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<p>Corphish is one of the unexpected Pokemon in Little Cup. It has a good Attack sat, poor but just about enough speed. It also has a good Defense stat, with an average HP stat. All in all, Corphish is a rather average Pokemon, but it has a niche in the fast-paced Little Cup metagame: It has access to Crunch, which gives it an advantage over Krabby, as it can hit Ghosts with a super-effective move. Do not expect too much from Corphish, as Croagunk, the premier priority abuser of Little Cup, walks all over it.</p>

name: Dragon Dance
move 1: Dragon Dance
move 2: Waterfall
move 3: Return
move 4: Crunch
item: Life Orb
ability: Shell Armor
nature: Jolly
evs: 196 Atk / 76 Def / 236 Spe
ivs: 0 HP

[Set Comments]

<p>Corphish hits 14 speed with Max speed and +Spe nature, allowing it to outpace all unscarfed Pokemon in Little Cup after a Dragon Dance. Waterfall is for STAB, and Return provides solid neutral coverage. Crunch is what sets it apart from Krabby, as it hits Ghosts hard on the switch in as they try to soak a predicted Return. </p>

<p>After a single Dragon Dance, Corphish hits 25 Attack backed by a Life Orb and 21 Speed. With this raw power, Corphish destroys a lot of the metagame with its assortment of attacks.</p>

<p>A list of some damage calculations of +1 Corphish holding Life Orb:</p>

<ul class="damage_calculation">
<li> Return Vs Dragon Dance Dratini: 104.8% - 123.8%
<li> Return Vs AgiliSpore Paras: 95.2% - 114.3%
<li> Crunch Vs max HP/Max Def Duskull: 104.8% - 123.8%
<li> Waterfall Vs Max HP/Max Def Gligar: 123.1% - 146.2%
<li> Waterfall Vs Max HP/Max Def Munchlax: 66.7% - 81.8%

<p>Gligar is OHKOed regardless of its set, which is a testament to how powerful Corphish can be if it is set up properly.</p>


<p>Corphish can rip holes in your opponent's team once priority users are down and Scarfers are either down or paralysed. X-Scissor and Rock Slide sound great on this set, but Corphish just can't afford the moveslots, as all of its moves are very important. Brick Break sounds good, until you see that Magnemite is OHKOed by waterfall nearly all the time with Stealth Rock up.</p>

<p>Corphish appreciates Stealth Rock support for breaking Focus Sashes and chipping away at the opponent's HP.</p>

<p>Corphish packs a few things that set it apart from Dragon Dance Barboach and Totodile. Barboach keels over to any sort of Grass attack, while Corphish has only a 2x weakness, thus reducing their impact. Corphish stars as a lategame sweeper, which is where we can compare it to Totodile. Assuming that all priority users and Scarfers have been eliminated, we can see that Corphish has a higher attack stat, enabling it to do more damage. This is important for late game cleanup. As a bonus, it has Battle Armor over the other two, ensuring a critical hit won't prematurely end your sweep.</p>

<p>HP Psychic Croagunk, HP Flying Mantyke and Gligar are good partners as they destroy Croagunk, which is Corphish's main check. Also, Shellder can help with Rapid Spin, while using a good lead for Stealth Rock goes a long way in helping Corphish.</p>

name: Swords Dance
move 1: Swords Dance
move 2: Waterfall
move 3: Crunch
move 4: Brick Break
item: Life Orb
ability: Shell Armor
nature: Jolly
evs: 196 Atk 76 Def 236 Spe
ivs: 0 HP

[Set Comments]

<p>At first glance, this may seem similar to the Dragon Dance set, but this is played quite differently. Corphish gets excellent coverage with Waterfall, Crunch and Return. The 0 HP IV ensures a 19 HP stat.</p>

<p>After a Swords Dance, Corphish reaches a mind-blowing Attack stat of 34 with Life Orb behind it. With proper support, this Corphish can rip apart teams. Once again, priority is a problem, but that is solved to an extent by Baton Passing it a Substitute. This is a powerful lategame sweeper.</p>

<p>Speed is the only problem for this set, and while it is quite crippling, it can be fixed by proper team support.>/p>


<p>This is probably Corphish's most devastating set, but it definitely needs team support.</p>

