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Bugs with Lasers, Moles with Razors...[Gen 5 RMT]

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by [Zangoose], Dec 4, 2010.

  1. [Zangoose]


    Aug 14, 2010
    Hi all! I've been playing Gen 5 on Pokemon Online ever since it came out, and I've racked up a lot of battles. This was my best team, peaking at 1498 CRE, placing me at rank 2 for about a week. Without further ado, here's my team!


    Teambuilding Process.
    I started off the team with Doryuuzu in mind. I wanted to use and abuse the mole for as long as I can, as he's such an incredible Mon.
    Obviously, I needed a Sand Streamer. I wanted to go for a more offensive approach, so I decided to use Tyranitar.
    Now, I need a Pokemon that traps and kills Fighting types. Hello, Shandera!
    This combination of Pokemon makes me incredibly Ground and Water weak. There are a number of options here, but I choose a ParaDancing Dragonite. It provides a bit of bulk to the team, and can paralyse threats.
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]I don't really have much as of yet that can get rid of opposing Doryuuzu, and also I'm really rain-weak. Breloom seems to be the best option.
    I dislike Tyranitar in the lead position. It automatically tells the opponent "Hey! I have a Doryuuzu! Prepare for it!". So, I decide to use a fairly unorthodox lead that covers my team's weaknesses well...
    So, there you have it! That's the teambuilding process. Now, on to the good stuff...


    The Team.
    Genosect @ Choice Scarf
    [176 Atk / 112 SpA / 220 Spe]
    Naive Natured (+Spe, -SpD)
    -Ice Beam
    This isn't a lead Pokemon. It's an incredibly useful and versatile Mon put into the lead position. And it works wonders. Basically, this Genosect is a Download abuser. U-Turn is the primary move here, as it deals around 55% to the standard Politoed lead with an Attack boost from Download. Ice Beam OHKOs physically defensive Hippowdon with a Special Attack boost and with the given EVs. Explosion is a blast from the past, as with an Attack boost it OHKOs most Pokemon that don't resist it and severely cripples all. Genosect outspeeds all common leads and deals massive damage dependant on whichever move I choose to use. 220 Spe EVs let me outspeed Scarf Hihidaruma, and 176 Atk pumps up U-Turn and Explosion. BoltBeam is there for coverage.
    Breloom @ Life Orb
    [4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe]
    Adamant Natured (+Atk, -SpA)
    -Mach Punch
    -Bullet Seed
    -Stone Edge
    Ah, TechniLoom. A Life Orb STAB Technician Mach Punch off 394 Atk? Yes, please. Breloom acts as my main Doryuuzu counter - Mach Punch always OHKOs. Bullet Seed is also obscenely powerful, and it matches up well against Rain Teams. Stone Edge deals with Shandera; after I've Spored something, I'll always use Stone Edge. 80% of the time, I hit a Shandera or something meant to counter Loom, and kill it. Spore is the standard move to use on Loom, and it is even better this Gen because of the new Sleep mechanics. Adamant ensures that Breloom hits hard all the time, and the EVs are self-explanatory.
    Shandera @ Choice Scarf
    [4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe]
    Timid Natured (+Spe, -Atk)
    Shadow Tag
    -Shadow Ball
    -Energy Ball
    -Hidden Power [Ice]
    Being able to trap any and every Pokemon in the game, bar Shandera itself, is a skill every Pokemon in the game would die for. And GameFreak gave it to the one with 145 Base Special Attack. But you all know that. Shandera plays an important role in my team; it traps all the major counters to Doryuuzu and Tyranitar. Breloom is taken care of (although I occasionally get hit by Stone Edge), the average Roobushin takes around 90% from Overheat, and it is then revenged by another Pokemon, Gliscor is destroyed by HP Ice, Hippowdon takes loads of damage from Energy Ball...you get the idea. Timid outspeeds Base 130s with a Scarf, and EVs are self-explanatory.
    Dragonite @ Leftovers
    [252 Atk / 160 Def / 96 Spe]
    Impish Natured (+Def, -SpA)
    -Dragon Dance
    -Dragon Claw
    -Thunder Wave
    Dragonite plays an important role on my team; it resists many of the common attacking types I'm weak to. Dragonite can almost never be OHKO'd due to its awesome ability, Multi-Scale. It supports the team with Thunder Wave, and in a good match I can paralyse a lot of the opposition. The strategy is as follows; switch in on a resisted hit or after another Pokemon has fainted, and Thunder Wave the opposing Pokemon. Roost back to full health, and Dragon Dance when the opponent is fully paralysed. A Dragonite on full health after a +1 is truly a force to be reckoned with. I go Impish to have a chance against Doryuuzu, as a +2 Rock Slide never OHKOs, and I can break it's Balloon with Dragon Claw and then revenge with my own Doryuuzu. As always with set-up sweepers, I must be careful of Ditto. The speed EVs are so I outspeed max speed Base 100s after a Dragon Dance.
    Tyranitar @ Choice Band
    [180 HP / 252 Atk / 76 Spe]
    Adamant Natured (+Atk, -SpA)
    Sand Stream
    -Stone Edge
    -Aqua Tail
    Tyranitar is my resident powerhouse, being able to OHKO a lot of the metagame with the appropriate move. Stone Edge is the primary move on the set, dealing incredible amounts of damage to anything that doesn't resist it. Crunch rounds off the STABs, and Pursuit destroys Shandera locked into Shadow Ball or Flamethrower. Aqua Tail gives Tyranitar a weapon against Hippowdon and Gliscor.
    Doryuuzu @ Balloon
    [4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe]
    Jolly Natured (+Spe, -SpA)
    Sand Throw
    -Swords Dance
    -Rock Slide
    Here he is, the star of the show. Doryuuzu. The name sparks fear throughout the land...with 604 Speed in a Sand Storm, and 738 or so Attack with a Swords Dance, Doryuuzu has become one of the metagame's top threats for a good reason. My whole team is built around supporting him. So, my aim is to take out all his threats and then come in on something that I force out, such as a Choice-locked Ground move, and then Swords Dance. With a Swords Dance, Doryuuzu OHKOs most of the metagame with the appropriate move. Jolly lets me speed-tie with other Doryuuzu at most.

