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First Time Doing This

Discussion in 'BW OU' started by btdamron, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. btdamron


    Feb 15, 2013
    I AM A NOOB!!!

    But I am trying to learn how NOT to be, so cruelty will probably not be understood (not familiar with many of the terms and acronyms you all use). My team is a rain team with the idea of spreading status around quickly. If you can help me to make the team better, then please do!
    By the way, It has been awhile since I made this team, I will not remember how much EV investment I put into each poke...

    Politoed, Jirachi, Vaporeon, Ferrothorn, Keldeo, Empoleon

    The Politoed leads the team out to the battle usually. It is a modest nature with as many EV's in SpAtk that I could get, and I think that the rest went into HP, not sure but it is a little higher than it would normally be. It is a Drizzletoed. Moveset: Scald is for the STAB and Burn, Ice Beam s for a maybe Freeze and I had issues with Plant Types, Toxic is the main status spreader and for obvious reasons, and Protect to troll (I mean scout). It holds a Leftovers.

    Jirachi is Timid in nature and likes to run. I remember clearly investing EVs into Speed and SpAtk. Moveset: Wish (duh), Draco Meteor, Thunder since I have to abuse the rain somehow, and Hidden Power Ground for I forgot why but it was a realy good reason I'm sure. It usually holds a Leftovers but that can be replaced with I forgot what...

    Vaporeon (me second fave after Eevee) is of Modest nature. I threw the EVs into SpAtk and HP. It has Hydration. Moveset: Substitute, Rest (yays for Hydration), Scald for STAB, and Acid Armor so I can boost the defense waaay up and rest the HP back. I think it has a Leftovers but my game is not on me so I am not sure.

    Ferrothorn is of a Sassy nature and often dozes off. I invested the EVs into HP and split the rest between the defenses. Iron Barbs is the ability with Leftovers as the item. Moveset: Power Whip so he has an attack and STAB, Leech Seed to help the Leftovers, Spikes are for a purpose behind actually using him, and Protect is case I suspect a Fire Typed attack.

    Keldeo is Timid and Alert to Sounds. I forgot his item... Oops! I put all the EVs into Speed and a little in SpAtk. Moveset: Secret Sword is to have a fighting move on the team, Scald for STAB and burn in case Politoed failed, Taunt to annoy the enemy, and Clm Mind to make him more mean.

    Empoleon is Modest but Somewhat Vain. He is holding an Expert Belt. EVs were placed into the SpAtk and SpDef. Moveset: Flash Cannon for a Steel STAB, Ice Beam for the Plant Types, Grass Knot, and Surf for STAB.

    I am a noob, and this is why I came to you guys instead running what could possibly be a crapy team. I do not know how to put those little pokemon sprites here yet so bear with me, it is my second day on this site. I would LOVE to be able to fix this team!
  2. Organization Member XIV

    Organization Member XIV

    Oct 22, 2012
    I suggest you lurk on the forums, and also check out Battling 101. I don't know if signups are still open for Battling 101, but just lurking on the forums helps as you get a better feel for the metagame. Also, this is much easier than in-game
  3. Pocket

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    Dec 22, 2004
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