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Black & White Battle Subway Records (now with gen. 4 records!)

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Peterko, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. MagikaripIsOP


    Jul 22, 2013
    Fair enough. (even though I believe there probably is a best team it'll be hard to test it) The teams with the great streaks dont seem to show how to use them
  2. kid31


    Jan 20, 2008
    Nothing much compared to everyone else's doubles record. I tried doubles with a hail team and managed to eek out a 74 win record.

    1. Abomasnow ( Snow Warning ) Leftovers
    Nature: Adamant EV: 188 HP/ 252 Atk /70 Speed
    Ice Shard/ Wood Hammer/ Leech Seed/ Protect

    2. Rotom F ( Levitate ) Choice Scarf
    Nature: Modest EV: 4 HP/ 252 SpA/ 252 Speed
    Discharge/ Blizzard/ Volt Switch/ Trick

    3. Mamoswine ( Thick Fat ) Focus Sash
    Nature: Jolly EV: 4 HP/ 252 Atk/ 252 Speed
    Ice Shard/ Earthquake/ Icicle Spear/ Stone Edge

    4. Starmie ( Natural Cure ) Life Orb
    Nature: Timid EV: 4 HP/ 252 SpA/ 252 Speed
    Surf/ Psychic/ Blizzard/ Rapid Spin ( didn't bother breeding a new Starmie just for doubles )

    Chose Scarf Rotom F as it outspeeds those Aerodactyls that keep spamming rock slides, and OHKOs with Blizzard. As long as it's weak to ice, what Blizzard doesn't OHKO, Abomasnow's Ice shard handles. If I do discharge during the first turn, Abomasnow can either protect or switch to Mamoswine. Swine synergizes well with Rotom's Levitate for me to spam Earthquake and Discharges.
    Eventually lost to a team with a Scarf Entei. lost rotom F on the first turn. Got Starmie to kill it but also lost my mamoswine to save Abomasnow. Things went downhill from there.
    Edit" I'll take pics later when I get home for proof
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  3. acreland


    Apr 24, 2013
    It takes hours of breeding or RNG abuse to get good pokes to use in the Subway/Tower. Don't post streaks here if you're going to use AR, it's in the OP.

    If you're looking for solid team strategies check the previous page of this thread; I posted a link to a useful post by NoCheese.
  4. MagikaripIsOP


    Jul 22, 2013
    So in gen 4 which is the best trick lead and what would it's set be?
  5. Jokethe1


    Oct 9, 2012
    And again. There is NO best Trick-lead. I think Latias and Cresselia are good and Uxie is great with Memento. You can check the records there are a lot of movesets of these Pokes
  6. Magicxgame


    Sep 29, 2010
    Just wanted to confirm that Maison Pokes can have Hidden Abilities, as I also ran into a Speed Boost Venipede (Battle Video code: DYCW-WWWW-WWWX-BMPL) and Scolipede, Moody Octillery, Soundproof Snover, and Hustle Rattata. I also spotted Quick Claw on a Baltoy.

    You get 20 BP from defeating Chatelaine Nita (Singles "Battle Head").

    Finally, Entrainment Durant still works. I passed Truant onto a Litleo and waited ~30 turns, and it never switched out. (U9BW-WWWW-WWWX-C8YQ)
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2013
  7. Eppie


    Aug 26, 2008
    The AI does not seem to switch at all idd.
    Besides, it looks like we can now reach a rate of 10 BP per battle.
  8. GG Unit

    GG Unit
    is a Community Contributor

    Jun 30, 2008
    Even if the AI doesn't switch out, the presence of trainers with Mega Evos will likely make TrickScarfing be less effective than before. That would also nerf Entrainment Durant since an opposing lead could Mega Evolve after the first turn and get rid of Truant.
  9. CBManBearPig


    Oct 20, 2011
    I'm working on a team testing the effectiveness of Aegislash, I feel like it could be a very effective SD set up sweeper with Memento etc. support.
  10. Jokethe1


    Oct 9, 2012
    Lost my SS Double streak in battle 268 because of a game freeze (266 wins actually) I'll post my proof later or after I got a higher winstreak, good luck everyone
  11. R Inanimate

    R Inanimate It's Lunatic Time
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 11, 2011
    Been a while hasn't it?

