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CAP 9 CAP 9 - Part 15b - Movepool Poll 2

Discussion in 'CAP Process Archive' started by Plus, Nov 4, 2009.


Whose movepool should be CAP 9's Movepool?

  1. Admiral_Korski

  2. Fuzznip

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  1. Plus

    Plus deadass
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    Apr 8, 2008
    It's the last LAST competitive poll of CAP! Get ready...
    A whale, god damn!

    Typing: Dark/Ground
    Ability: Auto-Magic Coat
    Ability: Guts
    Stat Spread: 133/122/72/71/72/95
    Name: Colossoil

    Vote on the movepool you like the best. And remember...

    • We will not allow posts in this topic such as "I voted Movepool." Put some substance into your post. This means that you need to back up your post with reasoning or you will be infracted.

    • Extra reminder because I was overly pissed at last poll: Keep the discussion relevant. It's not a thread to say "I hate these options fuck it i'll vote x", it's a thread to discuss each option. I don't give a shit that you don't like them.

    Admiral Korski (open)

    Cool. I think I'll make this my Final Submission then.

    NOTE: I've added Whirlpool to the Egg Moves list and threw in some sample movesets down at the bottom to bring it all together for the people who don't like just seeing a giant list of moves. The Summary section also consolidates the information from the other sections for speedy access to viable moves in a non-moveset format, and the Explanation section goes into further detail regarding some of the decisions I made in constructing the movepool.


    Level-Up Moves: 16
    HS. Encore
    HS. Rapid Spin
    3. Tackle
    7. Leer
    11. Bite
    20. Pursuit
    20. Sucker Punch
    20. Payback
    26. Scary Face
    33. Drill Peck
    40. Seismic Toss
    40. Night Shade
    55. Muddy Water
    62. Crunch
    80. Fissure
    80. Horn Drill

    Crunch, Pursuit, and Rapid Spin mark the competitive moves from the level-up list. I made four sets of categorized moves for some pizazz: 1) two Heart Scale "stop the secondary moves" of Rapid Spin and Encore, 2) three level 20 moves of its conditional-damage Dark moves: Pursuit, Sucker Punch, and Payback, 3) two level 40 moves of set-damage moves, Seismic Toss and Night Shade, a non-existent move combo in the game and particularly interesting for their given immunities, and 4) two level 80 OHKO moves in Fissure and Horn Drill. They ascend the level-up list in a mathematically logical way, which is cool, I think.

    TMs/HMs: 50
    TM01 - Focus Punch
    TM05 - Roar
    TM06 - Toxic
    TM10 - Hidden Power
    TM11 - Sunny Day
    TM12 - Taunt
    TM15 - Hyper Beam
    TM17 - Protect
    TM18 - Rain Dance
    TM20 - Safeguard
    TM21 - Frustration
    TM23 - Iron Tail
    TM26 - Earthquake
    TM27 - Return
    TM28 - Dig
    TM32 - Double Team
    TM37 - Sandstorm
    TM38 - Fire Blast
    TM39 - Rock Tomb
    TM41 - Torment
    TM42 - Façade
    TM43 - Secret Power
    TM44 - Rest
    TM45 - Attract
    TM46 - Thief
    TM48 - Skill Swap
    TM49 - Snatch
    TM54 - False Swipe
    TM56 - Fling
    TM58 - Endure
    TM62 - Silver Wind
    TM63 - Embargo
    TM66 - Payback
    TM67 - Recycle
    TM68 - Giga Impact
    TM70 - Flash
    TM71 - Stone Edge
    TM77 - Psych Up
    TM78 - Captivate
    TM79 - Dark Pulse
    TM80 - Rock Slide
    TM82 - Sleep Talk
    TM83 - Natural Gift
    TM85 - Dream Eater
    TM87 - Swagger
    TM88 - Pluck
    TM90 - Substitute
    HM04 - Strength
    HM05 - Whirlpool
    HM06 - Rock Smash
    HM08 - Rock Climb
    Nothing really shocking here.

