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First Rmt Rainy Day at the Olympics Baton Pass to the Pownage Pony ou

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by HydroLucario, Jul 29, 2013.


Giga Drain Hidden Power ice or another choice

  1. Giga Drain

    2 vote(s)
  2. Hidden Power ice

    1 vote(s)
  3. Psychic

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Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. HydroLucario


    Jun 22, 2013
    doing this for the first time so yeah. Note I doing this on the iPad first rmt.
    Somebody could tell me how to get those fancy picture so here the team building process.
    Started with politoed then have a Latios a jolteon and a celebi keldeo and toxicroak.
    Then replaced toxicroak and Latios with Haxorus and forretress cause needed spikers.

    Bold 252 Defence 252 hp and 252 sp.attack
    Ice Beam
    Ability: Drought⚡
    Politoed here to set up rain stall with toxic and staying alive in those weather war with hippowdon and the like. Ice beam here so Salamence haxorus and dd dragonite don't get a free turn with Politoed and scald for coverage and toad here for staying alive. Reason no perish song cause I find it sort of useless unless it ai in Pokemon battle revolution. It here to stall out set up poke. Risky though. Protect purpose obvious. Also scald burn thing if say oppenent had steel type and toxic failed. Same go for Gliscor and Breloom.

    Bold 252 Defence 252 hp and 252 sp.defence
    Toxic spikes
    Stealth Rock
    Rapid Spin
    All the hazard. Well quite obvious want those are for ( Volcarona Blissey Yanmega etc) you might be wondering no volt Switch. reasoning cause you know I don't want Thundurus and like to get set up and likely cause havoc with it boost hp boost. They could still but I mostly go into Jolteon to take the hit. Rapid spin for spinning away those pesky rock.

    Calm 248 Hp 224 sp.defence 36 speed
    Hp ice or Giga drain?
    Nasty Plot
    Baton pass
    Ability: Natural Cure
    This thing here to baton pass to keldeo/ Jolteon so they can sweep or kill a lot of stuff. I tested both attack but I like the surprise element to hp ice hitting Latios Latias and Flygon but Giga Drain recover hp but it predictable and hit poke like swampert politoed hippowdon t-tar hard. All pretty simple though Nasty Plot sub then bp. anyway acknowledgement I have the idea of celebi keldeo after this guy posted bp to victory set on smogon.

    Timid 252 speed 252 sp.attack 4 sp.defence
    Life Orb
    Hydro Pump
    Secret Sword
    Hidden Power Ghost
    Icy Wind
    Ability: Justified
    If I get Baton pass Sub and two nasty plot Keldeo destroy entire team. Just saying though even if Ice beam was on this thing I would still use icy wind cause it lower speed of threat such as choice scarf salamence. Flareon though flame charge over Flare Blitz Hell no. Now actual set. Boosted Hydro Pump in the rain stab life orb nasty plot.... obliterate the entire tier for 40% or more (thank ferrothorn) Secret Sword hit special wall who would otherwise wall the set completely cause they can stall. Hp Ghost is there to keep Gengar in a reliable threat to team. ( Threat are not posted cause in move set cause I a kid and not sure if I have a actual reliable thing to take Gengar on.

    Timid speed 252 252 sp.attack 4 hp
    Life Orb
    Volt Switch
    Hp Ice
    Signal Beam
    Ability: Volt Absorb
    Jolteon Is an alternative for bp if keldeo down cause well if it die. Thunder is for everything not volt absorb electric or steel volt switch for switch initiative Hp ice is so steel well blind this set while dragon don't ( It like there 500 dragon to overcome in the tier.) signAl beam is there to round up the moves and hit psychic and dark.
    Sorry for lack of info here I only 11yo ok

    Adamant 252 Attack 36 hp 220 speed
    Dragon Dance
    No sub cause I can alway bp onto it. Hax is one of 3 lead I use alternative to forretress and politoed cause it shut down those pesky ferrothorn and forretress etc with taunt. I sometimes use bp it a sub then it dd and destroy everything with outrage and superpower combo. Also it there to let bait spinner or hazarder to do stuff before I double switch into celebi e.g Ferrothorn.

    Gengar with sub disable shadow ball thunderbolt
    Volcarona with quiver dance hurricane fire blast giga drain with sun or rain support
    Salamence choice scarf outrage when forretress down
    Jolteon with thunder hp ice
    Dugtrio if it trap Jolteon
    blissey if haxorus and keldeo are down
    These are the main threat I noticed though so if there more feel free to rub it in the comment section.
    P.s sorry for lack of info
  2. HydroLucario


    Jun 22, 2013
    Forgot Showdown account same as username feel free to look at replay

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