    Been playing around a bit in the Battle Maison. Up to 50 wins in Super Doubles.

    BP Structure so far is:

    Battles 1-10: 2BP per opponent
    Battles 11-20: 3BP per opponent
    Battles 21-30: 4BP per opponent
    Battles 31-40: 5BP per opponent
    Battles 41-49: 6BP per opponent
    Battle Chatelaine: 50BP

    Some AI quirks I noticed:
    -They aren't "as" hellbent on KOing a Pokemon when they are able to. I've had a few situations where the opponent would opt to Thunder Wave something instead of chasing down my L1 Aron.
    -They actually will use Sucker Punch now. So players will have to be a bit more cautious around those Pokemon. They also don't always use Sucker Punch, however, so they don't become too predictable.
    -They seem to be a lot more liberal with using spread moves, even if it will damage their ally. Though this may be due to having a L1 Aron on the field, screwing with the AI a bit.

    Evelyn is quite adorable. And Entei now learns Sacred Fire.


    Run ended on 75. Seems that all battles afterwards give 7 BP.
    If anyone is wondering, yes I am logging down the different trainers again for the Battle Maison. The structure of trainer classes and Pokemon are pretty similar to the previous gens so I can probably expect there to once again be 100 trainers in the end game. There seems to only be 4 movesets for each Pokemon as well.

    Trainers running Set 1 shows up from 1-20
    Trainers runningSet 2 shows up from 11-30
    Trainers runningSet 3 shows up from 21-40
    Trainers runningSet 4 shows up from 31 onward
    Trainers runningSet 5 (sets 1-4 + legendary trainers) shows up from 41 onward
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2013
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  12. NoCheese

    NoCheese "Jack, you have debauched my sloth!"
    is a member of the Site Staffis a Forum Moderatoris a Contributor to Smogon

    Mar 28, 2011
    Time for a few thoughts on Pokemon X/Y and the Battle Maison...

    For rounding up quick BP while trying to build a "real" team for the Super Battles in the Maison, it is very nice that a run through the 20 battles of the "regular" (e.g. easy) Battle Maison is now worth 10*1 + 9*2 + 20 = 48 BP. Made getting the power items, focus sash, life orb, and other basics much easier.

    Starting to think about what teams I can make that will be usable in the time before Pokemon Bank allows transferring all my beautiful B/W Subway-ready pokes. TruAnt something or other would be the most obvious choice, but seems rather unexciting, so I won't be reprising Durant/Cloyster/Garchomp just yet.

    With Fairy being immune to Dragon, my beloved Choice Band Garchomp has also taken a hit, particularly as a lead, but a switch-in Garchomp variant, rather like Peterko used for his Cloyster/Garchomp/Suicune team, still seems viable.

    Even without Suicune, Cloyster definitely excites me. Shell Smash remains an amazing move, and breaking Sashes and Sturdy while hitting hard and fast is a great start for a team. Cloyster is next in line on my breeding list.

