Cops & Robbers (Mafia)


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A clarification: If majority is reached, there will be a 30 minute grace period before deadline is called.


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Blackhawk11 has been jailed.

sending results, day ends in 24 hours, get your shit done.

edit: results are all out


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Um... I was persuaded to vote GeneralSpoon, so Snype had to. However, I am pretty sure that you voted GeneralSpoon beforehand and then changed it to AG. Blackhawk knew this, and I don't know where these instructions are that he seemed to have left.


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Game Over

this post was gonna be super epic but apparently backspace is now the page back button and i'm lazy

Because stealing outprioritized killing in this game, General Spoon was able to steal the final Clockwerk piece from idiotfrommars, resulting in a win for the Band of Thieves!

The Factions:

European Police (Needed all criminals dead to win)
Aura Guardian - Carmelita Fox - Appearance+Item Check or Thiefhook
Ditto - Austin Powers - Appearance Check or Hook

Band of Thieves (Needed to obtain the Heart, Eyes, Beak, Wings, and Talons)
Jalmont - Sly Cooper - Persuader
YAYtears - THE MURRAY - Bodyguard
General Spoon - Bentley - Silencer

League of Extraordinary Criminal Minds (Needed to obtain the Sharks with Lasers, Project Vulcan, the (finger quote) Laser (finger quote), and the (finger quote) Tractor Beam (finger quote).
Empoof - Dr. Evil - Hooker
Agape - Number Two - Bodyguard
Spiffy - Mini-Me - Kidnapper

Rich and Famous (needed all criminals removed from game, with at least one arrested)
RaRe555 - Mark Zuckerberg - Appearance Check or Cardflip
Quagsires - Bill Gates - Fake Item Maker
kingofkongs - Prince Harry - Sticky Fingers
Lady Salamence - Andrew Johnson - Thief (yes she was telling the truth)
idiotfrommars - Benedict XVI - Vanilla (started with item-swapper item)
penguin344 - Warren Buffet - Vanilla (started with hooker item)
CabooseFTW - Steve Jobs - Vanilla (started with inspector item)
Blackhawk11 - Abraham Lincoln - Vanilla (started with bodyguard item)

Thank god this game is finally over so I can yell at Acklow for dumping this on me for all eternity.

Congrats to the Band of Thieves, thank you, and goodnight.

Steven Snype

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When we killed Agape, we thought we were hitting village xD

The gripe I had with this setup was by the time I realized it was only me and AG was that no matter what happened, even if we played the best we could, the odds of winning would only be relying on a kingmaker. The possibility of AG lasting til the endgame was very slim. Either the mafia would try to have us dead or the village would have us lynched when we realized in order to win, we needed the village to be completely gone while still keeping one mafia alive, else the village would win, so at no likely point could Eurocops ever have any lynch power, forcing us to rely on a kingmaker.

Edit at below: rare was arrested n1 b/c he was the only player that knew I was looking for someone in my role PM
Well, I'll take a lot of blame for this one, I was a pretty crappy village leader and I won't deny it. Although, the ability to gain information in this game was extremely limited, especially since Caboose lost his item N0, Hydrattler lost his item N1, and Rare was arrested N1. So right off the bat we were in the dark. I had my BG item during the times that it didn't matter at all, then had it stolen shortly before I was arrested.

Arresting LS, ifm, and quagsires were all unfortunate. But in my defense for at least quags: penguin claimed his item was stolen, and then quags told me that he had that item. I didn't see any other option at the time.

Also I got moled by every member of the mafias bar GS and YayTears, but I really didn't have too much info besides item locations, and those I didn't give away (too much).

Oh well, gg. Please no one let me be village leader next game :(
I knew Jalmont was mafia :( Village persuader? pls.

Also fuck you snype. After being gone for like 90% of the game how the hell am I expected to have any sort of motivation to win it?


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Postgame will be up sometime in two to three weeks from now because I have a trip next week and I'm sort of sick atm and I love making excuses.


Also the spreadsheet is in the topic on IRC. jsyk