CAP 9 CAP 9 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 1

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Well, we've massively narrowed down the playing field! Only 4 concepts remain: Super Lure, Status Counter, Two Sided Attack, and Stop the Secondary.

This poll is a BOLD VOTE poll. Bold the concept in which you want to vote for. For example, if the concept I wanted to vote for was "The tennisace of Golf", I would bold it so it would read The tennisace of Golf. Make sure to read each concept carefully before casting your vote. You may only vote once.

The only posts I should see are bold votes. Discussion is not allowed here.

However, if you want to discuss concepts, be sure to drop by #cap on or our Shoddy Battle Server: Doug's Create-a-Pokemon Server!

Concepts (in the order submitted)

moi said:
Name: Stop the Secondary
Description: A Pokémon that through means of ability, moves, and typing, can stop a variety of the non damaging affect of moves and moves of non damaging origin.

Justification: While the immediate threat of damaging moves is large and present, the affect of moves such as status, Trick, Leech Seed, Taunt, Stealth Rock, Spikes have arguably had a greater affect to the metagame than anything has ever had, something that this would greatly look in to.

Questions to be Answered:
~ How easily would a Pokémon with such large of a niche be able to fit into a competitive team?
~ How large of an impact would the reducation of non damaging affects and moves have on the metagame?
- What, if any, would happen to the types of teams being used?
- How would this affect the usage of these types of moves?​
~ How much of an affect does typing have on the ability for ANY Pokémon to perform this duty?
billymills said:
Name: Two-sided attack

Description: Can play two incredibly different roles extremely well, but no middle ground. If this pokemon attempts to compromise its strengths, it will suck. Ideally, it will absolutely destroy one type of pokemon using one of its strengths, but will be completely countered if it chose the other specialty. Important: It has no true 100% counter.

Justification: Depending on how this works out, I could see this being a good stall breaker (50/50 shot at breaking one of your opponent's major walls, if this turns out to be a sweeper), or a strong wall of either defense. The important thing is that it makes prediction even more important, and should reduce any luck factor when facing this pokemon.

Questions to be answered:
  • Is there anyway to prevent a pokemon from being moderate, and always extremely powerful in a direction using basic methods (i.e.: Would type change or change in formes be necessary)?
  • Does such a pokemon actually encourage prediction, or is countering it completely based on luck?
  • Is it possible to create a pokemon without true counters, even if it is not overpowering?
Zari and Fuzznip said:
Name: Status Counter.

Description: A Pokemon that benefits from status, rather than being crippled by it.

Justification: With many teams commonly carrying status-inducing moves, there is no true Pokemon that can directly benefit from them upon switching into them. Sweepers are crippled by Thunder Wave or Will-O-Wisp, and walls and tanks can be neutralized with Toxic. This concept revolves around building a Pokemon that would truly benefit from status, rather than being a designated Pokemon that absorbs status for the team. This concept would show us what status really is in the metagame, because it's not only seen as a way to cripple the opponent's team, it can potentially help the opponent's team.

Questions to be Answered:
  • How will this concept effect teams that sometimes rely on status (such as stall teams)?
  • What does status truly do in the metagame?
  • What strategies become viable from the rarity of status?
  • Will status become a "bad" thing to use with the inclusion of Pokemon that can benefit from it?
Xyphang said:
Name: Super Lure
Description: A Pokemon that can lure in and kill threats to your team, but, with a different set, function well.

Justification: Lures are a very under-used part of the metagame, a tactic that many people aren’t aware of. Also, the best teams generally do not utilize lures at all, preferring the option of a team-mate that can play an extremely active part. Therefore, this concept would aim to find out what about lures makes it so unappealing to players, and what can make it better.

Questions to be Answered:
• Are lures viable in today’s metagame?
• What strategies are most effective for luring in a Pokemon?
• Which Pokemon(s) benefit most from having a lure on your team?
• How does a Pokemon’s reputation as a viable lure affect its counters?
• How much power in a different set does it take to be an effective lure?
If you have questions concerning these concepts, shoot a PM at their respective submitter.

This poll will close September 28, 3:30 EST.
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