CAP 8 CAP 8 - Part 7 - Stat Rating Poll

What should our Stat Rating be?

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Our Pokemon so far:
Elevator Music said:
Name: Neglected Ability

Description: This pokemon will have an ability [or two] that is currently undervalued (but possibly very helpful) in the metagame but isn't used because the other pokemon with this ability don't have the stats or movepool to make it work.
Type: Electric / Dragon
Style Bias: Somewhat Defensive
Build Bias: Mixed, possibly Special

This poll determines the desired overall "power level" of the pokemon's base stats. In the past, the Base Stat Total (BST) was used to measure the power of base statistics. Since BST is a very poor measurement for stat power, the CAP project now uses Base Stats Rating (BSR) to determine the overall effectiveness of a pokemon's base stats. Polling is simpler, and the results are more useful. The Base Stats Rating is determined by a formula created by X-Act.
Information about the formula is located here.
A utility for calculating Stat Rating is located here.


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Very good allows us flexibility with the stats while not making it too powerful. Quite good is way too limiting after experimenting with spreads.
Very Good. I wouldn't mind having some 'excellent' suggestions, but the issue is, Excellent opens up the doors to spreads far more powerful than I would prefer to see on this guy. If Excellent was a much 'thinner' tier I would be more likely to support it(like 420-479 or some such). With a 579 possible BSR and the CaP minds behind it I could see this thing being broken VERY quickly. We would have to be very tight on the move-pool.

As for Quite Good. I feel it is just a bit too limited to make a mon that can appropriately defend and still have some attacking options. You would really have to dump a stat or two(maybe Shuckle style with 5's and 10's :D)


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Very Good b/c of flexibility and the fact that I want it to be a decent wall. If it doesn't have good rating, then it won't have good stats, so it won't be a good wall.
Seems to me that Very Good is the clear and obvious choice. We don't want to go beyond that 'cause then we run the risk of validating the fears that a Dragon-type CAP is guaranteed to be uber; but we can't afford to go lower than that without severely hobbling its ability to function, particularly since we've gone for a "Special and Defensive...but Flexible" general stat direction.
Very Good. Excellent allow for far too much power, while Quite Good is really too limiting. Also, it just about every stat spread in the submission topic falls under Very Good, so it seems appropriate.


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I went with Very Good because of the flexibility it allows us when making this CAP. CAP8 isn't going to be super offensive either, so we don't need to completely worry about those "super powerful" Dragon-type attacks.
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