    On the subject of breeding, it may seen silly to breed pokes that existed in earlier versions now when in a couple of months I can transfer RNGed ones over from my 5th gen cartridges, but the breeding mechanics have taken a huge step forward, making it relatively easy to breed penta-flawless pokes, and very possible to breed even hex flawless ones. The big change, as most of you probably know, is that Destiny Knot, when held by a parent, now results in 5 stats from the parents being passed to the egg, rather than the usual 3. Which stats and how many of the 5 come from each parent is completely random. I confirmed through working on breeding a high quality Charmander that this really does mean 5 separate stats, and that you can't get cheated out of passing down one of them because both parents try to pass their attack or the like. Accordingly, once your parents have a lot of perfect stats, your chance of getting a great child is much higher than previously. With two parents sharing 31s in 5 stats, for example, each egg has a 1/6 chance of inheriting all 5 of those, and so a 1/192 chance of being a hex flawless egg (1/6 * 1/32). Obviously, it's harder before you have good parents as a starting place, but even with horrible starting material, you can build up good parents pretty quickly, since the destiny knot makes it easy to "capture" a perfect IV from a poke added to your breeding chain, letting you progressively improve each parent from 1 perfect IV to 2, and so forth. I ended up breeding a 31/31/31/31/29/31 Charmander (and after putting in the time to EV it, I hatched the residual eggs and found that one of them was hex-flawless!), when my starting material was a bunch of random pokes with just one perfect IV each, and a ditto with no perfect IVs at all. As in B/W 2, Everstone still locks in nature 100% of the time, and the 200 BP "ability capsule" item allows changing a pokemon's ability to its other regular ability, so the non-stat factors that used to further reduce your odds of breeding what you wanted aren't issues any longer either.

    I could go on and on about this, but this isn't really the place for full breakdown of breeding technique. The key is that finally, non-rng breeding is a truly reasonable way to get penta-flawless competitive ready pokemon, and that's a very good thing.

    Lastly, Charizard-Y is just ridiculous in-game, and though a little slow and frail, has definite Maison potential. I'm already thinking of a fast-playing "no-switch" team of Timid Focus Sash/Destiny Bond Gengar, Timid Charizard Y, and Choice Scarf Adamant Darmanitan. Gengar benefits hugely from Steels no longer resisting Ghost, freeing up the Focus Blast slot for Sludge Bomb and its STAB faerie coverage, Charizard-Y brings the sun and kills most things that are slower than it, and Darmanitan cleans up with obscenely hard hits. Sheer Force boosted Flare Blitz in the Sun!? YOUCH! Sadly, this team will have to wait until I am able to import a Darmanitan, but I will definitely give it a try then.
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  13. lolnub


    Feb 10, 2010
    You get a Lansat Berry if you have a streak of 100 from the little girl in the lobby. She also says that she will give you something when you get to 200, so that's probably still the Starf Berry.
    Has anybody an idea how we get the moveset list this time? Do we just have to do it manually? That's gonna be a daunting task.
  14. Manitary


    Jun 29, 2012
    If we can't crack the game as in previous generations, the best way to discover them is using Imposter Ditto lol
  15. lolnub


    Feb 10, 2010
    yeah, that's what I thought. That's almost impossible, unless...
    I don't know if more people have found this, but it seems a lot of the subway Pokemon are also in the mansion. For example, a few minutes ago i found this Tauros:

    791 | Tauros | Careful | Sitrus Berry | Toxic | Protect | Double Team | Earthquake | HP/SpD

    I am not sure about the EVs, Nature and Item, but it used all the moves at least once. I think I also saw all Bronzong which were in the subway last generation, so for reference:

    310 | Bronzong | Impish | Sitrus Berry | Hypnosis | Rain Dance | Gyro Ball | Trick Room | HP/Def/SpD
    485 | Bronzong | Quiet | Damp Rock | Rain Dance | Light Screen | Charge Beam | Grass Knot | HP/SpA
    660 | Bronzong | Adamant | Quick Claw | Iron Head | Zen Headbutt | Earthquake | Explosion | HP/Atk
    835 | Bronzong | Brave | Lum Berry | Safeguard | Rock Slide | Zen Headbutt | Trick Room | HP/Atk

    This could make it a lot faster if we figure out which Pokemon kept the same movesets. Ofcourse all gen 6 Pokemon are new and there are are probably a lot of movesets changed, but this could make the process a bit faster. It will still a be a reall challenge.

