DP Shaymin

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Reason : For a Cleric/Support set

Analysis: http://www.smogon.com/dp/pokemon/shaymin

name: Cleric Shaymin
move 1: Aromatherapy
move 2: Hidden Power Fire / Hidden Power Ice / Hidden Power Ground.
move 3: Leech Seed
move 4: Seed Flare
item: Leftovers
nature: Bold
evs: 252 Hp / 220 Def / 36 Spe


<p>This set is designed to support the team and Shaymin can do this very effectively thanks to Aromatherapy and Leech Seed.</p>

<p>This may seem like a lesser Celebi, which it is, due to the poorer movepool than its fellow grass type legendary. However there are a few reasons you may want to use this set over Celebi :- Seed Flare, a (poor) sleep inducing move and most importantly no weakness to Pursuit.</p>

<p>Seed Flare is your main move here, a base 120 power move and 180 power move after STAB is included, which puts big dents into anything that doesnt resist it. Leech Seed is Shaymins form of healing and to sap the hp of switch ins to wear them down. In the second slot, its all a matter of what you would like to hit, Hidden Power Fire hits steel types, Hidden Power Ice hits dragons and Hidden Power Ground allows you to have a tool to hit Infernape, Heatran and other fire type switch ins. Aromatherapy is the main focus of this set, as it allows Shaymin to heal your team of unwanted status which could cost you the game.</p>

<p>Grass Knot can be a reasonable replacement if the PP of Seed Flare puts you off, however Seed Flare is advised in the last slot, due to more power, being able to differentiate itself from Celebi and the 40% chance for a sp.def drop on opponents is helpful. Also even though Grass Whistles accuracy is shaky, it is still useful and to sleep and put your counter out of action over the Hidden powers if you cannot get the specific one.</p>

<p>The speed evs here put you at (245) letting you outspeed Jolly max speed Tyranitar (243).</p>


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Stop writing an entire analysis for one set.

Also, please please please read through at least once or twice before submitting. You're missing periods across the board, mostly in last sentences of paragraphs. Pokemon names should always be capitalized.

Your set is also suffering from slashitis. Hidden Powers might have been excusable, but the choice between Leech Seed / Rest makes this not look like a set at all, as the moves are so vastly different.

This is not how to do a peer edit, sorry.

Also, if we're gonna edit Shaymin anyway, anyone minds rewriting the NaturalRest set? It/looks/too/much/like/this. :)
Ok, ive edited out all the unneeded crap and put all the slashitis stuff in set comments as possible replacements.

Does it look better ?
this post is for jrrrrrrr's and Aldaron's purposes...

I believe Phuq did what Phuq wanted and Phuq is happy so we'll go with Phuq!

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