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Gold standard

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by apt-get, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. apt-get

    apt-get I shall drain every drop of spring from you!
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    Aug 19, 2012

    Hi! I'm doing an LC team that's going well for now. Being 16 on the ladder doesn't mean a lot, but it at least means this team has a nice score. I'm still trying to make it better and to show it, so I figured I could ask for some help.

    Ladder (open)

    [​IMG]Binko – Timburr @ Guts|Careful|Eviolite[​IMG]
    EVs: 76 HP|196 Atk|236 SDef​
    Bulk Up|Drain Punch|Mach Punch|Payback
    Timburr is an excellent Pokémon in this metagame. Bulk Up is a fantastic move to use, as it provides the physical bulk Timburr needs and allow it to beat other fighting-types and croagunk.
    Mach Punch is a much-needed priority on this team, allowing it to pick off weakened pokémons, frail choice scarf users and focus sash pokémons.
    Drain Punch is the best STAB move for Timburr, thanks to the added recovery it provides, allowing it to be healthy troughout the battle.
    Payback provides the much-needed coverage against ghost-types, as I won’t keep him against psychic-types.

    [​IMG]Kuzko – Chinchou @ Volt Absorb|Calm|Eviolite[​IMG]
    EVs: 76 HP | 132 Def | 228 SDef | 60 Spd
    Discharge|Scald|Rest|Sleep Talk

    Chinchou is one of the best switch-in to Murkrow in the game. It’s also the nightmare of every Electric-type: He’s immune to their STAB with Volt Absorb and resists BoltBeam.
    His STAB attacks, Discharge and Scald, were chosen because of their handy 30% chance to Paralyze and Burn.
    The two other moveslots are for Rest and Sleep Talk, which give him semi-reliable healing, although the sleep mechanics in Generation V are kinda bad news.
    The only thing he’d need is Instant healing, although he still does his job at sniping every flying- and water-type in the game.​

    [​IMG]Lana – Ponyta @ Flame Body|Jolly|Eviolite[​IMG]
    EVs: 76 SDef | 196 Spd | 156 Atk | 76 Def
    Morning Sun|Flare Blitz|Sunny Day|Wild Charge

    (AKA I couldn’t resist the urge of putting a MLP Ponyta here)

    Ponyta is the pivot of the team: He provides a reliable counter to Mienfoo with its ability, flame body, which allows him to come in on Fake Out and burn him, rendering him useless.
    Flare Blitz provides his most powerful STAB move, while the recoil isn’t that annoying because of my second move: Morning sun, allowing him to reliably heal even if the opponent has hippopotas or Snover with his third move, Sunny day, which also boosts the healing effect of Morning Sun and Flare Blitz’s power.
    Finally, we have Wild Charge, which allows him to hit water-types super effectively, missing only on Chinchou and Rock/Ground types.