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Hello, and welcome to the CAP forums! Do you love CAP and want to talk about it even more than you already do? Want to chat about the entire CAP process with our greatest minds all in the same spot? Then look no further than #cap, our IRC channel for live discussion on CAP. We're willing to discuss the current CAP process, the pre-evolution workshop, CAP analysis, the CAP metagame, and much more! This thread will tell you about all things related to #cap, our IRC channel for discussing all things CAP-related in real time.

#cap is meant to discuss CAP policy, projects, and the metagame at large in a real-time environment. This includes specific submissions, CAP rules, and smaller, relevant tangents that may occur in discussion threads. This prevents clogging of threads and back-and-forth discussions between a small group of people. It's meant to be faster and more efficient than thread posting, but not meant for large posts. CAP discussion takes precedent over any other off-topic discussion, always.

Status on #cap is gained by IRC activity. There is no guaranteed status; if you are active, you will be recognized. Through intelligent discussion, you can move up through the different status ranks (VOps, HOps, AOps).

So please, come on #cap for a friendly, real-time chat with CAP contributors! More information on IRC is contained here. You can also connect directly to #cap by using this Mibbit link. Can't wait to see you there!


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Contributing intelligent discussion consistently will get you status eventually.
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Status Level Descriptions


Also known as voiced users, VOps are those people whose chat presence provides a good example for newer users in the channel. While a voiced user is expected to know what they are talking about, there is no need to be an expert on the workings of the CAP project. The most important qualities that are looked for in potential VOp candidates are high activity and high quality chat presence.

HOps, along with all higher status levels, are actual authority positions, and as such carry a certain level of responsibility. Good judgment skills are required for anyone who hopes to achieve this level. That being said, chat moderation is not commonly needed in #cap, so the ability to fill an authority role is not the main consideration taken into account when considering users for this position. Where voices are expected to be quality users, HOps set themselves apart by being helpful and knowledgeable about the project. While it is not necessary to be a CAP historian for this position, HOps should have a good understanding of the workings of the project and either be able to answer user’s questions, or successfully direct them to someone who can.

AOps require many of the same qualities as HOps, but what separates the two is the breadth and depth of their knowledge of the project. AOps should be able to answer almost any objective question regarding the CAP project that a user might come up with. Of course, even AOps are only human, and it is expected that there will be gaps in their knowledge, but in general, their understanding of the CAP project is expected to be about as good as it gets. In addition, AOps are expected to be some of the highest quality users in the chat, and should actively participate in discussion and debate on a regular basis.

While much of what applies to AOps can also be said of SOps, the difference between the two lies mainly in their role in the channel. Like AOps, SOps are expected to be users of the highest quality with extensive knowledge of CAP and everything it entails. Beyond that, however, SOps are also responsible for the leadership of #cap. It is their job to deal with promotions in the channel, and they are the highest authority when it comes to channel rules and regulations.

QOp is the highest position of authority on IRC. While its powers and responsibilities are in many ways similar to those of a SOp, in #cap the position is reserved solely for the CAP Head Administrator.


In addition to the above, users of the HOp level or above should be on the lookout for others who may fit the criteria for any lower status level. While it is up to the SOps to make such promotions, HOps and AOps are encouraged to keep an eye out for quality users so that promotions can be given out where they are due.
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