CAP's New and Creative Moveset Thread

The growth of the CAP metagame continually inspires many OU and CAP Pokemon to use unique sets to take advantage of the metagame. This thread will be used as a place where battlers can present and discuss their new and creative sets!

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Moveset Name:
Move 1:
Move 2:
Move 3:
Move 4:
(Ordered HP/Atk/Def/SpA/SpD/Spe.)

All sets that are being posted must be based on the CAP metagame, not any other metagame. However, you may post an Ubers set for CAP Pokemon. Please be sure that you have actually used the set for a while, especially when posting a CAP Ubers set. I don't want to see a "this set might work" comment or anything along the lines of that. If you believe a certain set has potential, battle with it first and then show it to the community if it's worthy enough.

3. Do not post a set that has already been posted. It's not my fault if you didn't take the time to look through the thread before posting. Also, do not post a set that is extremely similar to an existing set in the Pokemon's analysis.

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Professor of B101
Well I've recently gotten back into the CAP Metagame, probably about 2 days ago, and I've recently topped the ladder with a cool combination I've been using. This combination involves Pyroak and the concept of a fat sweep. DDOak is arguably the biggest threat in the CAP Metagame offensively, and it takes a lot of thinking to take it down. You might want to save that Stratagem for later to revenge kill it, or you might also want to save that Colossoil so you can Sucker Punch it before it gets the best of you. Generally, Pyroak's biggest problem in Dragon Dance is the residual damage it accumulates while pounding on the opposing team. I've tried to fix these problems by two ways.

Name: Colossoil the best (just kidding, it's actually a Pyroak)
Moveset Name: Charti Dragon Dance
Move 1: Flare Blitz
Move 2: Wood Hammer
Move 3: Stone Edge
Move 4: Dragon Dance
Item: Charti Berry
Ability: Rock Head
Nature: Jolly
EVS: 64 hp / 252 atk / 192 spe

This is basically a standard DDoak, however it fixes the problem it faces against stratagem, leaving you capable of getting 2 dds instead of 1 when a Stratagem attempts to Paleo Wave / Ancientpower you. Unlike the LO DD Set, this Pyroak is tougher to take down due to the lack of Life Orb recoil. LO doesn't really do much other than give an extra punch, but that extra punch isn't as important as losing bulkiness and the ability to survive Paleo Waves.

Next set!

Moveset Name: Healing Wish
Move 1: Healing Wish
Move 2: Stealth Rock
Move 3: Softboiled
Move 4: Seismic Toss
Item: Leftovers
Ability: natural cure
Nature: bold
EVs: 252 hp / 252 def / 4 spe

The big set that I want to introduce to you is Healing Wish Blissey. Healing Wish is essentially an explosion without the explosion -- instead, it fully restores the incoming pokemon. On offensive teams that generally do not like Blissey due to its lack of momentum, Healing Wish fixes that by providing a defensive pivot that can also set you up for a super easy sweep later on. I can abuse Pyroak without even attempting to Dragon Dance early game. From there, I can use Healing Wish late game to set up Dragon Dance with Pyroak and win the game. This is an easy combination to pull off, and not many can withstand it, especially when Pyroak has weakened dragons and opposing pokemon that can potentially harm it that it can just pick off with a Flare Blitz or Wood Hammer. Stone Edge manages to OHKO regular Salamence after Rocks are up when you have a DD on the field and it Intimidates you.

Blissey can easily lay out rocks on Stratagem leads, and it's really one of the only pokemon that can both wall it and lay out rocks. Blissey can survive a ton of pokemon, and it helps that CAP generally discourages Scizor, Lucario, and Machamp moreso than OU, because Blissey has more of a time to shine. If you are ever in need of a pivot esque pokemon in offensive teams, Healing Wish Blissey is definitely an option to consider! :)
My god Plus.. That combo right there is so damn annoying! Everytime I would have a sure win with my scarfnape you do that damn Healing Wish and I'm screwed :'(. Anyways..Very good combo, I will have to say, that SR on Blissey caught me off guard the first time! I thought I could switch to Mence+Raptor safely everytime.

Well done on the set!!

