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Status: Done, needs feedback. Im pretty sure it can do more than this, so more viable sets are totally accepted.


  • Great typing coupled with awesome offensive stats make it a fearsome sweeper.
  • Nasty Plot, Volt Change, and the ability to go mixed give Borutorosu insane versatility.
  • Exceptional Speed that lets it beat Base 110s.
  • Has lived in the shadow of his twin Randorosu, usually being called the inferior genie, but its insanely powerful and one of the biggest threats in the game.
  • Mischievous Heart gives him a priority Taunt and Substitute, making it hard to take down.
name: Nasty Plot Sweeper
move 1: Thunderbolt
move 2: Nasty Plot
move 3: Focus Blast
move 4: Grass Knot / Hidden Power Ice / Substitute
item: Life Orb
nature: Timid
evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

Set Description:
  • Its excellent Speed and typing lets it get a Nasty Plot very often, and once it does, theres very few that will stop it.
  • Thunderbolt and Focus Blast are excellent moves to have, and with the last move Borutorosu complete its coverage.
  • Better once you scout if the opponent has Scarfed Pokemon to make the sweep last longer.
Additional Comments:
  • Thunderbolt and Focus Blast give already great coverage, being resisted by very few Pokemon.
  • Grass Knot lets it hit things like Swampert, and stuff like Tyranitar without restorting to shaky Focus Blast, while Hidden Power Ice hits Garchomp and Flygon more often than Focus Blast, although Focus Blast at +2 will always KO both. Perhaps the most important one are the Lati twins, which would otherwise resist the whole set and retaliate with a strong Dragon attack, as Hidden Power Ice OHKOs both 100% of the time.
  • Substitute is another option, because its ability, Mischievous Heart, lets it set up Substitute before almost everything else, meaning it can scout a Scarfer's attack and act accordingly.
  • One of the few Special Attackers that can beat Blissey without the need of a Physical move.
  • Its Speed means nothing up to Gengar will outspeed it, opening the path of a sweep.
Teammates & Counters:
  • Wobbuffet to take on Scarfers is a huge bonus for Borutorosu, as well as bulky waters to take on Ice and Rock attacks directed to it.
  • Rapid Spin is inmensely recommended, as its weakness to it may limit the amount of hits it can use in the match.
  • Not a lot can stand up to Borutorosu at +2, therefore your best bet is to take it on by switching it cautiously on the Nasty Plot. Things like Starmie, Scarf Tyranitar, Scarfed Sazandora, and others will be able to force it out, but be careful to not get hit by a Super Effective move, as it may be game over if it happens.
  • Powerful Ice Shard from Cloyster and Mamoswine can finish weakened ones, though be careful when switching in.
name: Lead
move 1: Taunt
move 2: Thunderbolt
move 3: Volt Change / Hidden Power Ice / Grass Knot
move 4: Volt Change / Hidden Power Ice / Grass Knot
item: Life Orb
nature: Timid
evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

Set Description:
  • Mischievous Heart Taunt lets it stop every single kind of set up.
  • Still hits very hard, being able to 2HKO a lot of things like Latias, Machamp, etc.
  • Able to mess up with momentum by using a fast Taunt followed by a Volt Change.
Additional Comments:
  • Thunderbolt and Taunt are a must, while the last 2 spots can
  • Last spot is between 2 coverage moves and a very interesting one, Volt Change. While the 2 coverage moves help you a lot with common stuff that switch in on Borutorosu like the Dragons, Volt Change also has a great effect, which can shift momentum to your side at anytime.
  • Its bulk lets it take common attacks the leads use and retaliate by 2HKOing them.
  • EV spread speaks for itself, max Speed and Special Attack as thats what this Borutorosu should specialize in.
  • As this set stops Stealth Rock and other layers easily, a Rapid Spinner isnt that needed, although having a Stealth Rocker on your own is important.
  • Can do a late game sweep without any boosts due to its inmense Special Attack.
Teammates & Counters:
  • Things that enjoy Stealth Rock out of the field like Urugamosu, Salamence, Hihidaruma, Reshiram, Shandera, and basically everything weak to it like to be paired with this Lead.
  • Things like Skarmory, which can set up Stealth Rock, are also useful.
  • Depending on the moves it decides to use it can be stopped. If its using Electric + Grass then Dragon and Grass types can beat it, while Electric + Ice is beaten by things like Magnezone, Kyuremu, Swampert, and the likes. If it decides to not carry Volt Change though, you have to be way more careful on what you bring on it. The best way to beat it is scouting its set as much as possible and then start attacking.
name: Choice Scarf
move 1: Volt Change
move 2: Thunderbolt
move 3: Focus Blast
move 4: Hidden Power Ice
item: Choice Scarf
nature: Timid
evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