<p>Rapid Spin and Stealth Rock support are helpful for minimizing damage to Corphish and breaking Focus Sashes. Sadly, Corphish is held back by its mediocre 14 Speed. This can be fixed by Baton Passing it a Substitute(optional, as it helps by giving it a safe Swords Dance behind the Substitute) and an Agility(giving it 28 Speed, enough to rip through teams at a blistering pace. Gligar is great at this, due to access to Agility, Substitute and Baton Pass. Aipom can also do this well.</p>

<p>Once again, Croagunk is a problem for weakened Corphish due to Fake Out and Vacuum Wave. HP Psychic Croagunk is again a good partner for this Corphish set to take out opposing Croagunk.</p>

<p>While this looks like a poor man's Krabby, Corphish has a better(but nevertheless still poor) Special Defense stat than it, allowing it to take Croagunk's Vacuum Wave and other Special moves slightly better. Also, it has Crunch, which deals more damage to Ghosts than Waterfall.</p>

<p>The SD set appreciates Stealth Rock and Rapid Spin support. However, it also needs some Baton Passed Speed(preferably from behind a Substitute) in order to actually sweep. Gligar is a good teammate for SD Corphish, as it can pass it Speed boosts and KO Croagunk, its biggest threat.</p>

name: Choice Scarf
move 1: Waterfall
move 2: Crunch
move 3: Return

move 4: Rock Slide/Brick Break
item: Choice Scarf
ability: Shell Armor
nature: Jolly
evs: 12 HP / 196 Atk / 236 Spe

[Set Comments]

<p>Corphish reaches the magical number 14 in its Speed stat, allowing it to use a Choice Scarf effectively. This set doesn't pack as much power as the others, but has good revenge-killing potential. This set can hit everything in Little Cup at least neutrally.</p>

<p>As usual, Waterfall is good STAB, and Crunch is a hard hitting move. Return pairs well with Waterfall. The last slot is filler, where you can choose what bonus hits you want Corphish to have. Rock Slide coves Flying-types, while Brick Break covers Dark-types, while 2HKOing Snover. Superpower is an outside choice for hit-and-run actics, but it is not recommended due to the difficulty of bringing Corphish in without suffering a lot of damage. </p>


<p>This Corphish set badly needs Stealth Rock support to help revenge kill, due to its unboosted Attack stat. Again, Croagunk can do a lot of damage with Fake Out + Vacuum Wave, thus necessitating your own Croagunk with HP Psychic.</p>

<p>However, unlike the SD set, this doesn't need Baton Passed Speed, thus freeing up a slot on your team. Mantyke is a good Croagunk check, who can be placed in this slot.</p>

<p>Corphish generally requires the same team support for most of its sets. Stealth Rock, Rapid Spin and HP Psychic Croagunk are handy regardless of the moveset.</p>

[Optional Changes]

<p>Choice Band sounds viable, but Corphish is so slow that it is highly likely to give your opponent free turns. Besides, the DD and SD sets are vastly superior to Choice Band.</p>

<p>A specially-based set sounds good, but it is walled by Munchlax, who will inevitably come in when the surprise is revealed. Payback is outclassed by Crunch, as Corphish can’t besitting around taking a hit anyway. Protect is good for scouting, but has no place on Corphish’s sets. The same goes for Knock Off.</p>


<p>Croagunk is the best counter to Corphish, being able to switch in on Waterfall, and use Fake Out followed by Vacuum Wave for massive damage. However, it should beware Return, as it OHKOes on the DD and SD sets, and 2HKOes on the Choice Scarf set.</p>

<p>The sets that need setup are stopped together by Croagunk and Dratini, while the Choice Scarf set requires prediction, and can be taken advantage of. Waterfall is an entry hole for Croagunk, Return allows Gastly in to set up a Substitute, Crunch and Rock Slide are setup fodder for Rock Polish Aron, while Brick Break is more Substitute Gastly bait. All of these Pokemon become dangerous if given a free turn, and thus, must be played around carefully.</p>


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This needs more content and it lacks "competitive/good" quality smogon aims to want on their site. Corpish is p. good so I would suggest expanding some information.
I have used Corphish, and Return is more useful than Brick Break. Waterfall and Return get perfect coverage in Little Cup. Also, Waterfall hits everthing Brick Break hits hard enough except maybe Magnemite, who is fairly rare.

You may also want to state DD Corphish's advantages over DD Barboach and Totodile (both from my experience outclass Corphish) and the SD set's advantage over Krabby, who has higher Attack and Speed.


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