Icy Wind Figdit
~Icy Wind
~Rapid Spin/ Toxic Spikes/ Spikes/ Stealth Rock
~Earth Power/ Shadow Ball
252 Hp/32 Def / 220 Spd

Fidgit is often considered set-up bait by powerful sweepers like Gyradoes and Salamence, who love to DD up in his face. Well, with Icy Wind's Speed drop and Encore, this is no longer a problem. The general goal is to Icy Wind when the foe goes for a DD and then out speed (thanks to the canceling of the speed boost) and Encore the DD and get a free switch and maybe a support move in. If you can get Stealth Rocks down before it is even better as both Gyradoes and Salamence now only have 50% health. Icy Wind can 2HKO Collosoil and Staraptor for what its worth. Icy Wind also gets fantastic coverage with Earth Power.
I used this set on my team that got into the top 7 and it worked wonders nearly all the time (until the whole small ladder, to many rematches thing set in.)


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Dusk and I tried a set similar to this a while ago and it turned out very well until Krilowatt existed. After that, it was harder to OHKO everything since a lot of the time Krilowatt was paired with hard hitters that could kill this before it could work.

Set Name: (none)
Move 1: Tail Glow
Move 2: Vacuum Wave
Move 3: Earth Power
Move 4: Blizzard
Item: Expert Belt
Nature: Timid
Ability: Compoundeyes
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

Basically, most late-sweeper Syclants need Mountaineer to avoid Stealth Rock before sweeping. However, this attempts to try to use the fact that Syclant can cause quite a few switches late-game, since most are expecting it as a lead, and Tail Glow as they switch. After that, a +2 Vacuum Wave hits Stratagem for 66.7% - 79.1%, making the most reliable Syclant counter a shaky check when switching in.
As well as that, Compoundeyes is used for Blizzard. STAB 120 Base Power with +2 off Syclant's Special Attack is very damaging and can essentially sweep a whole weakened team.
An Expert Belt is used since, without Rapid Spin and with Life Orb you are going to kill yourself very fast. Life Orb can be used if reliable Rapid Spin support is avaliable, but otherwise, be careful.

The support this set needs is also very outlandish but pays off very well. You need to make sure Blissey and Revenankh are dead, the foe's Arghonaut can't be at more than 50%, it's a good idea to have 3 layers of Spikes up and try to get their Stratagem to at least 80%

If you can pull it off, it's a very satisfying sweep. At +2, Blizzard even does to max HP Pyroak 84.9% - 100%.
I didn't run Vacuum Wave, I ran:

Set Name: Sweeper
Move 1: Tail Glow
Move 2: Focus Blast
Move 3: Bug Buzz
Move 4: Blizzard
Item: Life Orb
Nature: Timid
Ability: Compoundeyes
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

If ever it got a Tail Glow, it just maimed things. Incredibly dependent upon entry hazards being removed from the field, since it forfeits Mountaineer for a 91% accurate Focus Blast and Blizzard. At +2, it can 2HKO Blissey with its Focus Blast, which really says something. You probably want to scout for Flamethrower/Thunder Wave before then, though.

Anyway, I made a whole team around supporting it in the Colossoil metagame and it did phenomenally. It doesn't like the presence of Krilowatt, though, since it cannot OHKO it at +2 and entry hazards don't help it, so I've mostly retired that team.


CAP Playtesting Expert

Pokemon Name: Revenankh
Moveset Name: No Fear Rev
Move 1: Bulk Up
Move 2: Hammer Arm
Move 3: Shadow Punch/Shadow Sneak
Move 4: Moonlight
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Mold Breaker
Nature: Careful
EVs: 252 HP/ 6 Def/ 252 Sp Def

1. I've been using this Rev ever since we revamped it. It functions alot like the Bulk Up/Rest Rev, only you can count on this for quick recovery and never worry about being attacked while you may otherwise be sleeping. On the flip side, this Rev is susceptible to status, namely Burn and Poison. However, most opponents don't bother statusing Rev, expecting it to be Shed Skinned away.

2. I've decided Shadow Punch is more valuable than Shadow Sneak because of the additional base power and the removal of Latias. There really aren't any threats anymore that Rev needs priority to handle. Sure SpecsZam is gonna hurt the fuck out of you, but when have you see a SpecsZam in the past 2 years? This way you can actually do damage to Gyarados as it tries to set up and Bounce on you.

3. Moonlight may not give valuable recovery in Sandstorm, but lol in Tyranitar's face when it comes in to take a Hammer Arm. Besides, with the addition of Colossoil and Krilowatt, and the reinvention of Pyroak, there have been minimal Tyranitars in play.