Set Description:

  • Exceptional revenge killer due to amazing Speed and Special Attack, as well as near perfect coverage with strong moves.
  • Volt Change is an Electric U-Turn which will give you momentum more often than not.
  • Has to be wary of repeated Stealth Rock switch ins.
Additional Comments:
  • Can be used to outspeed everything up to +1 Base 110s because of its excellent speed.
  • More prone to getting countered due to being locked on a move without Life Orb, but Volt Change usually fixes this.
  • Very scared of Stealth Rock, better to pair it with a Rapid Spinner or a lead that stops Stealth Rock.
  • Thunderbolt for reliable STAB, Volt Change so it acts like a pivot, Focus Blast for Rock, Dark, and Steel types that may survive Thunderbolt, and Hidden Power Ice for the Dragon Dancers.
Teammates & Counters:
  • Due to the Volt Change abuse, its a good idea to use layers, as it will be causing many switches.
  • Rapid Spin Support is strongly recommended.
  • Every team that needs scary sweepers gone will appreciate Scarfed Borutorosu.
  • Blissey becomes a perfect Counter, same for Swampert and the other Ground / Water Pokemon. Latias can somewhat take it on as it wont be 2HKOd by Hidden Power Ice and can set up on it.
[Team Options]
  • Borutorosu will lure in a lot of fast foes, often Scarfers, so Wobbuffet is a great teammate.
  • Steel types cover the types Borutorosu is weak to, therefore they have good synergy with it.
  • Great in conjuncture with other Special Sweepers as it can beat Blissey, opening the path for others.
  • Forretress, Starmie, Doryuuzu, all can Rapid Spin, which makes Borutorosu's life easier.
[Optional Changes]

  • Hammer Arm is an interesting option, as it lets you beat Blissey even easier, while still hitting the stuff Focus Blast would, but in the Nasty Plot set Focus Blast is always superior.
  • Thunder can be used as your main STAB if you plan to use Kyogre.
  • U-Turn can be used over Volt Change if youre afraid of Ground types, although STAB and being Special is too good to pass off.
  • Can use Fly for an OHKO on Fighting Pokemon, but it doesnt have much use besides that.
  • If you see a Nasty Plotter, you will usually lose a Pokemon, unless you manage to get in on a Not Very Effective move or on the Nasty Plot, since with 3 moves it can OHKO almost everything in the game.
  • Blissey handles it decently, but is afraid of boosted Focus Blast and Hammer Arm.
  • Scarfed Dragons can usually handle Borutorosu well.
[Dream World]
  • Borutorosu gets Competitive Spirit as its Dream World ability. It doesnt have much use if youre not using a Physical move, although it can create some interesting mindgames if your opponent sees a boost in Attack from it.


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I've been using this set to a great success

name: Mixed Attacker
move 1: Thunderbolt
move 2: Hammer Arm
move 3: Grass Knot
move 4: Hidden Power Ice
item: Expert Belt
nature: Hasty
evs: 4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

One thing it has over the Nasty Plot set is the lack of a 4 moveslot syndrome that you detailed, which allows it to cover a whole bunch of threats at once, while also destroying Blissey quite easily (Hammer Arm easily 2HKOes it) without relying on Nasty Plotted Focus misses. Further along, Borutorosu is pretty frail so getting up a Nasty Plot and sweeping can be difficult. Your opponents will have a hard time finding a safe switch into this, barring the rare Rotom-H or Shibirudon (x_x) - Borutorosu scares quite a bit of things away that you can spam random moves and they'll probably hit the incoming Pokemon for super effective damage.

Life Orb is an option over Expert Belt, but given its weakness to SR, vulnerability to Sand, excellent coverage, and relative frailty, you don't want this wallbreaker to die quickly. Its best partner is Rapid Spin Doryuuzu with Leftovers. Doryuuzu often lures out Skarmory, only for its Spikes (and Stealth Rock) to be spun away, allowing Borutorosu stay alive longer and maintaining its rampage. Borutorosu also enjoys switching into Skarmory. Doryuuzu takes on status moves that may plague Borutorosu as well.

Oh yeah this is Maniaclyrasist's set
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