BW Rotom-A Tiering

Should Rotom-A be tiered per forme or as one entity?

  • Rotom-A should be tiered as one entity, like in DPP

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So in the process of programming usage stat parsing for Smogon's PO server, I came across a question that I could not answer myself and that I don't think should be answered by any one person on the site, but rather by those that decide policy decisions: all of us.

The root of the question comes from our DPP tiering days, where we regarded Rotom-A—that is to say the alternate formes of Rotom—as one Pokemon for purposes of tiering. However, this is up for debate in BW because of the major change made to Rotom's alternate formes in the generation shift. Rotom-A's typing now changes based on forme. That's a huge deal! This is made even more relevant by the fact that if we tier them separately, Rotom-W will absolutely be OU, whereas every other forme falls to UU.

So I've opened up this two-option poll for us to decide. Should we continue tiering Rotom-A as a single entity like we did in DPP? Or should we, instead, tier each individual forme of Rotom much like we do with Deoxys because they are now so competitively different? I'm going to be leaving this open for a few days so that all of our PR users from across the world will have a chance to discuss it in this thread and vote on the poll.
Rotom-A's formes should definitely be tiered individually. Unlike the previous gen, each Rotom forme is completely different, having not only a different exclusive move, but also a different typing. I believe that alone, should warrant each Rotom forme to be tiered individually.
While I certainly agree that it should be done this way, it's not my place to assume policies that are not yet official, especially when they go against policies we held for the previous generation. There was a little bit of discussion on this back when we first discovered the change in UT, and there has undoubtedly been subsequent discussion on IRC since, but nothing concrete that formalizes it for tiering purposes. That's why I was compelled to create this poll.
It's absolutely obvious that they should be tiered differently. Previously, they were similar to a Pokemon with illegal egg moves ("you can only have one of Overheat, Hydro Pump, Leaf Storm, Blizzard, or Air Slash" just like how Ferrothorn can only have two of Spikes, Stealth Rock, and Leech Seed), and that's why we decided to tier them the same. In this gen, however, they have different typings. In Gen 4, they were interchangeable as long as you weren't using a signature move. In Gen 5, however, they have different applications, and should definitely be tiered differently.