4. The Ability really makes this set. With any other Rev set, you are going to be helpless against Arghonaut and while uncommon, it could set up while you can do nothing back to it. This is certainly not the case with this Rev. Mold Breaker stops Argh from stopping Rev's boosts. And I'll tell you what, usually players have no idea I'm using Mold Breaker and lol while I try to set up. Then they realize I am set up and it's game over.

Pokemon Name: Stratagem
Moveset Name: Tricky Sweeper
Move 1: Trick
Move 2: Paleo Wave
Move 3: Earth Power
Move 4: Flamethrower / Energy Ball
Item: Choice Scarf
Ability: Levitate
Nature: TIMID
EVs: 252 HP/ 200 SP.ATK/58 SPEED

What the set is for:
This set was created to ruin the opponent's Pokémon strategy, you just need to know when to send Staratagem on something that hates Choice Scarf (say.... Blissey?) and use Trick and then sweep.

Ev set and Nature explanation: the EVs were given to make Stratagem as bulk as possible and to give it some speed and lots of Special attack, but there're not much Speed EVs because of Timid Nature.

PS: YES, I have tested it and got very good results!
I want to introduce my new toy - Specially Defensive Stratagem.

Set Name: Specially Defensive
Move 1: Calm Mind
Move 2: Weather Ball
Move 3: Earth Power
Move 4: Flamethrower
Item: Leftovers / Life Orb
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Timid
EVs: 120 HP / 252 SpD / 136 Spe

Speed EVs to outspeed +Nature Base 115's, notably Starmie and Azelf. This set must be used in a sandstorm or it is poor. Anyway, it's worth noting that this Stratagem at +1 is nearly as specially bulky as Blissey and more specially bulky than Revenankh. If that doesn't intrigue you, then I don't know what will. Let me show you some relevant calculations just to give you a taste.

252 Timid Life Orb Cyclohm Thunderbolt  
  vs. 120/252 Timid Leftovers Stratagem +1 : 22.5% - 26.8%
  vs. 252/0 Bold Leftovers Blissey : 19.7% - 23.2%

252 Timid Life Orb Cyclohm Draco Meteor  
  vs. 120/252 Timid Leftovers Stratagem +1 : 33.6% - 39.6%
  vs. 252/0 Bold Leftovers Blissey : 29% - 34.2%

252 Timid Life Orb Stratagem (85bp Rock Special)  
  vs. 120/252 Timid Leftovers Stratagem +1 : 21.7% - 25.9%
  vs. 252/0 Bold Leftovers Blissey : 18.6% - 22%
Now realize how these circumstances might come to play. If you've appropriately dealt with the opponent's counters to Stratagem (Blissey / Revenankh), they will spend a turn switching into you where you go +1, and then with your amazing Speed you can easily go to +2.

Guess what doesn't 2HKO you at +2?
252 Timid Life Orb Starmie Hydro Pump  
  vs. 120/252 Timid Leftovers Stratagem +2 : 41% - 48.4%

252 Timid Life Orb Krilowatt Surf  
  vs. 120/252 Timid Leftovers Stratagem +2 : 29.1% - 34.2%

252 Timid Life Orb Cyclohm Hydro Pump  
  vs. 120/252 Timid Leftovers Stratagem +2 : 29.1% - 34.8%
All of the while, you're also boosting your amazing Special Attack stat to excellent levels so that you can sweep with ease. Let me recommend this set to you guys with Tyranitar support, as it's really, really great. There's also one more variant to this set that I want to introduce, since it's awesome and shouldn't be ignored.

Set Name: Mono-Attacker Stratagem
Move 1: Calm Mind
Move 2: Paleo Wave / Weather Ball
Move 3: Rest
Move 4: Sleep Talk
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Timid
EVs: 120 HP / 252 SpD / 136 Spe

Just as awesome as the above set, but now you turn Blissey into setup fodder. Rev still maims you, but that goes without saying, so yeah. Issues with this is that Strata's Defense stat leaves a lot to be desired, but it works if you can setup on primarily special attackers.

Give them a try!
2. I've decided Shadow Punch is more valuable than Shadow Sneak because of the additional base power and the removal of Latias. There really aren't any threats anymore that Rev needs priority to handle. Sure SpecsZam is gonna hurt the fuck out of you, but when have you see a SpecsZam in the past 2 years? This way you can actually do damage to Gyarados as it tries to set up and Bounce on you.
That's all well and good, but Shadow Punch is still going to do less damage than Shadow Claw.