    on an unrelated note:
    I found that the CPU doesn't spam status moves when a Substitute is up. They will try to break the substitute, or use set-up moves. Thought this was important because last gen this was easily explointed.
  16. MapleSandwich


    Jan 18, 2009
    Can you confirm Truant is available from the hordes of Durant on Route 19? I've been sitting on this route spamming Sweet Scent for a good 3 hours and have yet to see a single one loaf.
  17. RotomPoison


    Mar 1, 2012
    The team I'm using now is a lead, 4 attack Gengar, a SD Lucario (it's stuck with Dark Pulse of all things though meaning I have a pretty big Ghost weakness, but those seem uncommon), and CM Gardevoir.

    I have spent some BP on EV power items and a Life Orb, but I'm not sure who to give the LO to (and for that matter the imminent 3rd) or if I should stick with what I have now, which is mega stones on all 3. A Mega Gengar lead just destroys lives though. Assuming BP earned is the way R Inanimate put it, here is the total BP you would gain from the Super Single line at certain points, for those interested.

    10 battles: 20
    20 battles: 50
    30 battles: 90
    40 battles: 140
    50 battles, including Chatelaine: 244
    ---assuming each from here on is 7 BP as R Inanimate said---
    60 battles: 314
    70 battles: 384
    80 battles: 454
    90 battles: 524
    100 battles: 594

    So if you somehow made it to 100 you would, on average, earn almost 6BP a battle.

    If you earn them differently then I have here, or have any idea for my team, then thank you in advance.

    Edit: Why did I say Ghost weakness I have a Gengar...
  18. lolnub


    Feb 10, 2010
    I got mine this way, you just have to be pretty lucky. Got one after 10 Sweet Scents with Durants or so. I am now at 120

    above me: your calculations are correct.
    about your team: It is kinda weak to dark and ghosts as you stated. You also can only mega Evolve one pokemon. I would give the Mega Stone to Gardevoir, Give the Life Orb to Lucario and give Gengar a Focus Sash if you have enough BP for it.
  19. RotomPoison


    Mar 1, 2012
    I know I can only mega evolve once but the utility of choosing helps. Not having those BW2 tutors is so annoying...
  20. acreland


    Apr 24, 2013
    I think a big change this gen is the ability for both parents to pass egg moves on. Previously illegal combos open up new possibilities for certain mons. For example I'm thinking of trying Azumarill @ lefties Sub/Belly Drum/Aqua Jet/Play Rough with Sticky Web support from Shuckle. Which reminds me, Sticky Web screwing with speed tiers has the potential to be massive as well.
  21. Tomaius


    Aug 31, 2008
    The Maison AI picks its move after the switch. I've tried numerous times and can show its prophetic ability.

    Example A:

    Turn 1: Enemy sends out Politoed, I send out Shuckle

    Politoed uses Belly Drum

    Shuckle uses Power Trick

    Example B: Enemy sends out Politoed, I send out Shuckle

    I switch to Blaziken

    Politoed uses Waterfall (9 times out of 10)

    Whilst frustrating, its something that teams need to work around.
  22. lolnub


    Feb 10, 2010
    Got to 200 and you get indeed the Starf Berry as I predicted. This is the team I use (The streak is still ungoing):

    Durant @ Choice Scarf
    Ability: Truant
    Jolly Nature
    252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Spe
    Iron Head

    Garchomp @ Choice Band
    Ability: Rough Skin
    Jolly Nature
    4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
    Dragon Claw
    Rock Slide

    Gyarados @ Gyaradosite
    Ability: Intimidate (Mold Breaker)
    Adamant Nature
    4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
    Dragon Dance

    Just an easy Durant team which I threw together. I chose (mega)Gyarados because her Waterfalls are unresisted with Mold Breaker which is a must for sweeper with only one attack. When Gyarados has been set-up, almost nothing can go wrong, and Garchomp will always be there when something does go wrong (it has never happened as of yet). When something goes wrong with the innitial set-up(Protect/Fake Out lead, U-Turn), I go to Garchomp to faint the other Pokemon. Most of the time I let Garchomp faint afterwards to have a new chance to get my Entrainment up.
    Only had 2 hard battles, one with a Skarmory because apparently Whirlwind goes through Protect and ones against Magic Bounce Espeon who is pretty dangerous (altough Gyarados can set up on most Espeon easily, even without truant).

