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I don't know where the fuck to post this but its p important

So i turn on my comp, and notice that I have a couple thousand infections. I go to open up trusty ol avg, and I get a message that its infected. I decide to check out the virus program that noticed this, and it is antivirus .NET.

I clicked the option to get rid of the infections once accidently, and it goes to "". Its obviously a virus, but what do I do -- it blocks every single program that I try to open, saying that its infected. I tried to install a new antivirus, off of a disk, and it blocked the installation.

Do I need to get it fixed professionally, or is there anything I can do? Has anyone had this problem before, and can anyone help me?

If it's what I think it is, no need to format.

Start up in Safe Mode. Start > Run > msconfig

Go to the startup tab, find the one with the weird name, uncheck it, find it's location, and then go to that location and delete the file.

Start up in normal mode and it should be gone.

I work at the IT helpdesk at my school and I've dealt with this a lot these past few weeks. I mean, I don't know for certain if it's the same but from what you've posted it seems to be.
Alright guys, all fixed.

Thanks a heap to earthpeople, I seriously cannot thank you enough. You saved me time and money.

Thanks to the rest of you who made an effort as well

brb installing real virus scanner
I would go with Avast! for anti-virus. it's very out-of-the-way, as opposed to AVG (which fucks your computer sideways) and Norton (infamously worse than Dwarf Fortress for your computer's performance).
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