Deck Knight

Tornadic Cyclohm
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I've been working with this set and I think I've finally perfected the EVs:

Moveset Name: Mushroom Cloud (Double Powder)
Move 1: Mach Punch
Move 2: Seed Bomb
Move 3: Spore
Move 4: Stun Spore
Item: Toxic Orb
Ability: Poison Heal
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 16 HP / 216 Atk / 232 Def / 44 Spe

Breloom is a pokemon that has a lot of tools at it's disposal that tend to fall by the wayside due to the general effectiveness of the SubPunch Set. Unfortunately in CAP, Fidgit's Vital Spirit and Encore made that set much more difficult to utilize. This Breloom is a toolkit to take on many of the most common CAP Pokemon. It takes a goodly amount of prediction but the ability to cripple or destroy most of the CAP Pokemon makes this variant a keeper.

The EVs on this set are quite unorthodox, but serve their purpose well. HP is set at a number divisible by 8 + 1 so that Breloom picks up an extra point of healing from Poison Heal without taking a point of Stealth Rock or Sandstorm damage. Most of the CAP Pokemon are Physical attackers; of those that aren't, Breloom has little business being in against Syclant and none against Stratagem unless it can snipe them. Fidgit's most common attack is the resisted Earth Power, and Cyclohm should just be statused or avoided entirely. Revenankh is worrisome, however since Shed Skin works at the end of a turn and Breloom outspeeds all the common variants, just Spore until Shed Skin fails and Seed Bomb it, if it comes down to that.

The key to the set is Stun Spore. While Fidgit can switch in on Spore and use Encore to render it useless, if you lure it in and use Stun Spore, the impressive Speed Figdit uses with Encore becomes irrelevant. Seed Bomb is still only a 3HKO, but a paralyzed Fidgit is near worthless. It should be noted that Sludge Bomb Fidgit can counter this Breloom so if you're aware of one, paralyze it and clear out. Stun Spore also has almost near unlimited versatility in crippling many of Breloom's common switchins that treat it like dead weight after it Spores. None of the CAP Pokemon particularly like Stun Spore, and Toxic Orb w/ Poison Heal makes it pointless even for Rebound Collosoil to come in, since Breloom already has Poison status.

Seed Bomb is your main attack, and it can OHKO Colossoil after Life Orb or Spikes damage (90-106%). It also cleanly 2HKO's Arghonaut, and with 44 Spe EVs you outspeed all standard variants. In return, Recover Tank Arghonaut's Ice Punch cannot 2HKO Breloom without weather support. Krillowattaker set takes 82-97% from Seed Bomb.

Mach Punch rounds out the set, doing 62-73% against Stratagem and 45-53% against Colossoil, 33-39% against Syclant, and 21-24% to Krillowattacker (so Seed Bomb + Mach Punch picks up a KO if you need to revenge). With 385 Atk, Breloom's Mach Punch is also an excellent general sniping tool.
Reposting from the Stark version of this thread. This was a set I designed almost a year ago for use in the CAP metagame (Cyclohm was the most recent CAP creation). It did very well back then, but now it runs into problems with Colossoil, and I haven't used it since CAP9. However, cyberzero reports that he still functions very well. :)

@Toxic Orb
Timid nature
108 hp / 224 SpA / 176 Speed
~Psychic / Flash Cannon
~Calm Mind

This set abuses Jirachi's unpredictability to the fullest extent. The idea of this set is that it can switch in and out pretty easily to feign a bizarre Choice set, and he can start Calm Minding at any point. Once your opponent sees Calm Mind, you can bet that Blissey will be switching in in a second. Most will expect a Substitute and won't even try to Thunder Wave Jirachi. By slapping Blissey with a Toxic Orb, you fully incapacitate her for the remainder of the battle. Psychic + Thunderbolt, which I've been using, also tends to lure in Celebi, another excellent Toxic Orb victim.

The amount of Pokemon that hate a Toxic Orb is almost absurd, but the primary Pokemon to aim for are Natural Cure pokemon, Rest/Talk users, and sweepers who take a long time to set up, like Sub/Charge beam Rotom-a. While the general goal is to take out a Blissey, your opponent will often end up not having one, so it's good to know that this Jirachi will not go to waste.

