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Quite right. :> Quasimanticore is by no means what I'd want as a final name, it's just the 'working' title that I used to refer to it. The community picks and votes on the final name for the CAP.
My top picks

Some of you are just ridiculously good artists. I envy you… haha. Anyways, since I’m just a lurker with little influence upon CAP, I’ll just post my favs and give a couple comments on them… These submissions are amazing. While I do enjoy great art, I also enjoy great ideas, even if they can’t quite be drawn as perfect as some artists are able to. So having said that… May the best CONCEPT win!


To be honest, I did not put much favor towards KoA original hyena concept. And his wolfhorse concept, which was used in an earlier CAP art contest, was not one of my favorites either. But when he decided to mash them together… WIN. This is great. Perfect feel for the dark type. While ground typing could be pushed a little more, I’m glad he didn’t, because then I think it would be trying too hard to be something it isn’t. Amazing KoA!


Fantastic. Another pokemon with a great Dark feeling to it, and AMAZING in the drawing/coloring department. Like KoAs design, not too much ground typing seen. But I don’t care. This art is awesome.


Love the art and the concept. Fits this CAP well imo. Dark and Ground types are both seen clearly. This is a submission I’d really like to see in sprite form. :)

Chet Rippo-

This Concept is awesome! The Lunatone may not be necessary, but I think it adds a bit more to the character of the pokemon. I think it would be cool if this concept won because I think the new ability would totally be great being known as “Ozone Layer”. It’s so perfect!!


I honestly didn’t like the whole Egyptian Gods/Anubis concept flying around, but this one definitely does it the right way. Well enough, in fact, that I’m happy you picked up the idea. Well done Chomzloh.


While the art may not be up to par with some of the others, I am totally digging this concept. This is one I’d love to win, because the spriting would be great!

Ugh... Having all these great concepts, and basing them only on the art, when the spriting is just as, if not more, important, kind of frustrates me... I wish we could pick like, a top 2, 3 or 5 to go to the next stage, and then we could vote on the best sprite as well! But oh well the CAP monitors do a very good job as is. :)

Anyways, I will be looking forward to who wins this contest!!! Should be great!


Fuzznip- I’m disappointed you didn’t put in your other concept (The snake and… dark guy? Lol I don’t even know what to call it). Even if it isn’t complete, I honestly, 100% believe that design is wayyyy better then the one you submitted as your final. If you had submitted it as your final, it would have been one of my top picks. I would put in that design as it was, even if you don’t feel like it is at its best. :-)
No one really showed any interest in the sketches I posted so I guess I'll try and come up with some stuff next time.
Your sketches were great, bear!

I hope Cyzir posts the final Narwhal soon, what an amazing concept that was, would be a shame to see it miss the deadline like Aragonbird's CAP8.
I really love Sandal's submission. It's like Stratagem again, in that it's not from the usual artists yet it gives off the whimsical pokeman feel. I'd love to see a little write-up from the artist though!
No one like the Leech worm(?), it's pretty unique.
It's one of my favourites! The Sandworm is dripping with character and charm, and is unique among all the entries for being a playful Dark type. I also like how Cartoons and Familyguyman took a fairly standard concept and transformed it into something truly memorable and... well, awesome. :pimp:

I'm also really liking DougJustDoug's Buffalo. It's one of the few entries where I feel the concept/backstory is as good as the art itself.

EDIT: And speaking of Buffalo's... the entry below this is amazing! I'm glad you found the time to submit something man.


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Final Submission

Design: It's supposed to be like a kinda legendary japanese monster - a bearded pig bohemoth. It's covered in what i would describe as baked mud armour, (google image cracked mud - thats what its based off of) which is my answer to auto magic coat (rename it mud coat or whatever), and also contributes to making the design look more defensive. I tried to make it look like a huge (HP) physical attacker that can still move reasonably quickly. It could also blast some wicked special moves from its snout if the situation calls for it. I also think this thing fits the dark ground typing quite well.

Story time: CAP9 is a nocturnal pokemon, it spends the day sleeping in caves and will only come out at night. It camouflages itself in mud and sand so that only its bright eyes can be seen in the darkness, attracting curious pokemon. CAP9 is a rare pokemon and is the subject of many old legends. It usually represents bad fortune or ill health.
This pokemon often causes small earthquakes when running at night, being woken by this earthquake is said to be bad luck.

I'm using this as my final sub even though I haven't posted it before because i do not have time to do anything else now. I'm guessing it wont be very popular but its actually my favorite of what i've come up with. Apologies for rushing this and since it looks kinda rough (my stuff never looks clean anyway) especially the shading.

Edit: I did a minor edit to the design after reading mysteriousfellow's comment. Thanks man hopefully improved now? Not sure if you meant the whole shoulder looked akward or just the mud on there but i think it looks better now anyway. And the thumb i had originally left since i was thinking it could barely be seen under his arm guard and his fingers but i tried to get it in there.

Also thanks for everyones support! You guys are great i love you all <3
Wow that is pretty good Buffalo wings. You've improved since your CAP8 submission and this piece really shows it. Only two things kinda bother me about him and it's that he has no thumb on his right hand and that left shoulder lump that seems awkward. Though you probably don't want any constructive criticism considering it's your final submit lol. Either way, great art and great entry you got there. Trust me the rough sketchy lines are a good thing and add artistic quality to the piece. Many artists strive for that look. CAP9 art submits continue to surprise me.
Man, now I'm tied between Buffalo's and KoA's. I'd be happy with either representing CAP9's awesome spread and ability!

EDIT: Forgot Pkmn Tacho and Scamy's designs! There are a lot of great submissions this time around.
Way to drop a last minute bomb, Buffalo. That thing is sheer awesome, baked in an outer layer of awesome, and slow roasted in deep fried awesome.

On a more serious note, however, I do love it. It pretty much perfectly encompasses the Stat Spread, Abilities, and Concept. My vote is now torn between yours, Atyoki's, and DJD's designs.
Buffalo's design, Doug's Bison, Atyroki's Thorny Devil, Mutant's Lion, and Cyzir's whale are my favorites. For me, this will actually be the toughest poll so far.


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Final Submission

Wow, my internet finally works! I've been having problems with it all week, which is why I haven't been posting here much. Anyways, here's my final submission:

This Pokemon is a raging Dust Devil. The fierce twirling motion its body creates can easily blow around small objects and attacks back at the opponent (auto-Magic Coat). It can also suck up objects and integrate them into its body, making it even stronger (Guts). Escaping from this Pokemon is a difficult feat. Its arms can extend a long distance to grab fleeing prey (Pursuit).
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