Golbat (Placeholder)

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While awaiting permission to actually make an analysis on this pokemon, this is the reservation thread.. Please give permission :)
You need permission before making the placeholder. You could just have a locked thread and look like a noob...

Edit at below: There are lots of noobs that quit quickly I hope you are one of them... Also, REAL nice how you insult me for calling someone a noob then say what I said.
Do you need permision to be an asswipe CTNC?
Guess not, I think I'll fit right in!

Ignoring that though, CTNC is right in that you need permission, you don't just reserve because someone else may have already reserved it.
I don't mean to mini-mod here, but this is the analyses index reservations thread. You can only post a placeholder for an analysis that has already been reserved, not your own reservations thread. You can also reserve only those unreserved Pokemon in the ''Current Analyses'' section of the given link. I suggest that you wait until Seven Deadly Sins takes a decision on Golbat's analysis status, since you have made a convincing argument in the ''Which Pokemon don't deserve an OU analysis'' thread.

Kindly read the rules next time.
I actually got the point after the first, and 2nd time someone told me.. But thanks a lot for pointing it out a 3rd time ;)
Not open for further replies.