    Egg Moves (Monster/ Water 2): 10
    Fake Out - Blastoise, Kangaskhan
    Ice Shard - Lapras, Abomasnow
    Megahorn - Seaking, Rhyperior
    Stockpile - Snorlax, Lanturn, Quilfish, Torterra
    Swallow - Snorlax, Lanturn, Torterra
    Spit Up - Lanturn, Quilfish, Torterra
    Flail - Blastoise, Seaking, Feraligatr, Luvdisc, Lanturn, Quilfish, Octillery, Whiscash, Lumineon
    Whirlpool - Blastoise, Gyarados, Lapras, Snorlax, Totodile, Feraligatr, Lanturn, Quilfish, Octillery, Swampert, Lumineon, Aggron, Sharpedo, Wailord, Whiscash, Relicanth, Luvdisc, Rampardos, Garchomp, Lickilicky, Rhyperior
    Mud Sport - Relicanth, Whiscash, Luvdisc
    Water Sport - Seaking, Whiscash, Luvdisc

    Legal Egg Combos:
    Stockpile + Swallow + Spit Up + Flail + Whirlpool
    Mud Sport + Water Sport + Flail
    Megahorn + Water Sport + Flail[/code] Basically I wanted to emphasize Colossoil's "land-whaleness" here with some flavorful moves like the Stockpile trio, Megahorn (flavorful and good for CB sets, being relatively interchangeable with Crunch), Flail ("fish out of water" anyone?), Whirlpool, Mud Sport, and Water Sport, which I combined with the the two priority moves Fake Out and Ice Shard to round it all out. I wanted to separate Ice Shard and Fake Out so that either one can be used with Sucker Punch for priority, but not both.
    Tutor Moves: 16
    [B]Aqua Tail[/B]
    Earth Power
    [B]Seed Bomb[/B]
    [B]Superpower [/B]
    [B]Knock Off[/B]
    [B]Sucker Punch [/B]
    [B]Heal Bell[/B]
    Body Slam
    Magic Coat
    Here it gets some good type coverage moves in Aqua Tail, Seed Bomb, and Superpower, which will get some good use on CB sets, along with Selfdestruct. The rest are mostly flavor moves to emphasize both its size and arrogant look (Body Slam, Snore, Spite, etc.), with the exceptions of Heal Bell and Knock Off, which are very useful for defensive sets.
    Total Moves: 90
    Notable Physical Attacking Moves: Pursuit, Sucker Punch, Payback, Crunch, Earthquake, Drill Peck, Focus Punch, Façade, Stone Edge, Megahorn, Ice Shard, Aqua Tail, Seed Bomb, Superpower, Spit Up, Selfdestruct
    Notable Physical Attacking Types: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Flying, Grass, Ground, Ice, Normal, Rock, Water
    Illegal Attacking Combinations: Bug + Ice
      Notable Special Attacking Moves: Fire Blast, Dark Pulse, Earth Power, Muddy Water
      Notable Special Attacking Types: Dark, Fire, Ground, Water
    Notable Secondary Moves: Encore, Roar, Toxic, Taunt, Protect, Safeguard, Torment, Rest, Block, Sleep Talk, Swagger, Substitute, Rapid Spin, Fake Out, Stockpile, Swallow, Knock Off, Heal Bell, Magic Coat.
    I guess that, much like all movepools here, there are plenty of overlaps with the other spreads. I think what sets mine apart is the "flavorful and useful" approach to the Level-Up and Egg Moves sections, my inclusion/exclusion of certain combined attacking types, and my exclusion of the elemental fangs.
    Fire Blast is the only Fire move in the moveset, which is plenty to take out Forretress and Skarmory if you really want to. Other than that, special attacking moves are limited to its STABs and the infinitely flavorful Muddy Water. Similarly, Ice Shard is its only Ice attack, which is fairly useful against Gliscor and Salamence. By making Fire Blast and Ice Shard come from weak places (low stats and low BP, respectively), it balances them out and makes them useful, but not overpowered on the same set. In general, its coverage attacking types are limited to one viable move apiece. For instance, Seed Bomb is the only Grass attack and is only really useful against Swampert, Drill Peck is the only Flying move for taking out Breloom/Heracross who otherwise resist its STABs (Breloom is handled just as well by Fire Blast, though), Stone Edge is its only competitive Rock move, etc. The focus for attacking moves was on generic offensive sets with good type coverage and on STAB+support sets for fulfilling the concept.