    I am also keeping a list of every Pokemon I see who revealed some info (moveset or Item). I think EVs will almost be impossible to do for all the Pokemon (or you have to use Imposter Ditto a lot, and I mean a lot). I have now a bit more then 3 pages full of information about Pokemon and a lot of moveset + Items are indeed similar to the ones in the Subway. Here is what I collected so far:

    Show Hide
    Abomasnow: Wood Hammer @

    Aerodactyl: Stone Edge @ Choice Band

    Aerodactyl: Rock Slide @ Choice Scarf (lolwut)

    Aggron: Protect, Roar, @

    Alakazam: Psychic @

    Alakazam: Protect, Encore, Psych Up, Psyshic @ Focus Sash

    Ambipom: Fake Out, Fling, Thief, @ King’s Rock

    Archeops: Rock Slide, Protect,

    Aromatisse: Attract, Charm, Draining Kiss @

    Aurorus: Stone Edge @

    Avalugg: Avalanche, Protect @ Leftovers

    Barbaracle: Stone Edge, Razor Shell, Cross Chop, @

    Bastiodon: Curse, Rock Slide @

    Bisharp: Sucker Punch, Taunt, Rock Smash, @ Focus Sash

    Blastoise: Yawn, Rock Slide, Focus Punch, @

    Braviary: Rock Slide, Tailwind @

    Breloom: Focus Punch @ Focus Sash

    Bronzong1: Grass Knot, Light Screen, Charge Beam, Rain Dance @

    Bronzong2: Trick Room, Rain Dance, Gyro Ball, @

    Bronzong3: Earthquake @

    Carbink: Protect @

    Chandelure: Will-o-Wisp, Heat Wave, Energy Ball @

    Charizard: Dragon Dance, Rock Slide @

    Chesnaught1: Energy Ball, Focus Blast, @ Life Orb

    Chesnaught2: Hammer Arm, Stone Edge, Wood Hammer @ White Herb

    Cobalion: Calm Mind, Focus Blast, Flash Canon @

    Cofagrigus: Will-o-Wisp, Energy Ball, @

    Conkeldurr: Bulk Up, Force Palm @

    Cradily: Confuse Ray, Stone Edge, Earthquake @ Quick Claw

    Cradily: Earthquake, Protect @ Leftovers

    Cradily: Stockpile, Giga Drain, Protect, Ingrain @ Big Root

    Crobat: X-Scissor @

    Cryogonal: Icy Wind @ Focus Sash

    Delphox: Overheat, Psychic, Shadow Ball, @ White Herb

    Dewgong: Stockpile, Rain Dance, Surf @ Salac Berry

    Dragonite: Super Power @

    Drapion: X-Scissor @

    Drifblim: Hypnosis, Thunderbolt @

    Dugtrio: Earthquake, @ Choice Band

    Dusknoir: Trick Room, Destiny Bond, Pain Split @

    Electivire: Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, @

    Electrode1: Thunderbolt @

    Electrode2: Thunder, Rain Dance, Light Screen, @ Damp Rock

    Emboar: Flare Blitz, Flame Charge, @ Quick Claw

    Empoleon: Swords Dance, Metal Claw, @ Sitrus Berry

    Entei: Flame Charge, Stone Edge, @ Focus Sash

    Espeon: Psychic, Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam,

    Excadrill: Metal Claw, @

    Excadrill: Earthquake, Rock Slide, @

    Exeggutor: Wood Hammer, @

    Exploud: Fake Tears, @

    Exploud: Icy Wind, Hyper Voice,

    Feraligatr: Waterfall, Ice Punch @

    Flareon: Fire Fang, Giga Impact, Super Power @ White Herb

    Floetzel: Waterfall, Protect @ Life Orb

    Flygon: Swagger, Rock Slide @ Haban Berry

    Flygon: Earthquake, Stone Edge,

