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Heads or tails (DW Warstory)

Discussion in 'Dragonspiral Tower' started by Firer, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Firer


    Jul 28, 2010
    Hello again! Maybe you guys don’t remember it at all, but a few weeks ago I posted my first warstory, and here’s the second I’ve done. It's my same team, and of course isn’t the best battle ever but I found it quite interesting and I decided to show it. A bit short maybe, but at least you guys won’t have to waste so much time reading!

    I removed all leftovers recovery, life orb and sandstorm damage messages, and also changed some text colours. My comments will look like this.

    Oh, and by the way sorry again for my english and my more than probable grammar mistakes. I hope it doesn’t destroy the readability.

    My team:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    Battle between Mikag and Hnn started!

    Hnn sent out Donphan!
    Mikag sent out Chesire! (Gengar)

    100%[​IMG] VS[​IMG]100%

    My opponent starts with a Gengar, immune to earthquake and able to carry tons of annoying moves in the form of hypnosis, disable, pain split, destiny bond… and a long, long et cetera. That make him too unpredictable, and as a lead… twice as unpredictable. Whatever he’s going to do for sure I won’t like it. I don’t want to switch out just now because it’s no so clever doing that blindly. Because of that I suppose I’ll start with stealth rock, and let’s see what the purple punk ghost is thinking to do to annoy me.

    Start of turn 1
    The foe's Chesire used Trick!
    The foe's Chesire switched items with Donphan!
    The foe's Chesire obtained one Sitrus Berry!
    Donphan obtained one Choice Scarf!

    Donphan used Stealth Rock!
    Pointed stones float in the air around Mikag's team!

    100%[​IMG] VS[​IMG]100%

    Ohhhh God! Saying this thing is annoying is an understatement... The first turn and Donphan is completely useless, at least while blocked into this move. After this, I suppose he predicts a switch out and surely will try to burn or taunt the entry, or maybe put it to sleep. Once again it’s going to be another blind move. I can’t do anything with Dopnhan, but I’ll waste a turn and go on with him and ‘scout’ what is Gengar going to try now.

    Start of turn 2
    Mikag called Chesire back!
    Mikag sent out Hefesto! (Hippowdon)
    Pointed stones dug into the foe's Hefesto!
    The foe's Hefesto's Sand Stream whipped up a sandstorm!
    Donphan used Stealth Rock!
    But it failed!

    100%[​IMG] VS [​IMG] 100%

    Zoo Wars: the elephant versus the hippopotamus. Well, Gengar is gone for now and he hasn’t tried nothing else. Now I’m sure he’s expecting a switch and surely he will not choose earthquake because another turn with Donphan is just stupid, and also for sure knows I won’t send out anything weak to ground. Because of that I suppose he will put its own stealth rocks… so maybe now I have the chance of giving him back the scarf he gave me for Christmas. Let’s send out Trickmagius.

    Start of turn 3
    Hnn called Donphan back!
    Hnn sent out Mismagius!
    The foe's Hefesto used Ice Fang!
    Mismagius lost 84 HP! (32% of its health)

    62%[​IMG] VS [​IMG] 100%

    Well, no earthquake and no stealth rocks; ice fang instead. An unpredictable move too, at least for me. Maybe he was expecting something x4 weak to ice and immune to ground like a Salamence or a Gliscor. It didn’t work, but yeah good try. Now it’s the same situation than before, but in reverse. I don’t think so, but I hope he won’t call back Hippowdon and send out another choiced pokémon, making the trick useless and showing my strategy.

    Start of turn 4
    Mismagius used Trick!
    Mismagius switched items with the foe's Hefesto!
    Mismagius obtained one Leftovers!
    The foe's Hefesto obtained one Choice Scarf!

    The foe's Hefesto used Ice Fang!
    Mismagius lost 85 HP! (32% of its health)
    Mismagius was frozen solid!

