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Grade my first uu team

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by GoogleIt, May 19, 2013.

  1. GoogleIt


    May 19, 2013
    Its prob not good but I want some advice on Pokemon and I'm sorry if somethings wrong.

    not trying to use legendaries

    1.Lead. Bronzong lefties
    Up 252
    Sp def252
    Def 4

    Stealth rocks
    Gyro ball

    Im using this mainly as a lead and a wall I don't know what I could use rather then this but I think I need it as most of my team isn't very specially defensive. I also don't know if I should use this as lead or change moves and use swampert as my lead. When I've used this it's not bad so if any things better plz tell.

    2. Togekiss Lefties
    Serene grace
    Hp 252
    Def 4
    Speed 252

    Air slash
    Heal bell

    I use this to mainly gett paralysis and then air slash and para flinch. When I used this it's a decent special wall even without evs and it can roost up when I need it to. I was thinking of wish just in case I wanted to use it as a wish support but idk if that would be better.

    3.Herracross scarf
    Att 252
    Speed 252
    def 4

    Mega horn
    Close combat
    Night slash
    Stone edge

    This is my main phisical attacker. I use this because it is fast and what I've seen this is a good revenge killer. I used to use honchcrow but he seems to frail and usually dies quickly. I have not really used him so I'm still wandering if I should use him or something else.

    4.Nidoking life orb
    Sheer force

    Hp grass
    Earth power
    Ice beam

    This is what I think is called my trapper I usually use it when something like herracross comes in and uses and is locked into close combat. This thing is by far my fav on this team as it has such a wide range or moves and can hit anything hard.

    5.Swampert leftovers
    Hp 252
    Def 252
    Att 4

    Ice beam

    This is my wall and I would use something else but I found that this helps blastoise the most when I've used them both. I've Ben thinking changeing this to a umbreon but I'm not so shour. I also see him sometimes stalling even tho I know this type of swampert isn't a staller but i see myself stalling with him a lot so I think I need to switch his move set a little.

    6.blastoise lefties
    Hp 252
    Def 252
    Sp def 4

    Rapid spin

    This is just my rapid spinner and toxic staller. Out of all of these I prob hate this the most, but idk what to replace him for. It seems he's only their to rapid spin then he is usually crippled. I would probably want to switch this into something that can burn so I think I might switch him or just change toxic into scald

    Any advice would be helpfull and im trying not to use legendaries
  2. Garchomp for president

    Garchomp for president

    Apr 2, 2013
    You have to put evs, and nature, and ability. Its not something you can just see what people say. A mod can lock this if you dont fix it. Have a look at other RMT's or the RMT's in smogons "The Smog". You also need three lines saying why you use this specific poke. Good Luck on Smogon and Welcome to the community.
  3. Garchomp for president

    Garchomp for president

    Apr 2, 2013
    Ok one last thing, try to make your sets like this

    Pokemon X@Item X
    Ability X
    Nature X Evs X/Y/Z
    Move 1

    But onto the team. You really need to make up your mind of what you plan to do in battle. Your team seems alitle unorthidox on a defencive/offencive stand point so I think offense is easyest to pick up on. On the move end, bronzong should have t-wave. It opens your team's sweepers to tear through the other team and with the new sleep mechanics, sleep is as productive as rolling dice or flipping a coin ( Unless your a Amongus, becuase he's just a fixed coin I tell you. A FIXED COIN!) Those speed evs seem way out threre, it will outspeed most things anyway after a t-wave. I highly suggest swap those evs for SpD or Def and invest the other 4 to Def or SpD depending what spreads you chose. Your clerk shouldNot be your haxer. I would say use iron head for things that can not be air slashed, rypherior for example. Those evs do not fit the new role now so the optimal choice is timid 252 SpA/ 4 SpD/ 252 Spe. Nasty plot works with this ev spread too, it just depends on preferences. Though hera is a huge threat, in my(notice I say "my") opinion its your weakest link. Heracross in the current meta, isnt that big of a threat as it used to be. Especialy due to the incressed scarfing of fast fire types. Victini, chandelure, darmanitan are perfect instances of this. Ill get you a scarfer later but for now I think Cspecs vic is a real good. Now its V-create is good, I must agree, but blue flare is a real noteworthy canadate for why anyone uses Cspecs vic. It also catches people off gaurd if you run U-turn just to play mind games with an opponent. Rash Nidoking? Never heard that before. Ahahhah.. NO. Dont ask, just run timid. Its beter, more efficant, and smarter. HP Grass< Fire Blast. I belive we are all in agreement? Um, did you forget your evs on him? Im just going to give them to ya. 252 SpA/ 4 SpD/ 252 Spe. Notice 4 SpD evs? Alwase run those in UU if the pokes not a wall. The reason is porygon2 & Z get download. Scary indeed. I think sharpedo is way beter than swampert in its ability speed boost and wrapping it up, blastoise seems standerd. So there it is, GL with the team
  4. GenXXZ


    Apr 11, 2013
    Hey, this RMT doesn't follow the basic forum rules however I'll do my best to rate it anyway, as I'm always willing to help, but just know a mod can lock this thread.

    Hypnosis, in my opinion, is a very unreliable move that will miss often. Sleep is a very powerful status, however I would replace it with another status move like Toxic. This will make your Bronzong a lot more useful.

    You don't need Heal Bell on an offensive Togekiss, especially considering you have a Guts user on your team. Instead, you could Try running Aura Sphere or Nasty Plot. If for some reason you want to keep Heal Bell, then you would find more use for Togekiss if it went full on cleric and learned the move Wish to further support its teammates.

    You need to make some decisions with Heracross, because the set you're running is not using Heracross to its maximum potential. If you want to run the Scarf set, the ability Moxie is a better choice, turning Hera into a potential late-game sweeper. Additionally, there are other sets that can take advantage of Guts. One of the more popular ones is Substitute+3 attacks. This way, Hera can become your status absorber and the need for Heal Bell on Togekiss is again, unnecessary.
  5. MegaKabutops


    Nov 14, 2013
    This team needs a fire move or type like an arcanine here's a set

    Ability|flash fire|intimidate|
    Nature|adamant|Ev spread|252atk|252spe|4hp|
    Move 1|crunch/Wild charge|
    Move 2|Flare blitz|
    Move 3|extremespeed|
    Move 4|Close combat

    Crunch can counter an arcanine's biggest UU counter Chandelure or wild charge can smash through water types
    Flare blitz is here as a powerful STAB move Extremespeed is here for priority and close combat for rock types. It has the leftovers to recover from wild charge and flare blitz but if you chose crunch a life orb would be a better option
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2013

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