CAP 15 CAP 4 - Part 13 - Sprite Poll 1

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Was fun while it lasted
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I laughed a bit at the "ICC needs all the support he can get" posts

    [quanyails] => 1
    [cbmeadow] => 2
    [dougjustdoug] => 16
    [wyverii] => 41
    [icecoldclaws] => 74
He won by supermajority guys he really didn't need any help at all

Anyway, congrats to Ice-cold Claws on winning his first Sprite poll, and by a first-poll supermajority no less!

By the way @mods: I'm making the next thread OP but it may take a bit longer than usual, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES MAKE YOUR OWN thanks

Edit DougJustDoug on Jan 22, 2013:

Bold votes counts:
There have been 136 posts in the thread.

117 icecoldclaws
94 wyverii
56 dougjustdoug
43 quanyails
29 cbmeadow
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