DPP OU: The Forgotten Year Tournament - Round 1

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Art by McMeghan, courtesy of The Artwork for Tournaments Project

So everyone's familiar with the DPP OU where Scarf Flygon and Scarf Rotom-W are your classic revenge killers and where Dragonite is the top Dragon, and newer players will assume that this is generally how DPP stayed, but everyone seems to forget for approximately a year, there was a banlist that was the same as the current one, except for the fact that Latias and Mence were unbanned. This tournament is to remember that awesome era and for the nostalgic veterans that always thought that Latias and Mence were unjustly banned. Here's one final chance to show the people what the best part of DPP was. So bring out your MysticGars, CB Scizors, ScarfRachis, and MixPerts for one blast to the past!​

  • 4th Gen OU
  • Sleep Clause
  • Evasion Clause
  • OHKO Clause
  • Species Clause
  • No Soul Dew Allowed
  • Latias is allowed
  • Salamence is allowed
  • No bitching allowed: Pokemon is a fun game. Treat it as one :)
  • Best of 3

This is just a reminder, since the only simulators for DPP is PO, default simulator is PO2.

Round 1:

NightFox vs Hantsuki
Soulwind vs DestinyUnknown
Dude24 vs SilentRevolver
apologies vs DC. - coin flip
Valentine vs ThatsMyLatios
Cristal vs kokoloko
Turnip123 vs Halley
Heist vs Alice - extension
CriCri95 vs Da Letter El - activity
Steven Snype vs Porygon2 - activity
H-C vs DracoMalfoy - extension
dragonuser vs DarkLoïc
Sujiro Kifuja vs Kojes
fatty vs Scimjara -- coin flip
lily vs bro fist
MikeDecIsHere vs Leftiez
Terraquaza vs Eo Ut Mortus
WhiteQueen vs BIG loven
Django vs Maxim
Nauar vs Colchonero
Dangerous vs Princess Bri - activity
DrMohammadLi vs Anno nyme - activity
Lohgock vs bye
badabing vs bye
Brotom vs Rayzark - activity
Joel vs Lavos Spawn
MJB vs MarceloDK
BKC vs Faladran
Awmgnoob vs Cicada - activity
Orichalcos Owl vs bye
Milos vs Tyranitarphantom
XX Coren37 vs LizardMan
myzozoa vs TV-Rocka - activity
199 Lives vs King
bye vs yee
blarajan vs zzazzdsa
bye vs davidness
Pkrs vs Ojama
xtrashine vs SethZiBritannia - coin flip
Weegee the haxer vs ShadowPhoenix - activity
LoveDensity vs Dr Ciel - activity
IceCarAdler vs Kennen - activity
undisputed vs Nachos
Fakes vs extremebeta
Rydro vs PasY_G - activity
Living Things vs aim
Trollmonchan vs Jedgi - coin flip
bye vs soviet
LucaroArkZ vs Bowl Cut
cim vs A l e x a n d e r - activity
~GreenCore vs symphonyx64
Pedrock vs Vinc2612
locopoke vs papai noel - activity
Seco453 vs CheezItKing - activity
JabbaTheGriffin vs Demist
Stone_Cold vs Iconic
MAlkaviano vs Windsong - extension
Skillie23 vs sandshrewz
FelixMinamimoto vs Funkasaurus - coin flip
RT. vs .Robert
B-Lulz vs lijero13ss - activity
lapras6666 vs kael
pokebasket vs 6A9 Ace Matador - extension
Private vs mostwanted

Post in thread saying you would like to sub! Subs will be posted by filling in byes according to the order the byes are filled into. If any player states they are dropping out, then they will replace that player's spot before continuing to fill in byes.

Deadline: Nov 10 11:59 PM EST (GMT -5)
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