Cherubi (Analysis)


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is a Past SPL Champion

name: Chlorophyll Sweeper
move 1: Growth
move 2: SolarBeam
move 3: Weather Ball
move 4: Hidden Power Rock
item: Eviolite / Oran Berry
ability: Chlorophyll
nature: Modest / Timid
evs: 80 Def / 180 SpA / 240 Spe

Why this set deserves to be on-site:
  • Only Chlorophyll Pokemon that gets Growth + Weather Ball (or just Growth) besides Bellsprout, that isn't something bad like Seedot.
  • Can OHKO-2HKO everything after a Growth, besides Cloud Nine Lickitung and Max/Max+ Munchlax.
  • Nothing resists the above three moves, and is bulky enough (with Eviolite) to set up on a lot of things.
  • Bellsprout can run the same set with more unpredictability, but with 2 less SpD points (1 less if it runs Sludge Bomb over HP Rock, which only does 1 less damage than a SE HP Rock). However, Cherubi's pure Grass-Typing (and higher SpD) gives it certain advantages, such as a resistance to Ground-Type attacks and neutrality to Psychic type attacks. This eases setup on things like no Aerial Ace Gligar, Psychic users, and Special Attackers.
Additional Comments:
  • Giga Drain is an alternative to SolarBeam, hitting for much less damage, but draining back health and not making you stuck charging if the weather happens to change. Nails unsuspecting Hippopotas thinking you have SolarBeam and heals back HP.
  • Oran Berry is an option if you would like to dodge a 2HKO from certain special attacks, such as Shadow Ball from Timid Misdreavus on average, but you take slightly more from physical priority attacks. For example, a Fake Out / Bullet Punch from Eviolite Meditite would 4HKO an Oran Berry Cherubi, while an Eviolite Cherubi dodges the 4HKO on average (this could happen if the opponent Fake Outs, then switches, sacs, and repeats).
    Oran Berry 28 Atk vs 12 Def & 31 HP (40 Base Power): 7 - 9 (22.58% - 29.03%) -> Average of 8 Damage 4HKO


    Eviolite 28 Atk vs 18 Def & 21 HP (40 Base Power): 5 - 6 (23.81% - 28.57%) -> Average of 5 Damage 5HKO
    The choice is up to personal preference.
  • Life Orb is also an option if you would like more firing power, turning a few 2HKOs to straight OHKOs (as well as 2HKOing things like Max/Max+ Munchlax), but it is a lot more vulnerable to priority and harder to set up.
  • A Timid nature is also an option if you wish to outspeed the majority of Chlorophyll sweepers (who mostly rest at 13 Speed) and 18 Spe Choice Scarfers, but if you do go Timid, know that you almost need Stealth Rock and/or Spikes support, otherwise you will lose out on a handful of OHKO/2HKOs.
  • Hidden Power Ice and Hidden Power Ground are possibilities, though generally inferior to Hidden Power Rock's coverage.
  • Other Options: Leech Seed (SubSeed), Morning Sun / Synthesis, Aromatherapy, Healing Wish, and possibly a Mixed Growth set (Return or Nature Power?) are its only other options, which can possibly replace one of the above moves, but they are generally not a good idea. Mostly because they aren't that good and you wouldn't have anything to differentiate yourself from Petilil, besides having the option to go 14 Spe and not being able to use Sleep Powder. Note: Without a Hidden Power to lower one of your IVs, you can add 12 EVs to Special Defense to have a 12 SpD Stat, which is the same as Petilil.

Teammates & Counters:
  • Teammates: Drought Vulpix, Fighting-Types or Pokemon with those attacks to handle Lickitung, Fire-Types for synergy, Wynaut and other general Pokemon that ease its set up, Stealth Rock and Spikes support to turn some 2HKOs into OHKOs.
  • Counters: Lickitung and Swablu have Cloud Nine. Snover and Hippopotas screw with its Sun, but need to watch out for HP Rock and Giga Drain, respectively. Other than that, faster Chlorophyll Pokemon and 18+ Speed Scarfers can check it and such.