    I understand the concern regarding Fire and Ice attacks covering EQ-immune Steels and Dragons, but I personally don’t think it’s too outrageous. The combo is still walled by bulky waters, and an UnSTABbed Ice Shard still won’t 2HKO 4/0 Latias (33.77% - 39.74%, Recoverable, even) unless it’s a max Atk Guts Sweeper or CB user, which Latias beats one-on-one unless it switches in on an Ice Shard. Max+ Guts Ice Shard does 67.67% - 79.76% to 0/0 Salamence after Intimidate, a 28% chance to OHKO, while Max+ AMC Ice Shard does only 45.92% - 54.38%. So, both Latias and Salamence, both with no defensive investment, can come in on a Fire Blast or Earthquake (or Taunt or Rapid Spin or whatever) and beat it one-on-one. That doesn’t sound terribly dangerous. Similarly, you would need to run +nature and 212 EVs to guarantee a 2HKO on the standard Bronzong with Fire Blast, which would be a joke, while Bronzong can simply Explode on you or hit you with high-BP Gyro Balls, as you’ll be running lots of Spe with the LO set. It still takes out Forry and Skarmory (the latter requiring LO w/ no EVs to 2HKO), which it’s supposed to do. The combo is far from overpowered, therefore, keeping key pokemon in check, should you need to, without being able to outright sweep through them.
      Anyways, things that aren’t in the movepool:
    Sorry, no Moonlight. If Sandstorm is as common as people say it is to prevent it from being broken, then it’s useless. If it isn’t, then it’s broken. With Close Combats, CB U-Turns, and Surf/ Hydro Pumps all over every team, most of them being STABbed, and with Sucker Punch threatening to take out many of the pokemon that can threaten it, recovery outside of Rest and Leftovers in Colossoil’s case is either overkill or a fruitless temptation.
    The emphasis on the elemental fangs is pretty misplaced, imo. They aren’t particularly competitive, especially when taking into account that Stone Edge > Thunder Fang, Ice Shard > Ice Fang (taking priority into account. Fang’s BP is not high enough to override Shard’s usefulness), and Fire Fang is complete shit (max+ Atk, +1 vs. Skarmory: 40.36% - 47.59% by the way. It’s Roostable). I didn’t put the elemental fangs in this movepool, because Colossoil can’t utilize them very well and they have little to no flavor value.
    Sample Movesets:
    [B]Stop The Secondary!:[/B] Rapid Spin/Substitute/Taunt/Crunch
    Spin away hazards while making sure no one sets up on you. Take out Spin blockers with a powerful STAB Dark attack. Sub on switches to allow you to stay in and Spin on threatening switch-ins. This could be a good support set for all the Yanmega and Moltres who could be great OU pokemon if not for their crippling weaknesses to entry hazards and could breathe new life into no-setup offensive strategies. Another viable move to use in place of Substitute would be Heal Bell for putting a full stop to every aspect of stall minus Sandstorm. Heal Bell could also be of use instead of Rapid Spin on teams that abuse Rest or otherwise don't care too much about entry hazards, or on hyper offensive teams that don't take paralysis or burn statuses very well.
    [B]Pivot:[/B] Substitute/Encore/Sucker Punch/Earthquake
    Sub on the switch and Encore whatever breaks your Sub or tries to set up on you. Sucker Punch the incoming attack, Sub again on a switch-out, or switch out yourself to something that can set up on or otherwise take advantage of the Encored move.
    [B]Choice/Guts/otherwise offensive sets:[/B] Earthquake/Crunch/Superpower/Ice Shard
    There are many other good moves to fit into purely offensive sets, but this set gets the most out of type coverage, at least, hitting 14 of the 17 types for SE damage. Stone Edge could go over Ice Shard to cover Gyarados as well as Salamence, while Fire Blast could make sure Skarmory or Forretress don't stop you in your tracks. Pursuit would be a must on CB sets, and Selfdestruct could be put in there, as well, to get some general damage on just about everything. There are many options here.
    [B]Stall Support:[/B] Stockpile/Toxic/Roar/EQ
