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Fat Broom (AKA Bulky Sweeper Team)

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by SquirtleSquad626, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. SquirtleSquad626


    May 2, 2013
    Hey Smogon, I'm back with another UU RMT. I just want to take a minute to say how much I've appreciated all the help you guys have given me on past teams, and hope you can once again give me some pointers:)

    The last team I built was a UU sun team, and I really really wanted so badly to like it... needless to say I ended up losing hope and scrapped the team, and started building a new team. I tend to prefer defensive/stall teams (gee, I wonder why I like UU XD), but I wanted to try a team based around my second favoritye playstyle: bulky sweepers. So, without further dudes (I think I made that joke before on a previous RMT), on to the teambuilding:)

    To start with, I wanted to build a team based around a pokemon whom I hated until about a month ago. I battled one, re-read the smogon post about it, and changed my mind quickly.
    Sigilyph is my main win condition, and can absolutely wreck unprepared teams. but i needed something to take care of Dark types that ruin his sweep.
    Another unsung hero of UU, Scrafty, is the perfect teammate for Sigilyph. This hoodlum can force switches and cause panic if he gets a good switch in.
    Next was Nidoqueen, my Rocker and Bulky lead (not calling her fat). Her handy resistances to Scrafty's weaknesses are a great offense/defense core.
    Can't have a bulky offense team without darkwing duck. While providing more bulk than offensinve pressure, he can cause decent damage and be an absolute pain to take down.
    "And then the lord said, let there be pimp-ass steel emperor penguins..." Empoleon has been a favorite of mine, and can be used to great effect on a bulky offense team.
    I needed another Fighting resist, so I opted for OTR Cofag as a sort of "backup" win condition. He does his job well, but is my least favorite on the team :/

    Windchime- Sigilyph@ Flame orb
    Magic Guard
    Bold Nature
    EV:252Hp, 248Def, 4SpAttk, 4Spd
    -Cosmic Power
    -Stored Power
    -Psycho Shift
    In depth: I built the team around this unassuming odd little bird thingy after one swept me 6-0. I've had almost no exposure to it, and once I tried it it was massively fun. Magic Guard makes him take no indirect damage and allows him to take advantage of the burn status given from Flame Orb, and sneek it onto an opponents physical sweeper. After several Cosmic Power boosts, not only does this thing become hard to kill, but deals MASSIVE damage with STAB stored power. Roost to shrug off damage as it boosts. DARK TYPES ARE ITS BANE!!! I'm having trouble with its EVs though, and almost want to make him more specially defensive, but havent tried it yet.
    Str8 Thug- Scrafty@ Leftovers
    Shed Skin
    Jolly Nature
    EVs:252Attk, 252Spd, 4Def
    -Dragon Dance
    -Drain Punch
    -Ice Punch​
    In Depth: I used to use a Moxie Lum/LO DDance Scrafty, but it was almost always burned and stalled before it took too many lives. I've tesed out a couple scraftys, and I like this one the best. lefties and shed skin for staying power, and the EVs and DDance to allow it to still boost and hit like a truck without moxie. Drain Punch over HJK for accuracy and healing without the horrible miss recoil, Crunch for reliable STAB, and Ice Punch for a good coverage move against Gligar and Flygon and a few others.​
    Rhino-Hoe-Nidoqueen@ Life Orb
    Sheer Force
    Modest Nature
    EVs:100Hp, 252SpAttk, 156Spd
    -Stealth Rock
    -Earth Power
    -Fire Blast
    -Focus Blast​
    In Depth: I had never used Nidoqueen until this team (confession bear). She's naturally bulkier than her husband and hits almost as hard with Sheer Force and LO. Rocks to help my team with sweeps, Earthpower for reliable STAB. I have most ofter seen Bolt-Beam coverave for the last two slots, but since I have a few other pokes with that coverage, I opted for more powerful/ less accurate moves in Fire Blast and Focus Blast. All in all, however, despite her being bulky and useful, she never tends to last too long.​
    Darkwing Duck- Porygon2@ Eviolite
    Modest Nature
    EVs:252Hp, 252SpAttk, 4Def
    -Tri Attack
    -Ice Beam
    In Depth: For me, the hardest part about using this guy is deciding between trace and download. I love the boost from download, but lots of pokes are now adjusting EVs and IVS to make it give attk boosts now, and Tracing Chandelure's Flash Fire on a switch into fire blast is amazing. Tri attack for STAB, boltbeam coverage (went with discharge for 30% paralysis chance, which my team SORELY needs), and recover to keep him alive.​
    Alfred-Empoleon@ Petaya berry
    Modest Nature
    EVs:252SpAttk, 248Spd, 8SpDef
    -Grass Knot​
    In Depth: Sub Petaya Empoleon can be used very effectively. Modesnt empoleon at +1/+2 behind a sub in torrent range wrecks house. Surf over HPump for accuracy (I already have some piss-poor accuracy on NQueen), and grass knot to deal with Swampert, suicune, and other bulky waters expecting ice beam as a coverage move.​