    30%[​IMG] VS [​IMG] 100%

    Yeah, ice, I love it. Well I suppose these things just happen. At least it didn’t happen on the turn that I sent Mismagius out and I could make the trick. Okay! Neither the elephant nor the hippopotamus will longer suffer this cold winter days thanks to their new and beautiful scarves. This freeze is a pain because this could have been a proper situation for calling Mismagius back and using him later to take advantage of that good speed and low HP with destiny bond, forcing someone to attack. All I can do now is hope Magius defrosts in just one turn and try to go on with destiny bond on Hippowdon. If it doesn’t work, and I suppose it won’t, at least I’ll have the advantage of sending out the pokémon I want without any risks.

    Start of turn 5
    Mismagius is frozen solid!

    The foe's Hefesto used Ice Fang!
    Mismagius lost 77 HP! (31% of its health)
    Mismagius fainted!

    0%[​IMG] VS [​IMG] 100%

    Well, no surprises… all occurred according to the main plan.

    5 - 6

    Hnn sent out Empoleon!
    Empoleon is floating on a balloon!

    100%[​IMG] VS [​IMG] 100%

    Blocked into ice fang and thanks to the balloon he’s unable to send Empoleon to oblivion with a strong STABed earthquake. All he can do now is try to pop the balloon if he thinks I’ll predict a switch and I won’t attack with a super-effective water move or switch Hippowdon out quickly if he’s sure about a direct attack from Empoleon. I’m not sure about what he’s going to decide, but I prefer go on with agility. If he doesn’t switch out I’ll have my balloon popped but al least I’ll get good guaranties of outspeeding the next foe. If he switches out, I’ll avoid the possibility of giving him a free turn if he sends out a wall.

    Start of turn 6
    Empoleon used Agility!
    Empoleon's Speed sharply rose!

    The foe's Hefesto used Ice Fang!
    It's not very effective...
    A critical hit!
    Empoleon lost 32 HP! (11% of its health)
    Empoleon’s Balloon popped!

    88%[​IMG] VS [​IMG] 100%

    He decided to pop the balloon. Clever move because his sand storm team surely carries some other earthquake users. Now I’m sure he will call Hippowdon back because a water move at this point is so, sooo obvious. He gains nothing staying here with Hippo, so I suppose he’s going to send out someone who could wall a water move. But thinking a bit more, everybody knows that almost every water type pokémon carries an ice move, so the next he expects maybe is an ice beam. For those reasons I’ll choose grass knot, and see what happens.

    Start of turn 7
    Mikag called Hefesto back!
    Mikag sent out Nereid! (Burungeru)
    Pointed stones dug into the foe’s Nereid!

    Empoleon used Grass Knot!
    It’s super effective!
    The foe’s Nereid lost 50% of its health!

    88%[​IMG] VS [​IMG] 39%

    Oh, yes, that was perfect! I love when one of these awesome walls is crippled in just one move. Once again I’m not sure about what to do now and once again I need to guess what’s going on inside my opponent’s head. The obvious option is go on with another grass knot, but maybe he switches onto something resistant to grass. On the other hand, if I choose ice beam and he doesn’t send another pokémon I’ll be allowing him to recover HP. Hmm… I’m not close to be sure, but I decide go on with grass.

    Start of turn 8
    Mikag called Nereid back!
    Mikag sent out Mebukijika!
    Pointed stones dug into the foe’s Mebukijika!

    Empoleon used Grass Knot!
    The foe’s Mebukijika’s Herbivore raised its attack!

