BW2 Team Tournament - Semi Finals!

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If the rest of Team 13 can hold off voting temporarily - I beleive BKC and Iconic can play soon - that'll determine which team will progress (I've got a potential date in the works - just got to confirm when)

For the 2 that have already voted your votes will still count - and everyone will have sufficient time to send in their votes afterwards. (Unless you want to send in votes based on assuming BKC or Iconic win - that's preffered so we can get this done and dusted) Sorry about all the waiting - that's what the tour's for (R1 took forever). Please bear with me.

EDIT - Iconic and BKC have until 8pm Sunday (GMT) to battle. and screw it the coinflip will stay)

THIS IS ALSO VOTE DEADLINE. Both teams submit votes assuming their team has won. I will then collate any votes and use the for a decision.

EDIT AGAIN [20/12/12] Iconic has had to drop out, so BKC has the win. previous voting deadline has been re-instated

Edit -[21/12/12] There is a tie Vote for Team 13 with one person left to vote- Going to obtain the last vote before moving forwards - which should be tomorrow. Sorry for the delay guys, going to make sure the majority wins and we get the finals everyone wants, right.
Thanks for your patience, here are the final teams!
Team 9
The Great Mighty Doom ---> dragonuser
Princess Bri
Eo Ut Mortus

Team 13
FLCL ---> Funkasaurus

Funk will have the Finals up a little bit later.
Good luck in the Finals!
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