Hello, where do I post for new attack ideas?

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Hi! this is my first time posting here BUT i did read all the rules and there sure was a lot of them! but i couldn't find a place for posting new move ideas. where would that go?

I'm just gonna put my idea here really quick. i can ripost it if it's in the wrong section.

Attack name: Back Stab
Type: Dark
Power: 60
PP: 16
Attack type: Physical
Priority: 0

Back Stab is a dark type move TM that can only be done by Pokemon with long sharp claws or jabbing like object in there design. think (Bisharp, Toxicroak, Weavile, Lucario, etc.) What it does is that well it back stabs your foe. it ignores the def boosts of reflect but does factor in the def boosts of a move like say Iron Defense. What it also does is that it totally ignores substitutes and does direct damage to your enemy. Subs can NOT be broken with back stab ever.

Why i came up with this idea is that I suddenly realized there isn't a single attack in the game that really directly ignores subs. Gamefreak made moves like brick break to deal with light screen and the like but nothing really that is meant to deal with sub. i just thought this was a nice counter balance.
I thought you might say that then here is the second question. How did the Pokemon Kitsunoh get the attack 'ShadowStrike' as far as I know that's a totally made up move so there had to some kind of voting process on it. Was it because it was attached to the actual Pokemon in the voting movepool thread? I'm confused as to how that worked.

Also if you can't post new attacks for voting and it's not in the directions could you add that? it seems kinda like a big missing thing in there.


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Moves are created during projects, specifically tailored to the Pokemon which learns them and are treated as signature moves. You cannot just create a new move in this project.
AH! i gotcha now. That kinda makes sense though it seems a little backwards. A big thing about pokemon is TM's. each new gen has TM's that totally change strategies for how you play them and who to use to resist them. but if that's the way it goes, that's the way it goes.

So, if i wanted to get the move "back stab" into CAP i would have to attach it to a whole new Pokemon its seems. eh, not really worth it.

though here is a question. I see on here you guys have threads for pre-evo moves. but for that to work wouldn't there need to be pre evo's of your CAP pokemon? I mean it makes sense and then you could Use Evolite strategies. also I don't see breeding moves on these CAP pokes as well. am i missing that?

also, I don't see a thread about Dream world abilities for CAP pokemon. I know they don't have to have them but that is a big part of pokemon now so will these CAP pokemon be getting them as well? i can't find the thread for that as well.

sorry for being a noob it's just i can't find this stuff in the rules or in the threads.
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