    88%[​IMG] VS [​IMG] 87%

    Oops! There are a lot of advices in the zoos which clearly say: please, DON’T feed the animals. This is the first time I face a Mebukijika, and maybe I’m not too familiar to it but I don’t think people waste EV in defences with this pokémon, I suppose it will be maximum attack/speed. And he’s not scarfed because it has leftovers; I don’t know its base speed but I suppose there’s no way he can outspeed Empoleon after one agility and kill him with a +1 jump kick. The previous stealth rock damage convinces me to go on with ice beam to get the OHKO. I’m not sure at all because it’s non-STABed, but at least it’s super effective. I thought about sending Sableye out for trying to burn Mebukijika, but once again I wasn’t sure about his next move, and by the way I didn’t want to waste Empoleon’s boosted speed with those chances of sweeping. Well, let’s try it.

    Start of turn 9
    Empoleon used Ice Beam!
    It’s super effective!
    The foe’s Mebukijika lost 87% of its health!
    The foe’s Mebukijika fainted!

    88%[​IMG] VS [​IMG]0%

    Whoa, the HP bar seemed never arrived to its end. One grass-eater thing less to worry about.

    5 – 5

    Mikag sent out Drill! (Doryuuzu)
    Pointed stones dug into the foe’s Drill!

    88%[​IMG] VS [​IMG]97%

    And here’s the omnipresent mole. Without balloon, and even with the agility boost, Empoleon is unable to handle this situation. Smells like earthquake from hundred of miles away. But the problem now is, who’s the brave that can take an STABed 100 BP perfectly accurate ground move from a 405 attack stat mole without dying in the next turn? As everybody can see from my team, no one can. If I want to save Empoleon’s life and have a better situation to handle this threat I need to feed that mole with something… and that poor ‘something’ is named scarfed Donphan.

    Start of turn 10

    Hnn called Empoleon back!
    Hnn sent out Donphan!

    The foe’s Drill used Earthquake!
    Donphan lost 205 HP! (53% of its health)

    46%[​IMG] VS [​IMG]87%

    Oh, sorry. I forgot adding the life orb boost to the previous equation. I hope you accept my apology, dude, but I have no counter for this beast. Maybe revenge-killer, but definitely I haven’t got any kind of counter.

    Start of turn 11
    The foe’s Drill used Earthquake!
    Donphan lost 179 HP! (46% of its health)
    Donphan fainted!

    0%[​IMG] VS [​IMG]77%

    And finally Donphan bits the dust in a very disgraceful way. If Hippowdon had not frozen and killed Mismagius a few turns ago, now maybe this could had been a good chance to sacrifice my ghost with destiny bond… or not, because Doryuuzu would be faster than Magius.

    4 – 5

    Hnn sent out Sableye!
    100%[​IMG] VS [​IMG]77%

    But thanks to mischievous heart, Sableye can handle this unstoppable rage. +1 priority will-o-wisp will cripple Dory’s sweeping chances, and then it will be easy to annoy this mole to its dead. I thought about sending out Infernape instead of Sableye to revenge-kill Doryuuzu with mach punch, but Burungeru is still alive and I don’t want to reveal my fighting chimp yet, not before the jellyfish is gone. And there’s also Gengar, who outspeeds Infernape. Too many threats.

    Start of turn 12
    Sableye used Will-O-Wisp!
    The attack of Sableye missed!

    The foe’s Drill used Earthquake!
    Sableye lost 237 HP! (77% of its health)

    22%[​IMG] VS [​IMG]67%

    Oh, of course. There’s no better situation to fail. No. It had to be this one. Well, at least I have another chance. The problem is that this means Sableye’s death is imminent, but I need Dory stopped as soon as possible. The second issue that this epic fail means is that I’ve revealed my intentions of burning the mole. If he is clever, and I think so, I suppose he will send out something that will suffer the burn less than Doryuuzu, like maybe a special attacker. In my case I have no choice. I can’t misspredict a switch out at this moment; I have to choose will-o-wisp in the case Dory remains on the field.

    Start of turn 13
    Mikag called Drill back!
    Mikag sent out Gaston! (Shandera)
    Pointed stones dug into the foe’s Gaston!

    Sableye used Will-O-Wisp!
    The foe’s Gaston’s Flash Fire raised the power of its Fire-type moves!

