CAP 2 Pre-evo - Part 6 - Name submissions

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I'm having way too much fun with these.

Necturna was watching some really lame TV show about artists beating up art polls when the egg started to hatch. Thankfully, Smeargle arrived just in time to see the magical moment. Not-so-thankfully, Smeargle found himself with a face full of Necturna pre-evolution moments later.

So what would they name this newborn? Like... Facegrabber or something?

Suddenly, the ATL burst in and said, "NO! First of all, Facegrabber has 11 characters, more than the limit of 10! Second of all-"

"Aren't you that guy from the TV show that's on right now? You're a fictional ch-"

"DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS! Second of all, well, 'Facegrabber' kinda sucks. Remember, this pre-evolution will be stuck with this name for the rest of its relevance in the greater Pokémon communities, and will be attached to it if it gets into simulators such as Pokemon Showdown!

"Below are some relevant rules for names and this thread in general:

  • Names must be marked as final submissions to get into the polls. Be sure to make it clear to me in your post that the name you want to submit is your final submission.
  • Only one final submission per person. This is for cutting down on the inevitably large number of names that will be proposed in this thread. You're allowed to post multiple names and get feedback, but you may only consider one of these names your final submission.
  • The length limit for Pokemon names is 10 characters. This is the limit that exists in-game, and it's the limit that we will be using for submissions here.
  • Do NOT post just to say that you like another name, without some additional reasoning. Your post will be moderated. The system here is that names that get a lot of support will grab my attention more than ones that don't, but it's not that hard to back up your post with reasoning. For example, "I like the name Cutelionz because in addition to being catchy, it's also fitting because it paints an accurate picture of the cuteness level of this Pokemon" is going to be allowed because it's descriptive, whereas "I like the name Cutelionz a lot" is spam and will be moderated.
  • Don't submit a name that contains profanity or suggests profanity. This should go without saying.
"Oh, by the way, CAP 2's final product can be found here."

"What do you mean, 'here'? Is there a link or s- Oh, he's gone. That was weird."

Pre-evo so far:

Final Submission

Lengthened the stem slightly, and fixed one of the spikes. Barely noticeable, but one becomes picky about that sort of thing.
ecology comic:

I'm sorry to all of those people who wanted more drastic changes, but I simply don't have the time to make detailed alternate concepts! Best of luck to all successful entrants!

(Actuallly it seems that using dropbox lets changes to existing links happen without incident, so no need to mention that the two pictures are exactly the same ;))
Typing: Grass / Ghost
Abilities: Anticipation / (Telepathy)
Base stats: 49 HP / 55 Atk / 60 Def / 50 SpA / 75 SpD / 51 Spe
I've got four ideas:

Nocternel/Necternel: These two stem from the pre-evolution being a 'seed' of sorts, and so, Nocturnal/Necturna + Kernel equals one of the two.

Minature: It's a corruption of 'Miniature', referring to the design's status as a little, maybe baby, pokemon, and 'nature', as it's a berry. :P

Creepea: Heh, well, 'pea' and 'creepy'. I find it silly but fitting with the design being a spooky berry of sorts.

Which one should I finalize?
I guess I'll be the one ta post.
I thought up the name "Noture" earlier. As you can see, it's based on the word nature, but also draws from nocturnal or note, reflecting the "nocturne" part in 'er evolution.
Also, how long does this thread stay open for?
as this pokemon is essentially a smaller, cuter necturna, i originally suggested the name 'necturnite' -- '(n)ite' being a common suffix as well as somewhat fitting for a ghost pokemon.

shortly afterward, i realized the name's great potential, so i'm going to have to make my final submission: decturnite.

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Good morning, you bastards!
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Simple name let's go! I'm going to miss calling it Miniturna, though...

Final Submission: Nectelle

Nectelle -> Necturna. The "elle" suffix is apparently a "feminine diminutive," which I think fits perfectly with what Miniturna actually is.


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The two that I currently believe have the best reasoning behind them are Quanyails' Minature and Deck Knight's Nectot. Both are rather good and fit well with the picture.

