GBU Overview Article (WIP)

A major addition to cartridge competitive battling this generation is the Global Battle Union, which allows you to challenge players from around the world. The battle modes available are Singles, Doubles, Triples, and Rotation. With each of these battle modes, you will find there is much to be explored. Understanding of the GBU metagame is needed in order for you to have an impressive global ranking. You will find it similar to our tiers on Smogon, that these modes also have prevalent pokemon and team orientation. GBU has a set ban on certain moves and Pokemon, which you won't find on smogon. With all this ,you will find battling in the Global Battle Union an interesting and fun experience in-game!

Ban list
There is no mode in hitch you can use any of these Pokemon. There is no suspect votes so these bans are here to stay.

#150 Mewtwo
#151 Mew
#249 Lugia
#250 Ho-Oh
#251 Celebi
#382 Kyogre
#383 Groudon
#384 Rayquaza
#385 Jirachi
#386 Deoxys
#441 Chatot
#483 Dialga
#484 Palkia
#487 Giratina
#489 Phione
#490 Manaphy
#491 Darkrai
#492 Shaymin
#493 Arceus
#494 Victini
#643 Reshiram
#644 Zekrom
#646 Kyurem
#647 Keldeo
#648 Meloetta
#649 Genesect

Set conditions and Clauses (or lack of)

Number of Pokemon: You can bring up to six Pokemon with you. For the battle, however, you will pick three for singles, four for doubles and rotations, and six for Triples. Any remaining Pokemon will not be used. You must always bring the minimum number of Pokemon.
Team Preview: Team Preview is always on. You get to see your opponent's team before you pick your Pokemon.
Pokemon Level: All Pokemon above level 50 become level 50 for the duration of the fight. Pokemon below level 50 do not have their level adjusted.

Species Clause: No two Pokemon on your team may be of the same species.
Item Clause: No two Pokemon on your team may have the same item.
Sky Drop Clause: No Pokemon may possess the move Sky Drop.
Soul Dew Clause: No Pokemon may hold Soul Dew.
Dark Void Clause: No Pokemon may possess the move Dark Void.

GBU doesn't adopt the same rules as smogon, so remember this;
Sleep Clause is not in effect. No need to be astonished if you find more than one of your pokemon is put to sleep. You can use this to your advantage as well.

The OHKO clause is not in effect. Moves like fissure and sheer cold are allowed.

There is no ability bans. Feel free to use moody pokemon or Drizzle-Swift Swim combos.

Evasion clause is not in effect. Moves like minimize and double team are fair game.

Singles in GBU is 3v3 as opposed to smogon standard 6v6 battling. The set lack of pokemon by itself transforms this battle mode into one very distinct to standard 6v6 singles. GBU is a condensed version of standard single battling. Strategies and tactics you would find in 6v6 battling such as use of clerics and entry hazards will be seen much less. These being exchanged in more favor of status inflictions and fast-paced sweepers. Without a doubt, GBU singles is a fast paced, offensive metagame. Though being primarily an offensive metagame, this won't be the only thing you. Stall to gimmicks can all find a niche and be successful in the Global Battle Union.

As mentioned before, there is a large variety in the GBU. Of course there are more prominent things in singles GBU in comparison to others, whether Pokemon or strategy.

Weather overall is the most prominent and viable strategy not just in singles but the GBU overall. This is due to the fact that weather is much more abusuable in terms of abilities and pokemon. Unlike smogon there is no ban on abilities in weather or bans on some weather abusers. Politoed is the most used weather inducer due to the sheer power if rain and the Pokemon that can take advantage of it. The next most used weather is sun and sandstorm being caused by Ninetails and Tyranitar respectively. Similar to Politoed, these pokemon both sport a powerful weather and a whole lot of Pokemon that can benefit from it.

There are also some prominent Pokemon that I wish to point out that do exceptionally well in GBU, most of them are banned from smogon but get plenty of use in singles.







I know this is still a WIP, but I think a worthy mention would be specific Pokemon that are available on the GBU that have been proven as amazing on Smogon and banned, in particular Thundurus, Excadrill, Blaziken, and Tornadus-T.

Additionally, a section on the dominance of weather even here in the GBU.

Just some preliminary comments to potentially keep in mind while you're writing. :)