    Machamp's Ghost- Cofagrigus@ leftovers
    Quiet Nature
    EVs:248Hp, 252SpAttk, 8Def
    IVs:2Attk, 30SpA/SpD/Def, 2Spd
    -Trick Room
    -Nasty Plot
    -Shadow ball
    -Hidden Power Fighting​
    In Depth: OTR Cofag is my spinblocker and my answer to choiced mienshao and heracross. I usually switch into them, get a free TR setup, and proceed to Plot Nastily until I decide to sweep. Shadow ball and HP Fight have unresisted coverage, and can rip holes in entire teams.
    This team has been pretty successful, but I believe just a few minor tweaks could make it much better. It takes a moment for it to gain momentum, but once it does theres no stopping it. I'm too tired to write a threat list, so I'l have to do one later, sorry:( I will appreciate any and all help:)
  2. silenced


    Aug 30, 2012
    This is a pretty good team, but I'm greatly concerned about the awful fire weakness you are sporting here. Empoleon isn't taking any fire move on any time soon, while the rest of your team is potentially 2HKO'd by flare blitz/V-create.

    To fix this, I'm going to say dropping empoleon would help the most, either in exchange for a Kingdra variant (preferably chestorest, but RD would be a viable option too if you want a sweeper that outpaces everything) or CM Suicune, except with rest over a hidden power in the 4th moveslot, and a chesto berry as the hold item. Either one of these pokemon are bulky enough to sweep or punch holes in the opponents team while fixing up a very glaring weakness to fire attacks your team otherwise had.

    Look for the onsite analysis for both sets. Hope either suggestion helps.
  3. GenXXZ


    Apr 11, 2013
    Oh my god this looks like the most annoying team around. Seriously. Almost nothing can take down Stored Power Sigilyph. You can't stall it out, you can't do shit. You just have to pray you put a dark type on your team. Hell, even Umbreon technically can't do anything to it and it could just be a stalemate for however long the opponent wants.

    Full rate coming later (:
  4. Lolmeister


    Apr 11, 2011
    Took a quick glance at the team and It looks like a great/effective defensive team. Sigilyph is a threat in its own right and with your other team choices it seems unstoppable. However like silenced mentioned, you dont have a reliable fire type resist and half of your team is weak to the dreaded fighting type which could spell danger if the rest of your Pokemon are taken down. Apart from these minor setbacks the team looks great overall.
  5. SquirtleSquad626


    May 2, 2013
    Thanks for the rates, guys:) I definitely have a weakness to darm/tini users, and could def switch empoleon to a suicune or a kingdra. To keep the theme of bulky sweepers, I would probably run a CM suicune or a ddance kingdra, but I don't have much exposure to these pokes:/ which do you guys suggest?
  6. Kitten Milk

    Kitten Milk [22:59:31] <KittenUU> 241 of which are fellacious

    Mar 4, 2013
    Awesome team :)

    If you're going for a bulky water type sweeper, CM Suicune is more of your thing.

    Straight DD Kingdra is usually more offensive, unless you run the RestoChesto set with two coverage moves, which is really viable. Or you could be a thug and run Clear Smog + Yawn. :D
  7. SquirtleSquad626


    May 2, 2013
    I will definitely be trying an offensive CM suicune and a Crocune:)
  8. patrick11756


    Oct 4, 2012
    Hi squirtle so you finally found the fun of sigilyph eh? Sigi is one of my favorite pokes that came out in gen v. In ou its a great poke to counter techniloom. Anyhoo..

    Now i have been running a sigi team lately too (rmt to come next week but peaked at 1785so far under mr.1088) so i have some good input for you

    1. Full hp/ def is needed to stomach stone edges from scarf hera and mienshao and cripple with psyho shift. I run 252/252/4 sp def bold nature.
    2. Dark types and fire types are a pain specifically subsd bisharp and darmanitan since they can avoid the burn. I recommend a swampert to take the fire/ steel/ rock attacks and phaze with roar or hit hard with eq. Also it can setup stealth rock which would alliw nidoqueen to run an extra move.
    2. Shed skin dd scrafty is goos, but the power output is very low thanks to drain punch and no moxie. I would recommend possibly sd cobalion which gets a plus one when hit with a dark move. It has great synergy with sigi anx more immediate power.
    3. Nidoqueen adjust the evs to 96/252/160 to outspeed opposing nidoqueens

    Will finish this rate later on off to work i go!
  9. SquirtleSquad626


    May 2, 2013
    First I would like to say, "Hallelujah Smogon's back!"...there, now thats out of the way.

    @Kitten- I have REALLY REALLY liked CM suicune!!! I believe it will definitely replace Empoleon for good. Just as a fun fact, I even tested a pseudo crocone physical wall Blastoise with Iron defense, rest, sleeptalk, and scald:O lol
    @Patrick- Thanks for all the great info:) For someone who has just discovered Sigilyph, I could use all the input I can get. I have had problems with DarmTini/Dark types, and definitely need a reliable way to deal with them. Suicune has proven to be a great asset on this team since I've been testing, and I prefer him (only slightly) to swampert. I hadnt even thought of SD Cobalion, and I can't wait to test him out! Thanks for the speed creep EVs on NQueen too:)

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