    Colossoil can do a pretty decent job supporting stall teams instead of destroying them. With the right EVs and Stockpile, Colossoil can get quite bulky on defensive sets like this one and can shuffle opponents, poisoning the non-Steels/Poisons and EQing the Steels. It loses to Bronzong, Skarmory, and Gengar, though, so you'll need a way to get through them. This set goes way against the concept, I know, but being only able to fulfill the concept and nothing else would mean limiting the movepool to disuse. This just means it's versatile. I imagine the anti-stall set above (or something similar) will see much more use. Anyways, a 36 HP/ 236 Def/ 236 SpD Impish spread will get you to 416/262/239 defenses, 416/393/358 after 3 Stockpiles. If you don't want to balance out the defenses, specializing will of course give the usual benefits.
    [B]Tank:[/B] Payback/Knock Off/Roar/EQ
    It will come to no surprise that, much like Hariyama, Colossoil will be able to pull off defensive sets quite well. This one can be run without Speed to give it its strongest Dark STAB attack in Payback. Knock Off can ruin offensive, item-dependent switch-ins like LO Starmie, Infernape, or Lucario, Toxic Orb Breloom, or Dark-weak Scarfers like Latias and Rotom. Roar complements its tankiness by keeping opponents from setting up, and EQ is the obligatory STAB.
    [B]RestTalk:[/B] Rest/Sleep Talk/Roar/Crunch (/EQ)
    Another Hariyama-esque set, this one supplies Colossoil with reliable recovery and staying power while once again avoiding becoming set-up bait.
    And there 'ya go. Thanks for reading.[/SIZE]                                                                           
    TM01 - [B]Focus Punch[/B]
    TM05 - Roar
    TM06 - Toxic
    TM10 - Hidden Power
    TM11 - Sunny Day
    TM12 - [B]Taunt[/B]
    TM15 - Hyper Beam
    TM17 - Protect
    TM18 - Rain Dance
    TM21 - Frustration
    TM23 - Iron Tail
    TM26 - [B]Earthquake[/B]
    TM27 - Return
    TM31 - Brick Break
    TM32 - Double Team
    TM34 - [B]Shock Wave[/B]
    TM37 - Sandstorm
    TM38 - [B]Fire Blast[/B]
    TM39 - Rock Tomb
    TM40 - Aerial Ace
    TM42 - Facade
    TM43 - Secret Power
    TM44 - Rest
    TM45 - Attract
    TM49 - Snatch
    TM54 - False Swipe
    TM55 - Brine
    TM58 - Endure
    TM63 - Embargo
    TM65 - Shadow Claw
    TM66 - Payback
    TM68 - Giga Impact
    TM71 - [B]Stone Edge[/B]
    TM72 - [B]Avalanche[/B]
    TM74 - Gyro Ball
    TM77 - Psych Up
    TM78 - Captivate
    TM79 - [B]Dark Pulse[/B]
    TM80 - Rock Slide
    TM82 - Sleep Talk
    TM83 - Natural Gift
    TM87 - Swagger
    TM89 - [B]U-turn[/B]
    TM90 - Substitute
    HM03 - Strength
    HM05 - Whirlpool
    HM06 - Rock Smash
    HM08 - Rock Climb
    [B]Notable moves:[/B] Focus Punch, Taunt, Earthquake, Fire Blast, Shock Wave, Stone Edge, Avalanche, Dark Pulse, U-turn.
    ---Horn Attack
    6 Slam
    11 Bite
    17 [B]Rapid Spin[/B]
    22 [B]Magic Coat[/B]
    29 [B]Pursuit[/B]
    35 Drill Peck
    42 Magnitude
    48 [B]Stockpile[/B]
    48 Swallow
    48 Spit Up
    48 [B]Moonlight[/B]
    55 [B]Crunch[/B]
    63 [B]Megahorn[/B]
    [B]Total moves:[/B] 16.
    [B]Notable moves:[/B] Rapid Spin, Magic Coat, Pursuit, Drill Peck, Stockpile, Moonlight, Crunch, Megahorn.
    [B]Egg Group:[/B] Ground / Water 2
    [B]Ice Shard[/B] (Dewgong, Mamoswine, Cloyster, Smeargle)
    [B]Rock Blast[/B] (Rhyperior, Cloyster, Smeargle)
    [B]Sucker Punch[/B] (Nidoking, Houndoom, Mightyena, Slaking, Sharpedo, Kecleon, Absol, Raticate, Dugtrio, Shiftry, Skuntank, Purugly, Smeargle)
    [B]Fissure [/B](Donphan, Mamoswine, Wailord, Camerupt, Torkoal, Sandslash, Donphan, Rhyperior, Dugtrio, Smeargle)
    [B]Selfdestruct [/B](Shiftry, Wailord, Camerupt, Cloyster, Smeargle)
    [B]Fake Out[/B] (Raichu, Persian, Ambipom, Smeargle, Shiftry, Infernape, Lopunny, Purugly, Weavile)
    [B]Muddy Water[/B] (Relicanth, Smeargle, Quagsire)
    [B]Future Sight[/B] (Whiscash, Smeargle, Grumpig, Espeon, Golduck)
    [B]Screech[/B] (Ambipom, Cloyster, Dugtrio, Persian, Smeargle)
    [B]Total moves:[/B] 9.
    [B]Notable moves:[/B] Ice Shard, Sucker Punch, Selfdestruct, Fake Out, Muddy Water, Screech.
