Fidgit Analysis (Part II)

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Some minor nitpicks here, basically a slight update of the sets to reflect the current metagame, and changing the counters a slight bit to account for things like Tyranitar getting Aqua Tail, Stratagem's Earth Power, and eventually CAP 6. I may also combine some of the later sets, and shuffle around some slashes to reflect usage stats. I may also get rid of my beloved Specs Fidgit set to other options, as it's pretty gimmicky. Anything I'm missing?

Disclaimer: This is for people who have been on the server and actually TESTED it, not pure theorymon.
Stratagem is a great counter for fidgit, especially the CM set. It can either take advantage of a free turn switching, or hammer it for a 2HKO. Fidgit must either predict a set-up move, or get the hell out of there. Because Stratagem is immune to ground moves, and doesn't take much from Fidgit's stronger special moves.

Tyranitar already destroyed Fidgit with Earthquake, so that really doesn't change much.

I have repeatedly countered Fidgit with those two.
I don't think Fidgit really changed much at all. It has difficulty with Stratagem and I have a feeling it'll have difficulty with CAP6 when it comes out. Those are really the only things I can think of, as billy said TTar already could do a lot of damage to Fidgit. We probably won't have to do much here.


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I wouldn't call Stratagem a "great counter" to Fidgit by any means. For one, Fidgit resists Stratagem's primary STAB moves, and you will need to use Levitate as your ability in order to switch in safely. Second of all, Fidgit can pretty much survive most of Stratagem's attacks (barring a CM and LO boosted Ice Beam or Earth Power, but few people run them anyway) and simply use Encore to stop him from sweeping.
I've found that most people who run Sub CM Stratagem are using Earth Power as a secondary attack, which is very threatening to Fidgit. Even without a CM, 300 SpA Stratagem (96 EVs Timid, standard on the Sub CM set) does 50.25% - 59.39% with Earth Power (75.13% - 88.83% with a CM), so Fidgit will have to predict carefully to avoid being beaten with SR up. Though it does better against sets without the move, to be fair.
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