CAP Server Update

Hey everyone. I know we already have a few topics for this, but I feel it's important that I explain this to everyone in its own topic where it won't run the risk of getting washed out by other posts.

Anyway, after a very insightful and back-and-forth discussion on IRC among Deck_Knight, Captain, eric the espeon, and myself, we came to the conclusion that I would be hosting the CAP Server on PO for BW. We came to this conclusion reasonably and without issue, and I think everyone's honestly doing what they wanted to do after the fact, including Captain, who's now hosting another server. (It's pretty sweet, I can't lie)

I've spent a lot of time programming this server so that it would be up to the standards that we're all used to having from Doug's SB1 server. In doing so, I have also implemented things that I recall drivers and moderators begging for in the past, as well as a few extra cool things. Below is a list and description of what I have accomplished thus far. This will be particularly relevant to anyone that was either a driver or moderator on the SB1 server, as your status carries over to the new server if you both register and are on at the same time as me.

Please note that despite the fact that I am making this topic, this doesn't mean that I am done working on the server! There are constantly new features proposed to me by assorted #cap members on IRC, and I've been very open about implementing them all based on how useful they are. I'm pretty amiable about this, so don't hesitate to ask for features on the server if they're reasonable. I mean, for example, don't ask me to program in an entire turn-based RPG to the server, but small stuff I can do. ;)

The CAP metagame now has all of the bans of BW OU, and has been updated to properly handle Dream World abilities

I implemented the Inconsistent ban and, more relevantly, the Drizzle + Swift Swim ban. As usual, our primary CAP ladder will mimic the Smogon University server's OU metagame for when we test our CAPs. In addition, the CAP ladder is updated to properly ban Manaphy and all of the other Pokemon we've gotten rid of on Smogon since the beginning of BW. Lastly, I've programmed in all of the checks to make sure that Pokemon with Dream World abilities used on the CAP ladder have their Dream World abilities released and are male and have no egg moves if that's necessary for that species. I am constantly looking for more modern versions of these lists, however, but the code is there to make it all work once I get those updated lists.

HAL9000 has returned to the CAP server

I've spent a lot of time reorganizing the bot scripts and responses, and have finally brought HAL9000 back to our server. He will be the bot that bans, unbans, floodchecks, handles tourneys, mutes, and so much more that I can scarce explain it all. When you come onto the server, you can see all of the commands of his that pertain to you by typing /commands. Drivers and moderators will have more than normal users, of course.

The server maintains the same power structure and moderating capacity as in our SB1 server (and has more options!)

This was one of the parts of code that took me the longest to get working. PO has support for Mods, Admins, and Owners in its original functionality, and I've managed to take this and change everything about it so that we have the power structure we did in SB1: Drivers, Moderators, and Administrators. All moderators have the power to driver or undriver users at their discretion, and drivers earn recognition for this by being given a different chat icon (great ball) for their status. Moderators use the ultra ball, and administrators use the Master Ball. This will ensure that we are always aware of whether a status'd user is around when we need them and should help keep the peace once the CAP ladder picks up with CAP1's playtest (and beyond).

Drivers and moderators have the ability to temporarily ban users if they repeatedly break the rules and kicking just isn't cutting it

This is probably the most useful thing that I've implemented since taking over the server. I know that there was an enormous calling for this back when we had our SB1 server, and that Doug didn't want to implement it because he had to foolproof the system so that people wouldn't be able to break it and consequently jeopardize the security of the server. That is a concern no more, as I have done all of the coding necessary to protect the drivers and up from themselves on PO while protecting others from the trolls and blithering idiots of the internet. If you're going to ask "What about the other options?", don't worry about it, I have also programmed in working ban commands, mute commands, channel handling commands, global silencing commands, and so on.

The PO tournament script has been modified to operate out of the main channel

This comes built into some PO scripts, but requires this nasty alternate channel and has a ton of other issues that keep it from being as useful as it could be. I've fixed it to run out of the main channel and have edited the rank that controls it to be tournament hosts designated by moderators much the same way that a moderator designates a driver. This script has little testing done to it so far, since rigorous testing would require a sizable number of players on at once willing to stick around for awhile. It really should work, though, but honestly you can never tell.

Those are the major points I wanted to elaborate upon so far. The server is pretty much as I want it to be in terms of functionality, and it should be ready for the brunt of the CAP community once playtesting hits shelves. I'm sure that there are a few kinks to work out, but that will be simple with all of this done. As always, I thank you all for your patience and welcome your feedback; it is through the community that CAP exists in any way, shape, or form, after all.
Forgive me if I'm completely off base here: I know nothing about HAL, or what it is possible to make him do.

But stats came up in a thread yesterday (and how we currently don't have any for the main server). Is it possible for HAL to record the teams, moves selected, moves used etc. in battles on the Smogon server?
Hrm... Yes, you know, I could do that. That would actually also be absurdly useful for the Smogon server too, since we desperately need that sort of information for our testing. Let me talk with a few people and see what I can come up with.

Thank you very much for all your work Rising_Dusk, it is great to have someone who both knows how to program complex code AND be free and available to do this. I am pretty excited with the new functionalities that are able to be used and especially a temporary ban option for drivers. It is a bit much to ask after all you have done but if you could somehow find a way to alter the pokeball sprites and create a "Premier Ball" for drivers...boy would that be nice.

Once again thank you for all the hard work Dusk and any other user not named that was involved.

Thanks, bye.
Glad you like it!

I went ahead and finished the implementation of tempmute. Now when a user with drivers or less spams capital letters in chat too much, they get temporarily muted for 4 minutes. This, naturally, undoes itself after 4 minutes. Furthermore, drivers now have access to a command that they can use to mute a user temporarily if he/she's just being a pain in the butt.

Oh yeah, I also added in the ability for a driver+ to show any server rule through HAL just like you could in Doug's SB1 server. This way if someone is breaking a rule, you can show them the rule that they're breaking before punishing them. This will hopefully be put to good use by you guys. I'm pretty sure I added other things that you guys will find useful, such as /wall, but I can't remember them all right now; to check them, get on the server and type /commands. I also added some other really useful commands for administrators and moderators, but they can just type /commands to figure out what those are since I don't want to reveal what they are here.

This should round out the coverage for drivers that I was hoping to provide. You guys should now have every single command available to you that you did on Doug's SB1 server with a bunch of new ones added. I think that you guys can do pretty much anything within reason, although if you think of other cool stuff that I can code in, I'll give it a go over.

Oh, and Vaz: drivers get the great ball icon, so they are easily distinguishable from normal users. Don't worry. ;)