    22%[​IMG] VS [​IMG]69%

    Whoa, if the previous turn was epic, this one is going to be absolutely legendary. Me and my bad habit of feeding the animals… or lamps, or whatever. Well, don’t panic, fearless. I’m going to assume Shandera carries a choice scarf because I don’t see any balloon and leftovers recovery messages, and also because it’s Shandera’s most used item. Flash fire means no shadow tag, but once again I haven’t got anything that could come in and resist two boosted fire attacks without dying. My Sableye carries now bark out instead of night shade to help to its survival against special attackers, and by the way no one is immune to dark moves. So I will hope for any kind of small chance of a miss and, if that happens, at least I could try to neutralize those +1 fire moves.

    Start of turn 14
    The foe’s Gaston used Fire Blast!
    Sableye lost 67 HP! (22% of its health)
    Sableye fainted!

    0%[​IMG] VS [​IMG]69%

    No hax happened and Sableye fainted in its most unfortunate battle ever. Don’t worry man, we will have better luck in the next one.

    3 – 5

    Hnn sent out Feraligatr!

    100%[​IMG] VS [​IMG]63%

    And now let’s see if Feraligatr has got better luck than the poor Sableye, toasted to the limit. A +1 fire blast from this monster scares everyone, but Gatr can survive and revenge-kill him with waterfall or crunch. Gatr’s maximum speed is 280 and Shandera is able to get 284, both of them with a positive nature, and assuming Shandera is scarfed and also assuming he’s timid… even with one dragon dance Feraligatr is unable to outspeed him. So once again both of us need to predict what’s going to do the opponent. If I choose dragon dance and he goes on with fire blast, Gart is dead. If I take the fire blast and simply kill Shandera I will be too easy to revenge kill by faster pokémon like, for example, Gengar. But if he decides to save Shandera and I manage to set up Gatr with one dragon dance I think I could be able to balance again the battle. So I guess my best option is the last one.

    Start of turn 15
    Mikag called Gaston back!
    Mikag sent out Nereid! (Burungeru)
    Pointed stones dug into the foe’s Nereid!

    Feraligatr used Dragon Dance!
    Feraligatr’s Attack rose!
    Feraligatr’s Speed rose!

    94%[​IMG] VS [​IMG]25%

    Yeah, he predicted a direct revenge-kill with waterfall and sent out his water absorber. Nice idea, but I was lucky again. In this situation he has got nothing that can switch into a Feraligatr’s attack with any chance of survival, the same situation as before with his Doryuuzu. A direct attack is now the proper way to go on, whatever he’s going to do.

    Start of turn 16
    Feraligatr used Crunch!
    It’s super effective!
    A critical hit!
    The foe’s Nereid lost 25% of its health!
    The foe’s Nereid fainted!

    94%[​IMG] VS [​IMG]0%

    Of course, critical hits happen when you don’t need them. But never mind, like Sableye, this poor jellyfish didn’t have her best day and walled nothing.

    3 – 4

    Mikag sent out Chesire! (Gengar)
    Pointed stones dug into the foe’s Chesire!

    88%[​IMG] VS [​IMG]87%

    And here comes the tricky Gengar again. Now it’s not scarfed, so thanks to dragon dance Feraligatr can easily run him over. I don’t know why sends out Gengar now, I suppose he knows I outspeed him… but maybe he’s trying to gain some turns of sandstorm damage to ensure a OHKO from Doryuuzu/Shandera… Maybe it’s going to protect… well, I don’t know.

    Start of turn 17
    Feraligatr used Crunch!
    It’s super effective!
    The foe’s Chesire lost 87% of its health!
    The foe’s Chesire fainted!

    88%[​IMG] VS [​IMG]0%

    Well, nothing unexpected occurred and Gengar is out too. Thanks to Fera there’s a draw in the number of remaining pokémon.

