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Discipline Appeal Rules

Discussion in 'Pokémon Showdown!' started by Vacate, Sep 28, 2016.

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  1. Vacate

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    May 29, 2013
    Click here to make an appeal. Posting inappropriate appeals will result in an infraction.

    If the link does not work, read the text version below.
    Text appeal guidelines (open)

    Read the whole post before making your thread. Users who do not follow these guidelines will be infracted.
    • Only appeals for namelocks, locks, and global bans belong in this forum.
    • If you have been banned or locked under a username you do not recognize, DO NOT post an appeal before reading this. You may make an appeal if you have been permalocked You're responsible for everything that happens on your account and IP. We will not unban you because your brother got on your account and did something stupid, for example. Similarly, bans and locks for school IPs will not be reversed because someone else got on and spammed. Do not let other people use your account. If you make a ban appeal stating this as the reason, your appeal will be denied and you will receive a warning for ignoring this announcement. We also cannot ban individual accounts; if one person on your IP gets banned, everyone on that IP is banned. We have this policy because:
      • It's impossible for us to tell whether or not you're lying.
      • Even if you're not lying, the fact is that PS got spammed or whatever and it happened because of your account.
      • Banning individual accounts would be too easy to evade. The offender could just come back under a new username.
    • Don't post an appeal if you were banned or locked for linking a shock or porn site. We won't unban you, but the punishment will go away in around a week.
    • Don't post an appeal if you were locked for using a proxy or VPN, or it says that you're locked under the name "#hostfilter." That can be solved by just turning off your proxy, fully logging out (clicking the "log out" button), and reconnecting.
    • Don't post appeals for room specific punishments. Appealing is only for locks and bans. Talk to a room owner of that room instead (type "/roomauth [roomname]" to find the owners of a room).
    • Don't post multiple appeals for the same punishment.
    If after reading these guidelines you would like to make an appeal, make a thread in Discipline Appeals with the following format:
    • The username of the staff member who banned you
    • The username you were using yourself when you were banned
    • If possible, a log or screenshot of what happened. If you can't get these, then try to describe your side of the situation. If we doubt the authenticity of your log, we will pull up the log ourselves from our records.
    Usually we can figure out what you were punished for with just your Showdown username, but the other information is still helpful.

    Read this if you're appealing a permalock:
    You can appeal permalocks like regular locks, but generally should only appeal if you haven't caused problems for several months. If you abuse this, or you return to the same behavior that got you punished in the first place we won't be so lenient in future.

    If you were permalocked under a name you do not recognize, you may post an appeal.

    Did you read it? All of it? Did you really? You're probably a liar, but we'll find out in a minute. Click here to create your thread.

    Written by Trickster.
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