    [B]*[/B]do realize that there are no illegal egg move combos, thanks to Smeargle being able to learn everything Colossoil has in its egg moves.
    [B]Knock Off
    Aqua Tail[/B]
    [B]Earth Power[/B]
    Mean Look
    Zen Headbutt
    [B]Heal Bell
    [B]Perish Song[/B]
    [B]Total moves:[/B] 13.
    [B]Notable moves:[/B] Knock Off, Aqua Tail, Earth Power, Superpower, Heal Bell, Encore, Perish Song.
    With this movepool, I wanted Colossoil to have several options to choose form, while still being limited to a few. So, below will be the unique combos and moves Colossoil can use to show you what it can do.
    [B]Rapid Spin + Pursuit:[/B] Two of the most important move combinations that Colossoil should have in its movepool. Since these two are found in the Level-up list, they are legal together, which is definitely great. So basically, Colossoil can penetrate Ghost-types with Pursuit, allowing it to spin away entry hazards successfully. 
    [B]Screech + Pursuit:[/B] A pretty interesting move combination. Since Screech is capable of lowering the opponent's Defense two stages, tit makes Colossoil's attacks hit much harder than usual. In most cases, the opponent will obviously try to switch out so they avoid being hit by a powerful Earthquake or Crunch, but they will still be nailed by a powered up Pursuit. What this means is that Colossoil will probably be in a win-win situation most of the time when it uses Screech, because if you predict the opponent will stay in, you smack it down with Colossoil's STAB attacks, but if you predict a switch out, Pursuit will be doing a hefty amount of damage.
    [B]Stockpile + Moonlight:[/B] Even though Moonlight is not the most reliable of recovery moves, it can still be quite helpful in some situations, especially in conjunction with Stockpile. With Colossoil having a very high HP stat and mediocre defenses, Stockpile can make it even tougher to take down. Not only that, but it can run Guts for an ability to make the opponent think twice before poisoning or burning it to stall it out, since that will just make Colossoil a very powerful Pokemon with insane bulk thanks to Stockpile. 
    [B]Taunt + Encore + Sucker Punch:[/B] Taunt and Sucker Punch are commonly seen together, so I wanted to keep it that way with Colossoil. Lots of people are steering away from movepools that have Sucker Punch in them, since they are "against the concept", however, I still think that it's an extremely viable move. Sucker Punch allows Colossoil to knock out enemies that are faster than it, such as Starmie, Latias, and Gengar. To stop it from failing, Taunt becomes a very helpful move, stopping users from using secondary effects and allowing Sucker Punch to hit. On the other hand, Encore becomes a very threatening move in tandem with Sucker Punch. That way, if the opponent even thinks about using a non-attacking move, they will be trapped into using that, forcing them to switch. This can help Sucker Punch be used successfully, so Colossoil is almost always going to be in a win-win situation with these moves. 
    [B]Encore + Pursuit + U-turn:[/B] Like mentioned above, Encore can potentially force a Pokemon to use the last move they used for up to eight turns. Colossoil has the chance to trap a Pokemon into using an indirect move such as Thunder Wave, Softboiled, Rest, etc., meaning the opponent will be stuck using that, forcing them to switch out. This is the perfect opportunity to use Pursuit, always going to be striking them for a Base Power of 80. Even though you can use Pursuit for big damage once they switch out, you can definitely use U-turn instead. This gives Colossoil the potential to scout the opponent's team, giving you the upper-hand in most circumstances. 
    [B]Encore + Substitute + Focus Punch:[/B] A sweet three move combination to use. Since Colossoil has the potential to trap a Pokemon into using a move that does not harm Colossoil or is too weak to do more than 25% damage, it can safely set up Substitute as they switch out or continue attacking and start wreaking havoc with very powerful Focus Punch attacks. Even though Focus Punch doesn't receive STAB, it can still do hefty amounts of damage. 
