Changes in the CAP Project (Read Carefully)

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Hi there.

The CAP moderating staff has decided it is time for change to come to our fair forum. In this thread, I will detail everything we have agreed upon. For the most part, these changes are non-negotiable. Please understand that these changes are extremely large and touch upon every aspect of CAP. Not everything will go entirely smoothly the very first time. However, by and large, these changes are natural, and we (the moderators) are prepared to lead the forum into this new era.

The first change is the establishment of the CAP Metagame, which will encompass all of the CAPs, 4th and 5th Gen included. This will become the standard metagame for CAP. In addition, there will be an CAP tier council called The CAPinet, lead by Birkal. This council will have 11 members, and will be composed of a combination of active battlers, veterans, and other members. The purpose of this council is for the balance of the all-CAP metagame, like the regular tier councils balance the non-OU tiers. This will be done through revisions and possibly bannings and unbannings, which the council will vote on.

The next change that will be taking place is CAP Pokemon will be made for the CAP Metagame, not the OU metagame. The reasoning for this is simple: we already know how to make a Pokemon. We know how to make one balanced in a static metagame. However, what is much more relevant is how to make a metagame. With new Pokemon and Dream World Pokemon being released in OU, we get to see the effects that our additions to the metagame have over a period of time. OU in the 5th generation is not truly a static metagame, and neither should CAP.

Next, here will also be a Policy Review Committee, lead by myself. This Committee will be the traditional one populated by good forum posters, and will have no limit on members. PRCs purpose will be to discuss policy issues with the process before the general public.

The reason there are two separate entities is because we need to recognize battling and forum posting are two separate activities. In addition, this gives us a chance to recognize more people than we were before, and gives us a defined reward system that makes it easier to decide who should get Community Contributor and Tier Contributor. If a person is on the battle council, they should be eligible for TC. If a person is an excellent poster on the PRC, they should be eligible for CC.

A private forum for the Tier Council and PRC will be created. This forum will be both for CAP TC Revisions and PR threads, and only members of those committees will be able to post. Everyone will be able to view the forum however. Once Policy Review proposals are agreed upon by the respective council, they will be brought to the main CAP forum for a yay or nay vote. This directly involves the community while assuring there is a reward for positive participation.

There will be CAP Analyses revamps to go along with these changes. These will be headed by Theorymon, assisted by whoever wants to help out and is familiar with the CAP metagame and C&C conventions. The forum will be exactly like a C&C forum, with a QC team to approve analyses. Any Pokemon will be eligible for a CAP analysis, not just CAP Pokemon. Analyses will be generally shorter than normal ones and will focus heavily on how the Pokemon works in the CAP metagame. People who do a lot of work in this forum will be eligible for ladybug/contributor based on their level of contribution.

Next, the Topic Leader position as you know it is gone. Instead, the CAP mods will run various sections of the project where each of our strengths lie. This way, we not only guarantee the topics will be lead by people who know what they're doing, but we also are able to moderate our own threads instead of having to step into "someone else's" project to do our jobs as moderators. Here is a list of what each moderator is responsible for running:

  • tennisace - Concept, Concept Assessment, Typing, Abilities
  • Deck Knight - Stat/Movepool Limits, Stat Spreads, all Movepool discussions and polls
  • Wyverii - Art, Sprites, Name, Misc. Flavor
  • Theorymon - Threats Discussion, Counter Discussion
  • Birkal - Playtesting, CAP Metagame Report

As for prevos, this is where users will still have the ability to lead the process. At the end of each new CAP, we will pick the most prolific poster in the previous process to lead the prevo. This is because the prevo doesn't require much discussion for moderators to lead, but Deck Knight is assigned to watch over it anyway for redundancy. It gives everyone a concrete leadership position to work towards in addition to the PRC.

Finally, the CAP Art Gallery is due for a revamp. Ignoring the on-site problems for right now, Wyverii will head the gallery selection process. The details of this haven't been fully hashed out yet, but the top few pieces of art from each CAP will make it into the gallery, along with the traditional "prolific artist" gallery.

So, to sum everything up, here are the changes, and the specific roles each moderator will play:

  • The all-CAP Metagame is being officially established, which will be lead by Birkal.
  • There will be a CAP Metagame Tier Council, also lead by Birkal, called the CAPinet. Users will be eligible for Tiering Contributor with participation.
  • The Policy Review Committee is renewed, with its original purpose. It will be lead by myself. Users will be eligible for Community Contributor with participation.
  • A private forum will be created for both groups, and only members of the aformentioned groups will be able to post. It will serve the dual purpose of housing Policy Review threads and CAP Revamp threads.
  • All Policy Review and CAP Revamps will first be voted on by the respective councils, then presented to the general CAP community for a yes or no vote.
  • CAP Analyses will be revamped, and analyses for standard OU Pokemon will be added. This will have its own separate subforum, lead by Theorymon. Users who contribute will be eligible for Ladybug or Contributor.
  • There is no more Topic Leader position. The CAP mods will be leading topics within the project.
  • The CAP Art Gallery will be getting a small revamp, lead by Wyverii.

tennisace: Head of CAP, Head of PRC, (Concept, Concept Assessment, Typing, Abilities)
Deck Knight: Head of Prevo, (Stat/Movepool Limits, Stat Spreads, all Movepool discussions and polls)
Wyverii: Head of CAP Gallery, (Art, Sprites, Name, Misc. Flavor)
Theorymon: Head of CAP Analyses, (Threats Discussion, Counter Discussion)
Birkal: Head of the CAPinet, (Playtesting, CAP Metagame Report)

I'd like to end this by saying I'm very excited for these changes to happen. They've been in the works for a while, and I fully believe that CAP will run smoother because of them. However for these changes to have a positive effect, we need even more activity from the general community. So please, jump on in and participate! If you normally lurk, post a bit; we don't bite. If you normally post every once in a while, get even further involved. Whether you've been around since the days of Syclant or just joined today, everyone can have fun! There are now four distinct ways to get involved, be it through playtesting and discussing the metagame, posting in the process threads, creating new art, and writing analyses. Remember that at the end of the day, CAP is meant to be fun! In order for us to be able to do all of these fun things, we need your participation, your expertise, your support, and your thoughts. So get out there and post!

Your faithful leader,

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