If you get lucky, and you've Tricked a Blissey or Celebi that hasn't got Thunder Wave or Flamethrower/HP-Fire, this Jirachi can often make breakaway sweeps right out of the middlegame. Jirachi's counter can't stay in for long when he's accumulating Toxic damage and without Leftovers, and Jirachi has no trouble KOing the majority of OU Pokemon after a couple of boosts.

I assume Flash Cannon can be used over Psychic, though I haven't tested it. It may be better in the current CAP metagame with Colossoil running about. Thunderbolt + Flash Cannon Jirachi is normally walled by Swampert, but I'm certain that Swampert will just love a Toxic Orb.

176 Speed EVs with Timid beats all Lucario and everything slower. Again, in the current metagame I would probably just run maximum Speed (but this is totally untested). 108 returns exactly 368 HP, which is meaningful for two reasons: it is divisible by 16 with one remainder, meaning that a stolen Leftovers will heal one more point per turn than they would with 104 EVs, and a stolen Life Orb will damage you one point less than it would with 116 EVs. No HP EVs is fine, but I like my Jirachi with a little bulk. I used to run max HP, but I decided I like to boost the Special Attack.

An interesting twist on this set is to use a mixed Jirachi with a Naive nature and a moveset like Iron Head / Fire Punch / Thunderbolt / Trick. Iron Head is for typical Jirachi dickery and Fire Punch keeps those pesky toxic-immune Steels away. With that set, one would intend specifically to feign a Choice Scarf and lure in different threats. While less bulky and less powerful, it fares considerably better against Tyranitar and Scizor.

Obviously, this set functions best in the best environment. As it tends to clear out special walls, it functions extremely well alongside special sweepers. I'm using a ScarfTran, a Calm Mind Latias, and a SubPetaya Empoleon alongside this Jirachi, and it's very rare that I won't be able to clean up with one of them. In the CAP metagame, my team was somewhat different; it featured a Stratagem.

The reason why I used this set over the more common Toxic Spikes is because back in autumn of 2009, every team on the CAP ladder had a Fidgit. If I wanted to poison Blissey & co. permanently, I had to use a Dugtrio with Toxic Spikes, or use a Trick Toxic Orb lure. Where Toxic Spikes takes two turns to set up, requires you to use sometimes awkward Pokemon like Roserade or Tentacruel, and is highly vulnerable to Rapid Spin (and occasionally Aromatherapy), this Jirachi is simply a one-time lure who can put an end to a Pokemon that gets in your way.

Move 2: Paleo Wave

This set must be used in a sandstorm or it is poor.
So why not use Weather Ball for a stronger STAB?
Actually, good point. I do use Weather Ball in my team with it, but I forgot to include it in the post. Thanks for pointing it out. Paleo Wave is probably better on Mono-Attacker Strata because of the greater PP, but I'll definitely slash in Weather Ball.
Yeah, I've used Mono-Attacker Stratagem for a bit on the ladder, and the results are extremely surprising. I ran a different EV spread of 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpA just because I wanted Stratagem to take assaults both physically and defensively. It's pretty amazing how Stratagem can set up on the likes of Colossoil, Tyranitar, Snorlax, Gliscor, among others, while Calm Mind makes it incredibly bulky on the special side. In fact, Calm Mind helps it better handle Pokemon such as Rotom-A, Swampert, Krilowatt, Cyclohm, Magnezone, Heatran, and Celebi. RestTalk is a very unusual combination to use on Stratagem mainly because nobody will expect it at all, but it really helps when you can rid Stratagem of paralysis and poison which would otherwise hinder Stratgem's sweep.

Paleo Wave is better on this set because of the increased PP and the 20% chance to lower the opponent's Attack. The Attack drop is seriously helpful in setting up against physical threats because you don't have anything to boost your Defense by.

It's also nice to see some interesting sets being posted so far, particularly Deck's Breloom, Plus' Blissey, and Vleeter's Revenankh. Can't wait to see more. :)
SET 1:

Moveset Name: Charge-Ohm
Move 1:Charge Beam
Move 2:Draco Meteor
Move 3:Flamethrower
Move 4:Slack Off
Ability:Shield Dust
Nature: Modest
EVs: 252 HP/ 216Def /40SpA

This set takes advantage of two of Cyclohm's greatest assets - its ability to take physical hits, and its phenomenal special attack. This Cyclohm can switch in to Revanankh, Gyarados, or basically any non-ground physical attacker. After doing so, it can proceed to set up boosts and Slack Off all of the damage done. It can OHKO basically every single pokemon with a +6 Draco Meteor. This can also out-stall Blissey, assuming that Cyclohm is burned or paralyzed, as it can wait for a critical, and then use Draco Meteor.