    Froslass: Blizzard, Icy Wind @ Focus Sash

    Gardevoir: Focus Blast, Thunderbolt, Moonblast,

    Gengar: Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, @

    Gliscor: @ Focus Sash

    Golem: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Fling, Explosion @ Iron Ball

    Gyarados1: Giga Impact, Waterfall @

    Gyarados2: Thunder Wave, Aqua Tail, @

    Golem: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Explosion@

    Gothitelle: Charge Beam, Safeguard, @

    Gourgeist: Seed Bomb

    Hariyama: Protect, Bullet Punch

    Haxorus: Outrage, @ Choice Band

    Heatran: Flash Canon, Lava Plume, Dark Pulse @ Focus Sash

    Hippowdon: Earthquake, Crunch, Protect, Curse@ Sitrus Berry

    Infernape: Close Combat @ Focus Sash

    Jolteon: Fake Tears, Thunderbolt @

    Kindra: Outrage @

    Kingdra: Protect, Draco Meteor @ White Herb

    Honchkrow: Protect, Sucker Punch, @

    Houndoom: Will-o-Wisp, Flame Charge, Sucker Punch @

    Klinklang: Volt Switch, Thunder Wave, Gear Grind @ Shuca Berry

    Krookodile: Earthquake, Smack Down, Embargo, @

    Lanturn: Stockpile,

    Landorus: Earth Power, Grass Knot @ Choice Scarf

    Landorus: Earthquake, Explosion, @ White Herb

    Latias: Calm Mind, @

    Latios: Recover, Dragon Pulse, @

    Lickilicky: Curse @

    Luxray: Thunder Wave, Thunder Fang @ Air Balloon

    Luxray: Thunder Wave, Thunder Fang @ White Herb

    Machamp1; Close Combat, Protect, @ Flame Orb

    Machamp2: Foresight, Dynamic Punch, @

    Magmortar: Overheat, Protect, Psychic, @ White Herb

    Manectric: Overheat, Thunderbolt, @ Air Balloon

    Metagross1: Meteor Mash, Trick, Earthquake, @ Toxic Orb

    Metagross2: Protect, @

    Mienshao: Fake Out, Hi Jump Kick, Protect @

    Miltank: Brick Break,

    Muk: Shadow Sneak

    Musharna: Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Stored Power, @

    Nidoking: Mega Horn, @

    Nidoking: Flamethrower, Protect @

    Nidoking: Protect, Earthquake, Poison Jab, @

    Ninetales: @ Passho Berry

    Poliwrath1: Waterfall @

    Poliwrath2: Focus Punch, Earthquake @ Sitrus Berry

    Poliwrath3: Belly Drum @

    Politoed: Earthquake, Belly Drum, @

    Porygon-Z: Psychic, Shadow Ball @

    Probopass: Power Gem, Thunderbolt, @ Life Orb

    Pyroar: Sunny Day @

    Quagsire: Ice Punch @

    Raikou: Protect @ Air Balloon

    Raikou: Charge Beam, Magnet Rise, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball @ Leftovers

    Rapidash: Charm, Low Kick @ Passho Berry

    Regigigas: Confuse Ray, Double Team, Payback, Drain Punch@

    Regigigas: Thunder Wave, Rock Slide, Drain Punch,

    Registeel: Rock Polish, Thunder Punch, @

    Reuniclus: Trick Room, Explosion, @

    Rhyperior: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Protect

    Roserade: Leech Seed, Protect, Giga Drain, Toxic @ Black Sludge

    Salamence: Earthquake, Scary Face @

    Samurott: Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Grass Knot, Protect@ Salac Berry