    3 – 3

    Mikag sent out Gaston! (Shandera)
    Pointed stones dug into the foe’s Gaston!

    82%[​IMG] VS [​IMG]38%

    Wow, the same situation as before, but now Shandera is free to choose move. As I said before, if he has a timid nature he will outspeed me and will surely OHKO Feraligatr with energy ball, but after that Shandera will be unable to choose another move, and Infernape resists it and is able to revenge kill him (but only thanks to T-punch…) and Empoleon has enough bulk to survive and defeat Shandy. If this doesn’t happen, Gart will beat Shandera and Doryuuzu will be the one who revenge-kill Gatr. Whatever it will be, the battle won’t be finished.

    Start of turn 18
    The foe’s Gaston used Energy Ball!
    It’s super effective!
    Feraligatr lost 246 HP! (78% of its health)

    Feraligatr used Waterfall!
    It’s super effective!
    The foe’s Gaston lost 38% of its health!
    The foe’s Gaston fainted!

    The sandstorm rages!
    Feraligatr is buffeted by the sandstorm!
    Feraligatr fainted!

    0%[​IMG] VS [​IMG]0%

    Oouch! Double KO! I expected everything but this! This double faint brings me and my opponent a very exciting and beautiful situation. Choice scarf Hippowdon and Doryuuzu versus Infernape and Empoleon. And now we have to send one pokémon blindly. Heads or tails. Let’s think about the different possibilities:

    • Empoleon vs Doryuuzu. Dory beats Empoleon. Nape beats Dory. Hippo destructs Nape. I lose.
    • Infernape vs Hippo. Hippo beats Nape. Empoleon beats Hippo. Dory buries Empoleon. I lose.
    • Empoleon vs Hippo. Empoleon beats Hippo. Dory beats Empoleon. Nape falcon punches Dory. I win.
    • Infernape vs Dory. Nape beats Dory. Hippo beats Nape. Empoleon sends Hippo to the bottom of the sea. I win.
    So here we are… trying hardly to guess what’s thinking my opponent I conclude he will try to finish this with his strongest and fastest pokémon: Doryuuzu, or at least that’s what I want to believe, so let’s go!

    Oh, of course, all this explanation has been made assuming no one switches out and also assuming that his scarfed Hippowdon can’t outspeed Empoleon. If he does, I’m lost. But I’m not sure at all… his speed stat is very low, but even being low it has a boost… well, let’s see.

    2 – 2

    Hnn sent out Infernape!

    Mikag sent out Drill! (Doryuuzu)
    Pointed stones dug into the foe’s Drill!

    100%[​IMG] VS [​IMG] 64%

    Ok, this is one of the hypothesis favourable to me. He knows Dory outspeeds Infernape (and everything!) under the sandstorm, but he doesn’t know Nape carries mach punch, and Dory is Dory, but lacks priority. So let’s hope he doesn’t switch out.

    Start of turn 19
    Infernape used Mach Punch!
    It’s super effective!
    The foe’s Drill lost 64% of its health!
    The foe’s Drill fainted!

    84%[​IMG] VS [​IMG] 0%

    Perfect. He didn’t expect a mach punch. Maybe because when I had the chance to revenge kill him I sent Sableye instead of Nape, and perhaps he thought I wasn’t carrying priority. Now it’s Hippowdon’s time.

    2 – 1

    Mikag sent out Hefesto! (Hippowdon)
    Pointed stones dug into the foe’s Hefesto!

    84%[​IMG] VS [​IMG] 93%

    It’s impossible for Nape killing Hippowdon, even with a critical hit I guess. And an earthquake is an absolutely OHKO. All I can do is hit him as hard as I can with flare blitz instead of close combat for the small chance of the burn.

    Start of turn 20
    Infernape used Flare Blitz!
    The foe’s Hefesto lost 34% of its health!
    Infernape is hit with recoil!
    Infernape is hurt by its Life Orb!

