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Cinccino (Analysis)

Discussion in 'Locked / Outdated Analyses' started by andrea, Apr 7, 2011.

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  1. andrea

    andrea /me cresselias

    Oct 14, 2009



    <p> Cinccino has a large support movepool in VGC 2011 and with a 115 Speed stat, it becomes the fastest Encore and After You user in the metagame. With access to Bullet Seed and Rock Blast, Cinccino also serves as a fantastic Substitute and Focus Sash breaker. However, its middling defenses coupled with reliance on luck to achieve its purpose leave something to be desired in this cute chinchilla.</p>

    name: Offensive
    move 1: Rock Blast
    move 2: Bullet Seed
    move 3:Protect
    move 4: Encore / Safeguard
    nature: Jolly
    ability: Technician
    item: Focus Sash / Life Orb
    EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 HP

    [Set Comments]

    <p> Rock Blast and Bullet Seed paired with Technician provide decent coverage for Cinccino in VGC 2011. Bullet Seed puts a major dent in Jellicent (which conveniently nerfs Water Spout), Seismitoad, and Terrakion while also being able to break Gigalith's Sturdy ability. Rock Blast readily handles pesky flying types like Thunderus, Tornadus, and Archeops. The major problem with this Cinccino moveset is that it relies heavily on luck; if your multi-hit attacks only hit two times, you will probably be looking at a KOed Cinccino next turn. Protect is a standard filler move on Cinccino, relying on your ability to predict correctly. Be wary of using utility moves around Whimsicott; Cinccino can easily be Taunted and have no means to effectively attack it.</p>

    [Additional Comments]

    <p>The choice between Encore and Safeguard is up to what your team needs and especially relies on where you place Cinccino on your team. For teams in fear of sleep spammers like Amoonguss, Safeguard is advised to use on a lead Cinccino. Encore is helpful with reserve Cinccino to lock an opponent into Protect in the last few turns of a match. Technician is the ability of choice for any offensive Cinccino utilizing multi-target moves. Flail is also an option which pairs extremely well with a Focus Sash. Max Speed and Max Attack EVs are advised to make the most use out of Cinccino's moves, but an Adamant nature and/or a Life Orb could potentially be utilized to hit harder. </p>

    <p>Chandelure is an excellent companion to Cinccino whether it is leading or it waits in reserve on your team. Switching back and forth between the two helps block against Fighting and Ghost-type attacks and wastes your opponent's turns. Amoonguss can also be effectively paired with Cinccino; it can use Rage Powder to keep Cinccino alive longer and it even resists the Fighting-type attacks that destroy the chinchilla. </p>

    [Optional Changes]

    <p> After You is another viable moveset to consider on Cinccino by instead using it as a support Pokémon. Partnered with a slower Pokémon that hits much harder or a slower one that abuses status conditions, Cinccino can assist its ally in multiple ways. Additional support moves include Toxic, Thunder Wave, Light Screen, and Rain Dance—all of which can be used on the correct team. </p>

    [Checks and Counters]

    <p> Taunt users can effectively stop Cinccino from using utility attacks, especially the Pranksters Whimsicott, Thunderus, and Tornadus. Additionally, Whimsicott is not hit for super-effective damage by any of Cinccino's possible attacks and can wall it completely. Mach Punch from a number of Fighting-type users paired with either a multi-target attack or double targetting can KO Cinccino on the first turn that you see it before it has time to do anything. Any priority attacks can quickly eliminate a Cinccino sitting at 1 HP with a broken Focus Sash. </p>
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