Gothitelle (OU analysis)

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So I've never done this before.
Never made a moveset that I thought was "Site worthy"

I came up with this gothitelle whilst messing around in OU looking for something to kill off a large plethora of pokemon and just make my life easier.

This is what i came up with :

Gothitelle (M) @ Chesto Berry
Shadow Tag

Modest - 252Spatk 136 Speed - 120HP


Why this moveset: The above move set allows Goth to preform as a great anti meta game pokemon. Effectivly killing bulky Toed,scarf terrakion (locked into CC) Ferrothorns, forretress.... The list goes on and on.

The idea is simple, come in on something who will not 2hko you, or use you're resistance to fighting as best you can, and start tickling stuff. once you feel you're in danger of being KO'd just rest and continue to tickle.

This allows you to kill Chansey/blissey ... ALOT of things. Thanks to the DEF drops you get and Psyshock stabs. ThunderBolt is mostly for toed and the odd gyarados who tries to DD on me.

Why this should be on the site: Well i don't know, I'm not trying to brag but this is better than Specs Goth and just does more than any Goth set I've come across. I think its pretty above average as far as sets go for this mon.

*note* Again I apologize for the lack of...experience in this post.

Team mates:

Anything who likes bliss/chansey removed. This pairs well with dragons too, as it removes skarm/ferro/forretress easily enough.

I've killed heatran with this...

uhm Anything who wants something gone for good. I would most recommend this on Sand as it kills toed easily, and can weaken tails alot with tickle and make ttar able to Pursuit kill 100% of the time.

:O ?
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