    So there's my team! Criticism is welcomed...thanks!
  2. XxbraedonxX


    Sep 2, 2010
    One thing-Try Choptle Berry over Ballon on Dory a bit. When i used him, I found myself being KOd by revenge Mach punches more than anything else, including EQs. I also had Aerial Ace instead of X-Scissor to hit fighting types hard. Try playing around with it for a bit
  3. Nosferalto

    Nosferalto We're all gonna make it
    is a Team Rater Alumnus

    Sep 26, 2008
    Hi Zangoose,

    Well built Doryuuzu team. You basically have mostly everything covered and the support you are offering Doryuuzuu is excellent, so my changes will mainly be minor ones. I'm going to reccomend using an Adamant nature on Tyranitar as well as a 180 HP / 252 Atk / 76 Spe. Running Adamant and max attack will allow you to 2HKO Hippowdon and OHKO Gliscor with Aqua Tail on the switch-in, which will aid Doryuuzu significantly when those defensive threats are removed. 76 EVs allow you to outspeed 4 Spe Skarmory and 2HKOing with Stone Edge, which is, once again, very beneficial for Droyuzuu. You do lose a little bulk but I think the benefits you gain from this change, largely outweigh the loss of bulk, so I would definitely make those changes.

    As for other changes, I would reconsider SD on Breloom over Stone Edge. I realise Stone Edge is for hitting Shandera on the switch, but I think Shandera isn't such an issue for this team. If you manage to scout or double switch, and TTar packing Pursuit, Shandera isn't that hard to handle. SD on the other hand, allows you to boost Breloom's attack to even higher levels, and devastate unprepared teams while softening defensive cores along with TTar and let Doryuuzu clean up.

  4. [Zangoose]


    Aug 14, 2010
    First of all, thanks for the comments! I've tried out all the changes; Chople Berry on Dory hasn't worked as well as Balloon, for me. The number of times I come in late-game on a Choiced EQ or something like that and set up is too many times to count. Also, X-Scissor is needed to hit the Latis and Sazandora hard.

    The EV changes on TTar worked really well, I'll edit them in. I'm working on a threat list atm, so I'll post that asap. Still not sure about SD, I'll keep testing it out. On one hand, OMG! But on the other, Shandera comes in and destroys me just a little bit too often.
  5. Plusle


    Aug 9, 2010
    Hi! Nice Team. On Shandeer Change the moveset from Psychic and Flamethrower to Overheat and Energy Ball. Overheat gives Shandeera a nice power boost and Energy Ball hits bulky waters. GL with your team.
  6. ChaZanG1


    Feb 14, 2010
    You dont have any stealth rocks on this team, and in this meta rocks is still invaluable. it provides doryuuzu, ttar, breloom and shandera with many essential ko's. also take of psychic on your shandera because a super effective psychic is just as strong as fire blast. Your team itself is very rocks weak, so i reccomend a bulky starmie to replace breloom or dragonite. Or you can put rapid spin in the 4th slot for doryuuzu
  7. masterful


    Aug 7, 2010
    Really good team, but I just have a few suggestions that I have found useful on my teams. One, you might want to run Flamethrower on Genosect to be able to take out Nattorei. Secondly, I highly suggest Rock Tomb over Stone Edge, as with 75 base power, it is only slightly weaker, and the Speed Drop allows you to nail it with a Bullet Seed, or Spore if you didn't already use it. Roopushin will MESS UP your team. Shandera can't KO even no SpD Roopushin, while it can easily KO you with Payback. It can also easliy take out Doryuuzu and T-Tar with Mach Punch. I like your T-Tar set, very nostalgic, a Band set, but I would suggest you try running EQ over Aqua Tail to give you that EdgeQuake coverage. And your Doryuuzu is pretty much standard
  8. [Zangoose]


    Aug 14, 2010
    I agree about the Stealth Rock comment; I've found it extraordinarily useful in the past - I just can't make room for it (trust me, I've tried). The only Pokemon that can learn it is Tyranitar, and my team really needs the power a Choice Band set provides. I've decided to take off Stone Edge / Rock Tomb altogether on Breloom; Swords dance does own a heck of a lot of things; once I take out Shandera, shit actually goes down.
    Roobushin doesn't give my team too much trouble, so long as I don't let it set up. I usually weaken it with Psychic, let Shandera die, and the revenge with whatever's available. But I will take out Psychic and Flamethrower and replace with Overheat / Energy Ball.
    Threat list will be up soon.
  9. Jaroda


    Sep 25, 2010
    I sure hope you hold onto your Genosect or Shandera until Gliscor is off the field, as Toxic Orb Gliscor, or Gliscorb, will wall the rest of your team. It can poison Dragonite and outstall with Acrobat, it will be faster than Tyranitar and EQ it, it's immune to Spore and it OHKO's Breloom with even unboosted Acrobat, and it can pop Dory's balloon and then EQ while taking next to no damage. You have two counters, you just really have to keep them alive. Pretty good team though. It's more a matter of how you play it then then the mons you have since you can handle close to everything.

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