The biggest counter to this set is Fidgit. It can Encore Charge Beam and the either attack with a super effective Earth Power or set up entry hazards. This Cyclohm also loses to any other special attackers with a special effective attack. However, it may be interesting to note that a Timid Life Orb Stratagem can do only 79.2% - 93.2% to Cyclohm with Earth Power.

The best support this set can have is in removing entry hazards. Removing entry hazards basically makes it impossible to OHKO Cyclohm – iirc, Salamence does a max of 91% to Cyclohm with Outrage.

Set 2:

Moveset Name: CAP SD Lucario
Move 1:Swords Dance
Move 2:Close Combat
Move 3:Shadow Claw
Move 4:Extremespeed
Item:Life Orb
Ability:Inner Focus
Nature: Adamant/Jolly
EVs: 252 Attack / 252 Speed

This set is standard SD Lucario, but with Shadow Claw instead of Crunch, in order to be able to beat Revanankh.
Moveset Name: Charge-Ohm
Move 1:Charge Beam
Move 2:Draco Meteor
Move 3:Flamethrower
Move 4:Slack Off
Ability:Shield Dust
Nature: Modest
EVs: 252 HP/ 216Def /40SpA
you should be using Dragon Pulse there, since Draco meteor will destroy your boosts (and "threatness") and you and

Draco meteor->140 bp
Dragon Pulse +1->135 bp
Jolly should be the primary option for that Lucario. Outspeeding Adamant Colossoil and ending it with CC, taking shit from Sucker Punch, is AWESOME. Getting the jump on Mamoswine and Togekiss is nice, in addition.
Name: Kitsunoh.
Set name: Scouting Lead Kit.
Item: Focus Sash
Nature: Jolly
EVs: 252 Attack and Speed, 4 HP (I need to work on these.)
~ Fake Out
~ U-Turn
~ Shadow Strike
~ Will O Wisp.

This set uses Kit to it's origanal design: A scout. You will find that many other leads, while not fully "beaten" by Kit, certainly don't like it. Even leads like Swampert and Metagross fear Trick (Which I don't have) and Will O Wisp (Which I do). It also measures up well against common leads.

AZELF: Fake Out breaks the sash, it can only kill you if it has Flamethrower, and Shadow Strike WILL defeat it.

MACHAMP: Doesn't do much outside of Payback, it hates Will O Wisp (No lead Machamp runs Guts, Dynamicpunch is to good.), and cannot stand up to repeated Shadow Strikes (Expecially if you pull a few defense drops.)

METAGROSS: You fear EQ, they fear Will O wisp, and the sash guaruntees your survival. FO and burn it, then U-Turn.

SWAMPERT: See Metagross, but with a bit more punch behind the EQ.

HEATRAN: ...Yeah, Heatran fucks you. Fake Out, U-Turn to test for Scarf, and don't try any funny buisness.

JIRACHI: It CAN defeat you with Scarved Iron Heads and some luck, and Trick is horrid, but Fake Out - Will O Wisp - U-turn can get you out most of the time. Just watch for Trick.

AERODACTYL: Break the sash with FO, and ShadowSneak it a few times. It may try to Taunt you, or set up SR, and if it does, you win. EQ hurts though.

INFERNAPE: See Heatran.

FORRETRISS: It cannot do anything to you, you cannot do anything to it. FO to make sure there's no funny buisness with the item, and bail out. WoW only allows it more Spikes.

CELEBI: It hates U-Turn and ShadowStrike, so just use those to kill it.
I came up with this plan needing a replacement for my Sunny Day team, that has the same types.

Pokemon Name:Roserade
Moveset Name: Sunny Day Lead
Move 1: Solarbeam
Move 2: Weather Ball
Move 3: Sunny Day
Move 4: Sludge Bomb/Hidden Power Rock/Extrasensory
Item: Heat Rock/Expert Belt
Nature: Timid
Ability: Natural Cure
EVs: 252 Spe/252 HP/4 HP

Roserade has pretty high speed, enough to pull off Sunny Day. Fire types may be a problem, so in comes Hidden Power Rock. Roserade is also good in getting the Toxic spikes out of the way, and is pretty bulky as well, enough to survive a Choice Banded Flygon's dragon claw, but not Outrage.

