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Hail trickroom team

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by xXKoolAsIceXx, Oct 6, 2012.



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  1. xXKoolAsIceXx


    Oct 6, 2012
    Rate my BW hail team please.I'm kind of new to this.I do not do those tier things I play wifi random double battle match-ups and have went on the 2012 autumn friendly my ranking was 2303 :( horrible, i know.But i have made changes with my pkmn, and made this.

    Reuniclus Ability:Magic Guard Item:Redcard Nature:Quiet 252s.atk100def&sdef
    -Trick Room 58 hp

    I choose reuniclus because it has pretty good defences, can sweep super effective fighting types that can cripple half of my team, with great special attack has access to trick room, and has great synergy with scrafty.

    Scrafty Ability:ShedSkin Item:ChopleBerry Nature:Adamant222atk116sdef&def
    -Fakeout 56hp
    -Drain Punch

    I choose scrafty because it is a slow pokemon that has fakeout to help reuniclus, has rockslide which can really hurt fire types and can flinch, and has decent attack.

    Abomasnow Ability:Snow Warning Item:Focussash Nature:Brave 232atk&s.atk
    -Wood Hammer 46hp

    I choose Abomasnow because it is a hail starter and thats pretty much i dont know why but i love ice types.

    Glaceon Ability:SnowCloak Item:ChoiceSpecs Nature:Modest 252s.atk 100def
    -Blizzard 100s.def 60hp
    -Frost Breath
    -Ice Shard
    -Protect, worthless need to change?

    I choose Glaceon because .... its my favourite pokemon and has awesome special attack and can almost destroy anything with blizzard.

    Rotom(Wash) Ability:Levitate Item:WideLens Nature:Quiet 252s.atk 110def
    -Hydro Pump 110s.def 40hp

    I choose rotom because it has great stats access to hydro pump can cripple stupid /annoying rain teams with thunder.

    Gliscor Ability:PoisonHeal Item:ToxicOrb Nature:Adamant 252atk 110s.def
    -Swords Dance 80def 70hp
    -Aerial Ace

    I choose Gliscor because it has good defences decent attack and if i use swords dance on the first turn i will be poisoned because toxic orb, and on the second turn i use facade which will really damage anything,plus i get healed at the end of the turn.

    If i see some threats to my ice pkmn I sometimes dont use them.pretty simple, I get Scrafty to use Fake Out on threats to reuniclus while it uses trick room and then the team strikes.The team usually is effective.Any Tips?please comment.
  2. TheMantyke

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    Jun 9, 2007
    Hi there. Before we can rate your team, we need you to add some information on why you chose each members. This is required by the RMT rules, so you should add it asap or face your thread being locked by a RMT moderator.
  3. LUST

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    Jul 14, 2011
    This thread still has countless flaws, please review the RMT Rules link posted by the above user. Check out the RMT Archive to see the kind of detail and format we look for. Feel free to re-post this thread once you've meet the required criteria.
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