CAP Metagame Analysis

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The metagame analysis serves as a good introduction to the unique CAP metagame for new users. The current one, however, is seriously outdated, so I'm working on a new version.

I'm looking for a small team (maybe 3-5 people) to help work on this. Obviously, server activity and a knowledge of the CAP metagame will be neccessary for anyone wishing to contribute.

Post here and hit me up on IRC (I'm in #cap) and we can get this thing started.
I'd like to be in but not having IRC is a problem. I'm trying to get IRC, but no dice. If it's a problem, then I'm out. But if I get IRC working I'm definitly in.
EDIT: I got IRC =).


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You asked me for help so I'd help, but again I'd really like an outline of what you are planning to do here. You're the leader, so it would be nice to give us some sort of direction.
What exactly are we to be writing about? I'm really wanting to do this, but I don't have any sense of direction I should follow. You saw me mention this to you on IRC, but I didn't get such a good answer.

Are we to talk about how CAP has affected the metagame? How each CAP does against OU? How CAPs do against other CAPs?

I really need answer so I can get started on this, thanks!
Correct me if I'm wrong but you're talking about how the CAP metagame is different than the metagame of standard OU. So, not just how CAP pokemon do against other OU pokemon and each other, but because the CAP pokemon exist what pokemon are better/worse than they are in standard OU.

(But I could be wrong! And also I don't know what particular format you are looking for UD)
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