Well whatever... Hidden Power Fire would suck compared to Weather Ball since weather ball is over 2x stronger with the power of the sun added to it. Being strong enough to take out Scizor, a Pysical Jirachi, and Metagross quickly, but not instantly.

Solarbeam is beast in the Sun, being strong as Hyper Beam/Thunder/Fire Blast, but always hits 100% of the time, i think. Repeated solarbeams will take out Strategem, and do massive damage to Collosoil.

Sludge bomb will hurt other Grass types, with a good STAB bonus handling dragons, while Extrasensory will take care of Gengar Infernape and Roserade and other Poison and fighting types, tho may be outspeeded by Infernape.
The problem with Solar Beam is that if a tar switches in, you're dead. Same thing with Weather Ball. In replacement, I suggest Leaf Storm and Hidden Power Fire, as they are much more reliable. Also, I recommend using a spread of 252 SpAtk/252 Spd, in order to take advantage of Roserade's high Special Attack. IMO, though, Infernape does this better, as it had a STAB Fire type move to take advantage of the Sunny Day boost, and he also has a higher speed, iirc.
Solarbeam is beast in the Sun, being strong as Hyper Beam/Thunder/Fire Blast, but always hits 100% of the time, i think.
Hyper Beam is 150 BP, and SolarBeam is 120 BP.
I would like to introduce the Pokemon that got me to number one on the ladder (albeit an almost dead ladder):

Set Name: Trick Room Cyclohm
Move 1: Trick Room
Move 2: Draco Meteor
Move 3: Thunderbolt
Move 4: Hydro Pump/ Flamethrower
Item: Life Orb
Ability: Shield Dust
Nature: Quiet
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpAtk

This set abuses two of Cyclohm's stats - its low speed, and its amazing special attack. The plan is simple - get in on something like Pyroak, Jirachi, or Bulky Gyarados, and then start attacking, and usually killing, everything that isn't named Blissey. This set works best with slow, bulky team members like DD Pyroak and DD Nite, as they will outspeed a lot of quicker attackers during Trick Room, and they can DD up on the turn that Trick Room ends, making them the fastest pokemon.

Set Name: Lead Counter
Move 1: Counter
Move 2: Ice Beam
Move 3: Bug Buzz
Move 4: Ice Shard
Item: Focus Sash
Ability: Mountaineer
Nature: Hasty
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Speed / 4 Sp. Attack
IVs: 0 Defense

Against leads like Azelf, it can Bug Buzz and Ice Shard to KO it, without even losing its sash. Against Aerodactyl, same goes with Ice Beam and Ice Shard and if it is stupid enough to Taunt/Stone Edge me, I get the KO without losing my Focus Sash or getting SR on my side. Against leads like Machamp, or other physical attackers, I can utilise Counter + Focus Sash to take out the opponents pokemon, and get a hit or another kill on the opponent's next pokemon.

Set Name: Boosting Sweeper
Move 1: Growth/Sunny Day
Move 2: Earth Power
Move 3: Energy Ball/Solar Beam
Move 4: Flamethrower
Item: Life Orb/Leftovers/Heat Rock
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Timid/Modest
EVs: 252 Sp. Attack / 252 Speed / 4 HP
IVs: 0 Attack

This set abuses its less used Special Attack stat. Using either Growth to boost your Special Attack to 388 (Timid) or 426 (Modest), or Sunny Day which will allow you to use Solarbeam in only one turn, while still getting a Flamethrower boost. Flamethrower and Solarbeam/Energy provide great STAB moves to use, while Earth Power are for Fire pokemon like Heatran and Infernape who can ruin your sweep though you'd want to take out Infernape on the switch in. Flash Fire is definitely the best option here since no moves with recoil are present, and this means this can take a Fire Blast from Heatran, and get a boost itself before firing out its own powerful moves. Life Orb is the best option to get as much power as possible, while Leftovers gives you more bulk, and lets you stay in longer. Heat Rock can also be used if you are using a Sunny Day team, or another team member would benefit from Sunny Day. 0 Attack IVs just because you don't need Attack and take as little confusion damage as possible. Simple EV spread, maxing out Special Attack and Speed, and giving an extra point to HP.



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The traditional lead beats all the leads you list AND gets up a layer or two of spikes. I don't see the utility of this really. Maybe a mention of Counter in other options I guess?