    The foe’s Hefesto used Earthquake!
    It’s super effective!
    Infernape lost 171 HP! (58% of its health)
    Infernape fainted!

    0%[​IMG] VS [​IMG] 59%

    34%... what a pitiful damage from a STABed 120 BP move boosted with life orb. Well, I guess its EVs are given mainly to make him a strong physical wall. Of course the burn didn’t happen, but I wasn’t expecting that. Better this way, a bit more interesting if possible.

    1 – 1

    Hnn sent out Empoleon!

    88%[​IMG] VS [​IMG] 59%

    And time to face the truth. All the entire battle reduced to one turn and one attack. Empoleon remains missing its popped balloon… Let’s finish!

    Start of turn 21
    Empoleon used Surf!
    It's super effective!
    The foe's Hefesto lost 59% of its health!
    The foe's Hefesto fainted!

    88%[​IMG] VS [​IMG] 0%

    Oh, yeah! Take a good shower, Hippo! At the end he was unable to outspeed me even with a scarf and Empoleon’s neutral speed nature.

    1 - 0

    Hnn won the battle!
    Hnn: Good game, thanks!
    Mikag: gg

    My opponent’s team:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]


    • Successful predictions in some of the most critical moments of the battle.
    • Feraligatr for restabilising the balance destroying the three ghosts, special mention to the double KO against Shandera.
    • Empoleon for its strong hits.
    • Infernape for definitely stopping Doryuuzu.
    • No shadow tag Shandera!
    • No hax decided the battle.


    • My poor early-game. I was unable to do almost anything until turn 7.
    • Sableye did absolutely nothing. Well that’s not true at all; he boosted Shandera’s fire blast.
    • Thanks to Gengar, Donphan became dead weight.
    • Quite short battle.
    • Mismagius’ trick almost decides the battle!



    Determinant in the middle-game and finished the battle… all of that with its HP almost full, but its most important success was crippling Burungeru as soon as she appeared. Feraligatr also did an awesome job, but neutralising Burungeru was the most relevant moment of the battle.

    Thanks for reading! I hope everybody enjoyed the warstory. Feel free to coment!
  2. Citizen


    Sep 28, 2010
    I really liked it. Some misplays here and there but that is a given with all but the very best warstories, and the earlygame hax threatened to ruin it but you pulled through with great prediction. The conclusion was actually really tense too, although the odds were probably more on your side. Format was what we've come to expect and the comments decent (don't worry, your English is fine). 8.5/10
  3. Genmagius


    Feb 19, 2010
    Really liked the commentary. Besides, your opponent was using two of my fav mons =)

    Good warstory.
  4. Chieliee


    Sep 26, 2010
    loved the 50/50 situation in turn 18.

    8/10, great warstory

    EDIT: changed the rating
  5. guanlong


    Dec 10, 2010
    This wasn't a bad warstory and honestly your English is better than some native speakers I've come across on the internet. I enjoyed the commentary and your thought processes which described possible scenarios and their outcomes. Good job. 7.5/10, and hope you keep improving.
  6. Shining Kestral

    Shining Kestral

    Jul 29, 2010
    Don't worry, your English is very good. I hope to see more warstories from you!

    Kind of surprised to see Flash Fire Shandera in DW. Either your opponent forgot to set the ability or he has some crazy ideas going on.
  7. TRC.


    Jul 10, 2009
    Yeah, wasn't bad at all, your english or the story.

