turn thanks to the Berry. Fourth is to make sure to wait out a lead poke's Trick Room while you set up, even if this means using Shell Smash a fourth time. You do NOT want to be going second against your opponent's second poke.

Garchomp, as noted earlier, is on the team more to get around the things that disrupt the Durant-Cloyster combo than to sweep. Still, it's a very durable and hard hitting pokemon, and so can still often set up and sweep on its own. Because it is immune to sandstorm, I often bring it in instead of Cloyster when the opponent's Entrained lead has the move Sand Storm, so that Garchomp can set up and stall the Sand Storm out before KOing the lead, giving Cloyster the opportunity to come in later under clear skies and keep its Focus Sash intact. Naturally, this doesn't help against permanent Sandstorms, so against Hippowdons and Tyranitars, I typically set up Cloyster immediately, particularly since they are typically on teams heavy in Sturdy and Sashed pokes, where Garchomp won't be able to OHKO but Cloyster will.

Note that Garchomp has his Dream World ability of Rough Skin. Though the chance of a free turn with Sand Veil is usually much better in battles against another human, in the Subway, Rough Skin is much stronger. Many times during my 336 win Garchomp/Suicune/Ferronthorn streak, I wished that Rough Skin Garchomp was available, and so am very happy to have it now. Rough Skin breaks a lot of Focus Sashes, and turns a number of 2HKOs into OHKOs for Garchomp. Switching into a Fake Out, for example, Rough Skin often gets the opponent just low enough that even an unboosted Earthquake or Outrage can OHKO. This can be remarkably helpful sometimes. As far as Chomp's equipped item, Lum Berry is very nice, allowing me to recover from post-Outrage confusion or get a free Swords Dance off when the opponent tries to status Garchomp.

Though very strong, this team of course has its vulnerabilities. Powerful Volt Switchers can prevent me from being able to set up on a Truant opponent. Bulky Waters, Ices, and Steels can often survive an Icicle Spear (or get missed by Rock Blast) and cause problems with their counter attacks, particularly since, with its defenses reduced, almost anything will 2HKO a fully set-up Cloyster. If the second Poke can survive the initial attack and then Trick Room, I'm on the back foot, though judicious use of Protect can help me stall it out. Priority moves always outrun Cloyster, but thankfully, there aren't too many priority users in the Subway, so it is rare to come up against opponents whose second and third pokes both have priority moves (besides Fake Out, which can be stopped with Protect). Speed Boost Yanmega can also cause big trouble if it leads with Detect, particularly if it gets flinches on its Air Slashes. Bad luck against Bright Power or Lax Incense can likewise cause problems, though so far, I've been lucky enough not to miss twice in a row against anything with these items. Garchomp isn't able to boost his speed either, so if Cloyster gets KOed, there are a number of things that can outspeed and OHKO with an ice attack (or a crit). One final problem I've once encountered was a lead Forretress that used Toxic Spikes on the Entrainment turn, making it unwise to switch in Cloyster and try to set up through all the poison damage. I had to go to Chomp and let its berry neutralize the poison, but this left me very vulnerable to a number of potential second or third enemy pokemon. Thankfully, my luck held and I survived. I lost my initial streak with this team somewhere in the 150s to ill advised use of Rock Blast and a little bad luck on my opponent's third poke, but so far have avoided any fatal errors on this, my second time through with the team.

I'm sure there are ways to improve this squad. The most obvious would be to reduce Durant's speed. Since the fastest opposing poke in the subway has 258 speed with a Choice Scarf, I could safely move some speed EVs into Special Defense and still outrun the entire subway with Durant.

I'm also torn as to the possibility of using another poke instead of Garchomp. Chomp's inability to boost its speed is really frustrating given the number of very fast pokes that can show up on opponents' teams, so I'm occasionally tempted to replace it with something that can speed itself up. However, as noted earlier, a key consideration for my team is being able to handle Volt Switchers, and there are very few pokes that can resist Electric Attacks and can boost their Speed and the appropriate Attack stat with a single move. The best option is Lilligant, who can boost with Quiver Dance and use his grass typing to sponge Electric Attacks. As a secondary sweeper, a Lilligant with a Protect/Substitute/Quiver Dance/?Attack set can boost 3 stats, claim an "extra life" with Substitute, and attack away. I see two possible attack/item combinations. Petal Dance/Lum Berry lets me do a nice Garchomp Outrage impersonation, hitting very hard while having the berry to undo the self-inflicted confusion or sponge opposing status. Giga Drain/Leftovers lets me take full advantage of the Special Defense boosts from Quiver Dance, giving me a ton of durability and even, should it prove necessary, letting me play the stall game of alternating Substitute and Protect while recovering with Leftovers.

Unfortunately, Lilligant's base stats are a lot weaker than Garchomp's, it can't freely switch into Thunder Wave like Chomp can, and it still takes some damage when switching into other Electric attacks. Moreover, given the poor coverage of Grass-type attacks, Lilligant, even if fully set up, is going to get far fewer OHKOs than Chomp does. Accordingly, for now, I'm sticking with Chomp as my secondary sweeper.

One last possibility worth noting is actually moving Lilligant into the primary sweeper role. The main allure of this is being able to claim not just one, but two "extra lives." Protect/Substitute/Quiver Dance/Giga Drain Lilligant, equipped with a Focus Sash, on a Truant opponent, can set up to +6/+6/+6, put up a Sub, and reactivate its Focus Sash by healing to full with Giga Drain. It hits much less hard than does Cloyster and doesn't break Sashes automatically, so is more likely to need these extra lives to sweep, but it's certainly worth considering, particularly since with Special Defense at +6, many special attacks are going to fail to break the Sub. One thing to remember, however, is that this set is completely walled by Sap Sipper Bouffalant, which would either need to be stalled out or reliably handled by the third poke.

This has turned into quite a long post, but I hope it's helpful. I'll post again when my streak is ended, or perhaps earlier if I pick up some new insights on the team.

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Hey well I finally managed to beat the super double train subway master, so I continued battling which got me all the way to a 157 win streak which is quite a bit better than my super single streak (123 wins) my team was as follows :

Tyranitar @ Air Balloon
Sand Stream
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Rock Slide

Excadrill @ Life Orb
Sand Rush
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Swords Dance
Rock Slide

Latios @ Choice Specs
Nature: Timid
EVs: 6 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Draco Meteor
Dragon Pulse

Garchomp@ Yache Berry
Sand Veil
Nature: Jolly
EVs: 6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Swords Dance
Fire Fang

I finally lost to yet another trick room team the crunch from my tyranitar didn't OHKO Musharna, so it used trick room and the rest followed on from there with a Gigalith and Cofagrigus taking out my team.