    Scizor: Aerial Ace @

    Scrafty: Protect @

    Seismitoad: Water Pulse, Sludge Wave @

    Seismitoad: Payback, Poison Jab, Brick Break, @

    Serperior: Leaf Storm, Substitute @

    Serperior: Attract, @

    Shiftry: Fake Out, Protect, Sucker Punch, Low Kick @ Focus Sash

    Shuckle: Protect, Sandstrom, Wrap @

    Skarmory: Spikes, Toxic, Stealth Rock, Whirlwind @

    Skarmory: Brave Bird, @ Choice Scarf

    Slaking1: Giga Impact, Slaking @ Choice Band

    Slaking2: Rock Slide, Encore, Earthquake @ Chople Berry

    Slowbro: Trick Room, Surf, Psychic, Blizzard @ Leftovers

    Slurpuff: Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Dazzling Gleam @

    Staraptor: U-turn, @ Focus Sash

    Steelix: Curse, Crunch, Screech, @ Sitrus Berry

    Steelix: Swagger, Payback, Curse, @

    Suicune: Ice Beam, Hydro Pump @ Sitrus Berry

    Swampert: Earthquake, Waterfall, Curse,

    Tentacruel: Protect, Surf @

    Terrakion: Close Combat, Stone Edge, Aerial Ace, @

    Thundurus: Thunderbolt, Toxic @

    Tornadus: Double Team, Substitute, Hurricane @

    Tornadus: Rain Dance, Taunt, Hurricane, Focus Blast @

    Tornadus: Hurricane, Grass Knot @

    Torterra: Sand Tomb, @

    Toxicroak: Cross Chop, Taunt, Gunk Shot, @

    Trevenant: Trick Room, Energy Ball @

    Tyranitar: Rock Slide @ Focus Sash

    Tyranitar: Rock Slide, Stealth Rock @

    Umbreon: Swagger, Psych Up, Feint Attack, @ Sitrus Berry

    Ursaring: Protect, Facade, @ Toxic Orb

    Vaporeon: Shadow Ball, Surf, @

    Venusaur: Protect, Sludge Bomb @ Black Sludge

    Vileplume: Solar Beam, Teeter Dance, @

    Volcarona: Flamethrower, Calm Mind, Protect, @

    Walrein: Surf @ leftovers

    Weezing: Will-o-wisp, Haze, Explosion, Pain Split @

    Weavile: Fake Out @

    Yanmega: Air Slash, Detect @

    Zebstrika: Wild Charge @ Focus Sash

    Zebstrika: Flame Charge, Wild Charge, @ Air Balloon

    Zoroark: Night Slash, Taunt @ Focus Sash

    Zoroark: Flamethrower, Grass Knot, Shadow Ball, Nasty Plot@

    Zoroark: Dark Pulse, Protect, Focus Blast @

    It could contain a few mistakes, but most of it is probably accurate.
  23. R Inanimate

    R Inanimate It's Lunatic Time
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 11, 2011
    a hundred wins to the surprise of no one.
    Video: 6EFG-WWWW-WWWX-V9FC

    You still get a Lansat Berry from reaching 100W by talking to the little girl in the prize shop area that talks about reaching 100 wins.
    She says "Maybe you'll reach 200 next time" after that so I assume she'll give a Starf when I reach that mark.

    EDIT:And confirmed by the post a few seconds before.
    EDIT 2: Up to 200 Wins, so I can confirm the Starf for myself now.
    Battle: WRJG-WWWW-WWW2-W2WA
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2013
  24. Jokethe1


    Oct 9, 2012

    How and where I can watch the battles?
  25. R Inanimate

    R Inanimate It's Lunatic Time
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 11, 2011
    Run ended at 252: AWXG-WWWW-WWW2-25RY

    I think I have most of the trainer names down for ones you face after battle 40.

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