    [B]Mean Look + Whirlpool + Perish Song:[/B] Personally, I really like these three moves. The reason for this is because Colossoil can potentially trap the opponent with Mean Look or Whirlpool and use Perish Song to try and score a kill. This can actually work, since Colossoil has the bulk to take a few hits for Perish Song to go down to 0. This is a pretty unique combination if you ask me, and it will be pretty fun to test.
    [B]Swagger + Psych Up + Pursuit:[/B] Another one of those unique strategies Colossoil can use. Since Swagger powers up the opponent's Attack by two stages, Colossoil has the potential to score +2 Attack itself with the use of Psych Up. Even though it is a pretty risky combo due to the fact that the opponent becomes considerably stronger with physical moves, it can still be useful against Pokemon that are specialized in special attacks, so they don't benefit from the +2 Attack. Instead of using Psych Up, Colossoil can also use Pursuit to try to smack fleeing targets from being hit by confusion, which increases its Base Power to 80.
    [B]Miscellaneous moves:[/B] Instead of Colossoil always using physical attacks, it can most definitely become a decent mixed attacker with [B]Dark Pulse[/B][B]Earth Power[/B], the sole reason why I included them. It wouldn't be fun if Colossoil is always used as a physical attacker, and it already has a decent Special Attack stat to use, so there's no reason why to leave them out. [B]Rock Blast[/B] is an interesting option to stop Substitute users dead in their tracks, as Rock Blast can hit up to five times. [B]Muddy Water[/B], although slightly less viable than Surf due to accuracy issues, can put the harm in Ground-types like Hippowdon. On a similar note, [B]Dive[/B] can be used for the same reason, even though it's considerably weaker than Muddy Water. [B]Aqua Tail[/B] is again another move that can hurt Ground-types, but since its a physical attack and most Ground-types are physically defensive, it may not be as viable as Muddy Water for example. Even though [B]Shock Wave[/B][/SIZE][SIZE=1] isn't that strong of an Electric attack, it can still severely damage Gyarados, who will become a common switch-in to Colossoil. [/SIZE][SIZE=1][B]Heal Bell[/B] and [B]Magic Coat[/B] are fun moves to use, as the former can make Colossoil a helpful cleric, while the latter can bounce back any status thrown at it, and other secondary effects like Leech Seed. [B]Knock Off[/B] can be a unique move to stop Tricksters from Tricking a Choiced item, since not many Pokemon like having a Choiced item attached to them, especially walls and tanks. However, they can still leave one of your Pokemon itemless, but being itemless is better than being crippled with a Choiced item. Besides that, it can knock off Leftovers from the likes of Gyarados and Hippowdon, and even Shed Shell from Skarmory (who may start running them in the fear of Magnezone, since Skarmory can become a potential counter to Colossoil). Speaking of Skarmory, it will definitely dislike having to take a super effective [B]Fire Blast[/B], nor will Tangrowth, Breloom, and Forretress. [B]Superpower[/B] can be an awesome attack to use when Colossoil is about to die, or if it just wants to be used as a hit-and-run kind of Pokemon. It's definitely going to be a very powerful attack once it's been boosted by Guts, or anything else for that matter. [B]Stone Edge[/B] is definitely a helpful move for taking on Gyarados and Salamence, since these two will probably be switching into Colossoil quite often. Both [B]Avalanche[/B] and [B]Ice Shard[/B] are excellent attacks for taking down Dragon-types, most notably Salamence and Flygon. Finally, [B]Selfdestruct[/B] will become an insanely powerful attack, even more stronger when boosted by Guts or Choice Band, and it makes an excellent suicidal move Colossoil can use.
    Thanks for reading, and may the best movepool win![/SIZE][/hide]
    May the best man win, and may the best CAP be made! (either way it will, fuck fidgit >:O )
  2. Raikaria