Don't currently have a submission of my own, though to me Mos's drawing has always reminded me of an aphid. Though that's a bit Bug-typey, perhaps that might inspire someone! :)


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I'm gonna go ahead and suggest Berreave. Berry + Bereave. Pretty simple. Still working on other names, but if people like this one, I'll stop.
Final submission:

Let's see if people like Botanille at all? Botany is plant sciences, while I'm also taking components from "fille" which is what you would call a little girl in French.
I have some (dumb) names:
Spookerry Simple as that. Spooky + berry
Fantasnata This is preeeety dumb. Fantasma + Nature.
Ghonecta/Necthosta That's simple combos with Ghost and Nocturnal. All the names try to reffer to its Ghostly/Grassy(Natur-ish) appeal. ^^


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So on top of Berreave that I posted a bit ago, I have now come up with something I am slightly in love with...

Duskeyes It contains a ghostly element in the Dusk (while also paying tribute to Rising_Dusk) and a physical description with the mention of the eyes. It avoids being too grassy, which I think suits this prevo, which looks decidedly un-grassy. And finally, the name itself disguises what it really sounds like. Duskeyes =~= Disguise. Which is exactly what this prevo does, according to Mos' supporting material.

Now for c&c:
I think Quanyails' Minature and both of Master of the Six Kings' suggestions Botiny and Necta are good. It can be nice to have resemblance within the names in an evolution line, so Necta is totally sufficient. Short and sweet as Master says.
Botiny and Minature are also very elegant solutions, but both suffer a little from pronunciation issues. I strongly dislike names that don't have clear pronunciations and I can't tell if it is supposed to be Bah-Tin-Ee or Bah-Tie-Knee. Same goes for Minature. Is it Nature with a Mi sound in front? Or is it like Miniature, but without that e sound in the middle?
Final Submission:
Necturchan (Pronounced Neck-Ter-Chan)
Its a mixture Nectar and Chan which is a Japanese suffix used with people of endearment (such as a daughter). I think this fits with its japanese theme for its line.


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Mixture of Nectar + Timid, it's a berry, it's not exactly going to be ready to fight :p

Also I agree with Necta, Necta + Necturna go together really well, and it helps support the increased complexity of the evolution. If there was a poll, I'd go for that.
Final Submission:

I'd like to nominate Seedium, a combination of Seed + Medium. "Seed" is obvious; it's a young plant, and the pre-evo kinda looks like a seed. "Medium" is a reference to its ability to communicate with the spirit world, whether it only gains that ability as Necturna or has it as a newborn. I was also considering "Seedia," which has a softer ending and might be more phonetically appealing for a pre-evo like this, but then the reference to "Medium" is kinda lost.


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My final submission:


Mascara + suffix "-rna"

I noticed that the stem for pre-evo pokemon resembles a half-mask ppl wear to the parties, hence the reference to the makeup... I think it suits the mystique in Ghost-typing, as well as be in keeping of the tradition where pokemon names have the same prefix/suffix along the evo line
Final Submission

Since this is probably gonna be a very quick thread like the one fer Necturna, I'll put mine up now.

EDIT: If we're allowed to edit our final post, which I kind of remember something about yes we're allowed to, but I hope I'm not totally failing at memory right now:
Pronounced "noess-choor" or "noe-se-teur"
Previous form was "Noture," and "Nocture" kinda doesn't roll of my tongue quite as well.

Reasoning is displayed in my first post 'ere.
Lunecta Similar to Necturna: Lunar + Nectar
Nectanul Similar to the above. Read right to left as Lunatcel. It combines Nectar, Lunar and Nocturnal.
Nectarnul The above, but the "r" could help with pronunciation.
Camomild A joke at how Miniturna looks sweet but is easily angered. Camo is from camouflage, mild is from mild and the whole name shares a resemblance to Camomile.
Beree Berry. Related to beret, referring to how Miniturna's design is very similar to Necturna's head.
Weebree Wee + Berry
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