    But I must ask; why Sitrus Berry on Donphan?
  8. aditya8081


    Sep 27, 2010
    @TRC. It allows him to heal a little after sturdy activates, giving him a little more leeway

    Loved the warstory. I liked the formatting, especially how you bolded the text. The battle was OK at the beginning but got better at the end. 8.5/10
  9. NDenizen


    Aug 25, 2010
    An interesting, simple and well constructed story. I enjoyed it.
  10. KokoaKiwi


    Sep 22, 2010
    Nice! The way you planned possible scenarios in turn 18 gave this warstory a really epic touch. The battle itself was cool, with not much misplays. The only thing that bugs me a bit is Sitrus berry on Donphan, but meh.
    Keep up the excellent job! :3
  11. Plusle


    Aug 9, 2010
    The battle was not the best but your commentary and formatting were pretty good do I'll give you 7.5/10:
  12. The Pokemon Pimp

    The Pokemon Pimp

    Jun 14, 2009
    I like this warstory. Your English is near flawless btw. And the battle was short and sweet, thanks for the read.

  13. Don Honchkrorleone

    Don Honchkrorleone

    Aug 8, 2010
    Good warstory with good comments, good format and Feraligatr. 8,5/10. Keep writing :)
  14. Zebstrika


    Oct 3, 2010
    "Waste so much time reading?" Seriously, this was not a waste of time.
  15. The 1 and Only Lady Gaga

    The 1 and Only Lady Gaga

    Jul 4, 2008
    Not the best warstory out there, but still pretty good, it was a fun read.

  16. Hospy


    Jul 21, 2010
    Loved the story; very easy to follow along with your thought process compared to a lot of warstories on here.

    Your English is excellent.
  17. Mattman324


    Oct 17, 2008
    Loved the battle. Expecially because it involved my favorite pokemon, Feraligatr, with his awesome dream world ability.

    By the way, I assume the last move on the set was Rock Slide, correct? EQ is a lot less powerful, and not always so practical, and it doesn't hit dragons very well. So I go with RS - it's BARELY as powerful as Stone Miss, but hits more.
  18. diamondfan1910


    Dec 4, 2008
    Good story, although I think your opponent would've won if he'd switched Dory out and brought in Hippo. Fair enough that he didn't though, since a lot of Infernape carry Grass Knot. Your English is great, by the way.
  19. SP458


    Jun 28, 2006
    Why are you sorry for your English? There aren't any big mistakes...
    Now, your warstory. Great comments, very good formatting and although this battle looks short and there are some (freeze)hax instances, there are lots of good predictions (and that 50% chance of winning on turn 18 surprised me). Keep up your good work!

  20. Ian15


    Jun 1, 2010
    bad battle, but your comments were very good along with the picts and formatting. You put alot of time i give you 8/10
  21. More Cowbell

    More Cowbell

    Mar 23, 2010
    Not the most genius battle ever, but the commentary was enjoyable, and the lay-out was pretty good too. 8/10
  22. Its_A_Random

    Its_A_Random Master of None
    is a Forum Moderatoris a Community Contributor

    Mar 19, 2010
    It was a bad battle, but it wasn't as bad as some of the recent crap we've been getting recently. The Heads or Tails situation was without a doubt the highlight of the battle. You obviously put some effort, the commentary was great & it was neat, nice & easy on the eyes.
  23. Zombeh


    Jan 2, 2011
    Nice Job ^^ Loved the story. be sure to keep writing!!
  24. Delko

    is a Tutor Alumnusis a Team Rater Alumnusis a Super Moderator Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Sep 7, 2009
    The battle was actually pretty good and so was the Warstory, nice job!

    Why do you run Sitrus Berry > Leftovers?
  25. Firer


    Jul 28, 2010
    If I have to be sincere... I can't give you guys a good reason actually. Obsessions I suppose. But more than once that one-use 25% HP recovery allowed Donphan to survive an attack that could 2HKO him, giving him another turn to do something. I'm talking about those kind of situations when you take an attack and your HP is lowered to 40-45%, and that previous 2HKO becomes a 3HKO. I know you can do this only once and leftovers are endless, but as I said... maybe it's just a little obsession I'm used to.

    Ice punch, actually. It covers dragon and grass types. Rock slide is also boosted, but accuracy is a pain for me. I have nightmares thinking about accuracy (Sableye I'm looking at you).

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