Currently stuck completing story of B&W2 need help please.


I am currently stuck in the story mode of B&W2 (White 2). I just beat Skyla and after I left the Gym she followed me outside and said some Japanese mumbo jumbo. Accordding to the walkthrough guide I'm following ( walkthrough) It says after I defeat her, I have to go and get TM40 (Aerial Ace), which I did, then I meet her at the airport and she'll be ready to fly me to Yamaji Town, but when I talk to her she just says the same Jap stuff, doesnt ask me to fly, and then I cannot progress.

Anyone else having/had this problem able to assist me?
Try asking in general b2w2 discussion instead of making a new thread

as for your problem, are you sure you are speaking to her at the airport with TM40 and such?