    May 20, 2009
    Admiral Korski gets my vote, yet again.

    Both movepools have the moves that I want CAP9 to be able to have. In a competitive way, both movepools are quite similar.

    However, there are two moves, which are included, which I am against.

    Selfdestruct, both movepools have.

    However, Moonlight (Sandstorm is NOT Omnipresent people!, so don't use it as a be-all end all argument for Moonlight, because it's not always there!), is the one move I am DEAD set against. Admiral lacks Moonlight. Therefor, Admiral gets my vote.

    Really, what this boils down to is, Moonlight, or no Moonlight?
  3. mudkip72


    Jan 16, 2009
    hmm, comparing the 2, they are really simular. The few standout differences are:

    Admiral Korski: Torment, Outrage, Seed Bomb

    Fuzznip: Perish Song, U-turn, Moonlight ***Has no illegal egg combos***

    Admiral Korski gets my vote because I don't feel CAP9 needs U-turn and Moonlight, it would be kinda overpowered in my opinion. Also Torment is awesome for annoying threats. And I'm also bummed how this poke is destined to have Self-destruct. Oh well.
  4. Deck Knight

    Deck Knight RIP DryPass Vaporeon
    is a Forum Moderatoris a CAP Contributoris a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus
    CAP Head Mod

    May 27, 2005
    Voted Fuzznip. Don't like U-turn, but want Moonlight on there. Moonlight lets it come in repeatedly if neccesary in particularly arduous stall battles.
  5. pkmn-taicho321


    Jun 23, 2007
    Voted fuzznip for the lack of Fire and Thunder fang

    We don't need it hitting Gyarados and Skarm.
  6. VKCA

    VKCA (Virtual Circus Kareoky Act)

    Jan 8, 2009
    What about fire blast?
    Anyways, I went for fuzznip as well, because I think this guy needs moonlight, especially if he is going to come in again and again to stop secondary users. I am disappointed that it does not have torment, but I think encore should almost as good.
  7. The Other Doug

    The Other Doug

    Jun 13, 2009
    Although I'll be happy with either movepool, I went with Fuzznip because his set has Moonlight, which I think is an important move for Colossoil.
  8. Apocalypse B-C

    Apocalypse B-C

    Aug 22, 2009
    My reasoning is quite different from most other peoples', and less relevant to the competitive aspect of the project, but I'm posting it anyway....

    I've made a number of level-up movesets for fakemon, and what I really hate about when other people make them is when they include moves that don't fit the pokemon at all. Korski's moveset irks me in that it has Night Shade, Seismic Toss, and to a lesser extent Encore in the level-up set - none of which really being moves I could see Colossoil using. If they were egg moves I wouldn't really mind, but on the level-up list....it just feels wrong, somehow. The unreasonable moves appear on fuzznip's much less - the only move that's at all odd is Magic Coat, which is still somewhat plausible and is also a rather obvious choice, given that it has Auto-Magic Coat as an ability - if it can pull that off, it can pull the move off.

    I honestly am no expert in competitive battling and its finer points, so when I vote I stick with what I do know, and that's why fuzznip gets my vote....
  9. Admiral_Stalfos19


    Mar 25, 2008
    Fuzznip's movepool gets my vote 'cause it has a ton of options, including Screech which I like
  10. ReysonTheNoble


    Feb 1, 2009
    Alright Fuzznip! I like U-Turn, plain and simple. Moonlight is a plus. Shock Wave caught my attention also.
  11. hydrolphin


    Sep 5, 2008
    Voted for Korski's again, as I don't like U-Turn, think Moonlight is pointless and like that the Egg moves are split.

    This should be closer than it looks now, as Korski got a late surge last time, but this will definately come down to the wire.
  12. tennisace

    tennisace cardiac cats
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    Dec 16, 2007
    The two movepools are the exact same when you boil them down to the relevant moves. However, no Moonlight means I'm voting for Adm. Korski. I could care less about everything else since they're literally the exact same where it counts.
  13. SgtWoodsy


    Mar 14, 2007
    Voted for Korski, on the basis of no Moonlight or U-Turn (probably wouldn't be used anyway, but it's better to be safe than sorry), and I don't really care about Shock Wave.
  14. nihilist


    May 11, 2007
    Man oh man, if Fuzznip wins, this CAP is going to be BEAST
  15. Azule


    Feb 8, 2009
    I dislike U-Turn on it, but I dont want Seed Bomb at all, stopping Swampert completly seems like a little too much. I went for Fuzznip, as the lack of Seed Bomb, along with all his options appeals more. They're both great movepools, though.
  16. Raj

    Raj CAP Playtesting Expert

    Feb 18, 2008
    Voted Fuzznip because if I'm battling someone, I'd rather them waste the moveslot on Moonlight rather than have another attacking move.
  17. PrayingMantis


    May 17, 2009
    admiral_kroski becuase we don't need another u-turner :/
  18. HeavyOctillery


    Sep 17, 2009
    After looking them both over again, I voted for Fuzznip's. Lack of Seed Bomb (so Bulky Waters remain reliable counters) was a big swayer, and Shock Wave won't do a hell of a lot to Gyara off of 71 Sp. Atk when Gyara's Sp. Def is higher than its Def anyway, 4x or no 4x. Also shares many similarities to my moveset, although the exclusion of the flavorful Horn Drill is really odd...

    About U-turn: I say it FITS the concept very well; Collosoil is meant to do a fuckbunch of switching, so it makes sense that a move that can bypass trapping effects would be extremely helpful in its role.
  19. GOTO2435


    Oct 21, 2009
    admiral korsi becouse moonlight is either useless or broken and none of them are good reasosns to pick fuzznip´s
  20. Plus

    Plus deadass
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    Professor of B101

    Apr 8, 2008
    Congratulations to Fuzznip, and good job CAP for an excellent run for CAP 9!
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